[OELVN Review] Love in the Glen



Hello, readers!

After finishing my otome games of November 2016 post, I realised that I’ve forgotten to direct you all to my review of Sapphire Dragon Productions’ Love in the Glen I wrote for the first issue of ADVaNCE e-magazine. Really sorry about this!

As such, I won’t be directly posting the review on this site, but ADVaNCE can be downloaded via itch.io (it’s free) and you can find my review starting from page 61.

A quick note for those wondering what ADVaNCE is: It’s an e-zine with content that focuses on visual novels and ADV (adventure) games with an emphasis on English VNs. ADVaNCE shares its name with the visual novel reviewing website.


I actually intended to post my review of Love in the Glen during June as part of my trimonthly reviewing goal (that I set for myself at the beginning of this year). However, after hearing about the kind folks at ADVaNCE looking for some contributors, I decided to submit it and the review ended up getting published in August instead.

I’ve fallen behind my trimonthly goal as I haven’t posted a review for September, so I hope to make up for this by the end of the year. Preferably by the time December’s turn rolls around!

Incidentally, this will be my first OELVN review! Since I do like to keep an eye on VN development in the West, I do hope to post more reviews of them in the future. Not to worry, though- since Wonderland specialises in Japanese otome game news, the emphasis will still be on Japanese VNs- rather, Japanese otome VNs.


I know I always say this, but thank you all again for reading and supporting my content! I hope you enjoy or find this review useful.

Until next time…

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