Otome Visual Novel Releases of August 2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform Notes
Collar x Malice 28-7-2016 → 18-8-2016 PSV
Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ 29-7-2016 → 19-8-2016 PC
12-sai. ~Koi Suru Diary~ [Link] 04-8-2016 N3DS Sequel of 12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~.
Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite 04-8-2016 → 01-9-2016 PSV Delay notice.
Meiji Tokyo Renka: Full Moon [Link] 25-8-2016 PSP → PSV port
Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama 25-8-2016 PSV Same series as Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama, but is a standalone game.
Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~ 25-8-2016 PSV eXtend’s first release.
Blackish House Side A→ 27-5-201624-6-2016 → 26-8-2016 PC Only Ugajin Rei, Kisaki Tougo, Shiiba Gou and Kuze Madoka are capturable.


July~August 2016 Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases

*All titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
Anicon – Animal Complex: Cat’s Path 02-7-2016 English
[R18+] Hikari no Hime Mahou Kitan 08-7-2016
Seduce Me: My Princess [Link]
15-7-2016 English. Erik’s epilogue.
Empty Horizons 19-7-2016 English
Bloody Tea Party 21-7-2016
The Multidimensional Underwear Drawer August 2016 German and English



Collar x Malice


Release date: 28-7-2016 → 18-8-2016
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer: Otomate
ublisher: Design Factory, Idea Factory
Artist: Hanamura Mai
BGM composer: Manyo
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/collar_malice/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v18160
OP Info
Song title: Silent Noise
Everything performed by Plastic Tree


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Yanagi Aiji – Morita Masakazu
~ Okazaki Kei – Kaji Yuuki
~ Enomoto Mineo – Saitou Souma
~ Sasazuka Takeru – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Shiraishi Kageyuki – Kimura Ryouhei

+ Police +
~ Mochida Masanobu – Nojima Hirofumi
~ Sakuragawa Kotoho – Fukuhara Ayaka
~ Saeki Yuzuru – Ono Yuuki
~ Yoshinari Hideaki – Nagase Yuu
~ Mukai Eriko – Komatsu Naoko
~ Satake Kenzou – Terasoma Masaki
~ Morioka Hajime – Takeuchi Ryouta
~ Minegishi Seiji – Yoshimura Kazuhiro
~ Takaeda Yuusaku – Sawaki Ikuya

+ Adonis +
~ Mikuni Rei – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Sanjou Keisuke – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Uno Suzune – Ueda Reina
~ Uno Shion – Suzuki Yuuto
~ Souda Manabu – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Sugawara Rika – Yonezawa Madoka

+ Other Supporting Characters +
~ Hoshino Kazuki – Eguchi Takuya
~ Sera Akito – Hanae Natsuki
~ Ogata Tomoki – Hamada Kenji
~ Hana – Yamazaki Haruka
~ Isshiki Yasuhiro – Aoi Shouta


* Plot Summary *

“Who put this collar on me?”

The protagonist is a policewoman who works in Shinjuku, which had become a dangerous city after a series of brutal incidents popularly referred to as the “X-Day Incident”.

She had been busy working in her assigned area everyday in order to keep it safe. But one night, an unknown assailant attacked her and placed a collar built in with poison around her neck.

Amidst the chaos and right before the protagonist’s eyes were men with suspicious backgrounds. They’re all part of an organisation composed of former police officers and have taken it upon themselves to investigate the brutal cases.

Without knowing whether she should trust these men or not, she suddenly became the person who held the key to this massive case.

In order to remove the collar that places her at the edge of death and to liberate Shinjuku from the malice that binds it, she cooperates; beginning to investigate the incidents with the men.

Who holds her life in their hands?
Will Shinjuku ever return to its former glory?


* My Thoughts *

Don’t really have a strong opinion on Collar x Malice, but if I had to pick between “interested” or “uninterested”, I’d easily choose the former. Aside from the fact it’s kinda derivative without being a blatant rip-off of any other fictional title in particular, I think there’s a moderate chance this game will be decent-to-good. I couldn’t help but poke fun at how they called a series of incidents that happened over differing days as “X-Day”, though. Was one of the days particularly bad? Is it a case of not really understanding plurals? That’s the real mystery here.

I’m slightly optimistic as 7’scarlet seemed to have done well, so let’s hope the same can be said for Collar x Malice (even if different developers were involved). I’ll be spying on reviews.



Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~


Release date: 29-7-2016 → 19-8-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Operetta
Artist: Amatsu Nagi
Writers: Matsutake Ume (main), Nakajou Rosa , Mise Kirin and Kusaki Nemuru (assistants).
BGM composer: Shiro
Official website:
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v18295
OP Info

Song title: Tsumikui [罪喰い]
Vocals: Makino Hideki
Composition and arrangment: Shiro
Lyrics: Suzuha Yumi


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Anzaki Kaoru – Uchida Mami
~ Nagami Ren – Akabane Kenji
~ Kamiki Morihito – Ono Yuuki
~ Kuga Shiou – Tachibana Shinnosuke

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Kuga Touji – Takemoto Eiji (supporting character with a route)
~ Tai Souta – Enoki Jun’ya (supporting character with a route)
~ Anzaki Tsukasa – Miyazawa Shin’ichi (supporting character with an ending)
~ Kuga Kagerou – Yukishiro Ayano (supporting character with an ending)
~ Tai Motoko – Hirayama Emi
~ Momoyo – Makino Hideki
~ Sen’ya – Oda Toshimitsu
~ Kikyou – Tezuka Yuuko
~ Takai Kakeru – Nasu Tomokazu
~ Aki – Hanamura Yuuki


* Plot Summary *

As always, she studied,
As always, she chatted with her friends,
She took the path towards home from high school as she looked up the usual starlit sky.
The protagonist and her peers were pushed to the edge of death by a man overflowing with murderous intent.

The fear and pain of not even being able to make a sound…
Suffering and in agony, the voice that reached the protagonist’s ears belonged to Nagami Ren, a young man who exuded a mysterious aura.

His kiss saved the protagonist and invited her onto a cursed path she cannot return from.

The protagonist of this story, Anzaki Kaoru, had been going through each day optmistically, even though deep in her heart, she bore the trauma of having witnessed her parents being killed by a deviant right before her eyes. However, due to certain circumstances, Kaoru becomes a member of the Kamiki Family, called “oni” by some. To top it off, her saviour Ren tells Kaoru that due to the curse placed on her during her previous life as “Serahime”, she must carry out the “Sin Eating Ceremony”- which involves eating criminals- or else she’ll be afflicted with a horrible thirst and die.

Though troubled by her sudden fate of having to eat humans, Kaoru wills herself to live on bearing sin as long as she can save others by eating criminals…


* My Thoughts *

If Matsutake Ume or Operetta had no involvement in Tsumikui, I wouldn’t care about this one bit. I’m not in the camp of those who are disappointed in Tsumikui because it’s not a Matsutake Ume R18+ game- I’m just plain disappointed because it seems so… boring. Koezaru wa Akai Hana grabbed me almost instantly and Sachi no Tenbin had an interesting base concept.

I don’t like how weaksauce it is, first of all. It’s pretty obvious that the protagonist’s cannibalistic curse restricts her to eating criminals, because they don’t want the audience to get alienated by her having to eat people in general. Like how readers got behind Dexter Morgan because he restricted himself to killing criminals (most of the time, anyway) and not just whoever he felt like. It’s OK to cannibalise as long as you pick criminals as your meal? Sure, some criminals are scumbags that will never improve (or rather can’t improve because of their pathologies), but how cop-out would it be if her surroundings are conveniently filled with reprehensible sociopaths just so Kaoru won’t have to face complex moral decisions?

Plus how does the curse know Kaoru’s meals will be definite criminals? What is a “crime/sin” to the curse? Why does this curse assess crime and sin with a human perspective? The presumption on my part is Kaoru will target the “truly unrepentant”, but this all gives me more of an impression of a powerful figure developing a God complex and smiting whom they perceive as sinners rather than a person really scared and controlled by their curse just trying to survive by taking what they can get. Matsutake Ume is a competent writer for the most part, so I’m sure there’s some decent explanation. I’m hoping there’s a decent explanation. I’m hoping it’s a lot better than how it’s coming across to me.

I mean, I won’t lose anything out of giving the trial a whirl, so I might just do that. However, as things stand, I’m not too interested and I’m put off by this awfully “convenient” curse.



Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama


Release date: 25-8-2016
Platform: PlayStatiom Vita
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developer: Otomate, Design Factory
ublisher: Idea Factory
Artist: Murasaki Aya
Writers: Yamazaki Asari (main); Chai, Morita Midori, Muneo Kamie, Sakuraba Yuu, and Yoshimura Ririka (assistants).
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/beast_princess/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v18833
OP Info
Song title: Shiawase no Shirushi [幸せの標]
Vocals: Yura Mari
Composition: Shimotsuki Haruka
Arrangment: Manyo
Lyrics: Hiyama Nao


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Ryszard – Suwabe Jun’ichi
~ Ludwik – Hino Satoshi
~ Mias – Yonaga Tsubasa
~ Jozef – Hatano Wataru
~ Henryk – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Czarodziej – Sakurai Takahiro

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Barthold – Fujiwara Keiji
~ Ignacy – Masuda Toshiki
~ Adele – Shimoda Rei
~ Mrok – Kawanishi Kengo
~ Marek – Ishigami Miho
~ Hubert – Takeuchi Ryouta


* Plot Summary *

The Weg Kingdom, a land surrounded by verdant forests with many humans and animals living peacefully within.

In the Rossum Castle- a castle that anybody would praise for its beauty- lives a kind king and queen who watch over everybody.

However, the princess born between the king and the now-departed concubine was locked within a sturdy tower that can never be opened from its inside.

Why was this happening to her?

The castle’s knights spoke of various rumours, but nobody knew the truth.

Alas, poor princess.

Even though the princess could never leave the tower, she wasn’t lonely at all. As she spun thread and made the Western-styled clothes she so loved, the princess lead a peaceful life with animals that adored her.

But one day, the king’s younger brother visited the princess, offering her a dagger.

He told her that the king and queen are now dead, and now she too should stab the dagger into her chest.

Having said what he had to say, he pushed her closer and closer to death.

With her hands shaking, the princess took the dagger and was about to follow his orders.

At that moment, the animals attacked at once in order to protect their beloved princess.

As she escaped into the dense forest, the only things the princess had left was a small bag that was a memento of her mother and a book she was really fond of.

“Until you find yourself in serious trouble, treasure this and do not let it leave your side.”

Remembering the king’s words when he handed her the memento, the princess warily peeked into the bag.

When she looked inside, she saw some rainbow powder that shone like beautiful gemstones!


* My Thoughts *

Not that I’m really familiar with the series, but wow… Wasn’t expecting it to be even a little bit dark. I’m just not really into the animal<->human thing. Furthermore, it has a huge “…And then what?” feeling to it. The princess managed to escape and now they’re just in the forest. I wish more was expanded on what will happen next. Will it be about them being on the run? Will the princess try to take back the throne? Will she try to find out why the king and queen died? What’s with that uncle of hers, anyway?

I’m not really interested to begin with, so I’ll be giving this one a pass with no hard feelings.



Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~


Release date: 25-8-2016
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer and publisher: eXtend
Artist: Futaba Hazuki
Official website: http://joqrextend.co.jp/extend/oumagatoki/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19140
OP Info
Song title: Kakuriyo no Enishi [かくりよの縁]
Vocals: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Composition and lyrics: Andw
Arrangement: Oosawa Kei’ichi


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Hayate – Hosoya Yoshimasa
~ Tokiwa – Saitou Souma
~ Ishizue Souta – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Yoimiya – Takahashi Naozumi
~ Tsukishiro – Suwabe Jun’ichi

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Kou – Terashima Takuma
~ Momiji – Murase Ayumu
~ Kanna – Honda Mariko
~ Shima – Fujiwara Yuuki
~ Kashiwagi Kazuma – Hosoya Yoshimasa


* Plot Summary *

Sakaki Mio is a completely ordinary high school student.

…However, perhaps having been influenced by her grandmother who had raised her, Mio can be somewhat old-fashioned. As a result, she’s often isolated by girls of the same generation. She becomes too focused on others’ feelings, and becomes unable to open her mouth. Mio has been told that she “has a good intuiton”, but she’s never really paid much attention to those words.

One evening, she got spirited away during the twilight into the realm of the dead and becomes lost in a secluded country of perpetual night. A world in which beings that are non-existent in the world of the living come and go, Mio meets various “lives”.

The young girl was invited into a chinju (Shinto tutelary god) school, in which its attendees protect the world order by hunting down youkai (Japanese ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures) that disturb the peace within the realm of the dead. Mio then gets embroiled in an incident that shakes up both the world of the living and the realm of the dead.


* My Thoughts *

Don’t really have a huge issue with this, but it’s just kinda done-before and boring. Mio’s Koutarichou Jin’you-tan tried a similar thing, and… Yeah. Now they’ve moved onto launching their much more interesting Bara no Kishi series. The only “interesting” parts is the fact that it’s by a new company and Futaba Hazuki is doing the art. eXtend have been loudly marketing Oumagatoki, as they’ve been doing promo event after promo event at Animate. They’re already working on a second title called Side Kicks!, too! It’ll be interesting to see if the promotions and heavyweight casting choices like Hosoya and Suwabe will pay off.

I doubt I’ll ever play this, but good luck to eXtend.



Blackish House Side A→


Release date: 27-5-201624-6-2016 → 26-8-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: honeybee black
Artist: Kazuaki
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/BlackishHouse/sideA/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v17853
OP Info
Song title: Black and White
Vocals: Ishikawa Kaito
Composition, arrangment and lyrics: Alulu-can


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Ugajin Rei – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Kisaki Tougo – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Shiiba Gou – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Kuze Madoka – Tachibana Shinnosuke

+ Supporting Artists +
~ Arimura Noa – Hirose Yuuya
~ Ousaka Haruma – Terashima Takuma
~ Yuuki Nayuta – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Akune Sera – Aoi Shouta

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Kuze Kasumi – Tsuda Takuya
~ YUE – Taniguchi Atsushi

+ Other Characters +
~ Yoda Shigetora – Kuroda Takaya
~ Kanda Reiko – Takamiya Saori
~ Mishima Ann – Nanase Ayaka
~ Chiba Kakeru – Kawanishi Kengo
~ Kitaooji Rika – Miyamoto Yume
~ Maezono Mami – Maruyama Yuka
~ Saeki Izumi – Honjou Yuutarou
~ Kanbayashi Keigo – Yamaguchi Kiyohiro


* Plot Summary *

The protagonist is an actress with no confidence in herself.

She attends Kokuyou Senior Fine Arts High School, a school filled with famous actors like Ugajin Rei and Kisaki Tougo.

The protagonist was working hard with both her studies and acting career at the same time. But one day, the boss of her place of work, Seigetsu Production organises a meeting.

When she arrived, a variety of celebrities working in different industries- like actor Kuze Madoka and voice actor Shiiba Gou- had already gathered. There, their boss leaves them a certain task…


* My Thoughts *

More boring and repetitive entertainment biz otome rubbish. It’s cute how honeybee is trying so hard to make it look different from the competition by giving their characters “flaws”:


Note that “X” means “won’t put off the average otome fan”, ticks mean “moderate-to-high chance of putting off the average otome fan” and the lone equal sign means “good chance either way”. As you can see by the “flaws” and their tendency to drop Sues and Stus every which way, honeybee’s writers have no idea what actual character flaws are. Rather, they seem to know what’s “bad”, but it doesn’t really present itself as a “real” flaw unless the flaw actually causes major setbacks and problems that can’t be waved away by the Magical Otome Writing Wand.

I’m not worried, though. The showbiz bishie trend has taken a dive as of late, so hopefully honeybee black’s crappy ideas spiral down the drain along with this decline. In all honesty, I’d rather more Starry Sky than this really dishonest, gimmicky attempt at polishing the Blackish House turd.

As always, what a waste of Kazuaki’s magnificent artwork.

Skipping with LOTS of prejudice.




Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases



Anicon – Animal Complex: Cat’s Path


Release date: 02-7-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Zeiva Inc Production
Official website: http://www.zeiva.net/anicon/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v18023


* Plot Summary *

Clena, your normal everyday girl, finds herself in front of a circus filled with lovely animals. However, she quickly discovers that they are not ordinary animals – They are actually human boys who can transform into animals!

A romance, comedy, fantasy Visual Novel – filled with adventures, misadventures, adorable animals, brother conflicts, circus cleaning, collecting puzzle pieces, and more – all in one package!

~ Story summary taken from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Again, I’m not really into the human<->animal thing as it’s been done to death, so I already don’t have a lot of interest. However, I love the idea of the game being set in a circus (that’s a new idea, as far as I’m aware), the artwork is very cute and I’ve heard good things about Zeiva Inc. I’ll definitely try the trial, though if that awesome top-hatted owl gets a route…

Looks like some quick, light-hearted fun I could really do with in my life.



[R18+] Hikari no Hime Mahou Kitan


Release date: 08-7-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: R18+
Developer and publisher: Magic House
Official website: http://magichouse.uh-oh.jp/13hikari_1.html
DL Site link: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/announce/=/product_id/RJ168721.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19038
OP Info

Song title: ???
Vocals, composition, arrangment and lyrics: Trial and Error


* Plot Summary *

Long ago, a race of magic users colonised various places and formed a country. Fire magic, water magic, light magic and dark magic. With these four types of magic, the citizens utilised their types of expertise and succeeded in bringing prosperity to their nation.

The Fire Town became active in coal, gold, silver and copper mining as well as smithery and weapon craftsmanship. The Water Town flourished through their developments in agriculture and dairy farming. The Light capital of the country became well-known thanks to their churches and hospitals, as well as for being sacred ground on which clergymen lived. The Dark Village, located in the undergrounds of the country, has become a cesspool from which criminals, black marketeers and assassins come and go.

The protagonist and the princess of this country, Arena Brunclík, snuck out of the castle using the formality of “observing the public” as a guise… but where will she choose to visit?


* My Thoughts *

Generic, generic, generic.

I played Magic House’s last title, Natalia, which had a great protagonist but terrible execution overall. It was way too short, the individual routes weren’t really interesting (though the characters themselves are fine) and the pacing was plain odd. I didn’t like how the best artwork by the best artist was used to promote the game, but the in-game art was wildly inconsistent (to their credit, the screenshots warned about this, but you can’t grasp just how bad unless you actually play it). I know many projects have multiple artists, but they at least try to be as consistent as possible and adapt to the main artist’s style. This didn’t occur in Natalia.

But going back to Hikari no Hime… What is there to discuss? The plot summary is basically just setting up the world. It mentions nothing about the protagonist’s motives (the impression is that she’s having the typical “I wanna know what the real world is like!” moment royals in fiction seem to have a lot) or the love interest’s ones. Doesn’t sound like there’s any interesting overarching story. It’s basically “choose a location (read: guy), butter up to the cute guy, bone him”.

Wait a minute… Is this actually a nukige?

Nothing wrong with that, but given everything else I’ve mentioned, I’ll pass.



Empty Horizons


Release date: 19-7-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: 15+
Developer: Ebi-hime
ublisher: Ebi-hime, Sekai Project
Artist: Sillyselly
Writer: Ebi-hime
Official website: Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/496630/), itchi.io (https://ebihime.itch.io/empty-horizons)
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19673


* Plot Summary *

Mireille Maiorano is the daughter of a wealthy Italian family, raised in an all girls’ boarding school far away from the rest of society — until her monotonous life is thrown into disarray after the unexpected death of her father.

Left with nowhere else to go, Mireille is sent to live with her uncle in France — but the man who acts as her escort is the worst person imaginable for such a delicate job. Lyon is a tactless, careless Frenchman who only seems to care about telling stupid jokes and seducing older women, and Mireille hates him with every inch of her being.

At least, she would. She wants to. But life isn’t always that simple.

~ Story summary taken from the game’s Steam page.


* My Thoughts *

I don’t have a lot to say about Empty Horizons. I like the simplicity! After months of rolling my eyes at lame and pathetic gimmicks, it’s nice to see such a simple premise.

I’ve come across Ebi-hime’s shoujo-ai works, such as Asphyxia and Strawberry Vinegar; and those two caught my eye because of the beautiful artwork that stood out while I was looking through Steam.

This sounds like a nice and quick romance game to play through in between the longer games I’ll get to… Eventually…



Bloody Tea Party


Release date: 21-7-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: 15+
Developer and publisher: cloche
Official website: http://cloche.rgr.jp/btea.html
DL Site link: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/work/=/product_id/RJ180717.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19747


* Plot Summary *

Alize is a totally ordinary girl who lives in London, England.

One day, she finds a mysterious “rift in space” in the middle of town and accidentally falls into it.

It was midnight in the town she had fallen into. Though she recalls having seen somewhere like this, it’s a bit different from what she remembers. The strange scenery makes her concerned.

There, Alize is confronted by a homocidal maniac wearing a disturbing rabbit mask called “Rabbit the Ripper”.

Having been saved just in time, a shocking truth was delivered to her.

This is a world in which monsters live.
A human that wanders into this world is called “Alice”.
Rabbit the Ripper is a homocidal maniac who targets Alice.

Before she knew it, Alize was framed and falsely accused of a crime. She became wanted by the police and had a huge bounty on her head.

Now that Rabbit the Ripper and the country’s denizens were after Alize’s life, she was able to hide away in the “hat shop” or the “grocery store”.

Encountering unique monsters, being saved by them and gradually becoming closer to them. A strange feeling begins to sprout within Alize.

Can she return back to the world she came from? Or can’t she?
…No, it’s certain that she can’t.
Because she fell in love with “that person”.

A Victorian gothic horror story about falling in a sweet, yet dangerous love.


* My Thoughts *

When I first read the premise, I wished it was just a prank.

Someone ought to tell cloche that stuffing every famous thing evarr!!! into the blender will only produce goopy garbage like Bloody Tea Party. Nothing about this is original whatsoever, as it’s essentially a cliche shitstorm dressed up as a horror Wonderland. Even the title is lame. I’m getting nasty Period Cube first impression flashbacks.

Some doujin works are real gems, like Tetrascope’s stuff. Then you get crap like this, which is basically badfic in visual novel form. It really reinforces that Tetrascope is the 10% and makes me wonder why I bother looking for good doujin otome games.

I try out doujin games to play stuff major companies will never create. Bloody Tea Party is what I hate about lazy otome game writing personified. We don’t need the doujin circles to follow the big cats’ lead!



The Multidimensional Underwear Drawer


Release date: August 2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: 16+
Developer: KamiyaSoft
ublisher: BirchTreeGames
Official website and Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/502600/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19381


* Plot Summary *

After a long time, Hana is single again. The breakup with her boyfriend Jan has hit her quite hard. While her best friend Kerstin and her childhood friend Furio try their best to free Hana from her depression, she focuses completely on her work and drowns herself in self-pity on the weekend.

But her gloomy mood summons two entities far worse: Two demons start inhabiting her apartment, in order to feed off her strained soul: Tymoteusz and Einar – One residing in her underwear drawer (which he also has happened to turn into a gate to hell itself), while the other possesses her teddy bear.

Adding to that chaos, her neighbor Blanche seems to have taken a rather special interest in Hana as well.

It’s the dawn of a hard time for her: Two demons occupying her home, a lesbian besieging her and two friends constantly pampering her. On top of all that, her ex shows up to reconquer his lost love …

Which way will be the right one for Hana? Which will lead to bliss? Which will lead to loneliness or even death? As Hana decides, so do you!

~ Story summary taken from the game’s Steam page.


* My Thoughts *

The title makes it sound like it’d be some funny joke otome game like Doki Doki Love Stomp, which is something I like. It sounds pretty wacky. But for some reason, I’m just not interested. Maybe it’s the demon thing I’m bored of seeing? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not coming across as weird and wacky enough? I honestly can’t explain what’s putting me off. Perhaps being sick, studying and placement have temporarily killed my sense of humour?

I’ll definitely play the demo and see if it changes my mind. The normal me should be onto silliness in 0.0001 seconds.

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5 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of August 2016

  1. If there is a god, please let Collar x Malice be good so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my monies on it. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    As for the rest of the games… I’ll admit I’m really only interested in Moujuutachi and Empty Horizons. I played the original Moujuutachi series and I remember liking it quite a bit (golly gee whiz I love anything with rabbits in it lol) so I’m looking forward to a new game. I wouldn’t mind preordering it but I had no idea the release date was also this month. It’s also pretty late in the month, a couple days before I leave to go abroad so I don’t think it’ll make it to me in time. Guess I’ll just have to order it while I’m in China haha. At least shipping will be cheaper? I think. Lol ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    As for Empty Horizons, the artwork looks pretty and the concept reminds me of a romance novel and that is 100% ok with me lol. I’ll admit that I love myself a romance novel every once in a while. I’ll probably check it out since it’s pretty cheap and I still have a few bucks leftover in my steam wallet.

    As usual, thanks for all your hard work! (≧∇≦) I always look forward to your posts. I’m so bad at keeping track of dates, delays, updates, etc that your posts help keep me on point www (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

    • Usagi! =D

      I hope Collar x Malice will be good, too! I could do with more otome game purchases I’m proud of, haha.

      How can you not love rabbits? They’re amongst the cutest animals in existence. I’m not really sure if I’m interested in any of the Moujuu games yet, but I feel the same way about it as I did with Wand of Fortune (it’s in my backlog now), so I may “cave in” eventually! 😛

      Hahaha! If you’re an otome fan who buys physical copies, forget about this “cheaper shipping” thing. Won’t be happening!

      Yeah, I really got a romance novel feel from Empty Horizons, too. I’ve never been much of a book reader and romance is a genre I tend to avoid since some of the worst crapola I’ve ever read are “romance bestsellers”. However, I have faith in Ebi-hime since I’ve only heard good things about their recent games (I don’t know many people who played their much older stuff, so I can’t speak for those).

      You’re very welcome! I’m so happy to hear you look forward to my posts. =) If only every company notified me months in advance and stuck to their schedules, huh? xP But now that I’m working on an otome game, I can see how hard (but rewarding) things can get.

  2. this month is a busy month for me since 4 games are coming, i really look forward to cxm!! >w<
    moujuutachi is more of mofumofu to relax my soul ;w;

    • Hiya, otomelover!

      Yes, it’s the first month in a long while that has been this busy. September is looking like it’ll be pretty full-on, so perhaps I better start planning that post earlier than I usually start drafting my monthly ones!

      Damn all these people saying Moujuu is good! xP I love animals so I’m getting closer to caving in! My backlog is crazy as is…

      • i’ve tried really hard on finishing stuff from my backlog, i think next few month it won’t be as tough as this month since i’ve only got about 1 or 2 games per a month XD

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