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Otome Visual Novel Releases of July 2014

After a quiet month that was June, July is going back to the “4-games-a-month” trend with the following titles set for release:

~ Soukai Buccaneers! (17-7-2014) (EDIT 28/7/2014: According to the countdown voices, it’s actually “Soukai”, not “Sayaka”.)
~ RE:VICE[D] (24-7-2014)
~ Majo’ou (31-7-2014)
~ Enkeltbillet (31-7-2014)

Not a bad month at all to be an otome gamer! I feel as though every month has an example of a game that looks “lacking” or just otherwise a useless remake/spin-off/sequel/side story/whatever other weak excuse to milk dat ca$h cow. To name examples documented in my blog, for April we had Houkago Colorful*Step, for May, Amnesia World and Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Twin World~ and for June, Black Code. However, this month, the rest of the games are somewhat different (with the exception of Majo’ou, plot-wise) to the usual paint-by-numbers crap that make me facepalm my forehead into a concave imprint of my hand.

Majo’ou, though it sounds uninspired, at least has a premise that isn’t mind-numbingly stupid and its protagonist isn’t a “not-prettified” walking, talking doormat. Using demon kings and the demon world is certainly nothing new, but I think RE:VICE[D] looks to be handling it interestingly. It could go either way with Soukai Buccaneers- is the untapped “pirate theme” a gimmick, or will Petit Reve handle it well and create something worthwhile? However it goes, at least they TRIED an original idea. Enkeltbillet doesn’t need magic, high school, “literary adaptations” (read: base the content very loosely from where it originally came; morphing existing figures into moe tropes and only maintaining the aesthetic of the “borrowed” work to be able to stamp on a gimmicky label) or compose their cast of two-dimensional, provenly-successful stock characters to make their simple premise sound “more interesting”.

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