Otome Visual Novel Releases of April 2016

UPDATED: 24/4/2016



New Releases

Title Release Date Platform
Kamigami no Asobi InFinite [Sequel of Kamigami no Asobi] [Link] 21-4-2016 PSP/PSV
Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan 21-4-2016 PSV
Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S Append Disc [Append fandisc of Dyanmic Chord feat. Liar-S] [Link]
29-4-2016 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby [Link] 7-4-2016 PSP → PSV port [Passion Pink + Brilliant Blue]


Mar~Apr 2016 Doujin/OELVN/Localisation Releases

*All titles are released on PC unless otherwise noted.

Title Release Date Notes
Kakan no Renkinjutsushi ~Harukaze no Fuku Machi Zukuri~ [Sequel of Kakan no Renkinjutsushi ~Atelier Life~] 23-3-2016
[R18+] Maria no Ichinichi [spin-off of Otome no Tame ni Kane wa Naru] [Link] 23-3-2016  –
Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons: Shou Epilogue [Epilogue of Shou’s chapter] [Link] 27-3-2016 English, prologue and first chapter are free
Magical Otoge Anholly [Sequel(?) of Magical Otoge Ciel; referred to as “game 1.5” in the Magical Otoge series.] [Link] 28-3-2016 English, NaNoRenO 2016, compatible with Mac and Linux also
[R18+] Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy 29-3-2016 Freeware, English, NaNoRenO 2016, compatible with Mac and Linux also
[UPDATED!] Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story [Japanese title: Sengoku Hime ~Jika no Chigiri~]
06-4-2016 Available in English, Japanese and Chinese.
[UPDATED!] Monochrome Heaven 10-4-2016 Freeware, English, also for Mac and Linux.
[UPDATED!] Pub Encounter [Japanese title: Dandy Shot]
13-4-2016 Available in English, Japanese and Chinese.
[UPDATED!] The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya [Japanese title: Gyakuten Yoshiwars ~Ougiya-hen~]
20-4-2016 Available in English, Japanese and Chinese.
[UPDATED!] Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club
21-4-2016 English, compatible with Mac and Linux also.
[UPDATED!] C-14 Dating
27-4-2016 Freeware, English, compatible with Mac and Linux also.



Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan


Release date: 21-4-2016
Platform: PSV
Age rating: CERO D [17+]
Developer: Otomate
Idea Factory
Artist: Satoi
Scenario: Katagiri Yuma
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/nil-admirari/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v18163
OP Info
Song title: sanctuary
Vocals: Annabel
Composition and arrangment: bermei.inazawa
Lyricis: a*mu


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +

~ Ozaki Hayato – Kaji Yuuki
~ Kougami Akira – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Hoshikawa Hisui – Oosaka Ryouta
~ Ukai Shougo – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Migiwa Shizuru – Suzumura Ken’ichi
~ Sagisawa Rui – Sakurai Takahiro

+ Supporting Characters +

~ Kuze Hitaki – Murase Ayumu
~ Nabari Yutaka – Midorikawa Hikaru
~ Tokimiya Shiori – Natsuki Rio
~ Tsubameno Tarou – Enoki Jun’ya
~ Masaki Koruri – Takahashi Minami
~ Shiginuma Takashi – Endou Daichi
~ Shiginuma Shouko – Sanada Akane
~ Kuina – Miyashita Eiji
~ Ouchi Keizaburou – Kobayashi Norio
~ Mashiko Motofumi – Okitsu Kazuyuki
~ Kijitani Arata – Nishida Masakazu
~ Mozuyama Shirou – Ogino Seirou
~ Sasagoi Touichirou – Ishii Makoto
~ Owase Hideki – Sakuragi Akito
~ Yoshikiri Takuma – Tone Kentarou


* Plot Summary *

The Taishou era didn’t end in 15 years, but went on for another 25.

In order to protect her waning family, a girl resolves to marry a man she doesn’t even know the name of. However, just before the marriage was to take place, the girl’s younger brother mysteriously committed suicide by self-immolation and was found holding an old book in his hands.

Appearing before the bewildered young girl was the “Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau”- more commonly referred to as “Fukurou”.

According to these men, there exists “Maremono”, which are books that greatly affects its readers. On top of that, ever since the incident involving the girl’s younger brother, she unwittingly gains the ability to see “Auras”. It was as though fate were trying to drag the young girl in its flames.

And then, even though apprehensive, the girl chooses to venture outside her bird cage.

Jealousy, hatred, scorn, compassion and love.
What awaited the girl was the darkness of betrayal that had already begun to bewitchingly inlay the imperial capital.

Toyed by and swayed within that darkness, will the young girl finally reach the truth after her struggles, or…?


* My Thoughts *

Nil admirari is a Latin phrase meaning “to be suprised by nothing” or “let nothing astonish you”. The Oxford Dictionary defines it asThe attitude of indifference to the distractions of the outside world advocated by the Roman poet Horace.” and “Expressing or adopting an attitude or philosophy of indifference to the outside world.

It would be interesting to explore why the creators chose such a phrase, though my current best guess is that the “Maremono” (which literally translates to “Rare Thing(s); Object(s)”) absorbs the reader so much that they cease to care about anything other than the book. I would hope the phrase has more signficance than that, no?

The initial trailer during the 2015 Otomate Party made Nil Admirari no Tenbin sound so boring- it just made the  game sound like it was using the bewitched book as an excuse to make everyone madly in luuurve. If you ignore the pointless Taishou setting and the massive cliché of suddenly handing some speshul powaz to the protagonist in order to pile some more importance on ‘er… Nil Admirari sounds like it should be an intersting read!

However, since Otomate is handling this and I’m mostly unfamiliar with Katagiri Yuma’s writing quality… I will be waiting for reviews.

On a side note, Annabel is fantastic! Great to see her appear in another otome game OP. =)




Kakan no Renkinjutsushi ~Harukaze no Fuku Machi Zukuri~



Release date: 23-3-2016
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Momoya Honpen
Official website: http://spicabook.xsrv.jp/kakan2.html
DL Site link: http://www.dlsite.com/girls/work/=/product_id/RJ173938.html


* Plot Summary *

In a certain land, there is a beautiful kingdom surrounded by many mountains called the “Garland Country”.

Up until now, the Garland Country didn’t interact with other countries, but since 2 years ago, they had gradually started to take travellers in.

However, there were some violent neighbours. For this reason, King Adonis constructed some new barriers.

The crux of that project was the presence of an alchemist named Lily, a friend of King Adonis’.

Utilising the mysterious items created by Lily, the goal was to turn the new, barriered town built upon the barren land into a prosperous one.

Lily sincerely accepted this request, and made her way towards the barriered town with her apprentice, Tesla…


* My Thoughts *

This game is a sequel of R18+ Kakan Renkinjutsushi ~Atelier Life~, but the official website has clarified that the previous game doesn’t have to be played in order to enjoy this one, so that’s why I included more info of it.

Great to see a competent, yet not overly serious otome protagonist with a nice rack. She has an apprentice, even saved King Adonis’ life once and is now tasked with turning a barren town into a prosperous one! Lily’s on fire and nothing can stop her.

This game is an otome x RPG hybrid, which is in my view, a disadvantage. Like I’ve mentioned many times, if I want to play an RPG, I’d just pick up a game that specialises in it. The plot doesn’t sound terribly interesting (but it’s not bad or anything).

Since it’s inexpensive, it won’t make my wallet cry if it turns out sourly. Maybe if I have nothing else to play, I’d give this a shot ’cause I have a very good impression of the protagonist… otherwise, I doubt I’d have time to get to this.




[R18+] Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy



Release date: 29-3-2016
Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Age rating: R18+ (sex scenes are optional)
Developer and publisher: Michaela Laws
Official website and Itch.io page: https://vamichaelalaws.itch.io/love-and-romance-a-study-of-intimacy
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19214


* Plot Summary *

Amelia Waters is a brilliant 26-year-old romance writer who, after years of hard dedication and work, became the top romance novelist of the millennium. However, she has always felt that something was wrong with her writing and, after reading her books again, she finally found out what it was: the sex scenes were garbage. In need to fix this issue, Amelia talks to her manager and agent, Lee Yoon Ho, and asks for help. He manages to grab keys to a cabin, isolated from society, and takes her there for a week to help her get her head in the game and and for her to practice writing about sex.

When she hits a brick wall, Lee offers to help her again… with his body.


~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

This is an entry into NaNoRenO 2016. NaNoRenO is an annual visual novel game jam event in which participants challenge themselves to create a VN within a month. NaNoRenO takes place during the whole of March, and is mostly held at Lemmasoft Forums (perhaps the largest OELVN development gathering on the web).

I applaud Ms. Laws’ bravery in releasing an OELVN otome R18+ game, which are vanishingly rare.  More importantly, I commend her truly admirable goal of centering the sex scenes around love, passion and consent rather than the Japanese otome world’s concerningly high amounts of unhealthy sexual practices. All the scenes are optional and players are able to stop them whenever they like- keeping in line with the “consent” theme.

I’m not saying that fans with more “hardcore interests” should get denied of their games… While I don’t fall on either extremity of the “vanilla~hardcore” spectrum, I think that consideration should be given to making games more centred around consensual, loving scenes rather than restrict them to “only happy endings/routes”. The otome drama CD market seems to be doing fine with sugary stuff (R18+ or not), so I thought the waters have been tested enough and sugary R18+ games would start cropping up by now…

Anyway, back on topic… The premise isn’t too strong, let alone the point. I’ve come across this type of plot before, and I’m not really sure if a romance writer could become a world-class success without a good grasp on love scenes in the current market. If it weren’t for the intriguing background behind the creation of this VN, I would have dismissed it as an excuse-for-porn kind of story. On one hand, I like the fact that Love and Romance isn’t trying so hard like many other “dark, deep and mature” R18+ otome games, but on the other hand, this isn’t the type of simplicity I’d be after.

That being said, thanks to the simplcity… If you’re new to otome R18+, perhaps Love and Romance would be a good place to start and then “work your way through” some more games until you reach the peak of your comfort levels.

Will I play this game? To be honest, I’m very interested to see the outcome of the creative direction, so I think I eventually will.

Congratulations again to Michaela Laws again on achieving her creative vision and releasing it before the end of NaNoRenO 2016!



[UPDATED!] Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story



Release date: 06-4-2016
Platform: Apple/Android → PC port
Age rating: All-ages
Developer and publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Official website and Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/447170/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v17810


* Plot Summary *

The Warring States period in the world just a little different from this world.
You’re the one, princess of a certain country.
In response to the favor from the environment, it has been spent on easy street.

But now, in response to the invasion of demons variant,
Castle lady is forced to the brink Rakujo.

– Were risking their lives, it is ending of love –

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Dogenzaka Labs is the original publisher of another smartphone-turned-Steam PC otome game, Gyakuten Yoshiwara.

For otome fans with little experience with Japanese (therefore, a much more limited pool of games to choose from), the concept of dating the Sengoku period’s warlords may not be stale yet. As for this ol’ hag, though… It’s a really tired concept and its ubiquitousness is comparable to trees. Moreover, this particular game’s story doesn’t seem too interesting. I’d be more inclined to finally pick up Geten no Hana if I were to start playing an otome game based on the Sengoku period right at this moment.

More worryingly, the story summary hasn’t been translated well. This is odd, because the rest of the Steam page’s English seemed passable (but still needs polish) to me… It may be true that the number of localised otome games are so low that desperate otome fans will snap it up even if it’s not 100% polished, but if I were the editor, I would seek better quality. Especially on the Steam page, where customers are checking to see if they want to buy it! You’d want that page to be 200% perfect.

I’m definitely and obviously not interested. I hope more interesting Japanese games get localised- and well.



[UPDATED!] Monochrome Heaven



Release date: 10-4-2016
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Age rating: 15+
Developer and publisher: DIGICLA (original Japanese), Twin Project (translation)
Official website: English, Japanese
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v7916


* Plot Summary *

The setting is near future: an Asian country called Kagoku, a city named Higashito. In this bleak, gray city ruined by war, a poor flower-selling girl is purchased from her family by a wealthy young businessman. What does he want with her? To find a bride in the next two weeks before his 25th birthday——the day when, unless he finds a loving wife, he’s cursed to die…

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

I feel a profound sense of déjà vu every time I read the premise, though I can never work out where I think I’ve come across this kind of story before. I don’t mean anything critical by it; just genuinely trying to work out when and where I’ve seen this.

Anyway, it’s easy to see that this game isn’t for those who prefer more lighthearted fun, given that 20/25 endings are bad ones and one of the key genres is “survival”. This is very much up in my alley, but for those unsure, check all info about it or play the game a bit before reading the whole way through.

I’m definitely interested in the curse, I like the inter-class romance dynamic and I’m certainly digging the overall dark, bleak atmosphere of the game, its characters and its artwork.

The only flaw is the whole “get married in two weeks or die” thing. That in itself is fine, but it’s hard to believe that an agreeable, rich and handsome guy belonging to a high-class family like Akito should have trouble finding a bride. OK, 2 weeks is stretching it (I can’t say for 100% sure as I don’t know the details of the curse), but why didn’t he get married before? For a successful businessman, that seems pretty disorganised of him. I’m sure and hoping that there’s a good explanation- or else it’s going to more contrived than I’m willing to bear.

Since Monochrome Heaven is relatively short (about 60~100 minutes per route), it’s free, it has a bunch of little things I like and the premise is interesting, I think I’ll give this a whirl.



[UPDATED!] Pub Encounter



Release date: 13-4-2016
Platform: Apple/Android → PC port
Age rating: All-ages
Developers: HuneX and Smart Kareshi
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Artist: Yat
Official website and Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/447190/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15250


* Plot Summary *

After a rough day at work, you decide to walk a different way home to try and improve your mood. Walking down an unfamiliar street, you stumble across a bar named Audire that seems like it has a nice atmosphere. Unsure of what to expect, you open the door and find a group of high-class older men. What awaits you at Audire?

NOTE: The story of the game is the same as “Pub Encounter” for the smartphone version. “Main & Sub scenarios” of the smartphone version that have been released till March 2016 are included.

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Dogenzaka Labs is the original publisher of another smartphone-turned-Steam PC otome game, Gyakuten Yoshiwara and the more recently Steam-released Destiny’s Princess (see above for more information).

Thoroughly outdated, considering the oji-sama boom died out some three-odd years ago. Well, not like that really matters. The translation quality seems to be better (judging by the Steam pages of this one and Destiny’s Princess) and more consistent. That being said, the Japanese character summaries tell you so much more about each guy than the Steam ones. They should have put more effort there! While I’m not averse to oyaji guys, I’m not interested enough to consider them a huge selling point. The story just seems “OK”, but it’s hard to tell because of the simple summary.

To be honest with you guys, this one’s a bit hard for me to talk about since I’m not too experienced when it comes to oyaji games. They tend to be for the smartphone (which I almost never play otome stuff on) or drama CDs (I didn’t go out of my way to buy/listen to oyaji stuff). What I can say is that I like the idea of maturer heroes that aren’t immediately pigeonholed into archetypes. I’m getting sick of the same old, same old hormone-addled immature little boys (both in 2D and IRL, for the record).

On a side note, Ryuunosuke (the gentleman in the middle holding the blue martini) looks very much like Miyanomori Tadashi from Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku series (also illustrated by Yat) if the latter were to age more. That’s a point in Pub Encounter’s favour, for sure.

Back on topic… In my opinion, I’m not finding that there’s anything totally “wrong” with Pub Encounter. It doesn’t have a flashy or crazy plot/gimmick, so the emphasis will be on the enjoyability of the character interactions. Not sure if I can trust HuneX to deliver. I think I’ll put this far down on my backlog since the gentleman seem OK and I like the setting (I like bars, even though the game calls this place a “pub”). I have a ton of other games I want to play already. Seems like a simple, chill game that’s infinitely more interesting than Destiny’s Princess.



[UPDATED!] The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya



Release date: 20-4-2016
Platform: Japanese Apple/Android → English/Japanese/Chinese PC port
Age rating: All-ages
Developers: Hituzigumo and Dogenzaka Lab
Publisher: Dogenzaka Lab
Official website and Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/447200/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v19283


* Plot Summary *

Deep in the center of an island lies the Yoshiwara pleasure district. Never does its beauty, nor bustling activity, wane in the slightest.
Full of doubt and wonder, which courtesan will you have chosen by the end of a seemingly endless night?

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Dogenzaka Labs is the original publisher of other smartphone-turned-Steam PC otome games such as Gyakuten Yoshiwara and the more recently Steam-released Destiny’s Princess and Pub Encounter (see above for more information).

For the record, this game is a spin-off of the original Gyakuten Yoshiwara game. It looks like the two aren’t directly related in the sense that you have to play the first game to understand the second one better.

Anyway, I honestly don’t have much to add for this one. I’ve never been interested in this series, and this Ohgiya doesn’t sound like it’s going to change that. Moreover, why bother making the main setting of the game a pleasure district if you’re restricted by rating censorship- thus, not being able to depict all of its goings on (not just the sexual aspect) freely? In addition, I thought male prostitutes of Yoshiwara served male clientele…

If you want to play a good otome game set in Yoshiwara and have a confident grasp of Japanese, I highly recommend the R18+ Yoshiwara Higanbana by MariaCrown, though the protagonist is the sex worker rather than it just being the typical “normal, innocent girl wooed by silver-tongued biseinen hookers”. As for a good game in which the men are prostitutes and the protagonist is just a “normal” girl… I’m still looking for one.



[UPDATED!] Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club


Release date: 21-4-2016
Platform: PC, Max and Linux
Age rating: T [Teenagers]
Developer and publisher: Illus Seed
Official website and download: https://illusseed.itch.io/asagao-academy-normal-boots-club
Steam Greenlight page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=335773141
Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cheratomo/asagao-academy-normal-boots-club
VNDb link:


* Plot Summary *

When things in her life get to be too much to handle, Hana Mizuno transfers to Asagao Academy to start fresh. Once there, she runs into the Normal Boots Club – a group of handsome, competitive gamers, and the most popular guys in school. And they need her to compete in this year’s gaming tournament!

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Ordinarily, a premise this painfully bad and lame would be an immediate “NO!” from me. A “normal” girl surrounded by a bunch of elite (and of course, bishieeeee~) guys that somehow need your her help due to some laughably lame contrivance? It’s like the exemplification of shitty shoujo manga and otome plots that would make me throw up if I weren’t so busy laughing at it.

However, this is clearly parodial or at the very least, meant to be played mostly for laughs (at least, I really hope it is), so I’m not reacting in the usual way I react to plots like these. It reminds me of Doki Doki Love Stomp: What does the Heart Say That My Muscles Cannot?, which is an obvious parody of otome games and to a lesser extent, anime clichés. It was a lot of fun and more enjoyable than many of the “serious” otome games that had been coming out. Just the mere possibility of it being as light-hearted and fun as Doki Doki Love Stomp is enough to make me want to play this, even though I have little knowledge of Normal Boots and its members.

For those wondering, Normal Boots is a group of well-known video game critics and/or video game-related content creators that have a large following; particularly on YouTube. Its members (at the time of writing) are JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, Continue?, Did You Know Gaming, Satchbag, ProJared and The Completionist, all of whom will be dateable options in Asagao Academy.

I don’t know how accurately the Normal Boots members are depicted, so if I do play this, I’m walking in with the intent to play this with the mentality of “I’m going to play a silly (in a good way) otome game” rather than “W00t! I’ll get to romance me fave Normal Boot dude!” I did notice that they weren’t drawn to look “younger”. The men definitely don’t look like high school students, which just adds to the silliness.

Given its recent Greenlit on Steam and how it managed to receive $26,743 on their Kickstarter, there might be much more hype and interest behind this kind of thing than I had imagined. Either people have an appetite for silly humour or the Normal Boots guys have a ton of fangirls. Maybe both…

Whatever the case, it looks like the “dumb fun” I wish there were more of in the otome world. It’s not an “I MUST PLAY IT NOW” game, but it’s on the backlog for sure.



[UPDATED!] C-14 Dating


Release date: 27-4-2016
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Age rating: 12+
Developers and publisher: Winter Wolves
Artist: DejiNyucu
Writer: KittyKatStar
Official website:
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/451640/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14814


* Plot Summary *

C-14 Dating is an otome dating sim that combines archaeology, friendships and love.

You play as Melissa Flores, a 3rd year anthropology student participating in a summer archaeological internship. The field school takes place in Belgium, over 5000 miles away from your native California!

Okay, it’s a little bit out of your comfort zone, and the fact you’ll be staying in an unfamiliar country for two months can be nerve-racking, but you couldn’t pass up such a learning opportunity! You get to excavate at an authentic prehistoric site, which has uncovered Neanderthal remains in the past.

Maybe you’ll dig up some bones, or even unearth tools that were manufactured by early humans. And of course, you might forge friendships and find romance during your stay…

~ The plot summary has been taken directly from the official website.


* My Thoughts *

Finally, I get to date Indiana Jones!

Jokes aside, I think this game sounds very interesting, being the first otome game centering around archaeology! It’s an ADV x SLG hybrid, meaning that there will be simulation gameplay aspects between the visual novel format storytelling. I’ve mentioned this many times already, but I generally avoid SLG/RPG elements when I play visual novels because one of the reasons I’d pick up a visual novel is to sit and read. At least the archaeology mini-games are optional… Then again, I just feel it wouldn’t be fair to rate a VN with gameplay elements if I skipped them. It’s complicated.

Furthermore, I have little experience with Winter Wolves games; the only one I’ve played being Love & Order, which is a terrible game that wasted its potential and beautiful artwork- and I’m being nice, here. I know it’s only one game, so I won’t write off Winter Wolves yet… However, I’d be lying if I said I’m not apprehensive.

So I’ll wait for more reviews and see how I feel about it once I’ve read enough of them. I want to support OELVN devs a lot, but not if the games are Love & Order-tier bad.

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    Mostly interested in Nil Admirari no Tenbin myself. Though, like you, I’m hesitant and will wait for reviews.

    • Thank you for reading! To be honest, I wait for reviews on many things but Nil Admirari could really go either way. Bless the brave ones who will jump right into it!

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