The Sunday Otome Gaming Mail: Issue #3


Welcome to the Issue #3 of the Sunday Otome Gaming Mail!

The Otome Visual Novel Releases of March 2016 post is now out and has been updated with another doujin release called Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons. I’ve also finally completed my trial review of Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku., so if you want to check that out also, just follow the link!

Thank you for reading as always, and I hope you come across some good news this issue!



+ Reporting period: 29/2/2016~06/3/2016 +


Otomate has opened their Otomate Club website to the public! The fan club will commence activities on April 1st 2016, though entry payments can be made as early as March 7th 2016. For 4,500 yen per year, members are treated to exclusive seasonal Otomate game magazines, access to a members-only online store, radio shows, events, websites, priority preordering of tickets to non-club member exclusive events, e-mails and greeting cards as well as a member ID card. The earlier you enter, the more entry bonuses you’ll receive.


Prototype announced that the PSV port of Taishou x Alice, Taishou x Alice: all in one is planned for release on 2/6/2016. I seemed to have missed this announcement (which was made on February 26th), so apologies for that!


A custom PlayStation Vita theme featuring the upcoming Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki will be made available on the game’s date of release, which is the 10/3/2016.


Soon-to-come PSV title Kin’iro no Corda 4 released a trial! It was made available on 5/3/2016 and is downloadable through the PlayStation Store. The official website says that the trial covers over 1/4 of the entire game! Players can enjoy checking out content within the in-game period of September 30th ~ October 23rd. Additionally, any save data created while playing the trial can be used in the event you purchase the full game, which will be released on 10/3/2016.


In the Cross Review featured in the 17/3/2016 issue of Famitsu Weekly, Kin’iro no Corda 4 scored 9/9/10/8 (36/40) , earning them Famitsuu Platinum! Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki didn’t fare as well, scoring 6/7/8/7 (28/30). For those unfamiliar with the Famitsuu Cross Review scoring system, it involves a panel of 4 game critics reviewing the same game with each critic giving it a score from 0~10. This makes 40 the highest possible score, with awards of distinction being given to games earning: 30~31/40 = Famitsuu Silver, 32~34/40 = Famitsuu Gold and 35+/40 = Famitsuu Platinum.


Veteran doujin otome brand Yuuakari has released a limited access scenario for their freeware 2015 April Fool’s game, 3-nin-me no Raison D’être. It’s very short (being a 10 minute NVL), and is about a “what if?” scenario if there were to be an Ian route. This can only be downloaded from March 6th~8th 2016, so get it fast if you’re keen! Note: The creator recommends that only those who are 18 or above play both games, with players under 15 being totally banned.


The creators of the long-running doujin Blind Prism series Ka*Kuu have uploaded a short survey. The survey is composed of seven questions and is asking players of Blind Prism ~Melty Snow~ (their most recent release and first R18+ title), ~First Love~ and/or ~Rainy Season~ to share their opinions about favourite characters, desired character routes, favourite genres and such.


English otome game company Winter Wolves have released the beta version of C14 Dating on their forums! No official release date has been set for the final, full version of the game as of yet, but preorders are available.


Sapphire Dragon Productions’ interior design otome game Love in the Glen got Greenlit on Steam! No release date has been anounced yet.


Caramel Mokaccino’s creators Apple Cider have been updating the official Tumblr page with various developmental sketches and screenshots as part of NaNoRenO 2016. For those who aren’t sure what NaNoRenO is, it’s an annual visual novel game jam event in which participants challenge themselves to create a VN within a month. NaNoRenO takes place during the whole of March, and is mostly held at Lemmasoft Forums (perhaps the largest OELVN development gathering on the web).


Happinet Games have announced that a new otome game is in development for the Nintendo 3DS– it’s called 12-sai. ~Koi Suru Diary~, though it’s currently unknown how the upcoming game relates to their December 2014 release,  12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~. 12-Sai. is a manga series by Maita Nao, which is currently being serialised in the monthly shoujo manga magazine, Ciao.


Issue #26 of Operetta’s online magazine is now available to read! It includes a Valentine’s Day comic featuring the characters of Operetta’s next project, Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~ as well as a snippet of the game’s scenario with a focus on Kuga Touji.




+ Upcoming Otome Game Site Updates +


[10/3] Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki

~ A voiced movie introducing players to the game’s system has been uploaded through dramatic create’s official YouTube channel.

[10/3] Kin’iro no Corda 4

~ The third mini-sneak peak movie has been uploaded through Neo Romance’s official YouTube channel.

[18/3] [R18+] Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.

~ Special: A link to the staff blog post talking about their favourite supporting characters has been uploaded. The supporting characters don’t have their own section on the official website, so this blog entry is probably the only way to get a good look at them all, even if briefly.

[24/3] Dance with Devils

~ Product: Updated with preorder and store-specific bonus information.
~ Two play movies uploaded though Rejet’s official YouTube channel.

[7/4] Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby

~ Special: Twitter icons and wallpapers uploaded.

[21/4] Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan

~ Special: Twitter icons and Twitter headers uploaded.

[19/5] Kenka Banchou Otome

~ Intro: Information and sample images of AmiAmi, AniMega and HMV store bonuses added.
~ The OP is called “Ai Suru Mono e Sasagu You ni” (which basically translates to “Be Sure/In Order to Devote Yourself to the One You Love depending on the context of “you ni”) and will be sung by KENN and Aoi Shouta.

[19/5] Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~

~ Character: More information about Shiki added.
~ Gallery: 1 CG added.
~ System: Information about naming the protagonist and the in-game dictionary have been added. You can change the protagonist’s online game “Arcadia” username as well as her real name. If you choose to stick to the default names, the characters will voice it.

[26/5] Kyoukai no Shirayuki

~ Special: Promotional movie uploaded through Idea Factory’s official YouTube channel.

[26/5] SA7 (Silent Ability 7)

~ Special: Issue #16 of the webcomic uploaded.
~ Media: Information about the “SA7 Release Celebration”, a voice cast talk event to be held on August 6th has been added to the homepage.
~ Product: Store bonus information added.

[27/5] Blackish House Side A→

~ Blog: Updated with an introductory entry from the “Seigetsu Production spokesperson”, Suzuki. It goes into detail about site updates, provides snippets of exclusive information not found on the website as well as discussing key Tweets from their official Twitter account. Finally, you can download a special Ugajin Rei Twitter icon.
~ Photo: 1 CG added.
~ Product: Package artwork for the limited edition has been uploaded.

[Spring 2016] Bara no Sensou ~Sonnet of Seeds~

~ System: The Tarot card gameplay system information has been added.
~ Staff Blog updated. This blog post goes into detail about various aspects of the game’s system, including the Tarot card system mentioned above.

[2016] 7’scarlet

~ Gallery: 1 CG added.

[2016] Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite

~ Sound: Sample track of BGM “Château de Versailles” added.

[2016] Café 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~

~ Characters: Added characters that will be featured in the Past Arc.

[2016] Collar x Malice

~ Character: Supporting character information added.
~ Gallery: 1 CG added.
~ Special: Twitter icons added.

[2016] Hakuouki Shinkai: Hana no Shou

~ Theme Song: OP and ED vocalist Yoshioka Aika’s comments have been added.
~ Special (Omiyage):
Support banners added.

[2016] Starry☆Sky ~Spring Stories~

~ Blog: Updated with a post and illustration celebrating Amaha Tsubasa’s birthday, which was February 3rd. On a side note, Tsubasa is one of the three main love interests of the ~Winter~ series.

[TBA] [R18+] Enkan no Memoria

~ Special: Exclusive Hinamatsuri short story “Hiina Asobi” uploaded.

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