Rejet Natsumatsuri New Project Announcement Summer 2015 Digest


Similar to the “Snow Virgin Road 2015” event, Rejet’s Natsumatsuri 2015 event- specifically, during the “ONLY ONE” segment- announced another batch of new projects. The event was held on 8th August, so yeah… I’m about 10 days late to the party. Anyway, hopefully this post will still be useful to you guys! The new titles are pretty much all drama CDs and there’s still no release date set for MoshiKami. As usual, Rejet has disappointed me again but there are maybe two or three titles that may be worth checking out at some point.


Projects Announced

Title Medium
Diabolik Lovers Versus Song Requiem Character song (+ mini drama) CD series
Ken ga Kimi for V Nijuushou (Duet Song) Character song (+ mini drama) CD series
√Happy+Sugar=Idol Drama CD series
Criminale! F Drama CD series
Mitsukoi (Honey) Liar!? Drama CD series
Dear❤Vocalist Drama + Song CD series
Waga Te no Hira de Nemure Drama CD series
Paradise o’Whisper Drama CD series
Midnight Jiang Shi Drama CD series
Icchibanketsu -Online- Online game



Diabolik Lovers Versus Song Requiem (2) Bloody Night



* Story Summary *

A sequel to the Versus series of Diabolik Lovers drama CDs with an emphasis on song rather than drama.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Ayato vs. Subaru Midorikawa Hikaru & Kondou Takashi 21-10-2015
2 Ruki vs. Azusa Sakurai Takahiro & Kishio Daisuke 18-11-2015
3 Carla vs. Shin Morikawa Toshiyuki & Morikubo Shoutarou 16-12-2015
4 Reiji vs. Kanato Konishi Katsuyuki & Kaji Yuuki 20-1-2016
5 Kou vs. Yuuma Kimura Ryouhei & Suzuki Tatsuhisa 17-2-2016
6 Shuu vs. Laito Toriumi Kousuke & Hirakawa Daisuke 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

I think everyone knows how I feel about Diabolik Lovers at this point… but if you’re new to this blog, this Tweet I posted sums it up perfectly:

You know what? At least Rejet saved me the trouble by pairing up these vampire abominations so I only had to write 6 CDs worth of info instead of the usual 2,000.



Ken ga Kimi for V Nijuushou (Duet Song)



* Story Summary *

Similar deal to Diabolik Lovers Versus Song, the six heroes will be separated into groups of two over three CDs and will sing a duet together. Each CD will also include a “mini-drama” so there’s a bit of something for those not into character songs.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu
1: Nichirin no Shou Tsuzuramaru & Kei Ono Yuuki & KENN
2: Oborozuki no Shou Saneaki & Enishi Maeno Tomoaki & Okiayu Ryoutarou
3: Unabara no Shou Sakyou & Suzukake Hoshi Souichirou & Oosaka Ryouta


* My Thoughts *

I take no issue with Ken ga Kimi, itself, but with Rejet’s usual sad milking of a popular series until nobody gives a damn about it anymore… but what’s new? Don’t really have an opinion on this, except for the fact that I’ve never really enjoyed a character song except for Katekyo Hitman Reborn‘s Rokudou Mukuro’s song, “Kufufu no Fu – Boku to Keiyaku”. Those familiar with KHR probably know in why I enjoyed that song. It’s impossible to take Mukuro seriously after listening to Kufufu no Fu.






* Story Summary *

Dig in to the melt-in-you-mouth sweet ★ (Idols).

This is the sweeet, sweeet continuation of that story.
The fledgelings of the cafe “Happy + Sugar” have become ★ (Idols).
Of course, they’re still working their cafe jobs.

You’re living the sweet life with your boyfriend. Everyday is full of happiness as you get to spend time with the boy you love.
To you, he delivers these words upon the large stage:

“You’re my only number 1 forever.”

Even though he became an idol, his feelings for you haven’t waned.
With new characters, the series powers up!

The even more melt-in-your-mouth, sweeet love story starts here, starts here!


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Enju Sakurai Takahiro 21-10-2015
2 Ranran Aoi Shouta 18-11-2015
3 Tamaki Okamoto Nobuhiko 16-12-2015
4 Minato Hanae Natsuki 20-1-2016
5 Riku Midorikawa Hikaru 17-2-2016
6 Masato Suwabe Jun’ichi 16-3-2016
7 Sora Kaji Yuuki 20-4-2016
8 Satou Suzuki Tatsuhisa 18-5-2016


* My Thoughts *

For the uninitiated, this will be the sequel series to √HAPPY+SUGAR=DARLING. The previous story was pretty much a laidback, pure love story involving waiters. Fairly boring premise with the usual dumb “ALL OF DEM OUTTA REACH POPULAR GUYS ALSO GO 2 DA SAME HIGH SKOOL AS U” thing, but if you’re in the right mood, I’m guessing it’s a sweet series that’d warm your heart. Better than the umpteenth tale of the do-S high schooler vampire idol ayakashi.

But now… of course Rejet had to tack on an unneeded idol premise, most likely because of the vomitous popularity of Marginal-fucking-#4 and idols in general. Before I get more critical than I already have been, let’s just say that I don’t really empathise with the popularity of idols. It’s all so bloody fake and caters to the lowest common denominator otherwise known as “idol otaku.” The rabid idol otaku are hardly better than Omegaverse “artists/writers”, to be honest.

Before we move on to the next announced title, who wants to guess which one of these guys is actually a 400-year-old vampire ayakashi with a Tragic Past?



Criminale! F



* Story Summary *

48 hours with dangerous men (mafiosi).

This is the end of the 48-hour fugitive show.
At the same time, this also meant the ending of the fight to succeed Amphisbaena
Supposed to have been, anyway.

Barcelona, Spain.

While the two of you were on a trip, you get attacked by somebody.
Calling themselves “the rightful successors of Amphisbaena“, they request the delivery of the protagonist to them.
The time limit is 48 hours.

Once again, the two’s fugitive play begins again.
Once again, the two’s hands are cuffed.

“No matter where you run, we’ll definitely kill you. That’s a promise.”


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Gerald Midorikawa Hikaru 21-10-2015
2 Lucia Kondou Takashi 18-11-2015
3 Tempesta Morikawa Toshiyuki 16-12-2015
4 Chiave Toriumi Kousuke 20-1-2016
5 Nero Hirakawa Daisuke 17-2-2016
6 Cara Shimono Hiro 16-3-2016
7 Dante Nojima Kenji 20-4-2016
8 Phantasma Hino Satoshi 18-5-2016


* My Thoughts *

This can be considered a “fandisc” of the original series, Criminale! Never cared about Criminale! since otome mafia settings have the tendency to make me laugh more than feel any real tension. Thus, I avoided the first series as there are plenty of other things that make me crack up rather than sitting through poorly-written mafia stories.

All this talk about “fugitives” makes me want to watch one of my favourite movies The Fugitive. Harrison Ford would be a kick-ass otome love interest!

*Yawn* Next!



Mitsukoi (Honey) Liar!?



* Story Summary *

Can you handle this fake (love) fluttering of your heart?
This fake love will birth sweet happening after sweet happening.

The setting is the private Rokuhou Academy.

One day, you- a plain and late-blooming high school girl- suddenly get a “boyfriend”.
Furthermore, your “boyfriend” is famous within the academy and an “elite prince”.
A high school life full of happiness…
…That’s actually all a lie!

It’s a “fake lover” contract with him.
You even started living together and be it night or day, sweet love happenings occur.

A secret relationship you can’t tell anybody.
Can you handle this sweet thrill!?



* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Takia Namikawa Daisuke 28-10-2015
2 Yuzuki Toriumi Kousuke 25-11-2015
3 Keiichi Kondou Takashi 23-12-2015
4 Seiji Maeno Tomoaki 27-1-2016
5 Haruya Shimono Hiro 24-2-2016
6 Saku KENN 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

Some stories just prove how completely devoid of anything worthwhile they are without me needing to rant at length about it. It’s painful to see such talented seiyuu work on such garbage. Worse, people will buy this and reward lazy/untalented developers.






* Story Summary *

Your boyfriend is a vocalist.
This is the fated last song he will sing(♥).

There are 6 band vocalists who work for the music production company, “Climax Records”.
Though talented, they possess various issues that one day result in the company’s president issuing them a final warning:

“Boys, this is your last song (last chance).”

The boys’ survival hinges on their last song, which has now begun production.

As their girlfriend, will you be able to support them?


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Leord Masuda Toshiki 28-10-2015
2 Momochi Toyonaga Toshiyuki 25-11-2015
3 Judah Saitou Souma 23-12-2015
4 Ciel KENN 27-1-2016
5 A’ Kimura Ryouhei 24-2-2016
6 Yuu Hanae Natsuki 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

Yet another idol/musician series, but it sounds pretty straightforward and nothing is overtly wrong with the story just from the summary alone. It doesn’t really interest me because I don’t care for musician heroes much, but I think it’s certainly one of the better picks simply because there aren’t any brain-killing gimmicks and the seiyuu cast is composed mostly of talent that I don’t see every second drama CD or otome game ever.

Hopefully the songs really sound like the characters are putting everything on the line to keep their contracts and the drama aspects showcases how the couple gets through this bump in his life. All-in-all, a nice song and a relatively uncomplicated scenario that won’t insult its listeners’ intelligence.

At worst, it’d just be riddled with cliches and the song will be fairly average. I doubt there’d be anything “trainwreck” about this. Once again, one of the better picks, if on the simpler and safe side. If you like musician heroes, I’d recommend it.



Waga Te no Hira de Nemure



* Story Summary *

“My love, be not afraid. Entrust your entire being into the palm of my hand.”

Shikigami, Spells, Divinations.
These techniques to fight that which cannot be called human have been left behind and forgotten as the generations changed.

However, in this era, there are those who continue to inherit these various skills. They are the descendants of the legendary onmyouji (diviner), Abe Seimei.

Perhaps because they fight against vengeful spirits that can’t be defeated by ordinary people, the diviners are somewhat warped people themselves.
Due to a certain incident, you inadvertently discover “their”- the ones who face strange beings on a daily basis- existence.

And that marked the end of your ordinary life.
A somewhat bizarre love with modern-day diviners.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Okizuki Shimono Hiro 28-10-2015
2 Shouma Nojima Kenji 25-11-2015
3 Nagi Morikawa Toshiyuki 23-12-2015
4 Yuito Kimura Ryouhei 27-1-2016
5 Kai KENN 24-2-2016
6 Haruya Toriumi Kousuke 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

I think this would have worked much better as an otome game, since I would have liked to see the divination and supernatural combat in action (even if otome games aren’t strong in this regard). Even so, I think this is one of the better picks out of Rejet’s new stuff, though I don’t get the feeling it’d be anything too great. I’m not familiar with onmyoudou, but I do find that kind of thing interesting. The protagonist gives off a strong “I’m useless!” vibe that really puts me off. I’ll probably check out reviews or read summaries but definitely won’t be taking the plunge without being able to determine how I feel about Waga Te no Hira better.



Paradise o’Whisper



* Story Summary *

At “Maria Public Entertainment Academy” managed by GODS Entertainment Productions, there are six male high school students commonly referred to as “The 6 Gods (KamiRoku)”. They’re all good-looking and sinful (guilty) star students.

There are heaps of rumours surrounding these six guys!

“When I made eye contact with them, I got pregnant.”
“A rose bloomed where they walked.”
“They’re so beautiful that they shine at night!”

Those plentiful urban legends(!?) those boys leave behind in their wake can only be explained as them being “gods.” Your way-too-dangerous love affair with them will now begin.

Welcome to paradise.
The whispers of god will melt(♥) your ears.


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Setsuna Toriumi Kousuke 28-10-2015
2 Chisato Maeno Tomoaki 25-11-2015
3 Chiral Shimono Hiro 23-12-2015
4 Asuma Kondou Takashi 27-1-2016
5 Natsume Kimura Ryouhei 24-2-2016
6 Roux Hirakawa Daisuke 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

This is so stupid that I laughed, but I can’t tell if I laughed at it or with it. I’m hoping Rejet is taking the piss with this one, but I’m fearful of the off-chance that they’re serious. As usual, one of my pet peeves- high schools with ridiculous/implausible curriculum specialisations- rears its ugly head here.

Anyway, the rumour about getting pregnant just by making eye contact gave me a good chuckle for a few minutes straight, because I’m extremely mature. I guess I can understand how those starstruck girls feel- but not because of the guys here. Not really into the character designs and they don’t seem “godly good-looking” in my view. However, I get the same feeling when looking at my various self-proclaimed totally legitly wedded husbandos:


Surely one of them made you pregnant, or do I need my eyes checked (again)? I really recommend making a husbando compilation like I did. However, though it warms your heart, it also makes you realise how much of a loser you are, so keep that in mind. Now I want an otome game with those guys… 😦 I like turning every stupid idea I get into an otome game as evidenced by my Twitter.

And yes, I’m avoiding talking any more about Paradise Will-o’-Wisp Whatever. Next!



Midnight Jiangshi



* Story Summary *

Attacked by hot jiangshi from the realm of the dead…
This is a love between you and good-looking jiangshi that have reanimated after 4,000 years.

“Even if you die, I’ll love you.”

One day, six new transfer students arrive at the school you attend.
They’re so good-looking that they’re much talked about throughout the school, but their true forms are that of a jiangshi!?

When the paper seals that bound them peeled off, fate dictates that you- being a descendant of Taoists– can’t distance yourself from them even if you try.

The hot jiangshi boys chase you down, bite you and suck your blood…


* Release List *

# Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Meimei Kondou Takashi 28-10-2015
2 Ling-ling Takahashi Naozumi 25-11-2015
3 Reirei Tachibana Shinnosuke 23-12-2015
4 Honoka Shimono Hiro 27-1-2016
5 Li Ying Midorikawa Hikaru 24-2-2016
6 Iroha Kimura Ryouhei 23-3-2016


* My Thoughts *

If I butchered any Chinese, I’m sorry and please feel free to correct my mistakes.

Wow, it’s like Rejet is personally trying to make me hate them.

For the record, “kyonshii” is basically the Japanese way of pronouncing “jiangshi”. That’s why Rejet calls this “Midnight Kyonshii”. As the plot summary suggests, jiangshi are simply put, Chinese vampires… Though they’re more reanimated corpses with vampiric tendencies and not necessarily vampires- apparently jiangshi can be considered zombies as well. Of course, zombies are marginally less desirable than vampires, so we can see what Rejet did here.

How cute. Rejet is now shitting on undead folklore of China! When I said “come up with new ideas,” I didn’t mean just rehash the same thing using a different culture. Sheesh. Do I have to spell it out for them? Almost as if to scream that “OUR JIANGSHI ARE DIFFERENT OK?!”, the plot summary itself frequently referred to the jiangshi boys as “ikemen”, which is the only reason why I had to painfully do so. Alternatively, Rejet wants to make sure that getting assaulted by undead creatures is a good thing only if they’re hot. Can’t say I agree, but different strokes for different fantards.

Also, isn’t it grand that these “hot jiangshi” are like 4,000 years old but not a pile of bones and they don’t seem to get around by hopping (due to rigor mortis) like the traditional folklore dictates? The limitations of their species don’t seem to apply to them for… bishie reasons, I guess?

TL;DR: Diabolik Lovers… now with Chinese vampires instead of Western ones! Believe me, it’s the same thing- useless protagonist of a religious/spiritual background, do-s undead, goes to the same high school…

I’m going to pretend this doesn’t exist, but I know that won’t work. Next!



Icchibanketsu -Online-



* Story Summary *

An unprecedented danger threatened to drop Yaoyorozu– the world in which non-humans reside- into chaos.

The Thousand-Year Seal had broken and by means of black ships, grotesque evil spirits invaded the realm. Razing the world, the citizens were exterminated and endangerment loomed.

However, the surviving non-humans did not give in.


The ceremony of creating new descendants by exchanging each others’ blood…

You, as a “god (player)”, raise them, lead them and fight.


* Cast *

~ Amaterasu – Toujou Hisako
~ Tsukuyomi – Uesaka Sumire
~ Susanoo – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Yamatotakeru – Masuda Toshiki
~ Momotarou – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Ushiwakamaru – Midorikawa Hikaru
~ Shuten-douji – Sakurai Takahiro


* My Thoughts *

Finally, the last announcement! Rejet has collaborated with to create a new online MMORPG centering around raising and playing as Japanese gods and folkloric beings. Each character has been designed by seven different famous artists, which is why the character designs vary so much. I think this idea isn’t bad, but perhaps more effort could have been made to equalise the designs so it doesn’t look jarring. Even so, it’s interesting to see an action MMORPG directly marketed towards a female audience. I’m not sure if this is a rare thing or not, as I have little interest in online gaming.

Linking to what I just said, I’m not really interested as the plot doesn’t really catch my attention and again, I’m not interested in online gaming. I don’t think this “mixing blood” thing works that way, but let’s just handwave it as “they’re deities, who cares?” and call it a day.

While I’m very unlikely to play this, I think it’s good that Rejet is trying new ways to sap their fans’ money. If it turns out to be a fun and interesting game, maybe Rejet will deserve their profits for once in such a long time.

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6 thoughts on “Rejet Natsumatsuri New Project Announcement Summer 2015 Digest

  1. Oh no… Your husbando on the most bottom right got me laughing. Was that a troll or what?! wwwww Definitely ain’t getting preggers with that one.

    I don’t think MoshiKami will turn about spectacular, but I may be wrong since there’s still too little information released. The premise of possible time looping / parallel worlds does make me interested but from Rejet’s current releases, smitchk.

    Really looking forward to all the Otomate releases and not the Rejet ones….

    • Charles zi Britannia had his moments, but he’s certainly not my definition of an ikemen. Yup, that was a joke! 😉

      Yeah, I’m trying not to get too excited about MoshiKami since I still have that beautiful hope left in my heart of getting another quality, non-filler crap from Rejet. I’m so naive. I do love time travel and parallel worlds too… but whether it’d be competently handled is another story altogether.

      I don’t really care for drama CDs these days so by default Otomate wins this time around as Rejet is only releasing one game and there’s less to be excited about. :/

  2. I see we share the same taste in husbandos lol. Except who’s that blonde guy on the far right? He is pretty cute 😉 And again, I will never understand the adoration for Diabolik Lovers.

    • Our husbando tastes are impeccable! I had more but I managed to whittle it down to 8 (with one of them being a gag, of course). That painfully gorgeous guy on the far right is male Saber from Fate/Prototype. Fate/stay night was originally written as having a female protagonist and Saber being male. I guess to fit with the eroge market Nasu made the changes accordingly. I think female Saber is beautiful as well, so it’s a win-win for me! xD

      Don’t get me started on Diabolik Lovers. I bought, played and completed the very first game, have listened to all six of the first drama CD series and listened to all three of the first VERSUS series some time ago. It was just somewhere between “subpar” and “par” in my eyes. Everything after that is essentially garbage- I really doubt all those horribly-conceived plots and cookie-cutter characters will turn out to be magnificent judging by the dodgy quality of the original game’s writing.

      I just don’t understand why the fangirls haven’t got bored. The Do-S fad has died down considerably, the vampire fad too, Satoi isn’t the most overwhelmingly popular artist anymore and seiyuu fanservice can be found ANYWHERE. Yet the fangirls continue to latch on with scary loyalty.

      • OOOO no wonder he’s so swoon-worthy lol. Saber is an awesome heroine and beautiful too. Gender bends are quite effective lol. And yes! I don’t understand the fascination with the abusive guys-and yet they claim that it is not abuse. Like what? O.o have you not played or seen the same otoge/anime I have?

        • LOL yep! When I first looked at male Saber, that was the moment he became one of my husbandos. It REALLY helps that he’s voiced by the great and holy Sakurai Takahiro. =P

          The appeal of “abusive heroes” is an interesting topic to me, so I’ll try not to go on too long about it. Anyway, from a psychological standpoint I understand what the fascination with “abusive/bad/damaged” guys is, but I’m totally with you on the fact that yeah, I can’t empathise with the ga-ga total loss of rationality over them. If anything, some bad boy love interests are interesting from a purely characterisation standpoint. Imagine if the guys weren’t hot… they’d be villains in an episode of Criminal Minds or Law & Order: SVU. Even so, IMO 90% of the time, they’re more interesting than the school’s Mr. Perfect Iyashi-kei Prince who might as well be a robot because he’s so inhuman and unrelatable.

          That’s another thing: while some fangirls are in denial that their husbando is “bad”, others genuinely don’t get it due to differences in cultural values… The worse ones understand it and merely don’t care or think “they can handle it”. The worst fangirls are so committed to their delusions that they are the ones who will “fix” their husbandos that reasoning with them is an exercise in futility. It certainly doesn’t help that it’s rare for otome media to handle the psychological aspects of bad boy or mentally unbalanced heroes well; perpetuating the unhealthy notion that love will “cure” him and in effect, romanticising abuse. Moreover, the abusive tendencies themselves are portrayed poorly.

          No, not everything in fiction and every piece of fiction has to be portrayed 100% realistically. I’d hate that. Even so, otome writers are generally shit at handling sensitive subject matter. Just because it’s fiction, doesn’t mean it’s OK for serious subjects like domestic violence to be handled purely for do-S moe or cheap shock value with no plot significance outside of those two factors. Don’t get me started on the otome culture’s love and downplaying of rape. :S

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