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Otome Visual Novel Releases of November 2015

As if to make up for the very uneventful (well, save for QuinRose’s demise) October 2015, most of November 2015’s releases are highly-anticipated titles! Fans of honeybee’s second big hit Ayakashi Gohan will finally get to play its fandisc, Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~. I’m looking forward to the extra raburabu moments with the Inushima twins! The much-hyped Bad Apple Wars by notoriously hit-or-miss Otomate will also be coming this month. It seems like the first truly interesting title in a bit of a while by them.

Then we have a milestone of sorts in Goes!, which is the second title by Petit Reve (their first was Soukai Buccaneers) set in a Japanese magic academy. It’ll be the first otome game to implement a completely female seiyuu only cast! At the time of its announcement, Goes! receieved so much hype that the official website crashed. Finally, there is Sousaku Alice to Ouji-sama!, which is an original title created by the folks who brought us the official otome adaptation of KobaKawa.


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Bad Apple Wars [Info] 8-10-2015 → 19-11-2015 PSV
Goes! [Info] 26-11-2015 PSV
Sousaku Alice to Ouji-sama! [Info] 26-11-2015 N3DS
Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ [Info] 30-10-2015 → 27-11-2015 PC [Fandisc of Ayakashi Gohan]
Taishou x Alice Epilogue [Info] 11-2015 → 25-12-2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Norn9: Var Commons [Info] 3-11-2015 PSV [English localisation]
Scared Rider Xechs Rev. [Info] 19-11-2015 PS2 → PSP → PSV port [Double pack of the original game and its fandisc.]

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