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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #33


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Otome Visual Novel Releases of October 2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform Notes
Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Act Tune [Link] 06-10-2016 PSV Fandisc/sequel of Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~.
PsychicEmotion6 08-8-2016 → 06-10-2016 PSV Originally a drama CD series of the same name.
Suuran Digit 20-10-2016 PSV
[R18+] Enkan no Memoria 28-10-2016 PC


 Sep~Oct 2016 Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases

*All titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
This World Unknown 02-9-2016 English.
Queen of Thieves 16-09-2016 English.
[R18+] Anata no Torikago 17-09-2016 Voiced.
Kyokujitsu ni Koi Arawasu Ni (2): Shunjitsu to Nisshin [Link] 28-9-2016 Sequel of Kyokujitsu ni Koi Arawasu.
Divide 30-9-2016 English.
Sweet Volley High October 2016 English.

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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #19

NOTE [27/6/2016]: It seems that I accidentally uploaded an older revision of this post, which had minor details missing. I’ve corrected it to the new one. Pardon me!


Hello, readers!

There’s been a lot going this week, with new game announcements, websites being launched, a laundry list of release dates being confirmed and the Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ trial being released.

There’s a lot to check out, so I hope you found something interesting to take a peek at!

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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #16


Good evening!

It’s been an interesting week in otome gaming for English fans, as the E2 Gaming fiasco cooled down and Primula proved the new company’s legitimacy. For the Japanese side, Kalmia8’s latest staff blog post very briefly confirms that a third title is likely in the works, with other games releasing some major fan merchandise like soundtracks and fanbooks.

Hope to see you again next week!

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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #5


UPDATED: 21/3/2016


I hope you enjoy issue #5 of The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail!

This week, we’ve got a couple of new otome game announcements to make up for the unfortunate news that the Kickstarter of Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower & Snow~ was unsuccessful. The new games are Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~ by otome game newcomers eXtend and Crank In by Petit Reve.

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Otomate Party 2015 New Project Announcement Digest



Projects Announced

Title Medium Release Date
Collar x Malice PSV game 2016
Kyoukai no Shirayuki PSV game 2016
Suuran Digit PSV game 2016
7’scarlet PSV game 2016
Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan PSV game 2016
Bara ni Kakusareshi Vérité PSV game 2016
Fortissimo PSV game TBA
Majestical Cr[L]own Drama CD series October 2015
Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu Drama CD series October 2015
Code Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ Fandisc PSV game TBA
NORN9 ~Norn+Nonette~ Act Tune PSV game 2016
Haitaka no Psychedelica PSV game TBA
Brothers Conflict Precious Baby PSV game 2016
Wand of Fortune R PSV game 2016
KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~ Character Song CD Character song CD series November 2015


This post will go into detail about the new projects announced by Otomate during their Otomate Party 2015 event, which was held on 16th August… yet again, I’m almost ten days late to the party. Again, I hope this post will be useful as I tried to include as much detail as I could. Please note that I will only be extensively covering the seven new games and two new drama CD series, as they have enough information to warrant their own entries. The rest of the announcements will be compiled under one heading. Happy reading!


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Otome Visual Novel Releases of March 2015

March will be a be a massive month, with a jaw-dropping 8 new releases to choose from with quite a bit of console variety. In spite of being a big month, many of the games are fairly uninspired. Not a great month to look for originality, but at least with the done-before settings here, nothing astoundingly stupid/crap has been tacked onto it so as to make it more interesting than it actually is. I’d say most of the games are safe choices unless you really loathe specific themes of the releases. It’s been a long time since there was a month with very minimal rubbish, so maybe this is the otome gods’ birthday gift to me!


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Go to the top~ 5-3-2015 N3DS
Koutarichou Jin’youtan ~Mayoigo no shou~ 6-3-2015 PC
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6 12-3-2015 PSV
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret 12-3-2015 PSP
Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Last Era Delayed from 19-3-2015 → 2-4-2015 PSV
Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~ Delayed from 2014 → 13-3-2015 → 26-3-2015 PC
Yoiyo Mori no Hime 26-3-2015 PSP
Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S 27-3-2015 PC
Un:Birthday Song ~Ai wo Utau Shinigami~ 27-3-2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Grimm the Bounty Hunter – Download Edition [Link] 19-3-2015 PSP; PSV [Re-release]
Ken ga Kimi for V [Link] 26-3-2015 PC → PSV [Port]
Shinsouban Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan [Link] 26-3-2015 PSP → PSV [Port]

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of December 2014

Enjoy the filler month, folks! My guess is that most companies will release their lower-priced products and/or ports to tie themselves over for maximum profits for January, where many Japanese fans will have received money from family thanks to otoshidama on New Year’s!

To be honest, I’m not really interested in any of the new releases this month other than Price Pia Carrot and Photograph Journey. I do find it amusing that Diabolik Lovers made a fandisc of a fandisc, though. There’s Kuroyuki Hime ~Snow Magic~ for those who enjoyed its predecessor, ~Snow Black~. honeybee will be launching the first of their three Dynamic Chord games, which will focus on the up-and-coming high school band, “rēve parfait (it means “perfect dream” in French)”. Let me be the first to tell honeybee that no teenage group of boys would name their band that!

New Releases:
~ Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival [4-12-2014]
~ Kuroyuki Hime ~Snow Magic~ [4-12-2014]
~ Prince Pia♥Carrot [PC version] [18-12-2014]
~ Dynamic Chord feat. rēve parfait [26-12-2014]
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Hiroshima-hen & Kanagawa-hen~ [26-12-2014]

Ports, remakes and re-releases:
~ Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ VAR COMMONS [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [11-12-2014]
~ Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder & Twin World~ Twin Pack [PSP, re-release] [Link] [18-12-2014]
~ Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete☆彡 [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [18-12-2014]
~ Shinsouban Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ [PSP, remake] [Link] [18-12-2014]

~ ROOT∞REXX [18-12-2014 → 22-1-2014]

In other, unrelated news, I’ve decided to change my scoring system before publishing my next review(s), so head to the FAQ section if you’re interested in checking it out.


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