Get to Know Me: #1 – 50 Basic questions

Let’s get this going. In an effort to have things to post and maybe get to know each other a little better, I came up with this segment. I hope it’s a little bit informative but still f…

Source: Get to Know Me: #1 – 50 Basic questions

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My otome bloggin’ homie Hijacked Cat from Another Gaming Day and That Game Club started a fun and interesting idea of us otome bloggers getting to know each other. As an ENFP, I love stuff like this so here are my answers!



1. What is your favorite Primary song?
I’m not sure I even know what this question means. Does this mean “favourite song from primary school” or a song by a band named Primary? As for favourite songs in general, it changes too often and there’s usually too many of them to be considered a single “favourite”.

2. What is your favorite nursery rhyme?
Don’t have one. I listened to a few of them on a mixtape when I was really young, though.

3. What is your favorite subject in school?
Haha, you mean… “was”, right? I’m no longer in school! I liked English, the cooking parts of Home Economics and Psychology. I’m basically studying the subjects today that I avoided in school (the sciences). Funny how high school has a way of making interesting topics like animal behaviour and how the human body works so boring.

4. What is your favorite flavor of jelly beans?
For Jelly Belly, I like Coconut, Crushed Pineapple, Orange Sherbet, Peach Piña Colada and Tangerine. For just jelly beans in general, I like the orange and those white ones (which may be lemonade?)

5. Which flavor of ice-cream do you prefer?
A well-made vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, pistacchio and lemon gelato.

6. What do you think is your very best feature or characteristic?
Physically, I like my eyes (especially with makeup), height (I’m about 170cm) and I’m pretty happy with my nose. In terms of my personality, I like how sociable I am and it’s nice that my sense of humour is appreciated by most people I meet.

7. What is your strongest talent?
I’m not kidding- I honestly don’t think I have a talent. I’m “good” at some things, but I wouldn’t call it a “talent”.

8. Do you play a musical instrument, if so which one(s)?
Used toplay the piano briefly and I was in-and-out of my school choir groups.

9. What do you usually do when you have leisure time on your hands?
Hang out with friends, go out for a night in town, video gaming, blogging, writing, surfing YouTube and surfing the Internet in general. I’m working on Precatio’s VN developing also as my “hobby”, lately.

10. What is your favorite season and why?
Autumn, because of the chilly weather and the foliage is beautiful. I like the cold, but autumn is usually more manageable than winter.

11. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Right now, I’d like a long trip around Italy to experience the culture, cuisine and history of the country.

12. What is your favorite color?
Green, blue and purple.

13. Who is your best friend and how did you meet?
Won’t be naming names, but I knew my best friend since we were both in the middle of primary school. We lost touch for a few years, but reconnected when I was 14. Since then- through highs and lows- we’ve been best friends.

14. What is your favorite home cooked meal?
My mum’s katsudon!

15. What is your favorite grab and go meal?
Fast food is my mortal enemy: Hungry Jack’s (Burger King), KFC, pizza and basically any food you’d find in a snack bar- Chiko rolls, spring rolls, hot chips, steak sandwiches…

16. Do you prefer to wear pants or dresses?
Pants in general out of necessity and comfort, but I’ll never wear pants when I’m out for a night in town.

17. How many siblings do you have?
One younger sister by three years.

18. What is you favorite snack?
Hamburgers, pizza, potato chips and soft drink.

19. When do you usually do your homework?
In my high school days, I barely did homework unless it was summative (let alone attend, in some years). Now as a college student, I start as early as possible and rarely procrastinate. I usually end up studying in the afternoon and night-time.

20. What is your favorite electronic device?

21. If you could be any animal which one would you prefer to be and why?
I want to be a cat, so I’d be able to experience the world like my beloved furry pals do.

22. What kind of vehicle do you usually ride in?
Probably a bus.

23. Do you have pets?
My family has 11 cats.

24. When was the last time you visited a park and what did you do while there?
Probably a few months ago after a night out with my friends. It wasn’t cold outside yet, so we just sat and chatted (after grabbing some fast food) before taking our cabs home.

25. What is your favorite sport to watch?
I really don’t care for watching sports. If I had to choose, it’d be tennis. I occasionally watch some matches during one of the Grand Slams.

26. Which sport do you most enjoy actively participating in?
I don’t like sports and exercise in general. However, I’d still enjoy playing netball and dodgeball. If tenpin bowling counts, definitely this!

27. What do you usually do when you meet someone for the first time?
Introduce myself and try to break the ice with a safe topic plus a sprinkle of humour.

28. When was the last time you stayed or hosted a sleepover with friends?
About a couple of months ago, I slept over at my best friend’s place after we went to town.

29. If you have to dress and leave in a hurry what is the one thing you can easily cut out of your routine?
Moisturising (got some in my bag) and tying my hair.

30. Do you plan to go to college?
I already attend college! However, I didn’t plan on attending it. I was planning on uni, and maybe in the future, I’ll go back.

31. What job do you think you would most enjoy as an adult?
I’m already an adult. I enjoy bartending and retail, though I think I’d enjoy my current career path, which is getting in the veterinary care industry. If I don’t have to take realism into account, I’d love to be a game reviewer, journalist or developer (in the editor or writer in the writing department).

32. Do you hope to have children of your own? If so how many.
Fuck. No. I like kids (that I don’t have to look after for the rest of my life) and am good with them, though.

33. What was the last item you cooked and ate?
A tofu, ginger and chicken stir-fry.

34. How many books did you read last year?
Not counting educational purposes, maybe one? Two? I don’t really enjoy reading books.

35. Where did you spend your last family vacation?
Travelling along the Great Ocean Road and visiting Melbourne. We also travelled along with some close family friends. This was over ten years ago- we’re all too busy with our lives and not wealthy enough to frequently travel as a group.

36. Do you have relatives in other states? If so, which ones?
As far as I know, no. Some of my family live in Japan and Croatia, though.

37. Have you ever made jell-o?
I’ve made jelly many times, but not Jell-O specifically.

38. Are you ticklish?
Not particularly.

39. What size shoe do you wear?
Australian/USA: 6~7.5
UK: 4.5~5.5
European: 37~38.5
Centimetres: 23~24.5cm

40. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
Around 13, maybe more. Off the top of my head: 3 Converses, 2 sneakers, 4 boots, 2 pairs of thongs/flipflops, 1 pair of leather work shoes and 1 pair of heels.

41. Which one fashion accessory do you like better than others?
Rings! I love large and elaborate designs. Bracelets come in at a close second. I love jewellery in general!

42. Do you have chores at home you are responsible for?
Nothing really set apart from the vacuuming. I clean the dishes, counter tops and the cat litter often. Quite a bit of freedom as long as I don’t have strings of doing absolutely nothing.

43. If you were called on to serve a mission where would you least like to serve?
Assuming this is talking about the military or law enforcement… Um, probably the place where I’m most likely to end up ina situation where I’d have a slow and painful death?

44. If you were called on to serve a mission where would you most like to serve?
Anywhere where I can avoid a slow and painful death.

45. What age do you consider old?
My age.

46. Which birthday are you most looking forward to and why?
My own, of course. Good food, presents and everyone is nice to you for a single day.

47. Do you prefer pens or pencils?
Pens. Had to stop using pencils since I got my “pen licence” in primary school. Blue pens all the way!

48. Do you like your handwriting?
Yeah, it’s pretty good in general. It gets sloppy when I have to quickly record notes in class, though.

49. Were you named after anyone?
My dad named me after an anime character. I like the sound of the name, though, plus I get compliments for it which is nice.

50. When did you last visit the zoo?
Early high school for educational purposes. So… over ten years ago?

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