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Here I am… finally, with my Otomate Party 2016 post… only two months late! No, seriously… I’m sorry about this. T_T

Otomate Party is an annual event- similarly to Rejet’s Natsumatsuri and CHANGE events- in which new projects (and details of previously announced projects) are announced. This year, it took place on 13~14th August, 2016. Most of the projects announced at Otomate Party will be released the following year. In other words, Otomate is basically revealing to their fans what they can expect next year! Other than the new announcements, the main draws of the Parties are the popular seiyuu and theme song artists gathering to perform for the fans.

This post will cover all of the new projects in detail, save for Shiro to Kuro no Alice and Hana Oboro, as the two were announced prior to the party and had substantial information already unveiled. Ports and fandiscs/sequels will also not be covered in extra detail, as information is too scarce to warrant its own section, or otherwise old information publicised prior to the Party. On the same note, I’ve however, included the Osomatsu-san game in detail, because though it was announced much earlier, it wasn’t until this year’s Party that details were revealed.


Projects Announced/Covered

Title Medium and Notes
Release Date
Kurenai no Homura: Sanada Ninpou-chou New PSV game TBA
Variable Barricade New PSV game TBA
Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Setsugekka Koi Emaki- FD PSV game.
Fandisc of Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu
Osomatsu-san The Game: Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Dead or Work- New PSV game 2017
Ikemen Sengoku◆Toki wo Kakeru Koi: Aratanaru Deai Mobile -> PSV port 2017
Chouchou Jiken New PSV game.
Collaboration with Red Entertainment and Aria Comic.
KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ FD PSV game.
Fandisc of KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~
Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan Zokuhen PSV game.
Sequel of Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan.
Anime adaptation also confirmed.
Shiro to Kuro no Alice New PSV game.
Announced prior to Otomate Party 2016
Dance Trips Mobile game 2016
Sengoku Night Blood Mobile game.
Collaboration with Kadokawa and Marvelous
 Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~ New PSV game.
Announced prior to Otomate Party 2016



Kurenai no Homura: Sanada Ninpou-chou



* Story *

This is…

A gathering of powerful warlords as the Sengoku period meets its demise.

A story about Sanada and the ten brave warriors shining brightly in their final moment of glory at Osaka Castle.

“…Follow me.
I shall let you fight where the sun’s rays will reach.”


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Shiki Sakigumi

Yet another entry into the (understandably) popular and super overdone wafuu otome game list of the “bishify the Sengoku period heavyweights” variety. Kurenai no Homura itself doesn’t sound “bad” per se, but I’m just sick of seeing yet another Sengoku thing. There’s only so many ways you can completely moe-fy and romanticise warlords, y’know? But interesting it’s set on Toyotomi’s side of the Siege of Osaka (which Sanada Yukimura was on)… Given how pretty much everyone dies and they lost miserably.

Also, Kurenai no Homura strongly reminds me of- rather, it’s suspiciously similar to- an otome game by D3P and Red Entertainment, Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpou-chou~. I’m not certain how much the ways of the ninja played a part in the Siege of Osaka, so I wonder if this is basically a cheap way to draw in Hyakka Hyakurou fans or just copy that game’s success? I’m certainly no Japanese history buff so it’s entirely possible I’m missing details that could justify the titles being so similar, though.



Variable Barricade



* Story *


The setting will be present-day Japan.

4 mysterious boys appear before an upper-class high school girl… and propose within five seconds of meeting her!?

“I will protect you. If possible… for the rest of my life.”
Yagami Nayuta

“My smile is at its most beautiful when I’m by your side.”
Mayuzumi Shion

“I’ll bet my entire life on you.”
Isurugi Taiga

“Come here. I’ll make you the happiest bride in the world.”
Mitsumori Ichiya

There’s an ulterior motive behind this proposal…

“I decline… Each and every one of you.”
Toujou Hibari

…There’s absolutely no way I’ll fall for you.


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Usuba Kageroo

As always, Usuba’s art is so beautiful… Hibari is too damn pretty! Can’t blame the guys, right? Speaking of them, they’re too pretty for my tastes (for longtime visitors of Wonderland, they know I’m more drawn to extremely hot bodies the conventionally masculine types), but of course, they still look good. It’s nice to see her illustrate non-fantastical stuff, too.

As for the story, I think it sounds like fun! At least… I get the feeling Variable Barricade is playing for laughs and isn’t trying to seriously be a Mary Sue self-insert wish fulfilment-fest. Otherwise Hibari would be a pretty damn boring protagonist (even if I like the icy, strong-willed vibe she gives off) and the guys would be pretty dull.

I’m definitely interested in following the site updates and seeing where Variable Barricade is headed. Overall, my top pick for Otomate Party 2016!



Osomatsu-san The Game: Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Dead or Work-



* Story *

Those sextuplets are back!?
Those legendary sextuplets that took the world by storm will now, be revived!

The good old days of the Shouwa period.
Osomatsu-kun“, the gag manga masterpiece that entertained Japan.
And now, the generation has changed since the previous anime series- a series that magnificently ornamented the end of the Shouwa period.

With the townscape and lifestyles having changed, those sextuplets quietly grew up into adults and have made their return!

Residing in the same house as back then, the Osomatsus are still living at their own pace even as adults. What do those very unique characters look like now…!?

To commemorate Akatsuka Fujio’s 80th birthday, the TV anime “Osomatsu-kun” was revived as the legendary “Osomatsu-san“. Thanks to it being a huge hit, once again, the world is taken by storm!

Sometimes they became hot guys…
Attended Hello Work
Drank, played pachinko
Went fishing…
Worked at the Black Factory…
Tried some cringeworthy looks…
Chased after idols…
Turned into cats…
Swam in the river on the way home from baseball…
Pretended to be university students…

They’re still going?
Isn’t this wait time kinda long?
Muscle, muscle!
Hurry up~

They’ve come back in this game.

The eldest son of the Matsuno family.
A miraculously stupid guy who grew up retaining the mindset of a 6th grade primary school student. Loves horse racing and pachinko.

The second son of the Matsuno family.
His thick eyebrows are his most distinct feature. Always immersed in his own world, he’s just trying to seem cool, though.

The third son of the Matsuno family.
Has the most common sense out of all the sextuplets? When it comes to girls, he becomes frighteningly useless.

The fourth son of the Matsuno family.
A dangerous guy who does things at his own pace and has a dry manner of speech. Cats are his friends.

The fifth son of the Matsuno family.
Abnormally cheerful and abnormally stupid. Kinda hard to understand him.

The youngest son of the Matsuno family.
A cunning guy who makes use of his cuteness. Has a side to him that suddenly becomes deadpan. His pet name is “Totty”.


* My Thoughts *

Original artist; creator: Akatsuka Fujio

Wow, so much story summary that reveals pretty much nothing about what this game will be about. I get the joke with the “way too long intro” thing and breaking the fourth wall, but still… Otomate announced this ages ago. They should at least give an inkling of what this game specifically involves rather than a bunch of character intros that the series’ rabid fangirls- the obvious market of this game- already know all too well.

Never cared about Osomatsu-san and I don’t see myself suddenly caring in the forseeable future. The constant assault of fanwork and memes EVERYWHERE was not fun and I’m so glad it’s over. The craze has considerably died, so Otomate should have acted sooner!



Chouchou Jiken



* Story *

Everybody, this girl is my younger sister. Please get along with her.
I’m sorry. Because… she has a very nice scent.

“Hey, you have a really sweet smell.
Fufu, when I touch you, that sweet smell gets stronger.”

The 5th year of the Shouwa era (1930)…
A girl descends into the blossoming Yokohama, a cosmopolitan town brimming with an exotic atmosphere.

An aesthetic mystery delivered to you by 3 companies:
Aria (Kodansha)
Red Entertainment
and Otomate

Your scent will drive them wild.

That look on your face… Maybe you’ve met “those guys” already?

Bad things will definitely happen.


* My Thoughts *


Artist: Shouoto Aya

That was seriously my reaction throughout the trailer! This is the kind of lameness I’d expect from Rejet. I guess it’s not fair to write this off this yet, since so little is revealed and I want to give Red Entertainment the benefit of the doubt since they’ve been doing well lately… but talk about a very bad first impression! It’s so cheap and tacky; strongly reminding me of a subpar R18+ drama CD. The sad thing is that it thinks it’s sexy and risqué… but it’s just plain lame without being funny in an ironic way.



Dance Trips



* Story *

To begin with, I wouldn’t even be here had I not seen him try to jump off; the moonlight shining on his back. He said, “suicide is something only a living human can do.”

He’s always cheerful and like a prince, but something felt fake about him. “Close your eyes”. His lips drew closer to me. “It’s fine, so keep them closed.” I couldn’t move.

He stood in front of me as I stayed silent. He said in a calm voice, “take your clothes off”. Without wearing anything on his upper half, he stood in front of me.


I can smell that scent from his body again. Please don’t let me smell that bittersweet scent of yours. It makes me feel uneasy…

Lonesome yet fun, the two qualities of his scent. It’s unbelievable how incredibly captivating it is.

Love. Apparently, he doesn’t know that word. It’s almost sad how the kind scent that surrounds him doesn’t allow women to get closer.


It was like the moon guided me to those three men bound by the past.
I can’t sense any passion or attachment to the shabby pub they work at.
I was made to raise 1,000,000 yen in profit…
For the place I was pretty much forced to start working at…

As though guided by the moon, I finally reach his [].


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Shiki Sakigumi

Dance Trip (ダンス・トリップ > ダンストリップ > ストリップ = Sutorippu = Strip)”… A similar naming sense as Akiba’s Trip, it seems! =/

Basically, a mobile game about romancing strippers- sorry- “dancers”.

I don’t like otome gaming on my mobile and this isn’t going to change that. Not my cup of tea.



Sengoku Night Blood



* Story *

Oda Nobunaga
The tyrannical sixth demon king.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi
The cunning monkey who pretends to be a buffoon.

Uesugi Kenshin
The beautiful and noble, honourable commander.

Takeda Shingen
The tragic man who loved people and loved to battle.

Sanada Yukimura
The true warrior loved by all.

Date Masamune
The one-eyed dissenter who stirred up chaos.


Surrounding “me”, these many commanders make their marks on the era of war.

“I want the entire world… and you.”


* My Thoughts *



Seriously? Another Sengoku otome game? Since I don’t pay attention to the mobile otome gaming world at all, I guess it’s inconsequential. Nothing to really comment on as details are scarce and what little there is already isn’t really worth talking about at length.




Other Titles


Here are the rest of the titles that were covered during Otomate Party 2016:


~ Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Setsugekka Koi Emaki- FD: This is the tentative title of the Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu fandisc. There’s no official website set up for it yet and details are very scarce.


~ Ikemen Sengoku◆Toki wo Kakeru Koi: Aratanaru Deai: This is a smartphone > PlayStation Vita port. The game was originally developed by Cybird in 2015. There will be additional, new content including two new characters – Mori Ranmaru (CV: Aoi Shouta) and Imagawa Yoshimoto (CV: Yashiro Taku).


~ KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ FD: The tentative title of the KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ fandisc. Two supporting characters will receive routes- Omi Ryou (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) and Hyuuga Shinobu (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki).


~ Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan Zokuhen: The sequel of Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan. The trailer also revealed that an anime adaptation is in the works. Otherwise, details are still scarce at this stage.


~ Shiro to Kuro no Alice (Otomate Party 2016 trailer): A completely new PlayStation Vita game that was announced about a month prior to Otomate Party 2016. As the name implies, it’s based on Alice in Wonderland. Sure, that’s nothing new or interesting, but at least it’s not yet another Sengoku game. Anyway, the story is split into two sides; a “White Side” told through the eyes of Airi and a “Black Side” told through the eyes of Luna. Both “Sides” will have three capturable heroes each. The writing will be handled by Kouzuki Hajime (R18+ BL game Ariard -Shounen Alice-) and Uozumi Yukiko (Meiji Tokyo Renka series) the artwork is by Mochimochita.


~ Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~ (Otomate Party 2016 trailer): Another completely new PlayStation Vita game announced prior to Otomate Party 2016 (about 4 months earlier) and as you probably guessed from the title… Yet ANOTHER Sengoku otome game. Getting old, Otomate! In this game, you play as the protagonist, Ichi, who is in-game Oda Nobunaga’s younger sister- just like the real-life Oichi was to Oda Nobunaga. The Nobunaga family are suspected of not being human, thanks to their otherwordly beauty and being suspected of having a link to Oboro (“strange non-human creatures”). Even though all this is going on, since this is set in the Sengoku period, naturally civil wars are a-plenty as the warlords battle for control and unification of Japan. The scenario will be handled by three writers- Natsuno Akira (main writer of Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~), Wakamiya Tasuku (Ayakashi Gohan; Kyoukai no Shirayuki) and Yoshimura Ririka (Glass Heart Princess; Ken ga Kimi). The illustrations are by Ashika Nozomu (artwork of manga Kana: Tanka no Touhai) and the music will be composed by Takada Masafumi (Danganronpa series).

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3 thoughts on “Otomate Party 2016 Digest

  1. chiE

    I’m actually pretty hopeful for the RedxOtomateXaria.. But after seing the trailer .. I got the same impression as you 8’D the only company I fully trusted for now (story wise) is only Ichicoloumn x Otomate.. :”)

    • Hi chiE, welcome to Wonderland!

      I’ve pretty much lost any interest in Chouchou Jiken very fast, lol. I want to be nicer since Otomate has been doing OK in the last year or so and Red has been doing well. But that trailer… it’s like it’s asking me to hate it. xD

      • chiE

        Hi!! Thanks for the warm welcome ❤ indeeedd, they did soo good last year ;;; lately it feels like they're pushing their self too much with so many project and deadlines :')

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