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Otome Visual Novel Releases of January 2015

2015 will begin with six new releases, nothing strikes me as a “must-play”, but I think Kokuchou no Psychedelica sounds like the strongest title this month. That doesn’t mean the rest are bad-looking titles by any means. ROOT∞REXX will be released this month after being pushed back from December 2014. New company éstciel worked with Arcana Famiglia’s HuneX; releasing Kaleidoeve this month. As Kaleidoeve is the only PSP title this month as otome companies rush around to cash in on the un-piratable PSV, unless you happen to be a Satomi Hakkenden fan, that’s the only new release for your console!

Speaking of which, if you’re following the Satomi Hakkenden series, Murasamemaru no Ki will apparently be the third and final of the series. Satoi and honeybee fans can finally get their mitts on the first of the two Shinigami Kareshi PC games. Finally, for us “old” otome gamers, A’sRing’s second release, Orfleurs will be coming out. After playing the trial, I can say with confidence that if you’re looking for story with your porn this month, you may disappointed.

New releases:
~ Kaleidoeve [PSP, PSV] [22-1-2015]
~ ROOT∞REXX [PSV] [22-1-2015]
~ Satomi Hakkenden: Murasamemaru no Ki [PSP] [22-1-2015]
~ Kokuchou no Psychedelica [PSV] [29-1-2015]
~ Orfleurs [R18+] [PC] [30-1-2015]
~ Shinigami Kareshi Series: Re: Birthday Song ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~ [PC] [30-1-2015]

~ Diabolik Lovers ~more, blood~ Limited V Edition [PSP  PSV] [Link] [15-1-2015]

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of September 2014

New Releases:

~ Binary Star (4-9-2014)
~ Kin’iro no Corda 3 AnotherSky feat. Amane Gakuen (25-9-2014)
~ Satomi Hakkenden Hamaji Hime no Ki (25-9-2014)
~ Clover Toshokan no Juunin-tachi (26-9-2014)


~ Torikago no Marriage Divided Route Download Edition: Chapter 3. Souichi & Tsukasa [R18+] [Link] (EDIT: 5-9-2014)
~ Hanasaku Manimani (PS3/PSP  PSV) [Link] (25-9-2014)
~ Kami-sama to Koigokoro (PSP  PSV) [Link] (25-9-2014)

A pretty dull four-a-month this time around. The only game I’m interested in is Binary Star, and that includes the ports. That being said, it’s worth noting that none of the other new releases seem bad– they just fail to grab my interest because of their stories and/or characters not being what I look for. For this reason, I felt a lot of struggle in sharing my opinions on them, so hopefully at least the news itself will be useful. Next month is looking to be bigger in terms of new releases, so there’ll be a lot more to report!

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