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Thank you very much again for reading The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail!

Before we get stuck into things, I would like to apologise to all readers for missing out on two news pieces regarding English localisations. If you did not re-read Issue #5 after the update, I’m referring to the news that the Ozmafia!! English localisation by MangaGamer is now available for pre-order and Spike Chunsoft have Tweeted their consideration of a possible localisation of Kenka Banchou Otome if enough interest is shown. Thank you very much to one of my readers named Cat for informing me of this!



+ Reporting period: 21/3/2016~27/3/2016 +


Countdowns: Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby from 26/3/2016 until 7/4/2016.


MangaGamer’s localisation of Ozmafia!! is now available for pre-order as of 14/3/2016. The full price of the game is $34.95, however, earlybirds can take advantage of the 15% off discount– making the game currently $29.70. The game will be released on 29/4/2016. Please note that this is the PC version of Ozmafia!!, NOT the PlayStation Vita port.


Through a Tweet made via their official English Twitter account, Spike Chunsoft have said that they’ll consider a localisation of Kenka Banchou Otome providing that it drums up enough interest. If you’re interested, it’s recommended that you make this known to Spike Chunsoft by offering words of encouragement.


A CD single containing the OP and two ED themes of Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpou-chou~ will be made available on 23/3/2016. Performed by MIKOTO, it’ll be his 2nd single. The OP is called “Gekka no Uta wa Kage Yori mo Kuroku” and the EDs are “Taezaru Hana” and “Aoi Sange”. Instrumental/karaoke versions of all three songs will also be included.


Studio Elfriede, the creators of an in-development English otome game entitled Because We’re Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~, are now looking for a background artist as their previous one had to step down due to health issues. The game is projected for a late 2016 release and has been Greenlit on Steam. A trial of Chapter 1 is also available for those interested.


Veteran doujin otome game creator Kirue (a.k.a. Yuuakari) has launched a website for her next project to the public. It’s called Shuumatsu no Trival and is set to be released on 1/4/2016.


A drama CD of Wand of Fortune R called Wand of Fortune R ~Survival Dream~ will be released on 25/5/2016 through Team Entertainment. With a storyline exclusive to this particular CD, it will feature all of the main cast.


On 22/3/2016, the website of upcoming summer 2016 otome game Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~ was opened to the public. Sections accessible are Story, Characters and Product Information. Some points of interest have been revealed as well- the protagonist may be voiced, as her character profile page have (currently greyed out) buttons for sample voices. Furthermore, the main guys’ seiyuu have now been cast:

~ Hayate – Hosoya Yoshimasa
~ Tokiwa – Saitou Souma
~ Ishizue Souta – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Yoimiya – Takahashi Naozumi
~ Tsukishiro – Suwabe Jun’ichi


Broccoli will be launcing a line of Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ T-shirts for both ladies and gentlemen to be released sequentially from July 2016 onwards. Called the “Couple-Look T-shirt” range, the short-sleeved T-shirts will have a unqiue design conceptualised around each of the franchise’s main men: Reiji, Otoya, Tokiya, Ranmaru, Masato, Ren, Ai, Natsuki, Shou, Camus and Cecil. Each shirt will come with a photo card and special comments made by the guys. The exact order of the T-shirts’ release isn’t made clear, but perhaps the listing order on the website may be it. Fans have from 23/3/2016 until 26/4/2016 to place orders.


The transfer of defunct otome company QuinRose’s composer, Mari (鞠), to Idea Factory was announced on 24/3/2016. A contract was successfully negotiated and Mari is set to work for Idea Factory from May 2016 onwards under the name “QuinRose”. However, Idea Factory’s otome subsidiary, Otomate, has made it clear that Mari’s new name and the game brand’s name are not to be confused with one another. It should be noted that Idea Factory made an application to claim the “QuinRose” trademark in February 2016. Additionally (in the same Tweet), they have stated that there are no plans of developing or publishing QuinRose games.


The official website is still closed, but Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle-‘s official Twitter account Tweeted on 25/3/2016 what looks to be a series of pictures showing the possible Story section, as well as some main character profiles with casts announced:

* Please note that the romanisations of their names are my guesses based on personal experience and web searching. Interestingly, Eve, Sud, Atharva and Yajur’s names all have religious mythological roots.

~ Eve – Protagonist, unknown if she’ll be voiced
~ Sud – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Atharva – Terashima Takuma
~ Yajur – Kondou Takashi
~ Rowe – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Cradle – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Tierblade – ???


Pony Canyon will be releasing a CD containing two Magic-Kyun! Renaissance tracks (as well as instrumental/karaoke versions of them, making the total amount of tracks 4). Track one is the anime PV’s theme song called “Kimi ni Magic-Kyun!” and track two is the upcoming PlayStation Vita game’s theme song, “Magical Flower”. Both tracks are sung by all of the main cast members. Fans can buy the CD on 18/5/2016.


Koei Tecmo’s Kin’iro no Corda 4 theme song “JOYFUL” will be made available in CD form on 30/3/2016. In addition to the theme song, there will also be dramas, messages and talks featuring the main cast.


Initially announced on 26/3/2016 at the “Haruka Matsuri 2016”, the official Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6 Twitter account Tweeted that Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6 will be getting a sequel. Currently in development, Koei Tecmo hopes to release the sequel during the coming winter.


Kalmia8’s recently released R18+ title Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. began a “Release Celebration Campaign” through their official Twitter account. 15 lucky fans could win a badge set with exclusively-designed SD illustrations. Kalmia8 hints that “more presents” could await the winners. The campaign will run from 25/3/2016 to 10/4/2016.


On 26/3/2016, indie OELVN developers roseVeRte have launched a Steam Greenlight campaign alongside a promotional video for their latest project, PC and Mac game Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~. The game will also be available in Japanese.



+ Upcoming Otome Game Site Updates +


[7/4] Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby

~ Special: Twitters icons and wallpapers added.

[21/4] Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan

~ Special: Two gameplay movies added.

[19/5] Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

~ Characters: Sample voices added.
~ Special: Promotional movie added.

[26/5] Kyoukai no Shirayuki

~ Characters: Additional sample voices added.
~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.

[26/5] SA7 (Silent Ability 7)

~ Special: Issue #19 of the webcomic uploaded.
~ Gallery: Event CG added.

[27/5] Blackish House Side A→

~ Artist: Self-introductory voices added.
~ Blog: Suzuki goes into more detail about the introductory voices. Based on this information, the protagonist won’t be voiced. The “Gift of the Week” is a Twitter avatar featuring Tougo.

[16/6] Hakuouki Shinkai: Hana no Shou

~ Characters: Sample voices added.

[2016] 7’scarlet

~ Characters: Sample voices added on Hino, Isora, Toa, Sousuke and Yuzuki’s character profiles.

[2016] Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama

~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.

[2016] PsychicEmotion6

~ Gallery: 2 CGs added.

[TBA] Caramel Mokaccino

~ More official developmental artwork is being added as a contribution to NaNoRenO.

[TBA] [R18+] Mashou Megane

~ Staff Blog: Announcement that more information about Mashou Megane will be featured in otome magazines Cool-B #67 and Sweet Princess #20. According to the staff, the particulars that will be revealed are scenario excerpts, events CGs and previously undisclosed general information.

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9 thoughts on “The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #6

  1. Cat

    I got super bummed out when I discovered that it wasn’t QuinRose Otomate adquired after all, otome fans were saying all kinds of amazing plans could happen. Crossovers and making their games available, but it is what it is (⌒_⌒;)

    Awesome news post ❤
    /had no idea about a bunch of them

    • Thanks as always, Cat! It’s always a pleasure to see you and your super-cute avatar! /HUGE cat lover, plus I love the simplicity of your username. =)

      I don’t have a lot of experience with QuinRose games, so to be honest, I’ve been quite ambivalent about the whole “will QuinRose get bought out by Idea Factory?” thing. I only know that Idea Factory applied for the trademark, but I’m not quite sure if they succeeded in obtaining it. I guess anything outside of the Kuni no Alice series isn’t too lucrative so they (currently) have no interest in creating more QuinRose games.

      Thanks again!
      /I doubt I’d be this informed without my multiple sources and frequent checking as well.

      • Cat

        Aww, thanks! ❤
        I'm a huge feline lover myself, I daily watch tiger and lion videos being cute and wishing I could have one too :'D
        /preens under all the compliments
        Ty ty <333

        I haven't played QuinRose games at all, it's one of my goals to do an evaluation of them, after playing all their games, but first I need to level up my Japanese to at least have the 2000+ required kanji ^^'
        Oh yeah, I tried the demo of Alice in the Heart Country with that shitty English machine translation. I can't believe some people bought it, I couldn't understand any of it (・∀・)
        I actually wonder why QuinRose bankrupt since they had the Alice series, it spawned everything under the sun, so it really baffles me (´・_・`)
        Well, I know I've read around that they started milking their games and producing shovelwware/crap, but I want to evaluate that for myself. From what I saw from their VNDB page, they seemed to have good games, or at least interesting. Crimson Empire and Arabian's Lost sound interesting, but of course I'm just speaking from reading the synopsis on VNDB :')

        I don't really have much patience for tracking multiple sources or frequently checking stuff out. It's why I don't follow non-WP followable blogs, because I'll forget them if I don't have the reader/one place to give it all to me lol
        I guess I like things spoon-fed, but it's such a hassle truthfully, so I can without it. If I need to know something specific, I just google it out (⌒_⌒;)

  2. Glad to see you’re back! ^^ And don’t worry haha sometimes we’re late with things. I enjoyed reading this agan;)

    • Hello, Leaf!

      Thank you; I tend to not be gone for long (mid-last year was a rarity). It’s quite hard to keep up-to-date with English otome news, and my misses just reiterated that to myself. I have no excuse for Ozmafia!!; I simply forgot about it and am lucky enough to have readers who are kind enough to point things in the right direction.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the post. Thanks again!

  3. i hope they do localize kenka bancho otome, since i’ve pre-ordered it and really hyped for it… hoping Spike Chunsoft make more otome games and localization~
    so many games on it’s way!!!
    thx for all the updates you post, it always helps me out a lot~

    • Hello!

      Even though I’m not really interested in Kenka Bancho otome, I hope it gets localised as well. Spike Chunsoft would be able to do a great job.

      You’re very welcome. I’m happy you’re finding my posts useful! =)

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