Purple Nurple Wonderland 2015/2016: What Has Passed and What Is to Come

With 2016 just beginning, I wanted to make a post combining a few things I wanted to quickly write about, but didn’t feel as though it was worth making individual posts for. After the “Read More” line, I’ll be talking about:

~ What I read in 2015
~ Doujin otome game coverage
~ Reviewing non-otome VNs
~ About reviews, and my lack of them…
~ I’ll be revamping some pages on this blog
~ The otome game I’m working on with Precatio


~ What I read in 2015~

Since I was so busy with studies for most of the year and then I got pretty sick around June~July, I’ve only read 27 visual novels, with 12 of them being otome games, in spite of my casual goal of trying to read at least 35 since I read so few in 2014. In 2014, I read 28 with 12 being otome games, and in 2013 I read 46 with 15 being otome ones.

In 2015, I read (in order of play):

~ Ibara Hime
~ Memories
~ Orfleurs
~ Photograph Journey ~Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~
~ Taishou x Alice Episode I
~ D.C. Girl’s Symphony ~Da Capo Girl’s Symphony~
~ Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~
~ Yoshiwara Higanbana
~ Ayakashi Gohan
~ Torikago no Marriage
~ Goes!
~ Natalia

Yup, they’re all PC games except for Goes!, which is a PSV one. So yes… Goes! was my very first PSV otome game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away, but I’m expecting last year’s purchases- Kokuchou no Psychedelica, Sweet Clown and the PSV port of Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku– to be good reads. Out of the 12 otome VNs I did get around to, I’d say Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen and Yoshiwara Higanbana were the best, with an honourable mention going to Ayakashi Gohan and Taishou x Alice Episode I.


~ Doujin otome game coverage ~

Towards the end of 2015, after I polled the Wonderland’s readers to gauge their interest in doujin otome coverage, the results have lead me to believe that yes, most of you (around 80%, to be specific) are! Given that I do keep a regular eye on doujin otome stuff (I go to DL Site Girl’s Maniax about once a week to stay up-to-date), I might as well collate what I come across in post form, right? Since December 2015, doujin otome games have now been formally integrated into my monthly posts. However, since indie games are harder to keep track of than commercial ones, I apologise in advance for any informational inaccuracies or lateness!


~ Reviewing non-otome VNs ~

In a similar vein to the doujin coverage poll, I conducted another asking you guys how interested you are in me reveiwing non-otome games. About 55% of you are somewhat-to-very interested, so I’ve decided to include non-otome game reviews from 2016 onwards, however, I don’t plan on doing so frequently, nor will I be covering news about them. This blog is first and foremost, an otome game blog and always will be. So for those totally uninterested, I will be sure to tag, categorise, label, etc. non-otome reviews appropriately.


~ Speaking of reviews, and my lack of them… ~

While I did edit my scoring format, I’ve yet to actually write a full game review using it! This is a really terrible excuse considering many of my fellow otome bloggers make time for reviews fairly often… So this year, I plan on giving myself a realistic reviewing goal and see how I go from there- I’ll try and get one review (trial or full game) done every three months. Definitely a small goal, but at least it’d help establish a bit of reviewing routine!


~ I’ll be revamping some pages on this blog ~

The Visual Novel Database (VNDb) has now implemented a VN staff member database for almost a year. For the otome staff members, I’ve added a large amount of them to the VNDb (and am continuing to add more), so this means that a lot of info I have on this blog is redundant or could do with compression by linking directly to the VNDb entries (which are more streamlined and will show a list of other projects staff have been involved in). For now, I will not delete any of the informational pages until I’m done creating the new ones. So for those worried I’ll take down the seiyuu aliases page (it’s probably the most popular info page here at Wonderland), please don’t fret- it’s staying online!


~ Finally, the otome game I’m working on with Precatio ~

I’m sure most of Wonderland’s readers know it by now, but I guess I’ll quickly talk about this- I’ve long wanted to create a visual novel and was given the opportunity to help do this thanks to Jyuuguchi, a friend and fellow otome game blogger. She started a doujin group named “Precatio“, for which I’ve been assigned to mainly function as their editor.

We’re currently working on an otome visual novel named “心がわり (Kokorogawari)”, which essentially translates to “Change of Heart”. This is just my personal opinion, but these days most otome games almost always involves a combination of vampires, werewolves, idols, ayakashi and/or onii-tans in high school 80% of the time with a bland protagonist. I think that the beauty of Kokorogawari is that it’ll be a real world Japan human drama with adult love interests and a protagonist with 1) a capacity to think, 2) a spine and 3) an actual personality, which is a rarity in otome games!

If you’re interested in learning more details, I recommend you check the official website (https://precatio.wordpress.com/) or stay updated through the official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/Precatio_VN). I earnestly hope that you will enjoy our game and I promise you that we’re all working very hard to produce a quality title!


Well… I’ve got a few things off my chest now. Thank you to each and every single reader for your support and to some, for your kind words. It’s been almost two years since I started doing this and thanks to you all, it’s almost hard to believe I was anxious about starting a blog! I really enjoy writing all of my posts (yes, even of the games I complain about) and love chatting to you all about our hobby! Thank you again and I hope you continue to find Purple Nurple Wonderland enjoyable and worthwhile to read.

All the best for 2016. See you around!

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5 thoughts on “Purple Nurple Wonderland 2015/2016: What Has Passed and What Is to Come

  1. Can’t wait for more posts in the future! Since I mostly just play otoge now and don’t blog about it it’s gotten a lot harder to keep track of the releases since I buy a B’s Log or Dengeki Girl’s Style once every blue moon lol so your blog posts always help me keep up to date!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I’m pretty interested in seeing your upcoming otome game with Precatio; good luck with it, I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful game!

    • Thank you so much for your support, Usagi! =)

      I often hear my blog is really helpful and that just makes me so happy and motivated! I rarely get B’s Log or Dengeki Girl’s Style myself…

      I had a great Christmas and a nice and peaceful New Year. I hope you had a happy and safe time as well!

      Thanks again for your kind words… *Cries* I’m nervous, but kind words like yours help me stay on track and do the best I can. I hope you will enjoy our game!

  2. Don’t put too much on your plate, but I look forward to what you do write! Stay healthy haha! And aw, I hoped Goes! would do well at the least. Maybe SA7 will be better. I’m interested in anything regardless of whether it’s otome or not so write on! XD

    And you are MISSING out on Sweet Clown! When you get the time, get on it lol, it really is good. Heroine isn’t the typical heroine. Of course, I’m still very new to Japanese, but from what I did understand, I thought it was a gem of the year compared to Reine des Kusoge and I Doll U etc.

    • Thank you very much, Leaf!

      I don’t think Goes! did poorly in terms of sales, though opinions about the game itself seem to be mixed. It all depends on how much “depth” you want from your stories. For me personally, I don’t look for “depth” per se; I look for quality in general and a semblance of structure. Even something like a high school rom-com- a bargain bin, bog standard VN setting- would interest me if it’s free of stupid gimmicks and had likeable characters. A well done slice of life is just as good as a “deep” utsuge in my opinion.

      Sweet Clown is DEFINITELY on my list of things to read! I’m looking forward to it too, since I only great things. I just have to download it from the PSN since I bought it sometime last year, now… I’m fairly interested in Getsuei no Kusari, since it’s an utsuge and got good reviews. You mentioned Karin in your comment on the Rejet Change post. I have Eikoku Tantei Mysteria for PSP and I think I have Zettai Meikyuu Grimm… Neither of which I’ve gotten around to, yet… orz I hear good things about both, so I hope I get to them this year!

      • Haha i had to look up utsuge and dang lol. I don’t really care for depth either. Like Klap certainly didn’t take itself seriously and neither was the player supposed to. As long as I’m having fun and there are no annoying tropes in there that piss me off lol I’m fine. Though when a game has depth I love it.
        And yes!!!! I think you’ll really enjoy Sweet Clown! XD OOO Getsuei looks really cool. I’ll have to keep an eye out on that one.
        I saw the remake for Eikoku but I’ve been reading poor reviews for it. The complaints are mainly about how it was ported but I still want to play it.

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