Otomate Party 2015 New Project Announcement Digest



Projects Announced

Title Medium Release Date
Collar x Malice PSV game 2016
Kyoukai no Shirayuki PSV game 2016
Suuran Digit PSV game 2016
7’scarlet PSV game 2016
Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan PSV game 2016
Bara ni Kakusareshi Vérité PSV game 2016
Fortissimo PSV game TBA
Majestical Cr[L]own Drama CD series October 2015
Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu Drama CD series October 2015
Code Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ Fandisc PSV game TBA
NORN9 ~Norn+Nonette~ Act Tune PSV game 2016
Haitaka no Psychedelica PSV game TBA
Brothers Conflict Precious Baby PSV game 2016
Wand of Fortune R PSV game 2016
KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~ Character Song CD Character song CD series November 2015


This post will go into detail about the new projects announced by Otomate during their Otomate Party 2015 event, which was held on 16th August… yet again, I’m almost ten days late to the party. Again, I hope this post will be useful as I tried to include as much detail as I could. Please note that I will only be extensively covering the seven new games and two new drama CD series, as they have enough information to warrant their own entries. The rest of the announcements will be compiled under one heading. Happy reading!


Collar x Malice



* Story *

Due to the occurrences of serial brutal crimes, Shinjuku has become a dangerous town to live in. The protagonist works as a policewoman and works hard everyday to keep the town safe. However, one night, somebody attacks her and places a collar around her neck that has poison inside of it. Amidst the chaos and right before the protagonist’s eyes are men with suspicious backgrounds. They’re all part of an organisation composed of former policemen and now they’ve taken upon it themselves to investigate the brutal cases.

Without knowing whether she should trust these men or not, she suddenly came to hold the key to this massive case. In order to remove the collar that places her at the edge of death and to liberate Shinjuku from the malice that binds it, she cooperates and begins to investigate the incidents with the men.

Who holds her life in their hands?
Will Shinjuku ever return to its former glory?


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Hanamura Mai

Out of all the Otomate titles announced, I’m probably the most interested in this one. It remains to be seen if I’ll stay interested, though. The otome genre is piss-poor at handling these kinds of stories as the emphasis is on “LOOK AT THE HOT GUYS IN THE HOT UNIFORMS, THOSE HOT GUYS ARE SO HOT!” rather than telling a good procedural crime story. It doesn’t help that I get a distinct Kaleidoeve feeling out of this… bonus points to anybody who actually remembers whatever the hell that game was.

The poison collar thing seems a bit stupid. They probably picked it because they don’t want to rip off other stories that utilise bomb collars. Did these criminals harvest tropical toxic frog poisons or something, LOL?

Anyway, so far, I’m interested, though I will run away with my tail between my legs at first sight of anything too stupid for me to take this all seriously.



Kyoukai no Shirakyuki



* Story *

It all began with the pomegranate tree.
A fallen pomegranate.
A divided world.
The madness reflected in the mirror.
The sinner, Snow White.
7 Men.
The 8th prince.
Mirror world = Mad world.
The queen of the mirror world.

“I’ll definitely swap places with you.”

The sinful Snow White.

The man with destructive impulses.
“I don’t want to break anything anymore, but I want to break it so badly.”

The man with no emotions.
“Human emotions. If I had emotions, will I be able to become my true self?”

The man who bears confusion.
“I should be the only importance, just only look at me, just want only me.”

The man who knows no pain.
“What is “pain?” Teach me what pain is.”

The man who does not know love.
“Inside me, there’s no love. So fill me with it.”

The man who can only betray.
“People will definitely lie, and they’re creatures that betray. If so, don’t trust anybody from the start.”

The man who has nothing.
“I don’t have anything. I don’t want anything. Don’t seek anything from me.”

The man who only possesses madness.
“I am faulty goods… Weeelll, same goes for you! Haha!”


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the most sinful of them all?”


* Cast *
~ Sugiyama Noriaki
~ Sugita Tomokazu
~ Kishio Daisuke
~ Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Saitou Souma
~ Takemoto Eiji
~ Oosaka Ryouta
~ Morikawa Toshiyuki


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Kinako

Seriously? Do we need another Snow White/Alice in Wonderland adaptation? Why bother replacing apples with pomegranates? That aside, the OP does create a decently imposing atmosphere, which suits its “dark fantasy” genre. I’m a massive of dark fantasies, so this should be right up my alley… except for the rather tired concept of EVERYONE’S NUTZ!!1!11! Ignoring the fact that 90% of otome writers have no real idea what mental illnesses are all about, this has the ALICE=ALICE stench, made worse by the fact that the artist Kinako’s style is similar to Suou’s (or the other way around. I have no idea who came first into the professional scene).

I’m continually impressed by an otome writer’s ability to churn out heaps of characters and not make even one of them unique or interesting. You’d think the numbers game would more often play in their favour after all of these years, you know?

That being said, it is just a teaser trailer in the end, so I’ll reserve concrete judgement until more information is revealed. Dark fantasy bias? Well, yeah, you’re right- kiss my ass!



Suuran Digit



* Cast *
~ Nishiyama Koutarou
~ Yusa Kouji
~ & others that are currently TBA


* Story *

When the ten numbers assemble, the carved seal shall be revealed and guide one to the battleground.

This will be a modern day traditional Japanese style fantasy delivered to you by Otomate.

The characters are all anthropomorphised numbers from 1 to 9.

The two main heroes that will lead this story are:

Number 2, the number that craves for victory, Nitou Mitsu…

Number 1, the very proud and arrogant number, Ichizono Ousuke…

Reisaki Hiroka, the protagonist who is the number that should not exist.

0. That is the person who marks the beginning and the end.


* My Thoughts *

Artist: The lovely melo

Just when you thought Japan would run out of ideas to anthropomorphise, they’ve picked numbers. I can’t tell if this is a legitimate creative attempt or Otomate are tragically low on ideas. It’s just the whole “0, who should not have existed” being somewhat chuunibyou that makes it hard to take seriously. Regardless of my skepticism, I think there is a chance this could be interesting- certainly more than the umpteenth Norn9 game and that evil Brothers Conflict… whatever it is.

I wonder if they’ve picked numbers and their characterisations based on cultural perceptions of them, or if these are based on some kind of numerology. At the moment I’m inclined to think of the former, due to Number 2 “craving victory” and Number 1 being “proud and arrogant”. If I’m going to stick to my “cultural perception” theory, since this is “wafuu” (traditional Japanese style), Number 7 should have it pretty good and the Numbers 4 and 9… poor things.

Still, not a lot has been revealed so I’m still interested in keeping an eye on how things go.






* Cast *

~ Kagutsuchi Hiro – Shimazaki Nobunaga
~ Kanna Isora – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Kushinada Toa – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Takehira Sousuke – Sawashiro Chiharu
~ Murakumo Yuzuki – Miki Shin’ichirou


* Story *

“I heard the investigation got called off… but if it’s OK with you, do you want to go check out Otonezato?”

“Me? I…”

A romance x mystery story brought to you by Otomate.

A miracle called “despair” in a town known as “Otonezato”.

At first glance, it seems like a peaceful town. However, various enigmas and intentions lurk within.

The shadow of your disappeared older brother.
The cage of nature.
The taboo club of Otonezato.
A murder mystery.
The whispered “Legends of the Dead”.

The moonlight will shine upon and reveal the truth of this town.

“I won’t let you go… definitely. Not this time.”


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Kurahana Chinatsu

I may have butchered the character names… Time will tell if I have, and if I did, sorry about that.

To start off with the very bad impression I got: “Scarlet” makes me think of “blood”, and “blood” makes me think of fucking “vampires”, and that’s holy-fucking-shit-BAD.

Other than that, nice to see that the main cast is a balanced mix of relatively new faces and some long-standing favourites. I like Shimazaki Nobunaga (I first heard him in Rejet’s Vanquish Brothers before Free!, actually), and it’s good to see his role as Nanase Haruka from Free! expanding his career. Also, Sawashiro Chiharu is the magnificently talented Sawashiro Miyuki’s younger brother! I haven’t heard him in anything yet (as far as I know), so here’s hoping he’s made it into the seiyuu industry through prowess rather than nepotism.

Anyway, I love murder mysteries, especially those with an air of tragedy. “Despair” gets thrown around a lot lately, so it’s hard to take it 100% seriously without being reminded of Danganronpa. Still, it’s interesting how the PV’s laidback song contrasts the rather dark plot summary. I’m thinking 7’scarlet will be set in a country-ish town with more traditional values… Maybe something like Hinamizawa from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, even though the architecture and generation is different.

As with the Otomate’s other announcements, it’s hard to make proper judgements until more information is revealed. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one and hope it’ll be an utsuge with NO FUCKING VAMPIRES FROM ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!



Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan



* Cast *

~ Ozaki Hayato – Kaji Yuuki
~ Kougami Akira – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Hoshikawa Hisui – Oosaka Ryouta
~ Ukai Shougo – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Migiwashi Tsuru – Suzumura Ken’ichi
~ Sagisawa Rui – Sakurai Takahiro


* Story *

The Taishou era didn’t end in 15 years, but went on for another 25.

It is a world in which words harbour spiritual power and letters contain spiritual energy.

Do you believe in the existence of “The Book That Harbours Passion?” Its words influence those who read it.

To fall in love.

To learn what love is.

This is a story of a girl who births love.

Why did you keep quiet?

You were hiding it from me, weren’t you?


* My Thoughts *

Artist: The beautiful Satoi

I wonder how they plan on explaining why the Taishou era went on for another 25 years? Did Emperor Taishou manage to not die or something? xP

I’m nil admirari that I’m not interested in Nil Admirari. I know, I’m hilarious!

Lame jokes aside, there’s nothing really interesting to me apart from the fact it’s illustrated by Satoi. As long-time readers of this blog know by now, artwork is never a primary deciding factor for me so tough luck, Nil Admirari. I don’t particularly care for the Taishou era- especially those with dodgy alternate histories- and the whole “influencing others to fall in love” thing doesn’t really interest me as well.

That’s just my impression. I don’t feel comfortable with totally writing it off yet, but let’s say it’s the amongst the least interesting of the new non-fandisc/sequel titles.



Bara ni Kakusareshi Vérité



* Cast *

~ Liese Forster/Marie Antoinette Josepha Jeanne de Lorraine d’Autriche
~ Louis-Auguste de France
~ Hans Axel von Fersen
~ Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette
~ Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre
~ Georges Jacques Danton


* Story *

What if you became Marie Antoinette?


* My Thoughts *

Artist: Yuuya (a.k.a. Wyatt)

Yeah, that’s seriously it for the story… I really worked hard on it, promise! 😉

Unless I’ve seriously misinterpreted something, did I just see a COMMONER turn into MARIE ANTOINETTE? LMAO, I get that this is about “becoming Marie Antoinette”, but that’s just ridiculous. Marie was born and raised in high nobility, man. Don’t you think that a lifetime of being raised in such an environment would be an important factor of her characterisation?

That aside, it would be interesting to play as a lady who does not at all reflect the standard, “ideal” otome protagonist. If my recollection is correct, Marie was a pretty shitty royal who was hated by the French public for siding with France’s (at the time) enemies, her crazy spending and promiscuity… I’m not an expert on French history so I may have got some things wrong but from what I understand, Marie is NOT “typical” otome protagonist material… which is probably this silly game’s saving grace.

Given the infamous ending of her life, does that mean every route will result in Marie saying hello and goodbye to the guillotine? That sounds decidedly “un-otome” to me, so my guess is that some routes will involve stupid tweaking of historical events to facilitate her survival. Again, this is just a guess, and I’m hoping I’m completely wrong more than you guys are sick of me being negative.

It should be noted that the same people who worked on the acclaimed Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku series will be this game’s staff, so in the end, who knows how this will turn out?




















* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Akaboshi Eiichirou – Ono Yuuki
~ Seike Ryou – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Takesue Takuma – Oosaka Ryouta
~ Narimoto Osamu – Saitou Souma
~ Morishima Towa – Hanae Natsuki
~ Asakura Fuuto – KENN

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Tsukishiro Souta – Taniyama Kishou
~ Matsunaga Akizane – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Natsukise Lily – Eguchi Takuya


* Story *

As far as I know, there isn’t an official plot summary for the game itself. What I do know is that it’s an otome game adaptation of the popular manga of the same name, which is currently serialised in Sylph shoujo manga magazine.

The protagonist Fujisaki Futaba is a university student who had no interest whatsoever in idols… until she got a job at James Entertainment and is assigned to manage the popular idol group, “forttê”.


* My Thoughts *




Artist: Udajo

That incredibly more-gorgeous-than-any-idol-otome-hero-ever man’s expression sums up what I think about Fortissimo (also an excuse for me to decorate this already long post with delicious eye candy that actually appeals to me, but don’t tell anybody that).

Why should I care about yet another idol otome game?

What’s different about this one? I’m dead serious. Can someone explain Fortissimo’s popularity to me given that idol giants like Marginal #4 and Uta no Prince-sama already exist?

What is the appeal of idol heroes other than, “I’m dating sum1 famous n hot who validates me cuz he only luvz me 4 sum reason even tho im a blank slate n hes surrounded by models n hot idol girls n actresses n rabid fangirls dat throw themselves at him… n UR NOT so sucked in LOSER!!11!1!”?



Majestical Cr[L]own



* Cast *

~ Ishikawa Kaito
~ Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Hatano Wataru
~ Saitou Souma
~ Okitsu Kazuyuki
~ Kishio Daisuke


* Story *

Do as Her Majesty the Queen commands.

With that as their motto, “The Apostles” become the royal family’s pet dogs under the veil of night. Even so, these boys’ usual selves are the privileged sons of famous and noble duke families!?

A complete change from your life of living in an orphanage, you get transferred into the sister school Westwood Senior High School after getting taken in by a noble family.

There, you meet the wealthy noble sons, “The Apostles”. With them, the tempestuously dramatic, occasionally life-risking lessons in etiquette begins.


* My Thoughts *





Kono Koi Ochiru Bekarazu



* Cast *

~ Masuda Toshiki
~ Umehara Yuuichirou
~ Midorikawa Hikaru
~ Yonaga Tsubasa
~ Hatano Wataru
~ Kondou Takashi


* “Story” *

You won’t know until you play the love game. “The surface” and “the undersurface”. Which is the real him?

You transferred into Karasunomiya Academy.

In the academy, there are the school idols collectively known as “Soleilsis”. They’re good-looking, they have excellent grades and they’re great at sports.

Suddenly, you become their target because you stumble upon a secret game they play.

In an attempt to make you fall for them, they get close to you using any and every method they can.


* My Thoughts *




What did I do to deserve this? I’m not the most pious and good human being in the history of ever, but I ask again: do I really deserve this? Does anybody?



Other Titles


Here are the rest of the titles that have been announced. I didn’t give them their own headings because there is insufficient information about them (they don’t even have their own websites yet) to warrant their own entries. Some of these titles have a promotional video out, which I’ll leave links to.

* Code Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ fandisc *
The title is self-explanatory. This will be a fandisc of Code Realize, which will also be released for PlayStation Vita. Its release date is currently unannounced.

* NORN9 ~Norn+Nonette~ Act Tune *
It’s unknown where in the Norn9 timeline this game will take place. It’s set to be released sometime in 2016 and will be for the PlayStation Vita.

* Haitaka no Psychedelica *
This will be a sequel to “Kokuchou no Psychedelica”. Its release date is currently TBA.

* Brothers Conflict Precious Baby *
Precious Baby will be the PSV port of the two Brothers Conflict games, “Passion Pink” and “Brilliant Blue”. It’s set for a 2016 release.

* Wand of Fortune R *
Wand of Fortune R will be a twin PlayStation Vita port of the original Wand of Fortune game and its fandisc, “Wand of Fortune ~Mirai e no Prologue~”. It is planned for a 2016 release.

* KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~ Character Song CD *
Again, the title is self-explanatory: this will be a character song CD series featuring the main love interests of KLAP. The monthly releases will begin from November 2015 onwards.

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26 thoughts on “Otomate Party 2015 New Project Announcement Digest

  1. Thanks for the post! I will reserve my judgement for any of the games until we get more info on them. But I think it woulld be just perfect if that Maria Antoinette game was R18 xD >.>

    • No problem! I’m glad you found it useful. 🙂

      Otomate seems like they have better things in store for me rather than Rejet.

      The Marie Antoinette game being R18+… I guess if it were for PC and didn’t have any age restrictions, they could have more wiggle room to delve into the “maturer” aspects of her life! 😉

  2. Haha I was wondering where your post when till you said you took it down.

    Judge Judy strikes again! XD So far we’re on the same page! Ze police game and Verite definitely looks best at the moment, but Marie Antoinette is really iffy. Seems like they just needed any French Noble and the writers happened to stumble on her. There were so many others they could have picked tho. I’m not strong in Western History but really, there could have been others.
    Maybe one day they will get into big trouble for making a playable character model after Hitler *rolls eyes*

    • The September post is pretty much ready to roll… and not by accident LOL.

      I couldn’t resist! God, the drama CD plots are painfully awful. They’re making Rejet look like geniuses. At least the stupid Rejet one with the “gods” and pregnancy rumours was funny and is possibly a parody. :/ I’d say 7’scarlet (as long as it has NO FUCKING VAMPIRES) and Collar x Malice are the most interesting to me. I’m hesitant to trust Kyoukai no Shirayuki given my experience with the somewhat similar ALICE=ALICE…

      The otome fandom gets ridiculed semi-regularly thanks to its many retarded followers and shitty anime adaptations already, and Verite is really not helping. I think they picked Marie because of her “glamorous” scandalous life and fame. I don’t know enough about French history to be able to provide an alternative, though. You’re very right: thank FUCK the otome industry hasn’t even gone near Hitler.

      But wait, Jyuu-chan! I have a SUPER COOL WWII otome game idea now! *SARCASM*: Everyone knows that Hitler only did what he did because he was SO RONERY DESU and SO SAD N TRAGIC DESU and just wanted LOVE DESU NE. The otome protag (she has to be Jewish 4 TEH XTRA DRAMAZ and her family has to be written out DRAHMATICALLY by sending them to the camps or getting killed in a raid) has to show Hitler the light in spite of how much pain his policies caused her.

      He’s the central hero and always tries to get in the protag’s way in other routes BECUZ HITLER WANTS PROTAG-CHAN TO HIMSELF but will never admit it until the last five minutes of his route CUZ TSUN-YANDERE IS HAWT AMRITE. He knows that harming the Jewish is a TOTALLY KEWL way of getting her achtung to form a healthy relationship. “Even if she hates me, at least she is paying achtung to me! Plz heal da sadness in mein heart!!! I am ze bishie so u will luv me kthnx!!” If it’s R18+, get on board the “forced consensual sex” train!

      Seriously, think about it. Say if WWII was a COMPLETELY fictional anime series by KyoAni and Hitler is the main antagonist with Matsuoka Rin-in-military-uniform looks (and voiced by Miyano-san 4 MAXIMUM HOTNESS)… Fangirls would be tripping all over themselves to defend BishieFictionalised!Hitler and make up desperate, retarded Freudian excuses.

      Good + Hot = being liked somewhat with accusations of being a boring Gary Stu (hi Tachibana Makoto!)… but if you’re EVIL DESU NE + HAWT = RABID FANS THAT WANT YA BABIES! (NOTE: until they get bored and move onto the next Accelerator/Sakamaki brothers/Rin/whatever other “antagonistic “misunderstood” hot bad boy with a TRAGIC PAST” comes next!)

      TL;DR: I still have enough faith in the otome industry to NOT base any character on Hitler. Just imagine if they do: they’d make Hitler REALLY HOT, get a popular seiyuu to voice him and perhaps “downplay” Bishie!Hitler’s actions or ignore whatever would be irredeemably evil to most fans. Many rabid fangirls won’t care and will invoke the “LOL FICTION GET OVER IT WE ALL HAVE OUR FANTASIES BLAH BLAH BLAH” excuses.

      • Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing over how you managed to rage long over that mention bout Hitler. But damn right, that’s probably all that will happen. Or maybe some guy saves the Jewish heroine and she later finds out its Hitler! “He… He isn’t such a bad person after all…” Whatever.

        I’m actually kinda interested in Majestical Clown, given that it has a Ciel Phantomhive feel to it. Otomate’s probably gonna butcher it, but the CD cover art is gonna make me decide to buy the first copy or not….

        • LOL sorry, I kinda went off on a massive tangent and ended replying with a wall of text! :O

          “He isn’t such a bad person after all…” so ありがち man, lolz. :’D

          If you do end up listening to Majestical Cr[l]own, I’d love to know what you think. I seriously think you should review every otome thing ever ’cause I love your opinions and reviews! xD /stops fangirling

          • Not at all mah friend! It was so funny I kept giggling in the train and people stared wwww

            Absolutely will review it if I do buy a copy! I keep telling myself not to let my Kaito bias get the better of me but urghhh….. Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen, ordered 😀
            I’m excited to play it since your really enjoyed it!

            • LOL, that’s why I never check out WordPress or Twitter on the bus because I rage or laugh. Both of which earn me the “you’re nuts” stare from the general public! xD

              OMG so excite! I’m a bit nervous now because if you don’t enjoy ZKG I’ll feel like a sad and bad panda… but hopefully Ishikawa-san will save the day if all else fails.

              • Hahaha but that’s all I can do on my long commute XD It’d be worse playing Otome Games on the train, especially something like KLAP :p
                Haha I’ve enjoyed every single game that Kaito san voiced, so I’m pretty sure this won’t disappoint, especially if LaCal guaranteed it 😀

                Btw, I’ve seen some pretty bad reviews on Reine Des Fleurs, especially the redundant multiple endings so I think you’d be better off staying away from that landmine. Saying this because I’m not sure I wanna play it now. Depends on which day Kaikyuu gets delivered to me

                • I just play Solitaire on the bus trips to and from home. I still can’t beat the crazy scores and moves the Japanese experts manage to get, LOL. I remember playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on a long bus trip and I was paranoid that I was getting stared at. :/ Turns out the person next to me was more interested in what the hell I was playing than judging me. Then I kept on thinking, “if I lose, I’ll look like a loser so I have to do easy missions!” xD I’m self-conscious in the dumbest ways sometimes, really!

                  Wow, it’s the golden age of Ishikawa Kaito at the moment so you must be thrilled! Hope 2016 will bring me more Hirakawa Daisuke, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Shimono Hiro and Suzuki Tatsuhisa… ;__; Oh well, at least some newer faces like Aoi Shouta, Hanae Natsuki, Saitou Souma and Shimazaki Nobunaga are getting more attention. Hope they don’t get turned into the next Kakihara Tetsuya, Tachibana Shinnosuke or Toriumi Kousuke, as much as I enjoy and respect the latter three’s work!

                  Yeah, I’ve been eyeing Reine des Fleurs on Amazon very closely. It’s currently mixed~high reception. I guess everyone’s expectations were too high. In the end, I won’t know until I play it. I might consider it if it goes cheaper somewhere but I’m definitely not interested in forking out full price for an (apparently) average game. Lately nothing has been screaming “BUY ME!”. They might be yelling “PLAY ME ONE DAY!”, but not “BUY ME!” I’m more interested in my backlog than most of what has been coming out this year. Hopefully 2016 will fare better.

                  • haha Solitaire! Brings back memories when my class was having lessons on how to use dreamweaver and create html pages, and everyone ended up playing happy tree friends and soiltaire, stuff like that lol.

                    Didn’t know you were a HirakawaD and Shimono fan! They are certaintly very talented seiyuus, but I’m sick of seeing them around too much. Thankfully Hosoyan has his main in the theatre so he’s on/off in the seiyuu side. Tachibana san has a lovely voice, but yes, been seeing him too much, especially when you’re a Rejet fan, you know he’s everywhere. Suzuki Tatsuhisa has been kinda on/off, which is a good thing too. He gets a large variety of roles too so it’s good to have him around 🙂

                    Absolutely! Kaito is quite everywhere now, I’m kinda thankful for that but hopefully not too much of him. He tends to be stuck on the ‘cool reliable man’ impression so I hope they give him a larger variety of roles, like my other favourite Ono Yuuki who has so many different ‘faces’ to his acting it’s so great!

                    Haha right now Bad Apple Wars is the only “BUY ME” and the other D3P projects are kinda “LOOK AT ME!”
                    What are they, 娼婦?XD XD

                    Yeah 2016 seems to be great at the moment, especially with Psychedelica’s new game! YAY!

                    • Hirarin is the seiyuu that got me into playing other otome games (as well as eroge too thanks to his role as Itou Makoto), so he’ll always have a special place in my heart, hee hee. 😛 Plus it helps he’s awesome. I used to not care for Shimono Hiro at all, but one day… he just became a favourite of mine, LOL. I do agree at one point they were everywhere (especially Shimono-san) so it’s good that in 2015 they’ve been in 4/5 or so games. It’s sad Hosoyan doesn’t come out as often since he’s so talented (and he voices one of my husbandos), but yeah, don’t wanna get sick of him. Suzuki-san can probably play any role. I’m also missing Hino Satoshi a little bit- he’s only been in maybe 3 games? Plus I’m still waiting on Yonaga Tsubasa to get a really different role from his usual stuff. I’m sure he’s capable.

                      Yeah, hopefully Ishikawa Kaito doesn’t become the next Tachibana. Ono Yuuki has THE “hot guy” voice, LOL. Can totally understand why he’d be one of your favourites.

                      They can’t be prostitutes because prostitutes at least satisfy you after you’ve forked over the dough. I seriously can’t say that about every otome hooker I’ve bought, LMAO. 😛

  3. can’t wait till next year when i can get these games!!!!

  4. I swear, Vampires and Idols are like the default for otoges if a writer can’t think of anything. “We could actually write a good story that would take effort time and money…but look at the sales for Uta Pri and Dialovers! Let’s hit that shit with some MORE! They’ll eat that crap up.” And apparently so, since so many keep coming out.

    That Majesty game also looks stupid, and that Koi Ochiru one. Only one’s I’m interested in are Wand of Fortune remake (since I’ve never played it) and that sequel to Kurochou…

    Not knowing Japanese sucks but thanks so much for your translations. I have a better idea of whether or not it’ll be kusoge or not lol

    • Also the otome writers aren’t in a position where they have to step up their game because enough crazy fans support the dumbest things.

      Majestical and Koi Ochiru are drama CD series, but if they become popular enough, they may become games. :S

      No problem! I’m glad people find my translations useful. It also helps me remember what’s going on in the otome world so it’s a win-win! 😀

  5. Anne

    Because I’m such a history nerd I have to point out that, while Marie-Antoinette has the image of being an apathetic, arrogant queen, in reality she was extremely compassionate and generous. 

    • Is that so? My school didn’t cover French history much and the little I learned about Marie was basically that she was fairy useless, spent crazy amounts of money and ignorant of others’ (read: lower class’) struggles. Upon further reading, it sounds like she was more naive and sheltered than an outright “bad” person. Thank you for inspiring me to learn more!

      • Anne

        The historians who condemn her probably only researched the French Revolution as a whole and not Marie specifically.

        In her memoirs, Madame Campan, Queen Marie Antoinette’s first lady-in-waiting, recollects several of her mistress’ acts of kindness. Here are a couple:

        “A circumstance which happened in hunting, near the village of Acheres, in the forest of Fontainebleau, afforded the young Princess an opportunity of displaying her respect for old age, and her compassion for misfortune. A very old peasant was wounded by the stag; the Dauphiness jumped out of her calash, placed the peasant, with his wife and children in it, had the family taken back to their cottage, and bestowed upon them every attention and every necessary assistance. Her heart was always open to the feelings of compassion, and the recollection of her rank never restrained her sensibility. 

        Several persons in her service entered her room one evening, expecting to find nobody there but the officer in waiting; they perceived the young Princess seated by the side of this man, who was advanced in years; she had placed near him a bowl full of water, was stanching the blood which issued from a wound he had received in his hand with her handkerchief which she had torn up to bind it, and was fulfilling towards him all the duties of a pious sister of charity. The old man, affected even to tears, out of respect allowed his august mistress to act as she thought proper. He had hurt himself in endeavouring to bring forward some rather heavy piece of furniture which the Princess had asked him for.”

        “Marie Antoinette reigned not only by her grace, but by her goodness. … She obtained a new hearing in the case of Messieurs de Bellagarde and de Moustiers, who had been pursued by the spite of the Duc d’Aiguillon; and when their innocence had been established, the two prisoners, set at liberty, came with their wives and children to thank their benefactress, she replied modestly that justice alone had been done, and that one should congratulate her only on the greatest happiness arising from her position – that of being able to lay before the king just claims.

        As a token of gratitude, Madame de Bellegarde had a picture painted in which she was represented with her husband kneeling before the queen … the queen was greatly touched, and placed the picture in her apartment.” 

        -The Life of Marie Antoinette, Volume 1 by Maxime de la Rocherterie

        and also…

        “A peasant was accidentally fatally wounded during one of Louis Auguste’s hunts and Marie Antoinette had him taken to his home in her own carriage, and when he died, she made her his wife and children were compensated.”

        Once revolution threatened to break out in France, Marie took action to save her family and the monarchy while Louis remained indecisive. She met with ministers and ambassadors and wrote letters to other sovereigns, begging for military support.
        But I guess if Marie-Antoinette is painted as stupid, spoiled and selfish, then we’re likely to feel a lot less pity when it comes to studying her death. After all, it’s much easier to remove the humanity from the royalty and assert that everything which happened in the revolution is something to be wholly celebrated.

        • Thank you! They were interesting reads. Incidentally, I also learned that the infamous “let them eat cake” has never been decisively attributed to Marie Antoinette and it’s doubtful she even said it. It’s quite terrible how misunderstood she is, even to this day. I must not forget that there is bias in historical sources, and likely even my educators, so it’s important for me to do my own research and weigh up everything I’ve learned from a variety of sources to come to my own conclusion.

  6. Anne

    Gosh, I’m sorry for the late reply I was so busy… 
    Oh, the “let them eat the cake” myth. I’m so tired of it. What I dislike more than “She said ‘Let them eat cake!’” is “She said ‘Let them eat cake’ but she didn’t know it meant something bad!” or “She didn’t say ‘Let them eat cake’ but she totally would have!” Just…
    She wasn’t even accused of saying it during her lifetime!

    There’s this quote from her that I rather like: (It’s from when she learned of bread shortages in Paris during her husband’s coronation):

    “It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness.”

    How does her gratefulness for the warm welcome the king and queen received, despite the people’s hardships, begin to come close to even the idea of “Let them eat cake”?

    After the 1789 October Days, she wrote: “If we forget where we are and how we arrived it would seem there is a movement in the people which should reassure us, especially this morning. I hope that if there could be sufficient bread, things will get better. I speak to the people, the fishwives, the police, all give me their hands and I give mine. One has difficulty in believing what happened yesterday…” 

    And so on, there are many examples of her personal feelings regarding people who were less fortunate.
    There are a lot of valid criticisms people could make about Marie Antoinette or her life (her well-documented counterrevolutionary inclinations, her submission of French battle plans to Austrian invaders,…) so why do people always fall back on something that takes less than a minute on Google to find out is wrong? I apologise if I sounded like I’m attacking anybody here- I truly am not meaning to. . I’m honestly just trying to give my opinion about the whole myth. (Regardless, I apologise if I came across poorly)
    Anyway, I’m glad I could clear up the common misconceptions about the queen.

    Oh and about the game-  I won’t lie, I’m expecting it  to be a trashy trainwreck. How Danton and Robespierre are portrayed is making me a bit angry and the potion/drug in order to become Marie is… well *throws up hands in despair*

    • Hello, Anne!

      Not a problem, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts about Marie Antoinette.

      I hope someone like you will play and review RoseVerite, as it’d be interesting to see which parts of the game actually resemble what really happened/exist… even a bit.

      It’s weird that Ichi Column has suddenly decided to go the lazier “otome-fy well-known stuff!” route, considering they’ve been focusing on original content (save for the Gakuen K game). Moreover, Ichi Column’s games are more grounded in reality (but not totally realistic), so I thought this was all Otomate’s idea at first. Since historical accuracy isn’t likely to be the main asset, I would hope for its players that it’ll at least be a good read.

      • Anne

        I won’t buy the game, unless I see some solid 4 star reviews on Amazon.
        Historical games are one of my absolute fave types of visual novel but otome game writers just LOVE shitting on history. So I wouldn’t have much expectation on the history part of this game. XD
        But if the game is written by Takagi Ayumi, there’s a chance for it to have a good story. 

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