Calling all creative people…

A good friend of mine and fellow otome game blogger Jyuuguchi has expressed an interest in creating her own otome game! I’ve joined the team to help with the writing aspects. There are still some positions available and we’re still looking for help. If there’s a job you’d be interested in, please let her know!


Hi it’s me.

So I’ve been thinking of creating my own otome game for a while now. It’s going to be impossible by myself so I’m recruiting some people who are interested in doing it. If you’ve always wanted to do something like that, join me and we’ll try it out!

I have two ideas for two stories, one is gonna be modern, the other 1800-1900s. We will have to discuss (when we get a team together) which you think will be better to start on.

For now, I’ll need these people so if you see anything that catches your fancy, comment or drop an email to

Serious people only please! It’ll be hard to think of monetizing it, (not entirely impossible though) but for now if you’re interested please assume that you’re gonna do it for free because you want to be a creator!

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