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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #9


Hello again!

Since Dogenzaka Lab released another game in Pub Encounter on Steam and Twin Project have finished and released the translation of Monochrome Heaven, I’ve updated the April Releases post.

Also, I will be making a separate post detailing a list of NaNoRenO 2016 otome games much like the style of my usual monthly posts. This is to avoid making my April Releases post and the doujin/OELVN section of next month’s Releases post overly long.

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of September 2015

Is September the 和風 month or something? With Love:Quiz getting delayed until December, every game that’s coming out this month save for the final instalment of Photograph Journey will be of a traditional Japanese setting. While Yunohana Spring! is modern, the traditional countryside Japanese inn and onsen settings have a nice wafuu flavour. Genji Koi Emaki will be about nobles in the Heian period, Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou is set in the Meiji era and will involve the military of those times and Yoshiwara Higanbana, of course, is set in the Edo period with an emphasis on the (in)famous red light district. I’d say September is a decent month free of irredeemably shitty games, and that’s just fantastic!


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Genji Koi Emaki 17-9-2015 PSV
Yunohana SpRING! 17-9-2015 PSV
Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Kagawa-hen & Miyazaki-hen~ 25-9-2015 PC
Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou ~Meiji Yokosuka Koushinkyoku~ 25-9-2015 PSV
Yoshiwara Higanbana [R18+] 25-9-2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou 25-9-2015 PS2 → PSP → NDS → PS3 → N3DS → PSV → iOS → PSV [Remake]
Love:Quiz ~Koi Suru Otome no Final Answer~ 25-9-2015 → 10-12-2015 Mobile → PSV [Port]

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of February 2015

Ugh, February is certainly not my month! It’s sad there are just as many ports/remakes/re-releases as there are new ones. Even so, Diabolik Lovers fans can rejoice, as the much-looked forward to sequel, Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate, is finally coming out after a long line of ports and fandiscs. Wafuu and fans of brothel settings have Otomate’s Hyakka Yakou and Hituzigumo’s Gyakuten Yoshiwara remake, Otoko Yuukaku to look forward to. Hyakka Yakou combines a Yoshiwara-like setting with the recently seemingly popular ayakashi theme, so perhaps ayakashi fans may find some worth in trying it out.

Newcomers on the otome world block, Primula, will be releasing the first of their four “episode” Taishou x Alice series; a game that combines fairytales, Alice in Wonderland and a bit of wafuu themes. Uta no Prince-sama fans, particularly of the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star, can get to enjoy its fandisc coming out this month, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret. Finally, fans can enjoy a few hours of fun with the fourth of honeybee and Denki Girl’s Style Photograph Journey series, ~Koi Suru Ryokou Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~ while waiting for the highly anticipated second game of the Shinigami Kareshi series, Un:Birthday Song ~Ai wo Utau Shinigami~.

New releases:
~ Hyakka Yakou [PSV] [12-2-2015]
~ Taishou x Alice Episode I [PC] [20-2-2015]
~ Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate [PSV] [26-2-2015]
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~ [PC] [27-2-2015]

~ Hakouki Zuisouroku Omokagebana [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Otoko Yuukaku [Remake of Gyakuten Yoshiwara. Mobile Application → PSV] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Shinigami Shogyou ~Kaidan Romance~ [Downloadable version re-release; PSP] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Kin’iro no Corda 3 Full Voice Special [PSP → N3DS port] [Link] [26-2-2015]
~ OZMAFIA!! -viavce- [PC → PSV port] [Link] [26-2-2015]

~ Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret [PSP] [26-2-2015 → 12-3-2015]
~ Shinsouban Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ [Remake for PSV] [Link] [22-1-2015 → 26-2-2015 → 23-4-2015]

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of December 2014

Enjoy the filler month, folks! My guess is that most companies will release their lower-priced products and/or ports to tie themselves over for maximum profits for January, where many Japanese fans will have received money from family thanks to otoshidama on New Year’s!

To be honest, I’m not really interested in any of the new releases this month other than Price Pia Carrot and Photograph Journey. I do find it amusing that Diabolik Lovers made a fandisc of a fandisc, though. There’s Kuroyuki Hime ~Snow Magic~ for those who enjoyed its predecessor, ~Snow Black~. honeybee will be launching the first of their three Dynamic Chord games, which will focus on the up-and-coming high school band, “rēve parfait (it means “perfect dream” in French)”. Let me be the first to tell honeybee that no teenage group of boys would name their band that!

New Releases:
~ Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival [4-12-2014]
~ Kuroyuki Hime ~Snow Magic~ [4-12-2014]
~ Prince Pia♥Carrot [PC version] [18-12-2014]
~ Dynamic Chord feat. rēve parfait [26-12-2014]
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Hiroshima-hen & Kanagawa-hen~ [26-12-2014]

Ports, remakes and re-releases:
~ Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ VAR COMMONS [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [11-12-2014]
~ Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder & Twin World~ Twin Pack [PSP, re-release] [Link] [18-12-2014]
~ Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete☆彡 [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [18-12-2014]
~ Shinsouban Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ [PSP, remake] [Link] [18-12-2014]

~ ROOT∞REXX [18-12-2014 → 22-1-2014]

In other, unrelated news, I’ve decided to change my scoring system before publishing my next review(s), so head to the FAQ section if you’re interested in checking it out.


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Otome Visual Novel Releases of August 2014

New Releases:

~ Urakata Hakuouki ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~ (7-8-2014)
~ Ayakashi Gohan (29-8-2014)
~ Double Score ~Marguerite x Tulip~ (29-8-2014)
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou: Miyagi-hen & Okinawa-hen~ (29-7-2014)


~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 6: Vitamin Z Revolution (7-8-2014)
~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 7: Vitamin Z Graduation (7-8-2014)
~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 8: Sto☆Mani ~Strobe☆Mania~ (7-8-2014)
~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 9: Custom Drive (7-8-2014)
~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol. 10: Storm Lover Kai!! (7-8-2014)
~ Mune Kyun Otome Collection Vol 11: Storm Lover Natsu Koi!! (7-8-2014)
~ School Wars ~Sotsugyou Sensen~ Download Edition (21-8-2014)

Due to the delay of Otomate’s Binary Star from August to September, the usual “four-a-month” formula is maintained. For those uninterested in the new, the latter half of the “Mune Kyun Otome Collection“, which are budget re-releases of their respective games, are available for 1,800 yen each and QuinRose’s School Wars will be re-released on the PSN as a lower-priced downloadable edition. Some may have noticed that in the previous months, I didn’t bother to include entries of re-releases. I won’t be covering unmodified re-releases like I do with the new ones, but I thought it won’t hurt to include them on the releases list anyway, just so we all know exactly what to expect each month.

August has the illusion of choice when the re-releases are taken into account. It’s amazing that out of eleven games, I’m only interested in one. That game is Honeybee and Dengeki Girl’s Style’s first of the Photograph Journey series, which shines with its simple premise: meeting up with a pen pal you briefly knew in person when the two of you were children. It’s an adorable, simple idea that should work well as an otome game. Unfortunately, Honeybee’s writing tends to be mediocre, so I’m expecting a sorta-enjoyable time-killing experience rather than something that’ll blow me away.

Other than Photograph Journey, I think August will be a solid backlog month. I still haven’t finished Bad Medicine, so maybe I’ll get onto that.

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