🎊 Kokorogawari Kickstarter campaign launched! ðŸŽŠ





Hello, everyone!

I’m a bit late to my own party but nevertheless, welcome! We at Team Precatio have launched the Kickstarter campaign for our English otome game, Kokorogawari!

It’s been truly overwhelming just how much support we’ve been getting in the last 48 hours alone- reviews of the demo, numerous Retweets and Reblogs, countless kind words of encouragement and of course, our many big-hearted backers!

Thanks to you all, we’ve already raised nearly 85% of our funding goal and it hasn’t even been three days since we launched! Now we’re just around 15%- or S$671 (approx. US$472)- away from getting fully funded (at the time of writing)!

To our itch.io buyers, you’re more than welcome to upgrade your package with Kickstarter-exclusive goodies. Please get in touch with us through our Kickstarter page, official website or Twitter if you’re interested in doing so!

Finally, for those who haven’t tried our full Chapter 1 demo (which covers the entirety of the first common route chapter), Windows, Mac and Linux users can give it a spin via our itch.io page:



Yes, I know I’ve been Tweeting “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you” over and over again but I just can’t express my gratitude enough, so…


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