Purple Nurple Wonderland Hiatus

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, I’ve had struggles with my Internet and I’m working on Kokorogawari with Precatio. The great news is that I was finally able to upgrade to a far superior connection and that the Kokorogawari Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success!

Unfortunately, some bad news will come with this victory. Succeeding the Kickstarter means that the scale of Kokorogawari increased and it’s not longer a “100% hobbyist” pursuit. In order to help Precatio create a great VN and to make sure everyone who supported our campaign get the Kokorogawari they deserve, I’m now trying to use most of my spare time in this area until the game’s completion.

Trying to catch up with all of my blog activities that have fallen behind, not to mention constantly ensuring the blog is up-to-date even if I weren’t behind, will take spare time I need for Kokorogawari’s timely completion as well as my studies and other real life commitments.

For this reason, after much consideration, Purple Nurple Wonderland will be going on hiatus, until Kokorogawari’s completion (which is projected to be by mid-2017).

If you would like to contact me, I strongly suggest trying my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Laramie_Castiel. However, I will be checking Purple Nurple Wonderland periodically and try to reply to any new correspondence as quickly as possible!

I’m sorry to all of my readers who have been enjoying my content. I plead for your understanding!

~ Laramie

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🎊 Kokorogawari Kickstarter campaign launched! 🎊





Hello, everyone!

I’m a bit late to my own party but nevertheless, welcome! We at Team Precatio have launched the Kickstarter campaign for our English otome game, Kokorogawari!

It’s been truly overwhelming just how much support we’ve been getting in the last 48 hours alone- reviews of the demo, numerous Retweets and Reblogs, countless kind words of encouragement and of course, our many big-hearted backers!

Thanks to you all, we’ve already raised nearly 85% of our funding goal and it hasn’t even been three days since we launched! Now we’re just around 15%- or S$671 (approx. US$472)- away from getting fully funded (at the time of writing)!

To our itch.io buyers, you’re more than welcome to upgrade your package with Kickstarter-exclusive goodies. Please get in touch with us through our Kickstarter page, official website or Twitter if you’re interested in doing so!

Finally, for those who haven’t tried our full Chapter 1 demo (which covers the entirety of the first common route chapter), Windows, Mac and Linux users can give it a spin via our itch.io page:



Yes, I know I’ve been Tweeting “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you” over and over again but I just can’t express my gratitude enough, so…


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100,000 Hits! Thank You All So Much!


As of July 9th, 2016, Purple Nurple Wonderland has hit 100,000 views since I first started out in March 2014.

I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to read and support my content. Maybe you’ve been a frequent visitor since the beginning or maybe you’ve just starting visiting my blog right now. Whatever the case, I can’t thank each and every one of you enough.

I really enjoy chatting with my fellow otome fans about the games and the industry! Even if you don’t always agree with my views and I don’t always agree with yours, being able to talk about the hobby we love is important to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions over these years. It’s always a privilege to learn what my fellow fans think.

If you’re a lurker, don’t worry- just knowing that I have an audience for my posts means a lot to me; much more than you might think. Thank you as well!

I’m truly grateful for the encouragement and support I’ve been receiving from you all. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and find them useful!

Thank you so very much again,

Laramie Castiel

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Get to Know Me: #1 – 50 Basic questions

Let’s get this going. In an effort to have things to post and maybe get to know each other a little better, I came up with this segment. I hope it’s a little bit informative but still f…

Source: Get to Know Me: #1 – 50 Basic questions

~ ~ ~

My otome bloggin’ homie Hijacked Cat from Another Gaming Day and That Game Club started a fun and interesting idea of us otome bloggers getting to know each other. As an ENFP, I love stuff like this so here are my answers!


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Exciting updates

Very exciting news!

Pre-orders for the otome visual novel I’ve been working on with Precatio called “Kokorogawari” are now available! Until July 15, you can get the game for the special early bird price of $20 for the standard edition or $30 for the deluxe edition (which contains a soundtrack, an official artbook and fan art by our game’s talented illustrators!).

You can pre-order the game and get a peek at some screenshots here: https://precatio.itch.io/kokorogawari


Hello everyone!

This is Jyuuguchi blogging on behalf of Team Precatio!

It’s been a while since we updated because apart from working hard on this visual novel, the team members also hold full-time day jobs and/or are full-time students! In fact, a few of us graduated and just started new jobs so we had a little struggle with our time. Also, there were hiccups as usual with sickness/certain people dropping out and a few delays were inevitable.

But not to worry because we’re back in full swing because we’re determined to finish this game! Preorders start today, woohoo!

In this post, I will you about all the exciting promotions coming up.

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Some Kokorogawari Official Site Updates!


Good day to you all!

This will just be a quick post regarding the continuing development of an otome game I’m working on with Precatio. It is Kokorogawari, which will be our maiden title revolving around human drama and romance set in modern-day Japan.

Moving onto the good stuff: we have two new site updates for everyone to take a peek at- the Background Art and Music pages! Also, the About, Story, Characters and Banners pages are already open, so if you’ve yet to check them out, please feel free to do so!

I recommend anyone interested in Kokorogawari to follow our progress through the official Twitter account: @Precatio_VN. You won’t want to miss further announcements and updates, which are sure to get more exciting as development continues! Our Twitter is also a fantastic way to stay connected to the team- be it offering words of encouragement or asking any questions about Kokorogawari that we’d be happy to answer to the best of our abilities.

To Precatio’s supporters old and new, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. We are continually touched by each and every word of encouragement- they mean more to us than you may give yourself credit for. We are determined as ever to deliver a quality title!

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Call for character & CG artist

Source: Call for character & CG artist by Jyuuguchi

Hello all, this is Jyuuguchi blogging on the behalf of everybody in Team Precatio.

Some of you may have realized the sudden removal of all art on our official Twitter and on this blog. If you’re guessing that our character artist has left us, you are correct.

Hiccups of this nature are common when it comes to indie projects. However, this is but another opportunity to rework our development team. I would like to be honest with everyone who has been supporting us in the making of this game (that is still continuing now), so a few points will be made clear:

One: We are still continuing with the game-making. As the title of the post states, we are looking for another character artist to fill the gap. More details to be made known below for those interested in joining us.

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Purple Nurple Wonderland 2015/2016: What Has Passed and What Is to Come

With 2016 just beginning, I wanted to make a post combining a few things I wanted to quickly write about, but didn’t feel as though it was worth making individual posts for. After the “Read More” line, I’ll be talking about:

~ What I read in 2015
~ Doujin otome game coverage
~ Reviewing non-otome VNs
~ About reviews, and my lack of them…
~ I’ll be revamping some pages on this blog
~ The otome game I’m working on with Precatio

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Merry Christmas!


To all of my dearest readers,


Whether you’re having a feast with your family or drinks with your friends, giving gifts or receiving them, partying the day away or being the champ who’s hard at work…

I hope each and every one of you have a fantastic day filled with festive joy, however it is you’re spending Christmas Day.

To all my Australian homies: the extra long weekend combined with our legendarily poor drinking habits is a recipe for disaster. This means increased road death tolls and even more avoidable trips to the E.R. than a regular Saturday night. Don’t even think about driving home if you’re drunk. Drink a glass of water every one or two drinks to keep hydrated and prevent alcohol poisoning. Drink your poison of choice responsibly and stay safe so we can all have a fun long weekend!

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Updates on the Otome Game Team!

For those interested, here are some updates regarding the otome game I’m working on with my good friend Jyuuguchi.

Source: Updates on the Otome Game Team!

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