Rejet Natsumatsuri 2016: Onenight★Fire★Works Digest


As many of you would know by now, Rejet’s Natsumatsuri (“Summer Festival”) event for 2016- Onenight★Fire★Works– was held on August 5th. Natsumatsuri is one of the two major annual Rejet events (the other being “CHANGE”, held during winter) in which many star seiyuu and theme song artists perform live at function halls (these are also live-streamed through a designated Nico Nico Douga channel). However, the most anticipated event of the entire night is the announcement of new projects, all of which I’ll be covering over 2 months late in this post! (Sorrryyyy… T_T)


Projects Announced

Title Medium + Notes
StarRevo☆彡: 88 Seiza no Idol Kakumei Smartphone game planned for release in 2017
Diabolik Lovers 5th Anniversary Various anniversary goods (outlined in the post)
Tougenkyou Ayakashi Children Mixed media project set to launch in 2017. Collaborative venture with Bilibili
3 New Marginal #4 drama CDs New drama CD series
Anime adaptation confirmed
Ken ga Kimi: Momoyo Tsuzuri Previously announced
Release date confirmed: 22-12-2016
Ken ga Kimi fandisc/sequel
Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz- Previously announced
Release date confirmed: 26-1-2017
Bloody Nightmare + Last Hope double PSV port
√Happy+Sugar=Vacation Third drama CD series
Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi Second drama CD series
Criminale! X Third drama CD series
Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan Tsukiyasha: Kurenai Second drama CD series
Dear♥Vocalist: Riot Second song + drama CD series


New drama CD series
Cia Voice New drama CD series
Issei Fuubi -Gyakuten Oo’oku Koi Emaki- New drama CD series
Grimm Machi no Ouji-sama New drama CD series
Taishou Kuro Kazoku -la famile noire- New drama CD series
THANATOS NiGHT New song + drama CD series
Dance with Devils -EverSweet- New drama CD series.



StarRevo☆彡: 88 Seiza no Idol Kakumei



* Story Summary *

Rejet’s first smartphone application! Planned for a 2017 release!
An idol project with characters based on the 88 constellations will be launched!


* Cast *

+ +
~ Ootori Kei – Okuyama Keito
~ Kushiro Jun – Yano Shougo
~ Kozuka Rin – Nagatsuka Takuma
~ Suzume Chiaki – Ichikawa Taichi

+ 4U +
~ Shirokita Noel – Nakada Yuuya
~ Saotome Seia – Tamaru Atsushi
~ Tenma Kaito – Yashiro Taku
~ Tsurugi Mio – Furukawa Makoto


* My Thoughts *


Oh ho ho ho! It was inevitable. Still doesn’t stop it from making me sick, though.



Diabolik Lovers 5th Anniversary



* Details *

To celebrate the Diabolik Lovers’ 5th anniversary, Rejet will be releasing five special products. They will be:

  1. Diabolik Lovers: Sadistic Song – A collection of character songs featuring the Sakamaki brothers.
  2. Diabolik Lovers Sound Collection: Bloody Scream – A collection of all BGM tracks used in the games.
  3. Diabolik Lovers: Illustrations V – A collection of all illustrations featured in the franchise. It will also have some artwork exclusive to Illustrations V itself.
  4. Diabolik Lovers: Sadistic Celebration – Exclsuive illustrations of the Sakamaki brothers. The “secret behind their family crest” will also be unveiled.
  5. An “all sorts collaboration”. No further details have been provided.


* Cast *

~ Sakamaki Shuu – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Sakamaki Reiji – Konishi Katsuyuki
~ Sakamaki Ayato – Midorikawa Hikaru
~ Sakamaki Laito – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Sakamaki Kanato – Kaji Yuuki
~ Sakamaki Subaru – Kondou Takashi


* My Thoughts *

It’s hard to believe I’ve been made to suffer for almost 5 years. Time flies, doesn’t it?



Tougenkyou Ayakashi Children



* Story Summary *

This is a tale spun by beautiful ayakashi in the demon city*.

During a chaotic era in which dawn won’t come- the ayakashi dominate the demon city.

Extolled as the “Paris of the Orient*“, the splendid town was divided into blocks called “Senkai*“.
If one were to overstep the boundary lines, they’d enter a greatly mysterious town in which numerous ayakashi inhabit and must adapt to differing rules.

In that demon city, there is a rumour…

There is a fantastical block called “Tougenkyou*” that only shows itself at night.

Governing this mysterious block are beautiful sworn dragon brothers who are rumoured to have obtained perpetual youth and immortality.

In this demon city ruled by ayakashi, a battle revolving around the perpetually youthful and immortal will now begin.


* Demon city: Read as “Mato (魔都)”, “魔” means “demon; devil; evil spirit” and “都” means “capital; big city”. “Mato” is a nickname of Shanghai which came from a novel called Mato, authored by Japanese novelist Muramatsu Shoufu.


* Paris of the Orient: An English nickname of Shanghai. Alternatively “Pearl of the Orient” and “Paris of the East”.


* Senkai: According to Jim Breen, it has two meanings. The first meaning is the “dwelling place of hermits (sennin)” and the second, “pure land away from the world“. A “sennin” is an “immortal person”.


* Tougenkyou: Is a word that refers to a closed-off location that has magical/otherworldly qualities. Some sources translate this to include “utopia”, though this is viewed by others to not be technically correct. Jim Breen translates it to be the Japanese “alternative” for “Eden; Arcady; Shangri-La“. Given Ayakashi Children’s obvious oriental theme and immortality playing a large role, it’s likely that it has drawn inspiration from Shangri-La.


* Additional Details *

Rejet describes this as a “mixed media” collaborative venture with Bilibili, which is a video sharing site for the “ACG (Anime, Comic and Games) subculture“. It is set to be launched sometimes in 2017. Other than this, details are scarce at this stage.


* My Thoughts *

They used some interesting themes and references, but Rejet just HAD to add ayakashi. We really don’t have a shortage of that stuff, you know? Why can’t ayakashi just bugger off into the hell hole they came from? I’m sick of them!



New Marginal #4 Drama CD Series



* Story Summaries *

~Hoshi Furu Yoru no, Halloween Party~
A Halloween party at Pythagoras Productions♪
It was supposed to be about having fun in costume, but it turned into an acting lesson?!
Undet the guidance of the two LAGRANGE POINT members, the nine are made to perform an ad-libbed drama!


~Hoshi Furu Yoru ga, Okoshita 4-tsu no Kiseki~
An omnibus CD containing four short stories!
1. Pythagoras 20th Year Anniversary
2. The Nine’s Special Drama Shoot
3. Pythagoras Idols’ Sharehouse
4. Let’s Keep a Cat at the Office!


~Hoshi Furu Yoru no, Christmas~
December 25th, Christmas Day. On this holy night, Atom wishes for one thing- that is, to meet Santa Claus. In order to meet Santa, Atom goes on a journey. Along the way, he meets the eight others who aid him on his quest.
Will Atom be able to meet Santa in the end…?


* Cast *

+ Marginal #4 +
~ Kirishima Atom – Masuda Toshiki
~ Aiba Rui – Takahashi Naozumi
~ Nomura L – KENN
~ Nomura R – Suzuki Yuuto

+ Lagrange Point +
~ Makishima Shy – Toyonaga Toshiyuki
~ Himura Kira – Ookawa Genki

+ Unicorn Jr. +
~ Shindou Tsubasa – Aoi Shouta
~ Takimaru Alto – Sawashiro Chiharu
~ Nakama Teruma – Someya Toshiyuki


* Release List *

# CD Release Date
1 Hoshi Furu Yoru no, Halloween Party 21-10-2016
2 Hoshi Furu Yoru ga, Okoshita 4-tsu no Kiseki 09-11-2016
3 Hoshi Furu Yoru no, Christmas 14-12-2016


* My Thoughts *

I really don’t like the Marginal #4 franchise. With that in mind, I’m sure nobody wants to listen to me bang on about my idol otome hate for the 100th time, so let’s move on!






* Story Summary *

A certain TV program and HAPPY+SUGAR- a place filled with memories for the ★s (idols)- will be setting up a colabo-café*.

There, he will be making a dish that will contribute to the “international desserts” theme. As well as for research purposes, your boyfriend invites you to join him on a trip.

“Can I have you all to myself, now…?”

The sweeet story of you and your boyfriend- who wants you all to himself- will now begin, begin!


* Colabo-café: (Collaboration + café): A joint venture between a café and an unrelated “business” (common examples are companies dealing with anime/video game/idol groups to seeking to promote a popular series, group, etc.’s wares) to hold a special, temporary event. Typically, the menu and interior décor draws inspiration from the anime, video game, etc. the collabo-café is meant to promote. They often sell rare and exclusive merchandise as well, which increases the appeal of the colabo-café event. Many colabo-café events are so popular that booking in advance is practically essential.


* Release List *

# Character + Vacation Destination
Seiyuu Release Date
1 Enju (Austria) Sakurai Takahiro 19-10-2016
2 Ranran (Belgium) Aoi Shouta 16-11-2016
3 Tamaki (Hawaii) Okamoto Nobuhiko 21-12-2016
4 Sora (New York) Kaji Yuuki 18-1-2017
5 Riku (Australia) Midorikawa Hikaru 15-2-2017
6 Masato (Tokyo) Suwabe Jun’ichi 15-3-2017
7 Minato (Hokkaido) Hanae Natsuki 19-4-2017
8 Satou (Italy) Suzuki Tatsuhisa 17-5-2017


* My Thoughts *


Though you know… It’s a cut above √Happy+Sugar=Idol, which wouldn’t be that hard to achieve. I’m tempted to check out my home country’s- Australia’s- CD just to see how many things the writers will get wrong. At the same time, though, I’d rather throw my money in the sick bag above instead of contributing towards the Happy Sugar empire. Can’t win, ‘ey?

Seriously, which Australian dessert do they plan on selling in their café?

Pavlova? Lamington? Fairy bread? Frog cake? Neenish tart? Witchetty grubs?



Midnight Jiangshi: Tenchou Yuugi



* Story Summary *

“I’ll love you to the ends of the underworld.”

The 6 hot jiangshi that have lived and been resurrected for more than 4,000 years…

You spend your days being chased, bitten, bloodsucked and toyed by them.

And like that, two shadows appeared before you.
Two jiangshi “even more wicked” than the 6 have resurrected!?

Even with the special paper seals, those two can’t be stopped. Where will the relationships between you- a descendant of a Taoist– and the jiangshi end up…?

Snatched away, bitten and bloodsucked by hot jiangshi…


* My Thoughts *


…So, basically the same thing as the original series, except they added two new characters (Shushu and Chuchu) and for some reason, Meimei (CV: Kondou Takashi) got the boot? Ugh, I wonder which vampire-like creature will get crapped on by Rejet next?

* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Shushu Masuda Toshiki 16-11-2016
2 Reirei Tachibana Shinnosuke 21-12-2016
3 Iroha Kimura Ryouhei 18-01-2017
4 Ling-ling Takahashi Naozumi 15-2-2017
5 Honoka Shimono Hiro 15-3-2017
6 Li Ying Midorikawa Hikaru 19-4-2017
7 Chuchu Saitou Souma 17-5-2017



Criminale! X



* Story Summary *

Make your escape (Exodus*) from the ultimate prison!

The two of you were suddenly captured by the international police.
Escape the ultimate prison in Berlin within 48 hours!

It’s been two years since the Conclave,* and you were both leading peaceful lives… but one day, you were both arrested by the international police.

Berlin, Germany.
You were both imprisoned in the “ultimate prison”. It’s rumoured one imprisoned here will never be able to get out again.

A prison impossible to escape from and the handcuffs that bind the couple…

Their time limit is 48 hours. Will they be able to make a safe escape?


* Exodus: The word itself means “a mass departure of people“. It originates from a mythological event called “The Exodus” in which thousands of Israelite (Hebrew) slaves left (“escaped from”) Ancient Egypt- under the leadership of Moses- and eventually made their way to Canaan.


* Conclave: The word itself simply means “a private meeting“. Given Criminale’s obvious Italian mafia theme, its use of “conclave” more specifically refers to a papal conclave, which is a meeting conducted by cardinals to elect a new Pope in Roman Catholicism. Furthermore, “the Conclave” refers to the fight for power and influence within the mafia in the original Criminale series after its leader (the protagonist’s father) was assassinated.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Geraldo Midorikawa Hikaru 19-10-2016
2 Dante Nojima Kenji 16-11-2016
3 Chara Shimono Hiro 21-12-2016
4 Lucia Kondou Takashi 18-1-2017
5 Tempesta Morikawa Toshiyuki 15-2-2017
6 Fantasma Hino Satoshi 15-3-2017
7 Chiave Toriumi Kousuke 19-4-2017
8 Nero Hirakawa Daisuke 17-5-2017


* My Thoughts *


…Wait a minute.

Hot Italian high-ranking mafia guys escaping from prison…





Ah, memories! I’m looking forward to that bad egg sequel whenever the hell it decides to come out! Luchino is practically an underwear model but Giancarlo is best boy… end of story (I miss u bae). Sorry, I got off topic. But I couldn’t help but be reminded of a mafia series aimed for ladies that is waaay more interesting than the third bottle of Stinky Criminale Milk-a-thon. To be clear, I don’t think Criminale is “copying” Luckydog1– I was just reminded of it, that’s all!



Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan Tsukiyasha: Kurenai



* Story Summary *

The imperial capital, right in the middle of Bunmei-kaika.
Tormented by their fate of needing to consume blood and with Kyoto now in upheaval, the men reluctantly take on the task to assassinate important people.

With their inhuman power, they are to become dyed in crimson once again.
However, one day, after the yasha* cause numerous troubling incidents, the government arranges for them to be captured. You, along with the yasha, are now being chased.

When the end of your escape from the north arrives, will the day ever come in which the cursed blood becomes purified?

This is all for the yasha’s future…


* Yasha: Japanese reading of “yaksha“, which are “Buddhist guardian deities sometimes depicted as demonic warriors“. In Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan, they are also referred to as “Tsukiyasha“, which is essentially “moon (tsuki) + yasha”.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Ubukata Misao Tachibana Shinnosuke 16-11-2016
2 Joujou Gento Toriumi Kousuke 21-12-2016
3 Reiga Shimono Hiro 18-1-2017
4 Ryouma Hirakawa Daisuke 15-2-2017
5 Kirinosuke Kondou Takashi 15-3-2017
6 Urushi Kimura Ryouhei 19-4-2017
7 Shirou Kaji Yuuki 17-5-2017


* My Thoughts *

Love Teita’s artwork, as always. I’ve never paid much attention to this series, but overall it just sounds OK. I still am very sick of vampires, yeah, but at least with Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan, it seems like there’s something else going on story-wise other than bloodsucking fanservice. Pure fanservice is fine every now and then (I’m definitely not a prude), but I prefer to have more story/development/what have you along with mine for the most part! Back on topic, this isn’t my thing. Skipping with no hard feelings!



Dear♥Vocalist: Riot



* Story Summary *

The vocalist boys who will sing ♥ their fate-deciding last live songs!

Employed by “Climax Records”, the 6 boys are all members of a band working as vocalists.

Their “Last Song” CDs sold pretty well, but that alone won’t satisfy President Panda.
Then one day, President Panda issues yet another ultimatum:

“(2)You and the rest, if your next concert doesn’t sell out, the band has to break up, nyaa.”

Now, it is time for the talented- but very problematic- boys’ last concert for survival!!


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Re-o-do Masuda Toshiki 19-10-2016
2 Judah Saitou Souma 16-11-2016
3 A’ (A-Dash) Kimura Ryouhei 21-12-2016
4 Momochi Toyonaga Toshiyuki 18-1-2017
5 (2)You Hanae Natsuki 15-2-2017
6 Ciel KENN 15-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

My opinion hasn’t changed since the first series was announced last year- sure, we have yet another musician-based otome thingo. Rejet’s milking yet again, what’s new? Yet it doesn’t piss me off at all. Perhaps because they seem like straight-up musicians and not- ugh- idols and the premise is very simple without brain damage-inducing gimmicks.

Talented musicians that can’t maintain their place on the apex because of their flaws- we’ve seen this kinda set up for many, many years across various stories (not necessarily musicians, though). Of course, this is an otome, so I’m pretty the sure the flaws might not even be legit ones. I doubt it’d be anything dark, yet common in showbiz like drug abuse- this isn’t an Oscar-baiting biopic. But if I listen to the songs and like them, then listen to the drama component and come to like the guy… I’d definitely root for them and hope they can get out of their rut. Somehow, it just feels like President Panda’s being a greedy SOB running a “we’re really, really, REALLY closing down!!!” luxury rug store sale, LOL.

Also, Suou’s art has improved (it wasn’t bad to begin with)! This CD cover shot of Re-o-do looks pretty cool, even if her style isn’t to my taste.






* Story Summary *

Hey, what kind of place do you live in?

An apartment? A condominium? With your parents?
Ah, OK… It’s your first time living on your own from this year on?
If that’s the case, then we’re in the same boat.
From now on, as neighbours… Let’s look out for one another.

This is a normal residential area, Jizaigaoka.
You’re a normal girl who attends the private Felicity Academy.
Due to your parents having to work oversees, you’ve started living on your own in this apartment.
But the boys living around you- your neighbours- for certain reasons…


“…Welcome. Hey, come into my room.
If it’s OK with you… Do you wanna stay over tonight?”

Your sweet days (episodes) packed with happenings under the same roof will now begin!


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Natsuhi Nojima Kenji 26-10-2016
2 Araya Okamoto Nobuhiko 23-11-2016
3 You Kishio Daisuke 28-12-2016
4 Hyouma Eguchi Takuya 25-1-2017
5 Kunimitsu Kimura Ryouhei 22-2-2017
6 Rintarou Toriumi Kousuke 22-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

The title reminds me of this awful, generic and super-boring shoujo manga I read way back when called L♥DK.

Thankfully, Chu♥LDK is already better, thanks to Kishio Daisuke being the pov kid in it (he used to be everywhere, but he’s only been in maybe 2 or 3 drama CDs this year?), and moreover, it’s not L♥DK. Congratulations!

Sadly, this doesn’t prevent it from being lame- but only in my very humble opinion. Just fanservice here and not much for those who want a story… with their fanservice. Sorry Kishio-san, but I will be skipping out on this one. Hope to see more of you soon… IN GOOD STUFF. I’m starting to get tired of shaking my head at the things you’re cast in! xD



Cia Voice



* Story Summary *

A “listenable spa” CD that will moisten your ears!
Spend your time in absolute bliss as his voice eases your pent-up fatigue.♥


“This series makes thorough use of a high fidelity dummy head microphone to create a “listenable spa”.

“Cia Voice” means “voice of happiness”.

Please enjoy the relaxing time delivered to you by this hotel’s pride- our carefully selected special therapists.”

~ Hotel ChronosTasis
General Manager
Wallonia Liege


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Inori Yusa Kouji 26-10-2016
2 Sammy Tsuda Kenjirou 23-11-2016
3 Kujaku Takahashi Hiroki 28-12-2016
4 Yuma Hoshi Souichirou 25-1-2017
5 Nagisa Maeno Tomoaki 22-2-2017
6 Iris Kimura Ryouhei 22-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

It’s cool how they set everything up to resemble a naturalistic retreat. Even just looking at the website is kinda relaxing with the moving clouds and plant illustrations complimented by soft, delicate colouring.

As an ASMR fan who is easily triggered by gentle voices AND beauty-themed roleplay videos, this is like a dream come true for me. Tsuda Kenjirou and Takahashi Hiroki… As spa therapists… The last volume hits stores on my “you’re too old for this” birthday… My God, I’m trying not to have hope because Rejet is a professional hope crusher on-off ex of mine, but still!

Possible drawbacks? Maybe it’s not “otome enough”. It’s more like it’s just female-friendly in general. The descriptive emphasis is on the beauty and quality of their voices alone rather than just being an expensive vehicle for “risque” fanservice that’s popular lately. Doesn’t sound like there’d be much romance, if at all? This works for me, because I see it as something a bit different to enjoy their lovely voices… NOT getting tainted by crappy do-S, childhood friends, not!my!brother, etc. (emphasis on crappy– these tropes have a chance to be good only if done well, like anything)…

To my mates who have played Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori and/or the Autumn Starry Sky games- let’s hope Inori stays a relaxing pet lover and doesn’t devolve into Yamaneko-san or Mizushima. I haven’t heard from Yusa Kouji in a while and am of the opinion that he should stop being the go-to guy for cocky abusive dickheads… Or has that trend died now?

Anyway, I’ll definitely check out at least a couple of CDs from this series… and will risk breaking up with Rejet for a very long time but will inevitably be tricked into taking an interest in them yet again… it’s complicated “for good” if they stuff this up with their usual crap.



Issei Fuubi -Gyakuten Oo’oku Koi Emaki-



* Story Summary *

This is a very strange love story taking place in a palace where gender roles have been reversed.

It is the Edo period. In this palace, beautiful men (hot guys) of varying social statuses are gathered.

In order to gain entrance into the palace, one must undertake an incredibly strict exam and pay a huge fee. However, even amongst the best whom get approved, the men who are exceptionally good-looking are referred to as the “Issei Fuubi*“.

The sweet servicing by the chosen beautiful men (hot guys) begins at dusk.

In this palace hidden from the world, who will receive your favour?

Once you hear it you cannot forget… Intoxicated by that delectable whisper.


* Issei Fuubi: This phrase translates to something along the lines of “taking by storm”; “ruling the world/era”; “being able to rule/sway others”, but I kept the Japanese since it appears to be the actual name of the group of exceptional guys.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Suzukaze Toriumi Kousuke 26-10-2016
2 Etsushi Shimono Hiro 23-11-2016
3 Ushio Nakai Kazuya 28-12-2016
4 Tatsumi Maeno Tomoaki 25-1-2017
5 Seishuu Takahashi Naozumi 22-2-2017
6 Asagiri Midorikawa Hikaru 22-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

More bottom of the barrel “sexy Edo” stuff (*yawn*), but at least it’s not yet another poorly-done Yoshiwara thing.



Grimm Machi no Ouji-sama



* Story Summary *

Tonight again, we’ll give you a nightmare that’ll make you melt.

There is a strange rumour that fairy tale princes live in Grimm Town.

You will meet them, and fall in a dangerous love in this fairy tale world.

Trapped in the Grimm Town princes’ hair-raising nightmare.♥


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Red Hood Midorikawa Hikaru 26-10-2016
2 Cinder Ella Toriumi Kousuke 23-11-2016
3 Hameln Maeno Tomoaki 28-12-2016
4 Sleepy Uemura Yuuto 25-1-2017
5 Hansel Morikubo Shoutarou 22-2-2017
6 Gretel Okitsu Kazuyuki 22-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

Wow, Rejet! Don’t work too hard on your story summaries…

The fairy tales I grew up with being mercilessly crapped on by cheap, tacky fanservice. What’s new? I don’t understand why they doubled up on Hansel and Gretel when there are a handful of other popular Grimm fairy tales they could have crapped on some more drawn inspiration from- Snow White, The Frog Prince, Rumpelstiltskin… Doesn’t sound like it matters too much if you don’t listen to each CD in order, least of all Hansel’s then Gretel’s.

The artwork is cute and nice though, even if it doesn’t evoke a “fairy tale” feel.

Alos, nice to see a new-ish face in Uemura Yuuto- I haven’t encountered anything he’s in. He’s still pretty young and is slowly getting more roles. Good luck to him.



Taishou Kuro Kazoku -la famile noire-



* Story Summary *

In Shirakawa Town, during the Taishou period.
This is an elegant town in which the chosen and privileged reside in.

You- a daughter hailing from a zaibatsu family- moved away from the imperial capital to the “White Lily Mansion”, a mansion atop a small hill in Shirakawa Town, in order to recuperate from illness.

There, you meet six boys and decide to “raise” them.

An antagonistic beast, an overpowering beast, an obedient beast, a free-spirited beast, a lost beast and a broken beast…

A tale that cant be told without tears… What ending awaits you and the boys?


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Kuga Hiiro Okamoto Nobuhiko 26-10-2016
2 Kuga Kowori Maeno Tomoaki 23-11-2016
3 Kazama Ruriya Nojima Kenji 28-12-2016
4 Fushimi Mel Kishio Daisuke 25-1-2017
5 Nanjou Kunie Shimono Hiro 22-2-2017
6 Mishima Allen Hirakawa Daisuke 22-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

NOOO! My two favourite Daisukes… I can’t possibly support this lameness, even if you both are starring in it. Please understand! T_T The blurb is right- I can’t stop (internally) crying in frustration.






* Story Summary *

A feast (gig) delivered to you by these mad fallen angels who have alighted on this sleepless skyscraper.

This time, your company is a group of fallen angels that have alighted on this skyscraper.

After you moved into this “town in which angels alight”, an unexpected occurrence leads you to meet these “angels”.

When you meet them, they take an interest in your desire to die. You end up listening to their songs, and…


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Izaya Hatano Wataru 23-11-2016
2 Nia Masuda Toshiki 28-12-2016
3 Oliver Morikubo Shoutarou 25-1-2017
4 Seth Oosaka Ryouta 22-2-2017
5 Liam Suzuki Yuuto 22-3-2017
6 Duran Toyonaga Toshiyuki 26-4-2017


* My Thoughts *

I’m not a religious mythology expert by any means so I could have missed the memo somewhere, but why fallen angels and Thanatos? The former is in Christian mythology and the latter is a Greek god of death. Different mythological backgrounds, but ‘kay let’s lump them together because they both have wings? Or maybe they chose “Thanatos” ’cause Greek names sound cool? Whatever…

This reminds me of Rejet 2013’s SEVENTH HEAVEN, which was also a song + drama CD series sharing some similar themes. I heard it’s pretty good. Maybe I should get around to it…



Dance with Devils -EverSweet-



* Story Summary *

Him and you are now lovers.
However, he gets cursed.
And that curse? “Receive love everyday… Or die”!?
Sometimes, he’ll whisper sweet nothings. Other times, he’ll charmingly pursue you.
Even though it’s embarrassing, you have to respond to his feelings, or else…!
Will you be able to find a way to break the curse?


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Rem Saitou Souma 19-10-2016
2 Urie Kondou Takashi 16-11-2016
3 Lindo Hatano Wataru 21-12-2016
4 Shiki Hirakawa Daisuke 18-1-2017
5 Mage Kimura Subaru 15-2-2017
6 Roen Suzuki Tatsuhisa 15-3-2017


* My Thoughts *

I don’t care about Dance with Devils and I never will. A drama CD “after story” is a much cheaper option than a fandisc. Oh well, for the loyal fans… that’s better than nothing!

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      You’re right. Save for:
      ~ StarRevo☆彡: 88 Seiza no Idol Kakumei – A mobile game.
      ~ Tougenkyou Ayakashi Children – Rejet haven’t revealed exactly what this is yet.
      ~ Ken ga Kimi: Momoyo Tsuzuri – The PlayStation Vita sequel/fandisc of the original Ken ga Kimi game.
      ~ Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz – A double PC [Bloody Nightmare]/PSP [Last Hope] to PlayStation Vita port.

      Everything covered in this post are drama CD series. Occasionally, Rejet do adapt their drama CD series into games, but they haven’t done this since Bad Medicine and ALICE=ALICE (which were quite short, low-price otome games, anyway).

  2. Hi Pal!

    I finally have time to catch up on the otome news.

    God, Rejet does it again! While Ken Ga Kimi fandisc is a nice addition, the not-so-memorable rest once again, bores the hell out of their fans. I wonder if they are actually working on any new games or have given up completely. Moshikami was a wreck, so maybe they’re afraid to come up with games since it’s (as we know) too much hard work for too little gains XD

    I really liked Tsukiyasha’s premise and bought the whole collection the first time, (huge fan of meiji and Teita’s art) but I’m pretty sure the milking of the series is just to help girls become auditorily anemic.

    The only CD I’m interested in is the spa one. I love Yusa Kouji’s voice and Hoshi Souichiro so I think I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Cia voice!

    • Buddy! =D

      While I can’t lie that I’d be disappointed, I don’t have an issue with Rejet sticking to drama CDs… if only they’d make DECENT ones. Their overly devoted fans (though I kinda empathise) will buy just about anything with “REJET” slapped onto it. I thought MoshiKami was divisive more than outright crap? Since it’s Rejet, I thought Sales wouldn’t suffer but apparently I’ve got a lot to learn yet! xP This all does make one wonder if Rejet plan on giving up game development. And yes, like you said- can’t really blame them, LOL. Even if they have a MUCH bigger budget to play with and spread the labour thinner. There’s a lot to gain from it as a hobbyist, but if you have to live on VN development- haha, good luck… =S

      Yeah, I’m keen on Cia Voice as well! Tsuda Kenjirou’s character’s voice sample is up and oh my… His voice is as lovely as ever… =) He could read the terms and conditions of signing up for an e-mail account and make it sound amazing. Here’s hoping Rejet doesn’t fark it up! >=/

      Thanks for reading, my friend!

      • I just realised the first Cia voice is on sale tomorrow (lol!). Goes to show how long I’ve beena way from the otome drama/game scene.

        Welp, I totes understand. There’s always something else to do, and really, ever since I’ve started work, I hate being cooped up at home on weekends. I just to be in the sun before I become a diabolik lover or midnight jiangshi ROFL.

        Anyways, happy gaming whenever you have the time! ^^ I just started tsumigui and haven’t gotten past the common route yet, haha.

        • Thanks, bro!

          How is TsumiKui, by the way? I remember you being skeptical about it because of the reincarnation thing. If you think it’s good, then chances are that I will enjoy it as well. =)

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