The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #10


Hello again!

We’ve reached issue #10, but it’s a pretty quiet news week; especially in comparison to issue #9. Though quiet, some of the announcements are pretty major, so hopefully issue #10 will still be a good read for you all.

Yet again, the April 2016 Releases post received an update, thanks to the release of Illus Seed’s first otome game, Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club and veteran Winter Wolves’ C-14 Dating on Steam.



+ Reporting period: 18/4/2016~24/4/2016 +




Teaser site updates:


Release dates confirmed for:


Having been Greenlit, Winter Wolves’ C-14 Dating will be available on Steam from 27/4/2016 onwards! To my knowledge, this is the final, full version of the game and NOT the beta.


New OELVN devs Illus Seed have released their first game called Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club. It’s an affectionate parody of otome games that’s mostly on the light-hearted side and features real-life YouTube video game critics as love interests (such as JonTron and PeanutButterGamer). It’s freeware, but players are able to “name their own price” should they wish to contribute money towards the game.


The alpha demo of OELVN developer Apple Cider’s 2nd project, Caramel Mokaccino, is now available for players to download from the game’s page.


A fandisc of Yunohana SpRING! has been announced on the game’s official Twitter account. It will be called Yunohana SpRING! ~Cherishing Time~. A teaser site is to be uploaded soon.


On 20/4/2016, The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya (original Japanese name: Gyakuten Yoshiwara ~Ougiya-hen~) became available on Steam in English, Japanese and Chinese. Again headed by Dogenzaka Lab, it’s a smartphone-to-PC port that is a part of the Gyakuten Yoshiwara series. Until 27/4/2016, buyers can get 40% off the game. This has been added to the April 2016 Releases post.


Otomate Party 2016 is to take place on 13~14/8/2016 at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum (Hall A). For those not sure what an “Otomate Party” is, it’s an annual event held in the summer in which Otomate announces their new games, as well as new drama CD series by their record label, Otomate Records.


Prince of Stride fans are able to buy one (or both) of two T-shirt designs by ACOS (which is a company that specialises in creating cosplay gear and anime T-shirts). Both shirts are cap-sleeved, though they come in two varities- one is a white shirt designed with Hounan Senior High Academy (the school the main characters attend) in mind and the other is a black shirt inspired by Saisei Academy. Each shirt costs 2,500 yen and are available from 09/6/2016.


Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpou-chou~ have released a download-only original soundtrack through Amazon Japan and iTunes Japan on 20/4/2016. The soundtrack costs 1,200 yen and contains all 25 BGM tracks featured in D3 Publisher and Red Entertainment’s collaborative hit game. Alternatively, potential buyers have the option to purchase individual tracks, which are priced at 150 yen each. It should be noted that the soundtrack does NOT contain the OP and two EDs, which were released as a single by MIKOTO in mid-March this year (for details, please read the first section of issue #6 of The Sunday Mail).




+ Upcoming Otome Game Site Updates +


[27/4] C-14 Dating

~ To become available on Steam. To note, this is the final, full version of the game and isn’t the beta.

[29/4] Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S Append Disc

~ Countdown currently in progress.
~ Photo: Added Encore Scenario section.
~ Profile: Added 5th voice samples.
~ Spec: Updated store bonus information.

[19/5] Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

~ Characters: More sample voices added.
~ Special: 2 gameplay movies added.

[19/5] Kenka Banchou Otome


[26/5] Kyoukai no Shirayuki

~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.
~ Special: Prologue gameplay movie added.

[26/5] SA7 (Silent Ability 7)

~ Special → Webcomic: Issue #23 of the webcomic uploaded.
~ Gallery: More CGs added.
~ Media → Event: Details about the “Game Release Celebration” event added.

[2/6] Taishou x Alice ~all in one~

~ Teaser site opened.

[16/6] Hakuouki Shinkai: Hana no Shou

~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.

[23/6] Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Koi wa Tsuki ni Michibikareru~

~ A gameplay movie introducing players to the setting and world of Koezaru wa Akai Hana has been added to dramatic create’s official YouTube channel.

[27/5 → 24/6] Blackish House Side A→

~ System: Section opened.
~ Product:
Store bonus section updated.
~ Blog:
More details about the System section (which maps out how the routes are planned to branch) and the “Gift of the Week” is a Twitter icon of Madoka.

[30/6] Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~ [PSV]


[21/7] 7’scarlet

Release date announced.
~ Characters:
3rd set of sample voices added.
~ Dictionary:
“Okune Panda” added to the dictionary.

[28/7] Collar x Malice

Release date announced.
~ World:
More information added about “The X-Day Incident”.

[29/7] [R18+] Mashou Megane

~ Release date announced.
~ Website opened.

[29/7] Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~


[4/8] Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite

~ Characters: More sample voices added.

[25/8] Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama

~ Characters: Henryk and Magician’s profiles updated.
~ Special:
Banners added.

[25/8] Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~

Release date announced.
~ Product Information:
Store bonus and pre-order bonus details added. OP info also added; it will be sung by Hosoya Yoshimasa and is called “Kakuriyo no Enishi”.

[Summer 2016] Crank In


[Summer 2016] Meiji Tokyo Renka: Full Moon


[21/9] Magic-Kyun! Renaissance


[Spring 2016 → 25/11] Bara no Sensou -Sonnet of Seeds-

~ Release date announced.
~ Characters: Profiles updated and added one supporting character profile.
~ Blog: The staff apologised for the delaying of the game’s release and provided a new one.

[Autumn 2016] Ikemen Sengoku ~Toki wo Kakeru Koi~

~ Information about the first set of goods uploaded.

[25/8/201512/11/2015 → Winter 2016] Starry☆Sky ~Spring Stories~


[2016] Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz-


[2016] Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~


[2016] Code: Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~

~ Teaser site uploaded.

[2016] Gunjou no Yuki


[2016] Haitaka no Psychedelica


[2016] NORN9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Act Tune


[2016] PsychicEmotion6

~ Special: Twitter icons and headers added.

[2016] Suuran Digit

~ Characters: Additional sprites of Shikata Yuuhi and Rokuhira Takaki added to their profiles.
~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.

[2016] Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle-


[TBA] Caramel Mokaccino

~ Alpha demo released. Please see above section for more details.

[TBA] Diabolik Lovers: LOST EDEN


[TBA] [R18+] Enkan no Memoria


[TBA] Fortissimo


[TBA] Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~


[TBA] Ken ga Kimi: Momoya Tsuzuri


[TBA] Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Repeat [PSV]


[TBA] [R18+] Yuukyou no Aster


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