Otome Visual Novel Releases of November 2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform/Notes
Dynamic Chord feat. apple-polisher 28-10-2016 → 04-11-2016 PC
Code: Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ [Link] 24-11-2016 PSV. Fandisc of Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~.



Title Release Date Platform/Notes
Hakuouki Yuugiroku: Taishi-tachi no Daienkai [Link] 17-11-2016 PSP → DS → PSV double port of Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ fandisc.
(Fandisc + sequel)
Starry☆Sky ~Spring Stories~ [Link] 27-8-201512-11-2015 → 23-11-2016 PC → PSP → iOS → 3DS → PSV double port.
(Original game + fandisc)
Torikago no Marriage ~Hatsukoi no Tsubasa~ [Link] 24-11-2016 PC [R18+] → PSV all-ages port.


Oct~Nov 2016 Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases

*All titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
[R18+] Marialbum [Link] 02-10-2016 Fandisc of Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. Also available for iOS.
Secrets of Me [Stalking Love: Koi no Hajimari wa Ryakudatsu de] 05-10-2016 English and Chinese localised mobile  → Steam re-release.
Seduce Me: The Beach Episode [Link] 07-10-2016 English. Side story of Seduce Me the Otome.
Sweet Volley High R18+: 07-10-2016
All-ages: 26-10-2016
Rose of Winter 17-10-2016 English.
[R18+] Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru: Complete Edition [Link] 23-10-2016 Fully voiced and complete edition re-release. Also available for Android and iOS.
Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ [Link] 29-10-2016 Also in English. Sequel of Café 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~.
Heart and Seoul 01-11-2016 English.
[R18+] Mysterion ~Shoujo no Fukuin~ November 2016
Never Forget Me [Link] November 2016 English. Sequel of Always Remember Me. Beta version now out.



Dynamic Chord feat. apple-polisher


Release date: 28-10-2016 → 04-11-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: honeybee black
Artist: Fujiwara Ryou
Writer: Asai Yuzuko
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/dynamic/app/disc.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20072
OP Info
Song title: beat goes on
Vocals: Aoi Shouta as NaL
Composition and lyrics: “UK” (Credited in-universe as UK, actual credits not listed).


* Cast *

+ apple-polisher Band Members (Main Characters) +

~ Vocalist: Amagi “NaL” Narumi – Aoi Shouta
~ Drummer: Otoishi “Toi” Yuusei – Sakurai Takahiro
~ Guitarist: Aoi “UK” Yuki – Nakajima Yoshiki
~ Bassist: Kurosawa “Kuro” Shinobu – Umehara Yuuichirou

+ grieflullaby Band Members (Supporting Characters) +

~ Vocalist: Moroboshi Tasuku – Hayashi Yuu
~ Guitarist: Yatsurugi Kippei – Hamano Daiki
~ Drummer: Hyuuga Yuuki – Taniguchi Atsushi
~ (Former) Bassist: Momose Hiroto – Masuda Toshiki

+ Other Supporting Characters+

~ Suenaga Kana – Mizuno Marie
~ Kashii Reon – Eguchi Takuya
~ Kashii Aki – Hirose Yuuya
~ Sagamihara Tatsuo – Mogi Takamasa
~ Ogasawara Torao – Inoue Takara
~ Hiiragi Kazuha – Manaka Kotoyo
~ Miyazawa Sumire – Oohashi Kaori
~ Amagi Terunari – Usuki Kenshirou
~ Amagi Harumi – Mori Nanako


* Plot Summary *

Hiiragi Miu (the protagonist), a singer working in show business, still has feelings for her first love to this day.

As keeps her feelings for the person who taught her the joy of singing locked away in her chest, she passionately works hard at her music career.

One day, she is set to guest perform at the concert tour of the band that has been working for her office longer than she has.

On the day of the concert she is introduced to Kurosawa Shinobu, who is a member of apple-polisher- the band she will be supporting.

After the concert in the waiting room, she is then introduced to Shinobu’s fellow band members- Otoishi Yuusei, Aoi Yuki and then Amagi Narumi- the band’s vocalist and Miu’s first love…

Where will the love between you and the music-loving band members lead…?


* My Thoughts *

Kuro is hot stuff and I love relative newbie Umehara Yuuichirou’s voice (plus I’m happy to see him get more roles). Speaking of voices, it’s nice to see a mix of veterans and newcomers. Plus longtime readers can probably comprehend how truly thankful I am that the bands in this series don’t seem like *bleugh* overdone mooooe idol groups that only sing same-y, sometimes overly auto-tuned, uninspired J-pop rubbish- but it doesn’t change the fact that music-themed storylines don’t really interest me all that much.

The premise might not be ground-breaking, but I think it’s good to have something simple and more grounded in realism every once in a while, considering the very high amounts of fantastical games that come out. Moreover, there’s no real “gimmick” here that is trying to make the game’s premise seem more interesting than it actually is (hello, Blackish House).

So for some of the reasons above, I definitely do want to at least give one of the Dynamic Chord games a try even if they don’t hugely appeal to me.




Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases



Secrets of Me



Release date: 05-10-2016
Platform: Mobile → PC (Windows, Mac and Linux)
Age rating: All-ages (no specific age rating given)
Developer and publisher: Dogenzaka Labs
Official website and Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/505070/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19077


* Plot Summary *

Having unrequited love for Yamada Ichiro, the protagonist decides to get plastic surgery in order to attract his attention. By chance, a detective teaches her the fundamentals of covert investigation. With her new skills, she discovers that Ichiro is actually a con artist who tricks women into marrying him. As she becomes depressed, all sorts of cute guys come into her life… She then finds a new goal for herself: to steal them away from their girlfriends. What will become of the protagonist as she wholeheartedly stalks these handsome men?!

~ Story summary taken from Steam.


* My Thoughts *

Right off the bat, I’m awed by the protagonist’s capacity to make to serious, life-changing decisions after incredibly careful consideration. I’m sure that detective dude taught her private investigation skills for a good reason- my best guess is after they were awestruck by the protagonist’s determination and maturity in trying to resolve her plight. She’s definitely the right kind of perfectly well-adjusted person to teach these skills to and she’d certainly not misuse them. Sadly, even after diligently licking her silver Deus Ex Detective platter clean, her dilemma doesn’t get resolved- the protagonist discovers that Ichiro is kind of a jerk. She may have dodged a bullet, but of course, she’s heartbroken!

After experiencing the pain of a broken heart, she continues her mature decision-making, thus becoming even more sympathetic- by stealing other people’s dudes and make them go through the same hardship because… Well, they deserve it for having a guy they wanted to be with when she couldn’t! Oh well, they’re probably bitches anyway. The dudes are questionable for approaching her when they’re already dating another gal in the first place, but after all that pain and suffering Protag-chan went through, she has a good excuse to become a stalker- because as long as your vict- target is kind of an asshole, it makes it OK to impeach on their civil liberties (maybe even break the law a smidge).

Combined with the questionable quality of Dogenzaka’s stuff in general and the boring artwork, this makes Secrets of Me a must-play!



[R18+] Sweet Volley High


Release date: R18+ version: 07-10-2016; All-ages version: 26-10-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Age rating: R18+ and all-ages
Developer: NewWestGames
ublisher: NewWestGames, Nutaku
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/523730/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19676


* Plot Summary *

Sweet Volley High is the story of Aya Mizuki in her senior year at high school, and beyond, as she pursues a dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. Will she find romance and success, or rejection and heartbreak? Your choices will affect the outcome in one of 5 endings.

~ Story summary taken from Steam.


* My Thoughts *

Sports otome game? Volleyball (who can forget oversaturation of Haikyuu)? I find most stories involving sport- regardless of what the sport actually is- to come across as the same kinda thing, different sport. Hell, I take almost 0 interest in sport in real life anyway, so the sports genre has its deck completely stacked against me. Furthermore, in my eyes, there’s nothing else story-wise that interests me. I’m happy for my fellow otome fans that love sport, because the pool of sports otome games is seriously small. It’s just too bad for those not into shoujo-ai that there’s only one male love interest. I feel like a broken record now- there’s nothing bad here, but it’s not my thing.



Rose of Winter



Release date: 17-10-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac and Linux)
Age rating: All-ages (no specific age rating given)
Developer and publisher: Pillow Fight Games
Official website and Itch.io: http://pillowfight.io/rose-of-winter
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/540880
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19983


* Plot Summary *

Rosemary left her family’s farm a year ago to become a Knight in Shining Armor! … but being a knight is harder than she thought, and she’s looking for work at the foot of the perilous Mount Needle. Thankfully, there are four handsome princes here who need an escort through the mountain pass, and Rosemary is just the knight for the job!

As Rosemary, you’ll brave fierce beasts and difficult terrain, not to mention the fact that your traveling companion can be a royal pain. But that’s okay! Because you’re brave and noble and not-at-all distracted by the handsome guy you’re bound to protect. You’ve got the armor, you’ve got the sword, and you’re all ready for a fairytale romance: if the snowstorms and bone-chilling winds don’t get in the way.

And maybe these princes aren’t quite as charming as you expected…

~ Story summary taken from official website.


* My Thoughts *

I have nothing against this game at all- I even want to play it eventually- but it’s just not “immediately grabbing” at me for some reason. I think it’s the description? Maybe because there’s little info on what the other characters are like or why they need an escort in the first place? I do like the artwork and role-reversal, as well as the protagonist’s non-standard design. She looks cute without fitting into the stereotypical ideas of what a protagonist “should look like” (mostly Japan’s protagonist ideals for the ease of self-insertion: cute and innocent- rarely sexually appealing, girlishly and demurely dressed, short in height, “petite” impression overall- thin waist with modest bust and hips, doe-eyed, light-skinned, etc., etc.).



Heart and Seoul


Release date: 01-11-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac)
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Sapphire Dragon Productions
Official website and Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/546490
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20030


* Plot Summary *

Kim Yoon-Ji has a fantastic opportunity come up during her spring break; her affluent architect uncle has a business trip to New York and has asked her to housesit his luxury Seoul apartment for him. Comedy and romance ensues as she moves to Seoul for this time period and meets an interesting set of locals who proceed to show her around! What will happen next? It’s up to you!

Live out this charming romantic comedy Otome visual novel and see if you can find your Seoulmate!

~ Story summary taken from Steam.


* My Thoughts *

Just sounds OK. I’ve played a game by these devs- Love in the Glen– and was disappointed by it. I definitely do want to give Sapphire Dragon another chance, but this wouldn’t be the game I’d choose to do so, even if presentation-wise, it looks like they’ve made an improvement (the sprite artwork for sure, the interface, maybe just slightly from what I could discern in the screenshots).

The premise is very simple and definitely gives off a typical rom-com vibe, which isn’t a bad thing at all but it does constantly remind me of my Love in the Glen experience (plus the design of Heart and Seoul’s mini-game is similar). Furthermore, even if I didn’t play Love in the Glen, I’m not particularly interested in Korea and its culture, so the setting doesn’t directly appeal to me either.



[R18+] Mysterion ~Shoujo no Fukuin~


Release date: November 2016
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: R18+
Developer and publisher: Magic House
Artist: Hagino Kouta
Official website: http://magichouse.uh-oh.jp/10myst_1.html
DL Site page: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/announce/=/product_id/RJ185941.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v20042


* Plot Summary *

A certain village was once destroyed by the hands of a demon.

“The Tragedy of the Red Village – Crimson Flame”.

…So the incident was called, with its sole survivor being a young girl named Aira.
Even though she’s tormented by her past memories, she lived each day to her fullest.

One day, Aira gets lost on the way home after running some errands.
In the silence of night, as she stood in fear with painful memories resurfacing, a young man appears before her on the verge of death; bearing severe injuries.
Also, there was a black-winged demon silhouetted by the moon.

“I shall definitely grant your wish.”

In this reunion after ten years, Aira’s fate becomes greatly altered.


* My Thoughts *

This has “generic” written all over it and if it didn’t, the basic premise and the characters don’t interest me at all. When there are this many cliches at once with no signs of trying to make them interesting, you know you’re in for kwality writing.

Sure, the story sounds pretty rubbish, but look at that artwork- the style itself is pretty standard stuff but its actual drawing is of a high calibre for a doujin (seeing as Hagino has worked on numerous commercial/professional standard projects)! I just hope it’s not Natalia all over again (for those who haven’t read my previous posts, Magic House picked the best artist for the promotional work and some of the in-game stuff with other artists handling 90% of everything else). However, for Mysterion, there’s only one artist listed and the CGs in the gallery look like they’re drawn by the same person… So perhaps Natalia was an isolated instance since that looked to be a quick cash-grabber while they were working on bigger things.

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