Otome Visual Novel Releases of September 2015

Is September the 和風 month or something? With Love:Quiz getting delayed until December, every game that’s coming out this month save for the final instalment of Photograph Journey will be of a traditional Japanese setting. While Yunohana Spring! is modern, the traditional countryside Japanese inn and onsen settings have a nice wafuu flavour. Genji Koi Emaki will be about nobles in the Heian period, Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou is set in the Meiji era and will involve the military of those times and Yoshiwara Higanbana, of course, is set in the Edo period with an emphasis on the (in)famous red light district. I’d say September is a decent month free of irredeemably shitty games, and that’s just fantastic!


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Genji Koi Emaki 17-9-2015 PSV
Yunohana SpRING! 17-9-2015 PSV
Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Kagawa-hen & Miyazaki-hen~ 25-9-2015 PC
Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou ~Meiji Yokosuka Koushinkyoku~ 25-9-2015 PSV
Yoshiwara Higanbana [R18+] 25-9-2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou 25-9-2015 PS2 → PSP → NDS → PS3 → N3DS → PSV → iOS → PSV [Remake]
Love:Quiz ~Koi Suru Otome no Final Answer~ 25-9-2015 → 10-12-2015 Mobile → PSV [Port]


Genji Koi Emaki


Release date: 17-9-2015
Platform: PSV
Age rating: CERO D [17+]
Developer and publisher: QuinRose
Artist: Fujimaru Mamenosuke
Official website: http://quinrose.com/game/genji/top.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16509
OP Info: Sorry, I couldn’t find anything anywhere! If anybody knows, please let me know.


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Murasaki no Kimi – Shimono Hiro
~ Aoi no Kimi – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Akashi no Kimi – Oosaka Ryouta
~ Oborozukuyo no Kimi – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Yuugao no Kimi – Ono Kenshou
~ Rokujou no Kimi – Aoi Shouta
~ Tokiwa – Nakai Kazuya

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Yui – Murata Ayano
~ Hikaru no Miya – Kuwahara Yuuki
~ Fujitsubo – Yamaya Yoshitaka


* Plot Summary *

The graceful capital city, ancient Kyoto.

A beautiful noble daughter was born between the emperor and his consort, Kiritsubo, who had gained his favour. That beautiful daughter is known as “Hikaru no Miya (The Princess of Light)” due to her unparalleled beauty that is likened to her casting light. The only men that are allowed to approach the beautiful princess are men chosen by the imeprial court, who are collectively known as the “Gekkou Go Kunshi (The Five Noble Men of Moonlight).” Every night, a secret rendezvous with the five men takes place, in which they read traditional Japanese poems to one another.

The protagonist, Chikage, is Hikaru’s servant lady. Though she looks just like Hikaru, Chikage has no interest in things relating to herself. She has lived each and everyday relying on the joy that serving her master had provided her.

…It happened so suddenly.
A letter written in kana was left behind. Her master, Hikaru, had disappeared?! If the emperor finds out about this, the female servants will get dismissed! Hikaru’s reputation will take a hit, and it would threaten her happiness.

In order to protect her colleagues and her master, Chikage decides to disguise as Hikaru and takes her place…

Where is princess?

What lies ahead of the dream-like rendezvous?

This is a romance ADV based on the immortal work by Murasaki Shikibu, “Genji Monogatari“.


* My Thoughts *

After a long string of PSV ports and remakes, QuinRose is finally releasing a new title. As the game title implies and the summary noted, Genji Koi Emaki is based on “Genji Monogatari (The Tales of Genji)”, which was authored by Murasaki Shikibu (her real name is unknown) during the Heian period. I’ve only heard of its name before coming across this game (Genji Monogatari is considered one of the greatest pieces of classic Japanese literature- and to some, even Japanese literature as a whole- so it’s famous)- plus Genji Monogatari is written in antiquated Japanese- so I don’t have a detailed idea as to what it’s all about.

To top it off, the writing style has an emphasis on poetry, which just further complicates things for me. From my limited understanding, it is a classical Japanese novel revolving around the lives of Heian period servants and their masters with an emphasis on poetry. It doesn’t have a narrative in the traditional sense, instead, being a collection of exchanges between the characters; being somewhat episodic.

While I don’t have an issue with wafuu settings, it’s just not my thing a lot of the time. Genji Koi Emaki has the added complexity of being about poetry. I have almost ZERO interest in poetry, so that really doesn’t help. The actual story itself doesn’t terribly interest me, but it should be noted that it’s certainly not horrendous– unlike some recent abominations I’ve come across.

I did enjoy the seiyuu interviews on the character profile pages. I think more companies should do this. If companies are gonna throw away putting effort in many core aspects of visual novel creation in favour of cashing in on rabid seiyuu fangirls, at least make it interesting for people like me who have to suffer through the drought of worthwhile games!



Yunohana SpRING!


Release date: 17-9-2015
Platform: PSV
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developer: Otomate, Design Factory
Publisher: Idea Factory
Artist: RiRi
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/yunohana_spring/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v17343
OP Info:
Song title: Ready Go!!
Vocals: KENN
Composer and arranger: Gotou Kouji
Lyrics: Ogawa Maki


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Katagiri Kintarou – KENN
~ Saeki Kouta – Ishida Akira
~ Izumi Takahira – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Katsuragi Naomasa – Sugiyama Noriaki

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Kaga Umenosuke – Tsuda Kenjirou
~ Suga Shunjirou – Nakata Jouji
~ Saibara Nanao – Shinomiya Saya
~ Hayatsuki Chiyo – Takahashi Amika
~ Katagiri Ginjirou – Yamashita Daiki
~ Izumi Takayuki – Miura Hiroaki
~ Hayama Sousuke – Murakami Kazuya


* Plot Summary *

Heisei era, Kanazawa city.
March, when the Japanese apricot flowers bloom.

Attracted to the city life, the protagonist Yunoha, against the wishes of her parents, leaves her country home and is currently job hunting- which has been ending in failure. Yunoha is the only daughter of the proprieteress of a hot spring inn called “Fukujurou”, which is located in Saigawakyou Hot Springs.

However, notice of her mother falling ill reaches her and Yunoha goes back home. When she arrived back, Fukujurou was in a slump in spite of previously being a flourishing business in spite of its small size. Supposedly, the popularity of the newly-established resort inn “Kiyominekaku” is causing the sharp drop of customers.

“But our inn has its own unique goodness!”

Determined to protect Fukujurou, Yunoha becomes its temporary proprieteress.

The unique employees of Fukujurou and the somewhat problem-riddled customers.
With her work as the proprieteress and her love life keeping her very busy, Yunoha’s days have become chaotic, but fully loaded with heart-pounding events!

What will become of Yunoha’s future?


* My Thoughts *

I wasn’t sure about some translations, but I went with “Saigawakyou” because in Kanazawa there are hot springs named “Saigawakyou Onsen” as well, but spelled with a different kanji. (川峡温泉 is the real one and Yunohana Spring uses 川峡温泉). It could be an uncanny coincidence but my theory is that the writers wanted to pick somewhere that exists but use a slightly different name. It could just be an homage of sorts.

Anyway, onto my impressions. I think Yunohana Spring! is the second-best pick this month, behind Yoshiwara Higanbana. Nothing really groundbreaking going on here, but I really like the laidback atmosphere and if the romantic comedy aspect is executed well, it’d be a nice and fluffy break from the usual “serious” stuff I often play. I’m also liking Yunoha herself- she’s adorable, ambitious, got spunk and looks like she takes initiative, even if she appears to be somewhat impulsive. I hope this adult protagonist actually behaves like an adult. Too often, the ages of the protagonists are raised but they’re still written like high school kids.

While I’m slightly cautious (as always), I definitely want to play Yunohana if the reviews are good or even average. As long as it’s not a landmine, I’m keen!



Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Kagawa-hen & Miyazaki-hen~


Release date: 25-9-2015
Platform: PC
Age rating: All ages
Developer and publisher: honeybee, Dengeki Girl’s Style
Artist: Mizuguchi Too
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/p_j/kagawa-miyazaki/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14700
OP Info:
Song title: Photograph Journey
Vocals: Antistar
Composer, arranger and lyricist: Alulu-can


* Cast *

~ Hasui Yaichi – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Yukizaki Nagi – Nojima Kenji
~ Richard Albarn – Mizushima Takahiro


* Plot Summary *

Until she became a high school student, due to the the protagonist’s (Hayama Haruho) father’s job, she had to repeatedly transfer schools. One day, she receives a single letter from a boy she met at one of the many places she had moved to.

Enclosed is a letter and a photograph of him.

Form then onwards, the nostalgic relationship between him and Haruho begins.

Accompanied by Richard, an English boy who loves Japan and is currently home-staying at Haruho’s, she journeys to the place where that boy now lives…

This is a travel romance story that began from a single letter…

Who will you choose to visit?


* My Thoughts *

Finally, we have reached the end of the Photograph Journey series! I’ve yet to play any of the others since Niigata-hen (Yuuto-kun❤) & Hokkaido-hen, and I’m not even sure I’m interested in doing so. It’s not a huge investment in time or money, so I guess it doesn’t hurt to try them all if I’m in the mood in the future. It’s a simple love story that I’d recommend to those short on time, money or both and want something quick and easy to read through. Your enjoyment may vary depending on which two heroes’ games you play as well. I’d recommend reading up on their profiles or even listening to their drama CDs to work out who you’re most keen on. If you don’t like the characters enough, Photograph Journey will become a total drag as it provides nothing new to the table as well as being heavily reliant on character interactions.

Moving on, I still love Richard as he’s just so sweet and hilarious (I WANT HIS ROUTE, HONEYBEE, YOU BASTARDS!), but this time around, Yaichi and Nagi don’t interest me that much… but if I had to choose, of course I’m going to go with the mysterious Nagi.

Will I play this particular Photograph Journey? Maybe sometime in the future. For now, it’s very low on the priority list.



Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou ~Meiji Yokosuka Koushinkyoku~


Release date: 25-9-2015
Platform: PSV
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developer: HuneX
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Artist: Wyatt
Official website: http://www.d3p.co.jp/kaigun/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v17285
OP Info:
Song title: Unmei no Senritsu (運命の旋律)
Vocals: Katou Kazuki (加藤 和樹)
Composer, arranger and lyricist: Miyahara Shin’ya


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Fukayama Muneharu – Saitou Souma
~ Hiratsuka Shigeru – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Iyobe Naoya – Konishi Katsuyuki
~ Hara Masaki – Sakurai Takahiro
~ Komiyama Takamoto – Ishida Akira

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Tokuda Goushou – Itou Kentarou
~ Fujisawa Hironari – Suzuki Yuuto
~ Numajiri Kanoko – Sakuma Kumi
~ Honjou Shin’ichirou – Oosuka Jun
~ Mihagi Yasunori – Naka Hiroshi
~ Soeda Shuusei – Ueda Youji
~ Shiga Miyako – Akesaka Satomi
~ Fukayama Takateru – Shimizu Kazuki
~ Tasaki Yoshihiro – Sogou Keisuke
~ Vladimir Mironov – Kusunoki Taiten


* Plot Summary *

The Meiji period…

Around the time the damages caused by the First Sino-Japanese War were beginning to heal, Mihagi Sonoo had graduated from a regular school. Unable to find employment, she found herself in poverty.

Then, an opportunity had arisen. Not far from her home was the Yokosuka Military Base, and they were looking to hire artists. Having learned of this, Sonoo headed for a job interview with the drawings she had made. However, while she was lost in the building, she accidentally witnesses the military band working as spies (they were in a meeting), and to top it off, she gets caught doing so.

With the military band not wanting their secret to get leaked and with Sonoo looking for work, they came to an agreement: she became the military band’s “artist-cum-spy apprentice” and became a member.

For a while, she was tasked with drawing posters and did some general work on the side. One day, her superior officer, Iyobe, summoned her and ordered her to join the other band members to engage in actual spy missions.

And that was how the first mission of her life began.


* My Thoughts *

Hopefully the same people who were responsible for Possession Magenta isn’t behind this game! xD I’d hate to see another HuneX game get trashed on Amazon… Oh wait, it’s HuneX!

Snide remarks aside, Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou (ridiculously long title) doesn’t interest me much. In my view, how stupid this plot idea will become depends on the level of the protagonist’s involvement in the military/spy missions. It’s already a stretch that she found herself in the military band in the first place- especially since she’s a lady (females were assigned as nurse/medical officers, from my understanding but I don’t know about the actual military bands), doesn’t know how to play any instrument from what I’ve gathered AND she’s a civilian with no combat experience. Did they really think she’s going to tell every Tom, Dick and Harry that she discovered military spies? What made them so distrustful of her? However, I could let this slide (begrudgingly) as long as they don’t full-on assign her with (dangerous) tasks that no realistic civilian of her time should be able to perform successfully.

While this doesn’t induce rage or too many facepalms, I can’t be expected to take this seriously. First, the Not Like a Mafia Mafia Arcana Famiglia. Then the Not Like a Special Forces Special Forces Kaleidoeve. Now we have a Not Like Navymen or Spies Navymen and Spies in Teikoku Kaigun. HuneX likes to (un)intentionally take the seriousness out of serious themes and settings, huh?

While I don’t have a massive problem with this game, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not interested. Next one!



Yoshiwara Higanbana [R18+]

Release date: 25-9-2015
Platform: PC
Age rating: CERO Z [R18+]
Developer and publisher: Maria Crown
Artist: Ranpumi
Official website: http://mariacrown.com/yosiwara/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v13994
OP Info: Unknown (if you find out, please let me know!)


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Iseya Souichirou – Sawa Manaka (Nakazawa Masatomo)
~ Kaguraya Akito – Higeuchi Warata (Takeuchi Ryouta)
~ Ootsuki Shinobu – Suga Kiya (Majima Junji)
~ Oukaya Shigure – Houdentei-gatsu (Morikawa Toshiyuki)
~ Sakuya – Kijima Uta (Mizushima Takahiro)

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Tatsukichi – Yotsuya Cider (Okitsu Kazuyuki)


* Plot Summary *

It is the Edo era.

Lust and desire swirls within the “other side” of the luxurious and gorgeous Shin-Yoshiwara.
At the long-standing brothel called “Oukaya”, the protagonist Chihaya works as its top-ranking prostitute.
In order to go back to her motherland, she enterains male strangers day and night.

Her unchanging everyday life…
Yoshiwara might be a small world, but to Chihaya, it’s a treasured place in which she can prove herself.
The brothel’s owner, Shigure. Her servant, Yuzu. The strong-willed fellow harlots that work alongside her. Surrounded by irreplaceable people, though her line of work is called “the world of suffering”, Chihaya is proud of being a courtesan…

…Until she learned what true love is.

This is the story of upheaval in which a prostitute gets swallowed by a fate she cannot fight against.


* My Thoughts *

Yoshiwara Higanbana is without a doubt, my pick of the month! The decidedly tragic, dramatic-sounding story is right up my alley, even if I’m usually indifferent to the Yoshiwara/Edo setting. It’s good to see the protagonist being proud and unashamed of her occupation. When thinking about the typical otome plot, one would normally expect a prostitute protagonist to be dying to get out of her job, only for a chaste (until they’re officially together), rich dude to sweep her off her feet and whisk her away to his towering mega mansion for a Happily Ever After. While I’d be OK if all the endings were sad (I think the summary is making it pretty clear that Yoshiwara Higanbana isn’t for those who want fluffy happy ends), I’m not totally opposed to one or two happy ends… as long as it doesn’t follow the formula I just mentioned when referring to how a typical otome game would go.

While my hopes are up, I’m not delusional. There’s still the possibility that the setting is an excuse for a rape scene marathon and will totally toss aside its great potential. There’s no way I will buy any game before playing the trial if a trial is available- which for any PC otome worth its salt, it will be. I’m greatly looking forward to a demo when it comes out, and if I have anything I want to discuss about it, perhaps post an impressions review on it. I’d be scared of the quality if there were no trial…

So in short: if the trial wins me over, there’s no question I’ll get this game and support a new brand.

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11 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of September 2015

  1. Posession Magenta was mostly by comfort soft. I think HuneX does programming for a lot of various companies games which includes games by both D3P and Comfort (I saw the credit logo in both Arcana Famiglia and Vitamin games.) Still I think D3P’s game releases have been less than stellar so I’m pretty much avoiding all their games like the plague unless it has some amazing reviews….

    Yunohana is the only thing I’ve preordered (on top of my backlog mountain lol) because it’s the same staff as Binary Star and I loved that game. DIdn’t want to have the same regrets like I did with BS so I made sure to get the animate set this time!

    Yoshiwara Higebana is gonna be a rape marathon which is a no-thanks for me but on the other hand, if it’s a rape marathon at least it’s actually a realistic portrayal of the prostitution business in old timey Japan. I hate when they have games that involve prostitution but they sugar coat it like all the bishies treat you so nice and are so sweet and eventually mawwy you and fall in love~! (Like the shit that was Hanasaku Manimani blah)

    • The good things about HanaMani:
      1) Takara baby. Absolutely precious candy.
      2) The mini games.

      That’s all. wwww

    • Thanks for reading!

      I thought Comfort Soft are publishers and HuneX are the developers (発売元 vs. 開発元)? I guess it’s not like either or couldn’t do the other’s job. Thanks for the interesting info!

      Awesome! I hope you enjoy Yunohana. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree with you more about the poor portrayal of prostitution in otome games. That’s what I was going on about when I was hoping Yoshiwara Higanbana wouldn’t travel in that direction… at the very least, not for all the “good” ends. I don’t know a lot about historical prostitution in Japan or how much things differed between “classy” establishments and the working class ones, but I’d be able to imagine that it wouldn’t be uncommon at all for people those days to treat them like objects rather than people; especially in a “men > women” society.

      I’m glad I didn’t touch Hanasaku Manimani if the entire story was just as you said it was… :S

  2. Whenever Autumn comes, Japanese people (including me now :p) are always ready to travel to Kyoto for the red maples. So what’s Kyoto? – The ancient capital of Japan! And yes! Wafuu everywhere! So I’m not surprised Otome companies are making September da Wafuu month. And while we’re at it, why not incorporate hot men bathing in onsens XD.

    For Yunohana Spring, I was initially excited about it, but no more Otomate Cero B games for me. It seems to be a filler game, if anything and I most likely won’t play it though it has pretty art and Ishida Akira! ):

    I love Wafuu and have mostly enjoyed every single one I played except all QR games, so I’m never touching anything form that company again.

    Teikoku Kaigun, was excited about it initially. Pretty sure you saw me ravelove it on my D3P post :p But the moment I found out it was Cero B, I cancelled it happily because like you say, I’m pretty sure the writing is gonna be watered like eating crabsticks and calling it crab meat. And while Arcana wasn’t a bad game for me, the entire makeup of the game was terrible. And Posession Magenta. Let’s not even talk about that kusoge. I guess I only have Verite to look forward to for Wyatt’s next work and hope it’s a success……. But (; ・`д・´)ノオォォォォ I’m gonna miss Ishida Akira AGAIN?! AND Konishi Katsuyuki?! ついてねえな。

    Higanbana looks great. But I’m staying away from R18s, and honestly, this theme would be shit without it being R18, so I hope all those playing this game find it good!

    Nothing on my list after Reine Des Fleurs and KLAP, all the way until November. It sounds like an excuse so I can do my Thesis, but darn, nothing catches my eye that much anymore.

    • That’s true! I keep on forgetting about how the seasons are the total opposite between Australia and Japan! Over here it’s pretty much heading into spring but of course in Japan, autumn is coming. 🙂 Such a beautiful autumn at that, as well. I wish Australian autumns were as beautiful as Japan’s. Incidentally, Genji Koi Emaki is actually set in Heiankyou for maximum wafuu-ness!

      Yes… that pesky CERO B. The rating system is by no means perfect and I’ve played plenty of games that don’t accurately reflect its rating. But as I said, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic and keep a close eye on the reviews. I so wanna give Yunohana a chance because it’s so adorable and heart-warming!

      I do remember you expressing your excitement about Teikoku so I felt a bit bad writing the “My Thoughts” section for it! 😛

      I guess I’ll be the guinea pig for Yoshiwara Higanbana. I hope they hurry up and release a trial so I can work out if I want to buy it or not- and if so, tokuten or no?

      My otome backlog has stopped growing in the last year, that’s for sure. 2016 looks like it’s going to be much better. Even the “worst” of the 2016 game teasers seem better than some of the rubbish that came out this year.

      • Spring in Australia! Though I’m not sure which part of Aus you live in, it sounds like a great place too! Met this Australian guy recently and he told me all about those woodlands and nice farmy places!

        Pretty sure QR will butcher Heian because it is by no means modern Japanese language, and the moment they write in modern Japanese they fail bad.

        Aww I hope you enjoy Yunohana if you do end up playing it! It doesn’t seem bad but I’m not in the mood for cutesy stuff anymore ( *`ω´)

        The R18 Otome world’s king Mr.Sawa Mannaka is voicing – why not tokutens! Your ears will thank you for it 😏

        • Australian spring can be very beautiful, but woe betide you if you get hayfever easily. I like visiting the botanic gardens or conservation parks around this time of the year (before it gets too hot and you get roasted by the scorching Australian sun!) I don’t live in the outback (I’m very much a city girl) so thankfully, it doesn’t get too hot too often. Australia is full of surprises- especially in the wilderness. The farms are lovely too, but I have no desire to live away from the convenience of city life unless I must.

          I have to concentrate to understand some old Japanese… On the flip side, if QuinRose stick to pure archaic Japanese, how many people would be able to understand the dialogue completely? I remember listening to the seiyuu talking about how there were some difficult kanji/phrases that caused them to struggle a bit, haha. They sound so natural in the samples that you wouldn’t think that, though. Such professionals! *Sighs in admiration*

          I really hope Yunohana will turn out to be the heartwarming game of the year! I like Yunoha herself so far, so I hope they won’t butcher her character. I can totally understand how some players wouldn’t be interested. There are a boatload of moe charage out there which could make people think “why single out Yunohana?”

          I totally respect Sawa-san but he’s in every R18+ thing ever, as well Okitsu Kazuyuki and Majima Junji, lately. I’m a teeny bit sick of them, even if they all have lovely voices. If I’m to choose a tokuten, it’d be Higeuchi Waruta (Kaguraya Akito) or Kijima Uta (Sakuya). It’s very sad that none of my favourite seiyuu are in this game (Hirarin and Shimono-san… they aren’t too much to ask for, right?)… ;__; but then again, I’m pleased to hear from Mizushima Takahiro and BOSS Morikawa Toshiyuki. I want a trial, damn it, because I like to reserve tokuten based on the character rather than the seiyuu.

          • I see… Japan has its bout of flu during the pollen seasons but thankfully it isn’t bad in the city where I am.
            Totally understand! It’s really nice being in the villages and all, but internet, distances, food. Things can get a little annoying long term.

            Yeah archaic Japanese is difficult for even the Japanese probably because of the chinese characters and phrases, maybe accent too. It hurts to see old settings destroyed by modern Japanese, but maybe it’s just me though, because I always cringe when I see Shakespeare in modern takes.

            For one, my personal preference is just seeing how the couple get together and I’m not so much interested in what happens after; which Yunohana is going to expand on, apparently.

            I’m a fan of deep voices so I’m totally happy about it, but true having your bias seiyuus would definitely make the game better!

            Mizushima is a great seiyuu, so glad he’s geting more roles! Strange that they aren’t making a trial. Very secretive game!

            • Speaking of Shakespeare, it is a nice comparison, though I’d still say Shakesperean English is easier than classical Japanese. At least the alphabet/characters used still have the same meaning and method of writing it. Whereas that closer-to-Chinese-kanji thing going on with classical Japanese just makes me wanna cry out in pain! ;__; I’m open to modern takes, adaptations, etc. as long as the end product still fundamentally resembles what is being adapted in the first place. Most of the time these companies like to steal the aesthetics and rarely seem demonstrate a core understanding of the original work… or they just ignore in favour of appealing to their target demographic. Which is understandable, but it still irks me.

              I favour watching the couple get together over watching how they stay together as well. That being said, it’s not a deal breaker if a game splits those two scenarios or even focuses on a couple staying together. The problem is that the “already together” scenario is rarely more interesting than “getting together” scenario. To me, it’s like romance VNs that have an explicitly stated main hero. Besides feeling guilty for breaking up a pair with such good chemistry (or worse, if they’re already together!)… I find that the other routes suffer because the writers need to place more time and effort into the main guy or the VN takes a major blow because the main guy isn’t written in a way that makes it interesting that he’s shouldering the story. Now that I think about it, Yunohana’s story structure could create pacing issues. I’ll have to wait and see.

              男前 Deep voices are great, but 爽やか young voices are wonderful, too! It’s too hard to choose so most of my “bias” seiyuu changes every so often. I need to come up with a personal top 10 to keep track, haha. I agree about Mizushima-san. I like his voice (and of course, him voicing Richard really helps matters) and am happy to see him back in the “underground” otome scene… hopefully he’ll make more regular appearances, but not go overboard.

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