Otome Visual Novel Releases of August 2015

New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Hana Awase ~Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen~ 19-8-2015 PC
Reine des Fleurs 2014 → 20-8-2015 PSV
Kobayashi ga Kawai sugite Tsurai!! Game demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomaranai~ (*´ェ`*) 27-8-2015 N3DS
RearPheles –Red of Another– 23-7-2015 → 27-8-2015 PSV
Taishou x Alice Episode III 28-8-2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Romeo VS Juliet All Series Pack [Link] 20-8-2015 PSP → PSV [Port]
Juuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ 1+2 [Link] 27-8-2015 PSP → PSV [Port]
Asaki, Yumemishi ~Hitotose~ Windows Store Edition [Link] 8-2015 PC [Downloadable Re-release]


Hana Awase ~Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen~

Release date: 19-8-2015
Platform: PC (Mac and Windows)
Age rating: All ages
Developer and publisher: Enterbrain!
Artist: Yura (由良)
Official website: http://hana-awase.net/KU/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v11637
OP Info:
Song title: Midare Sakura (乱レ桜)
Vocals, composition and lyrics: RYO:SUKE
Arrangement: Murata Yuuichi (村田 祐一)


* Cast *
~ Karakurenai – Hino Satoshi
~ Utsutsu – Sugiyama Noriaki
~ Iroha – Terashima Takuma
~ Mizuchi – Fukuyama Jun
~ Himetsugi – Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Ime – Sugiyama Noriaki
~ Momotose – Mizushima Takahiro
~ Onosada Kurou – Kuroda Takaya


* Plot Summary *

A maiden’s prayer shall make the flower bloom.

There is a card game called “Kasen”, which is played with cards known as “Hanafuda”. Only a handful of people, known as “Kaei” (most of them being men) can call on and draw the power of the “flower”. The five students who possess the most power within the academy are referred to as the “Gokou” and are revered.

This is a story about a maiden who has dedicated herself to five male students aiming to become one of the Gokou, set in Kasen National Academy, which is a school that produces many individuals with rare talents.


* My Thoughts *

This is the third game of the Hana Awase series (with the first being Mizuchi-hen and the second being Himetsugi-hen), and will focus on two characters- Karakurenai and Utsutsu. The two previous Hana Awase games were met with near-universal praise and are generally held in high regard for its plot, gorgeous artwork, good voice acting and its mini-games. I’ve been meaning to try out Hana Awase for a long time, as I think it’s a unique otome game. I’m not really into mini-games in otome games as I play visual novels precisely so I can just read. However, I still applaud Enterbrain! for trying something different. Yura’s artwork as well as the interface is gorgeous and the seiyuu cast is very impressive. It’s quite obvious a lot of time, effort and money has gone into these games.

While I have promised myself I’ll play at least one Hana Awase game, I don’t feel like I should rush to it. It’s strange, because I’ve never heard a bad thing about it and there’s nothing really huge for me to criticise about the plot. I think it’s because the plot itself doesn’t interest me a lot and the mini-games make me think “I can’t be bothered with this, what else is on my backlog?”

If I ever get around to playing a Hana Awase game and enjoying it, I’d definitely be interested in Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen. But for now, I’ll pass.



Reine des Fleurs

Release date: 2014 → 20-8-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer: Design Factory, Otomate
Artist: Usuba Kageroo (薄葉 カゲロー)
BGM composition: love solfege
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/reinedesfleurs/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14919
OP Info:
Song title: Madoromi no Tsubomi (まどろみの蕾)
Vocals: love solfege feat. Marie (真理絵)
Composition and arrangement: Matsumoto Shin’ichirou (松本 慎一郎)
Lyrics: Konno Hinako (紺野 比奈子)


* Cast *
+ Main Characters +
~ Leon – Okitsu Kazuyuki
~ Louis – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Ghislain – Kondou Takashi
~ Orpheus – KENN
~ Hubert – Sugita Tomokazu

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Akane – Fujimura Ayumi
~ Ruri – Fujimura Ayumi
~ Ageha – Kaida Yuuko
~ Uranami – Murakami Kazuya
~ Tsumabeni – Katsunuma Kiyoshi
~ Asagi – Kaiden Michiko
~ Bon Bonheur – Satou Tomoaki
~ Madame Enge – Shinomiya Saya
~ Goddess Miléne – Yukana


* Plot Summary *

In the past, there was a goddess whom extended a helping hand to a world which was about to perish.

The goddess, along with the four knights who served her, healed the ruined land using “Grace”- a power that rejuvenates worn down life forces- and saved the world.

From then on, since the goddess’ consciousness went into a slumber, she was succeeded by one who is to become a representation of her divine spirit, known as a “Reine”, and four human knights that were chosen by the world. As the world continued to enjoy the goddess’ favour, it continued to develop and advance.

However, at a certain point, even after coming into the world for generations, a Reine was not born. As a result, the supplies of Grace stagnated, and the world was once again threatened to be consumed by darkness.

And then finally, the Reine of the next era, “Violette” was born.

Adhering to the customs, she selects four men who are to become the queen’s knights. However, the hearts of those men rejected to bond with the Reine, due to the Reine’s long absence.

In order to supply the world with Grace, the co-operation of the knights is essential.

In order to obatin the trust and loyalty of the knights, Violette begins to take action…


* My Thoughts *

Reine des Fleurs, how I have waited for you so! If I remember correctly, this game was announced back in March 2014. I’ve taken an interest in Reine since it was first announced, though its delay has made me less excited. Even so, its heavily fantastical aesthetic is something I’m really interested in (and is probably what prevented me from forgetting about it). Otomate have crafted a beautiful world in Parterdeame, the setting of the story. Speaking of beauty, while I prefer male love interests to look more masculine rather than “pretty”, Usuba Kageroo’s art is extremely gorgeous… as always. Actually, forget about the male characters (though Leon is easily the hottest of the five main guys)… Violette is where it’s at:


Just look at her, man! Once I got over my butthurt jealousy of how much prettier she is than me, I must say, I demand a self-cest route. I’m afraid that nobody will be good enough. Her purply prettiness reduces me to an unintelligible mess… So… pretty… pur…ple… She’s the Reine of Purple Nurple Wonderland, not some shoddy goddess who decided to take a snooze for no discernible reason. Anyway, enough about squeeing over Violette.

I’m loving the fantastical land, and am very much looking forward to learning much more about the two beautiful worlds in Reine des Fleurs. Parterdeame, the land in the sky, was created by Goddess Miléne herself. It evokes pleasant memories of my hasubando Link’s origins The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s land-in-the-sky called “Skyloft” (which was also created by a goddess), though the two games appear to be nothing alike. As for the land below, Solieux, it’s further divided into four kingdoms and each knight hails from one. I can’t wait to see how different the kingdoms are, and how it shaped the four knights to become the men they are today. I also wonder what the political climate is like.

Most of all, I’m curious about the goddess herself. Why did she save Solieux? Why did she go to sleep? Was it her fault that a Reine wasn’t born in so long? Just what are her motives?

A beautiful, intricate world, with somewhat interesting main guys (seems like Leon and I have the same taste in beautiful women, he better back off if he doesn’t wanna get hurt), colourful cast of side characters plus some really intriguing questions that begs for answering, there’s no way I’ll pass up Reine des Fleurs. In the backlog she goes!



Kobayashi ga Kawai sugite Tsurai!! Game demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomaranai~ (*´ェ`*)

Release date: 27-8-2015
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developer and publisher: Happinet Games
Artist: Ikeyamada Gou (池山田 剛) (Character design)
Official website: http://kobakawa.happinet-games.com/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v17637
OP Info: Song title: Sweet Side Up!
Vocals: Takagaki Ayahi as Kobayashi Megumu
Composition, arrangement and lyrics: Sunamori Taketeru (砂守 岳央)


* Cast *
+ Main Characters +
~ Kobayashi Megumu – Takagaki Ayahi
~ Kobayashi Mitsuru – Takagaki Ayahi
~ Sanada Aoi – Ono Daisuke
~ Elio Falcone – Suzuki Tatsuhisa
~ Tokugawa Azusa – Serizawa Yuu

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Uesugi Chiharu – Aoi Shouta
~ Takenaka Shino – Hirayama Emi
~ Tomo-chan – Wakai Yuusa
~ Shizu-chan – Tachibana Rika
~ Mogami Yukimitsu – Yamashita Daiki
~ Ishida Kouji – Suzuki Yuuto
~ Sanada Kagetsuna – Imaruoka Atsushi
~ Toudou-kun – Nishiyama Koutarou


* Plot Summary *

Megumu gains a new love interest in the game-exclusive character, Elio Falcone, a beautiful Italian boy. As a result, Elio and Sanada Aoi (Megumu’s manga love interest) will be rivals and the plot will largely revolve around how this will affect Megumu and Aoi’s relationship. There will also be Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day subplots.


* My Thoughts *

This game is basically a Nintendo 3DS quasi-adaptation of Kobayashi ga Kawai sugite Tsurai!!, which is a shoujo manga by Ikeyamada Gou. Often shortened to just “KobaKawa”, it’s being going for about 3 years, and is currently serialised in Shoujo Comic (published by Shougakukan). The story, as well as Elio Falcone, was constructed and designed by KobaKawa’s creator herself, so fans will not have to worry about no-nothing writers soiling the game like some kind of retarded fanfiction.

I like KobaKawa. It’s so cute and sweet that I could taste sugar cubes for hours after reading it (warms my cold heart and all that), yet its moments of seriousness are handled relatively well for a manga that is aimed at a younger demographic. I adore Aoi and Megumu’s chemistry and root for their romantic success every single chapter. I wish KobaKawa was around when I was in the 11~13 range. It could have made me a sweeter, less jaded S.O.B.

That being said… this game and its story is a bit “retarded fanfiction” and doesn’t really interest me ’cause A) Aoi x Megumu is my OTP, B) don’t care for love triangles, especially those with a foregone conclusion C) there is practically no focus on the manga’s cute Beta couple (which I won’t mention due to spoilers) and D) Aoi x Megumu is my OTP so Elio better get a clue and buzz off before things get ugly. Plus if there is an Elio x Megumu ending, I fear this is a game I cannot 100% complete.

I wished KobaKawa… THE GAME! had a better plot or at least, more focus on the other characters. It’s a shame, but I’ll pass on this.



RearPheles –Red of Another–

Release date: 23-7-2015 → 27-8-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer and publisher: Matatabi
Artist: PURU
Official website: http://matatabi.tv/rearpheles/roa/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16608
OP Info:
Song title: Dark Night Rhapsody ~Akenai Yoru no Kyoushikyoku~ (Dark Night Rhapsody~明けない夜の狂詩曲)
Vocals and lyrics: Wakeshima Kanon (分島 花音)
Composition: Kagaya Ryoutarou (加賀谷 綾太郎) of sources
Arrangement: Notsu Hisanobu (野津 永恒) of sources


* Cast *
~ Rokuhara Itsuki – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Chitose Kotarou – Eguchi Takuya
~ Toujou Noa – Masuda Toshiki
~ Ayame Sadao – Kishio Daisuke
~ Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood) – Saiga Mitsuki
~ Ookami (Wolf) – Sakurai Tooru


* Plot Summary *

Lately, I’ve been having the same dream over and over again.

In a forest I don’t recognise, I’m being chased by something and I always wake up at the same point in the dream. One day, after having this dream repeatedly over a few days…

My duties as a Library Committee member resulted in me having to go home late. I couldn’t go down the street I usually use to go to and from school due to an accident blocking the path. Then, when I took the dimly-lit street I usually don’t go through, I heard a voice say:

“Fooooound you!”

When I turned to check the source of the voice, I saw a human with ears and a tail; a werewolf…

Attacked all of a sudden, as I was fighting back to try and escape, I heard someone say,

“I won’t let you do that!”

I could make out a human-shaped outline in the moonlight. In one hand, it was holding a large gun, and in the other hand, another gun. The figure belonged to a girl wearing a red hood, and she had saved me.

The wolf just laughed and said,
“I’ll definitely eat you…” and disappeared into the darkness.

As my legs shook in fear and made me unable to move, the red-hooded girl asked me if I was OK.

“I’m Red Riding Hood.”
The girl who had introduced herself as Red Riding Hood is the Little Red Riding Hood who had come out of a picture book in pursuit of the wolf and came into this world. She doesn’t seem like the Little Red Riding Hood I’m familiar with, though…

Little Red Riding Hood offered to protect me after she statd that there is no telling when the wolf will come back for me again… so we end up living together.

Why is Little Red Riding Hood chasing the wolf?

Why is the wolf coming after me?


* My Thoughts *

Matabi is a new otome game brand that is amazingly, not an R18+ brand and this will be their debut title!

I think that for a first game, the story idea isn’t too shabby. Yeah, I’m sick to death of wolves and werewolves, and yes, the fairytale thing has been done a gajillion times. It’s nothing new or outstanding but at least it isn’t blatantly crap. The first thing I noticed is that one of the main characters is Red Riding Hood… that’s actually a girl, and not genderbent! Amazing, right? Well, NOT, because “she” uses “boku” to refer to “her”self and is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki… who makes Red Riding Hood sound like a young boy rather than a young girl. So I’m thinking that Red Riding Hood isn’t actually a girl. I guess a female character other than the protagonist is rarely allowed to be interesting in an otome game. 😦

Other than that, I don’t really have a lot to say about this game other than… PASS.



Taishou x Alice Episode III

Release date: 28-8-2015
Platform: PC
Age rating: All ages
Developer and publisher: Primula
Artist: melo (めろ)
Official website: http://www.primula.jpn.com/taishoalice/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16032
OP Info:
Song title: some song i forgot ~appassionato E.G. ver.~
Vocals: Ayano Eiri (綾野 えいり) of love solfege
Composition and arrangement: Matsumoto Shin’ichirou (松本 慎一郎) of love solfege
Lyrics: Konno Hinako (紺野 比奈子)


* Cast *
+ Main Characters +
~ Snow White – Aoi Shouta
~ Magician – Hatano Wataru

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Cinderella – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Red Riding Hood – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Kaguya – Masuda Toshiki
~ Gretel – Eguchi Takuya
~ Alice – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Wolf – Hanae Natsuki
~ Hunter – Hashizume Tomohisa
~ Mother – Shimamura Yuu


* Plot Summary *

When you, Arisu Yurika, passed through the looking-glass, you saw a world in which everything is the contrary…

When you came to, you became lost wandering around in a pitch black world.
You had lost your memories.
You have no idea what you are.
You don’t even know your own name.

In this pitch black world, not a single person other than yourself is present. Loneliness and unease fills your heart. It was at this moment, you come across a young man. Possessing shiny blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, the boy’s name is “Alice”. When he sees you, he calls you “Arisu”. You learn that he too, had lost his memories, and is only able to recall his name, “Alice”.

Troubled by this, you lead a reluctant Alice and once again, wander around this world. Before long, you and Alice find a large, large looking-glass made of crystal. Inside the looking-glass was a strange world in which Japanese and Western cultures were blended together, and it makes you feel nostalgic.

Like that, you and Alice peek through the world in the looking-glass. You both pass through the mirror and enter the Mirror Country. Inside the Mirror Country, genders of the characters from fairytales are reversed, and they greet you as the “protagonist”.

Having become the “protagonist” of a famous fairytale in the Mirror Country, you weave a slightly crooked tale with just slightly crooked main characters of fairytales.

What will happen at the end of this tale?


~ Shirayuki’s Tale ~

In a bid to get home quickly, Yurika runs through the forest at dusk. She gets into an accident near the lake, and is brought to a standstill. The one who appeared before the troubled Yurika was a boy who had skin and hair as pure white as snow. After he aved her, she came to believe that their meeting was a product of destiny. Yurika frequently returned to the place where the two had first met. However, she could only see him at sundown around the lake, and had no idea where he lives or what he does.

Now, now… how will the secrets of this mysterious young man be revealed by Yurika’s attacks?


~ The Magician’s Tale~

One day, Yurika receives a threatening letter.

Written on the letter was a single strange demand, which was for Yurika to choose one of the five brothers as her future husband by the next full moon, or else she’d be killed. The “five brothers” the letter refers to are Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Kaguya, Snow White and Gretel, who are currently living in the same mansion as Yurika, all of them being her fiancés. Yurika’s older brother, Hunter, introduces a private detective who begins to search everyday for the culprit.

What is the truth behind this case?

In addition, who will Yurika choose?


* My Thoughts *

Having played the first episode of Taishou x Alice and enjoyed it, I definitely want to give the rest a go at some point in the future. Anyway, I’m not too interested in Shirayuki, but I LOVE the Magician. I think he’s an interesting character… arguably even more than Alice, as things stand. His story seems like an inane, forced reverse harem situation that came out of my nightmares because I loathe that kind of thing and I’m upset that MY Yurika has five unworthy fiancés… but since I know how Taishou x Alice is written, I’m expecting some TROLLING of expectations or a very interesting twist to ordinary storylines.

Not much else to comment on about Taishou x Alice III that I haven’t mentioned about in previous comments about Taishou x Alice… I will definitely be playing Taishou x Alice III.

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3 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of August 2015

  1. I also like Kobayashi manga haha just read volume 11 on the kindle yesterday =D And I feel you on the beta couple I know exactly who you are talking about. They get a lot of great moments in the volume I read ❤

    But yea bummer about the game. I mean they had to make it o/c or it just doesn't work lol but not like I have a 3DS to play it anyway

    Otherwise aside from Reine, nothing else going on for me for a while…which is good cause my backlog is out of control now 😦

    • Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Cool, another KobaKawa fan! The beta couple do get moments that are even as good as Aoi and Megu, IMO. Even if I had a Japanese 3DS, I wouldn’t get this game anyway…

      I’ve been waiting for Reine for a while now, so I’m so happy to see it finally come out. I don’t know how my backlog manages to grow when I’ve hardly added anything to it in the year or so! Backlogs are mysterious indeed…

  2. Yes to Reines. KobaKawa is too cute. I just started it today lol

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