The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #19

NOTE [27/6/2016]: It seems that I accidentally uploaded an older revision of this post, which had minor details missing. I’ve corrected it to the new one. Pardon me!


Hello, readers!

There’s been a lot going this week, with new game announcements, websites being launched, a laundry list of release dates being confirmed and the Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ trial being released.

There’s a lot to check out, so I hope you found something interesting to take a peek at!



+ Reporting period: 20/6/2016~26/6/2016 +




New game announcements:


Release date announcements and delays:


Teaser site updates:



Operetta’s latest title Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ have uploaded a trial of their game that can be downloaded here, under the website’s “Special” page.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Dolce Vita – announced on the franchise’s 6th birthday, which was on 24/6/2016. The particulars of the game have yet to be announced, though it is confirmed that it will be a new entry into the series.


Pre-orders for Anicon – Animal Complex: Cat’s Path are now available through the official website. The pre-ordering bonus is a free 20-page digital artbook. Zeiva Inc. plans to release Cat’s Path during June~July 2016.


A new short episode of the Seduce Me series by Michaela Laws has been made available for download. The latest episode features James and is called A Lesson In Romance.


Congratulations to Caramel Mokaccino for getting 300% funded (including PayPal donations) and reaching all eight of their stretch goals on their Kickstarter! The initial funding request was CA$11,900 (approximately US$9,153), but they’ve received a total of CA$37,389 (approximately US$28,758) by 953 backers. Its developers, Apple Cider, plan on releasing the game during Q1 or Q2 of 2017.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I am one of the developers of Kokorogawari.
Precatio have been continuing their Kokorogawari Twitter campaigning, with last week’s ones ending up in the reveal of three supporting characters that are now available to check out on their official blog. The most recently revealed character is Maeda Chiharu, who is also the subject of their latest campaign. Upon 50 Retweets of the Maeda Chiharu Tweet, they have implied that there’d be a nice surprise! Finally, they have also posted on Lemmasoft Forums.


In the 30/6/2016 issue of Famitsuu Weekly magazine’s Famitsuu Cross Review (released on 16/6/2016), the PlayStation Vita port of Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~ was reviewed. It scored 33 (8/8/8/9), earning them a Famitsuu Gold award. For those unfamiliar with the Famitsuu Cross Review scoring system, it involves a panel of 4 game critics reviewing the same game with each critic giving it a score from 0~10. This makes 40 the highest possible score, with awards of distinction being given to games earning: 30~31/40 = Famitsuu Silver, 32~34/40 = Famitsuu Gold and 35+/40 = Famitsuu Platinum.


The seiyuu cast of Petit Reve’s third title Crank In has been revealed. The protagonist will also be voiced:

  • Kawamura Aya – Takeishi Ayumi (the protagonist)
  • Kagurazaka Yuuma – Maeno Tomoaki
  • Amane Hiiragi – Oosaka Ryouta
  • Ousaka Hijiri – Hanae Natsuki
  • Aoi Haruyoshi – Ueda Youji (supporting character)
  • Adashino Masumi – Ono Yuuki
  • Murakumo Saku – Shingaki Tarusuke
  • Ousaka Shinobu – Chiba Shouya
  • Nishinokouji Tomoe – Okiayu Ryoutarou (supporting character)
  • Sakurai Shigure – Satou Takuya


An artbook of Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpou-chou~ published by Hifumi Shobo will be released on 22/7/2016.


Hifumi Shobo will also be publishing a “Premium Fanbook” of Otomate’s 2010~2013 title Natsuzora no Monologue. As well as a collection of official artwork by the game’s artist, Rokumaru (ろく丸), there will also be new short stories added. The Premium Fanbook will hit stores on 29/7/2016.


A “free-to-play” smartphone game of the Scared Riders Xechs series will be coming out on August 2016 for Apple users and October 2016 for Android users. It will be called Scared Riders Xechs: Ao to Aka no Kyousoukyoku (Rhapsody) and is planned to be a rhythm game. They’ve also opened a Twitter account exclusively for the smartphone game, @SRX_APP.


Daisy2 have announced on their latest staff blog post that the website of their latest project and newest entry into the Sangoku Rensenki series Sakikage will be launched next week.


Steam are currently conducting their Steam Summer Sale, in which numerous OELVN and English localised otome titles have been discounted until 05/7/2016 (please note that all prices are in US dollars):





+ Upcoming Otome Game Site Updates +


[30/6] Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~ [PSV port]


[June~July 2016] Anicon – Animal Complex: Cat’s Path

~ Release period announced.
~ Cat’s Path is available for pre-order. Please refer to the above section for more details.

[10/6 15/7] RockRobin [Full version]


[21/7] 7’scarlet

~ Gallery: 1 CG added.
~ Dictionary: Two new entries- Disappearance Case and Limited Live Show. The Disappearance Case refers to the disappearance of Ichiko’s (the protagonist) older brother. He went missing when he visited Okunezato. The authorities are no longer investigating it as they’ve chalked her brother’s disappearance to him getting lost in the mountains. It is not even known why he was in Okunezato to begin with. The Limited Live Show is the secret live performance that national idols A-TO will conduct on August 8th in Okunezato Middle School’s gymnasium. It was suddenly announced towards the end of July, but not through any newspaper or website. The performance is intended only for Okunezato citizens.

[28/7] Collar x Malice

~ System: Information about the “Trigger System” added. The Trigger System is simply the shooting system the game uses when the protagonist must use her gun. Players will be required to press an unspecified button with good timing to successfully shoot their target.

[29/7] Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO [Append Disc]

~ Product Information: Store bonus sample illustrations added.

[29/7] [R18+] Mashou Megane

~ Gallery: 1 CG added.
~ Staff blog: Discusses the latest site updates in more detail.

[29/7] Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~

~ Special: Trial uploaded. Please refer to the above section for more details.
~ System: Section opened.

[July 2016] [R18+] Hikari no Hime Mahou Kitan


[04/8] 12-sai. ~Koi suru Diary~


[04/8] Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite

~ Character: Sample voices added.
~ Special: Cast interview added. This time, Lafayette’s seiyuu Toriumi Kousuke gets interviewed.

[25/8] Meiji Tokyo Renka: Full Moon [PSV port]

~ Special: 15-second advertisement movie added.
~ Product Information: Limited edition cover art added.

[25/8] Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama [Sequel]

~ Gallery: 4 CGs added.

[25/8] Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~


[27/524/6 → 26/8] Blackish House Side A→

~ Photo: 1 CG added.

[Summer 2016] [R18+] Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari + Gensou Yawa Repackage Edition


[Summer 2016] Code: Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~ [Fandisc]

~ Character: Finis and Apostles profiles added.

[Summer 2016] Crank In

~ Seiyuu cast announced. Please see the above section’s entry for more details.

[08/9] Geten no Hana with Yumeakari Aizou-ban [PSV port]


[08/9] Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle-

~ Character: Sample voices and supporting characters added.

[21/9] Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

~ Special: Section opened.
~ Character: Sample voices added.

[29/9] Dynamic Chord feat. [rêve parfait] V edition [PSV port]

~ Release date announced.

[29/9] Haitaka no Psychedelica [Sequel]

~ Release date announced.
~ Special: OP movie added.

[September 2016] [R18+] Anata no Torikago


[06/10] NORN9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Act Tune [Sequel/Fandisc]

~ Release date announced.
~ Gallery: 3 CGs added.

[18/8 → 06/10] PsychicEmotion6


[20/10] Suuran Digit

~ Gallery: 6 CGs added.

[28/10] Dynamic Chord feat. apple-polisher

~ Release date announced via the August 2016 issue of B’sLog (released on 20/6/2016). Credit to otome4life for passing this information onto me!

[Spring 2016 → 25/11] Bara no Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-

~ World: Section opened.
~ Staff Blog (20/6/2016): The staff provides more details about the lastest site update, which is the opening of the World Section and its added information about the game’s prologue.
~ Staff Blog (24/6/2016): Provides more information about the game’s prologue again, but discusses the fairy Pack and the London Forest in more detail.

[Autumn 2016] Ikemen Sengoku: Toki wo Kakeru Koi ~Arata naru Deai~ [PSV port]


[2014 2015 → Winter 2016~2017] Gunjou no Yuki


[Winter 2016~2017] Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6: Ato-hen [Sequel/Fandisc]


[25/8/201512/11/2015 → Winter 2016~2017] Starry☆Sky ~Spring Stories~ [PSV port]


[2016] Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz- [PSV port]


[2016] Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ [Sequel]


[2016] [R18+] Enkan no Memoria


[2016] Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~


[2016] Kokorogawari

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am one of the developers of Kokorogawari.
~ Precatio are currently running another Twitter campaign. Please see above section for more details.

[2016] Steam Prison


[2016] Torikago no Marriage ~Hatsukoi no Tsubasa~ [PSV port]


[2016] Wand of Fortune R2 ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~ [PSV port]

~ Teaser site opened.

[2016] Yunohana SpRING! Cherishing Time [Fandisc]

~ System: Basic system information uploaded.

[26/1, 2017] Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Repeat LOVE [PSV port]

~ Release date announced.
~ Teaser site opened.

[February 2017] Because We’re Here

~ Release date announced.

[Q1~Q2 2017] Caramel Mokaccino

~ Their Kickstarter has concluded and the game is fully funded, including all eight stretch goals. Please see the related entry located in the above section for more details.

[TBA] Akatsuki no Betelgeuse


[TBA] [R18+] Anata wa Jinrou desu ka?


[TBA] Diabolik Lovers: LOST EDEN [Sequel]


[TBA] Fortissimo


[TBA] [R18+] Furue, Yurayura to: Kagen no Shou


[TBA] [R18+] Furue, Yurayura to: Jougen no Shou


[TBA] Ken ga Kimi: Momoya Tsuzuri [Sequel/Fandisc]


[TBA] Osomatsu-san ~The Game~ [Tentative title]


[TBA] Sangoku Rensenki: Sakikage


[TBA] Taishou x Alice [English localisation]


[TBA] Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Dolce Vita

~ Game announced.

[TBA] Yuukoku no Perseus


[TBA] [R18+] Yuukyou no Aster


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