Call for character & CG artist

Source: Call for character & CG artist by Jyuuguchi

Hello all, this is Jyuuguchi blogging on the behalf of everybody in Team Precatio.

Some of you may have realized the sudden removal of all art on our official Twitter and on this blog. If you’re guessing that our character artist has left us, you are correct.

Hiccups of this nature are common when it comes to indie projects. However, this is but another opportunity to rework our development team. I would like to be honest with everyone who has been supporting us in the making of this game (that is still continuing now), so a few points will be made clear:

One: We are still continuing with the game-making. As the title of the post states, we are looking for another character artist to fill the gap. More details to be made known below for those interested in joining us.

Two: The artist left us for personal reasons. Her professional style is more suitable for commission-based work, which means that she performs better when she’s allowed to design more freely.

Otome game artists, however, typically function as concept artists who often have to redo their sketches when it does not fit the established creative vision of the story.

Kokorogawari has a few restrictions on age and character design aspects that did not fit our previous character artist’s personal style. We did try to come to a consensus, but things did not work out.  If you are interested in applying and would like to know the specifics, our main characters range from ages 22~29, with a few older characters in the 30~50-year-old range as supporting (sub/side) characters. The setting is Japan, so an artist with a manga/anime style is preferred.

Three: Linking to the above two points, the new character artist who wants to join us will have to understand and agree with the following criteria below:

I. Demonstrate an ability to accept critique well. This does not mean that I will pinpoint all your mistakes, but rather, generally point out if something about the character design does not fit. (e.g, too old, too young, needs to look more cheerful, etc.) To be crystal clear, any and all critique will be made with a constructively critical mentality.

All creative direction will be issued by me (Jyuuguchi), so you will be working in a team with me as its leader. Not only because I started the project, but also, because I am the writer of this visual novel. This puts me in the best position to help your artwork fit the vision of the game.

II. Have your artistic passion be the first priority and approach monetary concerns as secondary in importance. This is also a main concern we faced with the previous artist. I must emphasize that we are an indie team, so none of us are getting paid until we finish the game.

The character artist will however, receive a certain amount from the preorder sales as deposit payment. More details will be discussed via email.

III. Do not be afraid to voice any concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. If you see problems, you are welcome- any amount of times- in pointing them out early on to me. Otherwise, we are at risk of losing you like we did with the previous artist. However, Team Precatio values honesty and friendship. So you’re welcome to voice anything as frankly as you wish, but with the added plea of using tact.


Precatio is a fun team in which all of its members consist visual novel lovers. We welcome anyone who is also a visual novel fan to apply for the position as our next character artist! Our prospective artist that will be taking over has it easy, because all the setting-up has already been done.

Currently, I (Jyuuguchi) have been creating a duty/work goal schedule every month. This has been successful in assisting all team members with keeping track of Kokorogawari’s developmental processes. Another important point of this monthly scheduling method is to ensure every single team member is given and can maintain a fair, realistic workload relative to their life situations.

Rest assured, development of Kokorogawari had been progressing smoothly until the artist’s sudden decision to pull out. However, this unfortunate turn of events helped make Precatio an even stronger team unit. We have taken additional measures to enhance creative input and boost team morale to uphold one of our key goals: For all members to have fun developing a polished, professional product in a friendly and highly supportive teamwork-oriented environment.

You do not need experience. You only need an open mind, a willing-to-learn spirit and commitment. (At least, until the end of this year, 2016.)

If you’re able to agree with the above criteria and are interested in joining Team Precatio, please send an email to with a link to some of your digital art.

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