Otome Visual Novel Releases of December 2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform/Notes
Steam Prison 16-12-2016 PC
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6: Gentou Rondo [Link] 22-12-2016 PSV
Sequel of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6
Ken ga Kimi: Momoyo Tsuzuri [Link] 22-12-2016 PSV
Fandisc/Sequel of Ken ga Kimi



Title Release Date Platform/Notes
Getsuei no Kusari ~Kyouran Moratorium~ [Link] 21-12-2016 PSP → PSV port of Getsuei no Kusari ~Sakuran Paranoia~ fandisc
Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S: V Edition [Link] 22-12-2016 PC → PSV port
(Includes Append Disc content)
RE:Birthday Song ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~ Another Record [Link] 22-12-2016 PC → PSV port


Nov~Dec 2016 Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases

*All titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
Heart and Seoul 01-11-2016 English
Bloody Tea Party [Link] 11-11-2016 PC → Android port
Never Forget Me [Link] 11-11-2016 English
Sequel of Always Remember Me
Don’t Take This Risk 14-11-2016 English
Last Days of Spring 2 [Link] 18-11-2016 English
Sequel of Last Days of Spring
Fool’s Helper 20-11-2016 English
Elemental: Seven Minutes in Heaven 24-11-2016 English
[R18+] Mysterion ~Shoujo no Fukuin~ 26-11-2016  –



Steam Prison


Release date: 16-12-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: HuneX
Artist: Ichiiro Hako
Writer: Yumas
Official website: http://www.hunex.co.jp/steamprison/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19397
OP Info
Song title: Houdou [萌道]
Vocals: m@o
Composition: project lights


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +

~ Eltcreed Valentin – Shirai Yuusuke
~ Ulrik Ferrie – Takatsuka Tomohito
~ Adage – Furukawa Makoto
~ Ines Heinrich Heine – Kimishima Tetsu
~ Yune Sekiei – Takase Yasuyuki

+ Supporting Characters +

~ Finn Euclase – Shingaki Tarusuke
~ Saxon Brandenburg – Kameyama Yuuji
~ Cordoa Hasse – Sasa Kenta
~ Vice Gaviezel – Abe Daiki


* Plot Summary *

People are divided into two groups…
Those who rule and those who are ruled over.
The world is divided into two…

The beautiful paradise in the sky, “Heaven” and the polluted city of machinery, “Earth”.
Wielding incredible politcal power, those in Heaven look down upon the people who live on Earth.
Having been born and raised in Heaven, the protagonist also doesn’t think highly of Earth.
However, she is ordered to inspect Earth as part of her duties. The gears of her fate grind as they begin to turn…


* My Thoughts *

Sounds somewhat interesting and it’s nice to see a cast composed of almost completely unfamiliar faces. There may not be a whole lot going on this December but it’s not gripping enough to pounce on. For those who don’t know, Yumas is the writer of Ozmafia!!- not a bad but overrated game. She had some interesting ideas and I feel as though she was trying, but they weren’t executed well.

Still, Yumas was a novice back then and I’m curious as to how much she’s grown. So I want to give Steam Prison a shot but I will wait for reviews beforehand or perhaps get a cheaper copy/second hand copy far after its initial release. I’m definitely not feeling an approx. $78 value out of this one!




Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases



Heart and Seoul


Release date: 01-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac)
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Sapphire Dragon Productions
Official website/Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/546490
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20030


* Plot Summary *

Kim Yoon-Ji has a fantastic opportunity come up during her spring break; her affluent architect uncle has a business trip to New York and has asked her to housesit his luxury Seoul apartment for him. Comedy and romance ensues as she moves to Seoul for this time period and meets an interesting set of locals who proceed to show her around! What will happen next? It’s up to you!

Live out this charming romantic comedy Otome visual novel and see if you can find your Seoulmate!

~ Story summary taken from Steam.


* My Thoughts *

Just sounds OK. I’ve played a game by these devs- Love in the Glen– and was disappointed by it. I definitely do want to give Sapphire Dragon another chance, but this wouldn’t be the game I’d choose to do so, even if presentation-wise, it looks like they’ve made an improvement (the sprite artwork for sure, the interface, maybe just slightly from what I could discern in the screenshots).

The premise is very simple and definitely gives off a typical rom-com vibe, which isn’t a bad thing at all but it does constantly remind me of my Love in the Glen experience (plus the design of Heart and Seoul’s mini-game is similar). Furthermore, even if I didn’t play Love in the Glen, I’m not particularly interested in Korea and its culture, so the setting doesn’t directly appeal to me either.

December 2016 EDIT: I ended up playing this game. While it isn’t terrible, it’s far from good. It shared many of the same problems as I mentioned in my review of Love in the Glen– better in a couple of regards, worse in others. It’s so cheap and short that it’s not really a waste of time or money either way.



Don’t Take This Risk


Release date: 14-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Poison Apple Tales
Official website/itch.io page: https://poison-apple-tales.itch.io/dont-take-this-risk
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20347


* Plot Summary *

“Hello? This is…this is the suicide hotline, yes?”

Oops, wrong number. But you may not want to tell that to the man on the other side of the phone. How will you, a young woman, defuse this suicidal crisis? Oh, and better be careful not to tell him you love him.

As a horror game for the 2016 Asylum Jam, you can expect things to turn out twisted more often than not…

It’s best not to take that risk.

~ Story summary taken from itch.io.


* My Thoughts *

A rare otome horror hybrid? Very interesting! I don’t know how you can get a hotline number wrong and happen to connect to a (residential?) number… but hey, perhaps there’s an explanation. It’s weird to the point that I wonder if it was an intentional call and this poor girl got the attention of a loon (that “don’t tell him you love him” line makes me paranoid). Well… I can’t speak for how phone numbers work overseas. At least with Australian phone numbers, this is very unlikely to happen.

That aside, I really like this idea! It’ll be very interesting to play in the perspective of the call recipient, since it sounds like she has no qualifications in dealing with this kind of thing. I wonder how well she’ll be able to handle everything?

Definitely giving this one a shot!



Fool’s Helper




Release date: 20-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Vagrant-Muffin
Official website/itch.io page: https://vagrant-muffin.itch.io/fools-helper
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20352


* Plot Summary *

“Love isn’t easy. For hopeless romantic Brian and struggling writer Lee, the pursuit of love has been difficult. That is, until they meet the heroine! Can she help fill their lives with romance? Maybe even find some herself?

Everyone’s a fool in love, but the heroine is here to help!”

~ Story summary taken from itch.io.


* My Thoughts *

Sounds like a typical romantic comedy for better and for worse, but I don’t mean this in a completely critical way. It’s a very simple premise so there’s nothing glaringly stupid or wrong with it (unlike the myriad of bad first impressions I’ve had of the bigger budget Japanese games just this year alone), though it’s wholly reliant on good writing to make it a cut above the hundreds of similar fictional works before it. By that, I don’t mean it has to be amongst the best rom-coms, I just mean for it to stay interesting.

Whatever the case, it looks like a cute and simple couple of hours of reading- especially if you’re looking to cleanse your palate after playing depressing games. I think I’ll give this a roll after completing a serious game, depressing game, etc. Maybe right after that otome x horror Don’t Take This Risk from just before, LOL!



Elemental: Seven Minutes in Heaven




Release date: 24-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: MangaKeri
Official website and Steam page: https://mangakeri.itch.io/elemental-seven-minutes-in-heaven
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20356


* Plot Summary *

You are sitting at home when you receive a call from your friend. She’s excited about something, but won’t tell you anything until you come to her house. Skeptical you accept… and when you get there, you’re greeted by the sight of 14 men. According to your friend, each of these men represent a different element (i.e. Fire, Water, Wind, etc.). Her solution? Shove you in a closet with one of them because, hey, you only live once, right?

~ Story summary taken from itch.io.


* My Thoughts *

Not really my thing, but I don’t have much against it other than the crazy amount of love interests. For those who have been following me for a while, you’d know that I’d rather have two well-written love interests than 6 varied, but inconsistently likeable ones… or worse, underdeveloped. I just can’t see 14 different guys having 14 completely different personalities. I won’t be playing this, but I’m sure there are otome fans that will like this kind of idea!



[R18+] Mysterion ~Shoujo no Fukuin~



Release date: 26-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: R18+
Developer and publisher: Magic House
Artist: Hagino Kouta
Official website: http://magichouse.uh-oh.jp/10myst_1.html
DL Site page: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/announce/=/product_id/RJ185941.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20042


* Plot Summary *

A certain village was once destroyed by the hands of a demon.

“The Tragedy of the Red Village – Crimson Flame”.

…So the incident was called, with its sole survivor being a young girl named Aira.
Even though she’s tormented by her past memories, she lived each day to her fullest.

One day, Aira gets lost on the way home after running some errands.
In the silence of night, as she stood in fear with painful memories resurfacing, a young man appears before her on the verge of death; bearing severe injuries.
Also, there was a black-winged demon silhouetted by the moon.

“I shall definitely grant your wish.”

In this reunion after ten years, Aira’s fate becomes greatly altered.


* My Thoughts *

This has “generic” written all over it and if it didn’t, the basic premise and the characters don’t interest me at all. When there are this many cliches at once with no signs of trying to make them interesting, you know you’re in for kwality writing.

Sure, the story sounds pretty rubbish, but look at that artwork- the style itself is pretty standard stuff but its actual drawing is of a high calibre for a doujin (seeing as Hagino has worked on numerous commercial/professional standard projects)! I just hope it’s not Natalia all over again (for those who haven’t read my previous posts, Magic House picked the best artist for the promotional work and some of the in-game stuff with other artists handling 90% of everything else). However, for Mysterion, there’s only one artist listed and the CGs in the gallery look like they’re drawn by the same person… So perhaps Natalia was an isolated instance since that looked to be a quick cash-grabber while they were working on bigger things.

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8 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of December 2016

  1. Ohhh! Don’t take this risk sounds good! A horror hybrid is what I needed for a cold and lonely night xD Everything else doesn’t sound too exciting tbh. Let’s get scared together taking the risk, 😉

    • Yeah, it does! Otome horrors are so rare plus I like the idea of it mostly being told through phone calls. Let’s! I don’t really get scared with horror stuff (because I’m too stuck in the “it’s not real” mindset) but hopefully it creeps me out!

      • I played it today and tbh… I didn’t find it as good as I thought it would be. Lol It reminds me of that horror otoge from Otomate that was such a flop. It wasn’t that bad, but a bit disappointing? Idk

        • Heya pal!

          Damn, that sucks… I think I’ll still give it a shot anyway because I downloaded it already. Might as well! Doesn’t sound like it’s very long, either.

          I think you’re referring to “Shiratsuyu no Kai”? If so, LMAO I totally remember how badly that game was received.

          I think otome and horror are very difficult genres to fuse well. Not many people find getting the crap scared/creeped out of them to be the ideal romantic experience. It would have to be one of those otome games where the story overtakes the romance aspect. Striking the balance between these two would be hard, so trying to do so would lead to a situation where neither genre has the best brought out of them. “Jack of all trades, master of none” kinda thing if it doesn’t outright flop with an audience that doesn’t appreciate horror as a secondary genre for otome.

          • It’s pretty short, but it has voice acting. Which was nice! Ye, give it a try, I’m curious about your thoughts on dttr. 🙂
            Oh yes, Shiratsuyu no Kai. I was really hyped because Hino Satoshi was in it and I liked the PV, but yeah…. lmao

            Though visiting a haunted house with another person can be horrifying and romantic at the same time…. Or at least you can have the otome part at the end. But you’re right, it’s hard to make it balanced. I think horror fits with tragic story or plot twist better. ^^

            • No worries! I’ll let you know after I get around to it! =)

              Good that it has voice acting- makes the “phone” experience more real.

              LOL, I do admit I feel kinda like a boss when my friends are scared of haunted houses/scary rides and they latch onto me. xP

  2. animegirl23

    I like these game on PV

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