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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #23


EDIT: I accidentally wrote that Code: Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ will be getting a soundtrack instead of Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama. Pardon my error, please!


Hello, readers!

While Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ and Crank In got delayed, there was some positive news with Kalmia8 unveiling their sister brand Kalmia Scarlet along with the latter’s maiden project: Les Grande Odalisque (set for 2017). Love is a Game’s Kickstarter campaign got fully funded earlier this last week and A’sRing’s Enkan on Memoria got confirmed for release this October.

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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #19

NOTE [27/6/2016]: It seems that I accidentally uploaded an older revision of this post, which had minor details missing. I’ve corrected it to the new one. Pardon me!


Hello, readers!

There’s been a lot going this week, with new game announcements, websites being launched, a laundry list of release dates being confirmed and the Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ trial being released.

There’s a lot to check out, so I hope you found something interesting to take a peek at!

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The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #18

UPDATED: 23/6/2016


Good evening!

There’s been a lot of promotional activities this week, with Kokorogawari, Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~, 7’scarlet and Koei Tecmo launching sales and campaigns to drum up interest for their games. Caramel Mokaccino has less than 24 hours until their Kickstarter campaign concludes, with 6/8 stretch goals being fully funded. Finally, Kalmia8 have officially confirmed that a third title is in the works, with its teaser site set to launch next week.

Be sure to take advantage of the sales, readers!

Until next time… Have a fantastic week!

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[R18+] [Trial Review] Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.


Click this picture to see the OP video on YouTube!

NOTE: This review does not contain any sexually explicit content, but some hyperlinks lead to example photos of fashion models in NSFW attire.

90% of R18+ otome games come in three narrative tones: somewhat serious, moderately serious and deadly serious. The most well-received and beloved titles are all serious. To name a few examples: Tsuki no Hikari Taiyou no Kage (2006), Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari (2011), Koezaru wa Akai Hana (2012), Sakuya (2013) and more recently, Yoshiwara Higanbana (2015). The bestsellers with critical acclaim are the beautiful elites who can’t even crack a smile at you even after you paid approximately $70 for their time.

So that’s why the silly, gag-filled, almost hyperactive Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. (“Bocchi“, from here on out) is quite surprising. To compound my surprise, Bocchi is nothing like Kalmia8’s first title, the darker and maturer Torikago no Marriage.

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of March 2016

UPDATED: 5/3/2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform
Kin’iro no Corda 4 [Direct sequel of Kin’iro no Corda 3] [Link] 25-2-2016 → 10-3-2016 PSV
Kenka Banchou Otome 17-3-2016 → 19-05-2016 PSV
[R18+] Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. D/L Edition: 18-3-2016
Package Edition: 25-3-2016
Dance with Devils 24-3-2016 PSV



Title Release Date Platform
Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki [Link] 10-3-2016 PC → PSV port
Wand of Fortune R [Link] 17-3-2016 PS2 → PSP → PSV port [Original game + ~Mirai e no Prologue~ fandisc]


Feb~Mar 2016 Doujin & OELVN Releases

*All doujin titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons: Prologue; Shou DLC 11-2-2016 English, prologue and first chapter are free
Doki Doki Love Stomp: What does the Heart Say That My Muscles Cannot 12-2-2016  English, Freeware, supports Mac and Linux
Love in the Glen Feb 2016 → TBA English, supports Mac and Linux, now Greenlit on Steam

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Otome Visual Novel Releases of April 2014

This month, we’ll be taking a look at:

~ Houkago Colorful*Step ~Bunka-bu!~
~ Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ 2
~ Chronostacia
~ Kuroyuki Hime ~Snow Black~
~ ONEDARI ShareMate [R18+]
~ Torikago no Marriage [R18+]

Since this is the first time I’m posting something like this, a brief explanation is in order. I’ve seen other websites and blogs jot down upcoming releases, and provide opinions on them. I like that idea, so I’ve made it a goal to try and do the same every month. I’ll be providing a YouTube link to a game’s PV/OP/Demo movie, small bits of information (like its platform and release date), the game’s voice cast, a translation of the official website’s plot summary and finally, my first impressions and general opinions.

I hope you find value in these posts, as I do enjoy writing them.


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