Purple Nurple Wonderland Hiatus

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, I’ve had struggles with my Internet and I’m working on Kokorogawari with Precatio. The great news is that I was finally able to upgrade to a far superior connection and that the Kokorogawari Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success!

Unfortunately, some bad news will come with this victory. Succeeding the Kickstarter means that the scale of Kokorogawari increased and it’s not longer a “100% hobbyist” pursuit. In order to help Precatio create a great VN and to make sure everyone who supported our campaign get the Kokorogawari they deserve, I’m now trying to use most of my spare time in this area until the game’s completion.

Trying to catch up with all of my blog activities that have fallen behind, not to mention constantly ensuring the blog is up-to-date even if I weren’t behind, will take spare time I need for Kokorogawari’s timely completion as well as my studies and other real life commitments.

For this reason, after much consideration, Purple Nurple Wonderland will be going on hiatus, until Kokorogawari’s completion (which is projected to be by mid-2017).

If you would like to contact me, I strongly suggest trying my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Laramie_Castiel. However, I will be checking Purple Nurple Wonderland periodically and try to reply to any new correspondence as quickly as possible!

I’m sorry to all of my readers who have been enjoying my content. I plead for your understanding!

~ Laramie

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11 thoughts on “Purple Nurple Wonderland Hiatus

  1. sorcrane

    purplenurplewonder, I hardly knew ye.
    It is a little funny because I just subscribed yesterday. Regardless, there’s plenty to look through and plenty to enjoy! Thanks for your efforts! Best of luck with your visual novel. I hope to see it on a reviewblog someday.

    • Welcome sorcrane and thank you so much for deciding to follow me! =)

      Sorry for my delayed response and for the hiatus when you just followed! =S

      But thank you very much for your support! I would love to see the finished product being reviewed, as the feedback will be very valuable for any future projects I might get involved in. =)

  2. aheadofthenight

    Glad you have a better connection now! All the best with Kokorogawari >W<b

    • Hello again!

      Yes, I’m very glad to have a much better connection… So relieved, my God!

      Thank you for your support, as always! =D

      EDIT: Sorry for the belated response!

  3. I’m gonna miss your updates, but I know how time-consuming any game related project can be. Thanks for all of your work and best of luck with the Kickstarter!

    • Hi there roxi!

      Sorry for my delayed reply. I’m sorry about my hiatus but want to thank you for your understanding as well! Do you speak from game developing experience?

  4. Cat

    Congratulations on the great kick starter, and I hope the game has been going well, take your time!
    Good luck with it all, and I hope everything is going well for you 👌✨

    • Oh my God! Please, please, please pardon my late response! Sorry, my friend! 😱

      Thank you so much for your support and well wishes. It’s been challenging but rewarding!

      Thanks again! ❤️

      • Cat

        Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’s okay ❤

        I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, and hope it all ends up great. Looking forward to the end result 😀

        Always bb ❤

  5. MissxQueen

    Are you coming back or are you done with this website?

    • Hello, and apologies for the late response.

      I would like to resume PNW blog posting once I have more time; which would be post-Kokorogawari. =)

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