Otome Visual Novel Releases of July 2015

Hello everyone! First of all, I’m very sorry for the delay in uploading this month’s releases list. A lot of has happened in my life in the past two months and left me indisposed, but I’m getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚

In spite of some fairly looked forward to releases coming out this month, sadly I’m not as excited as some of my fellow otome gamers. I DOLL U and KLAP sound spectacularly rubbish (though KLAP 100x more than I DOLL U). Prince of Stride is “meh” to me as I don’t care for the “sport genre”. Finally, Sweet Clown and Zettai Meikyuu Oyayubi-hime sound interesting enough, but nothing super-duper exciting to me. With more and more months filling up with more and more PSV games, it seems like you’ll be left behind if you don’t own one yet.


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
I DOLL U 16-7-2015 PSV
Sweet Clown ~Gozen San-ji no Okashi na Doukeshi~ 16-7-2015 PSV
RearPheles โ€“Red of Anotherโ€“ 23-7-2015ย โ†’ 27-8-2015 PSV
Vamwolf Crossโ€  23-6-2015 โ†’ 23-7-2015 PSV
KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ 30-7-2015 PSV
Prince of Stride 30-7-2015 PSV
Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime 30-7-2015 PSV



Title Release Date Platform
Hakuouki Reimeiroku Omohase Sora [Link] 2-7-2015 PS2 โ†’ PSP โ†’ NDS โ†’ PS3 โ†’ PSV [Port]
Shinsouban Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ [Link] 30-7-2015 PC โ†’ PS2 โ†’ PSP โ†’ iOS โ†’ PSV [Port]





Release date: 16 -7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer: avex pictures inc., Otomate
Artist: Fujiwara Cocoa
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/i_doll_u/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15772
OP Info:
Song title: I Doll U
Vocals: Re:Rise (KENN as Ruka, Shimono Hiro as Reo, Maeno Tomoaki as Tsubasa, Hosoya Yoshimasa as Tsubasa and Morikubo Shoutarou as Itsuki)
Composition, arrangement and lyrics: Kondou Keiichi


* Cast *
~ Mikami Ruka โ€“ KENN
~ Shidou Reo โ€“ Shimono Hiro
~ Kuroyume Tsubasa โ€“ Maeno Tomoaki
~ Moroboshi Seiya โ€“ Hosoya Yoshimasa
~ Sakigake Itsuki โ€“ Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Amane Manaka โ€“ Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Manager Yonezawa โ€“ Toriumi Kousuke
~ Peter โ€“ Umehara Yuuichirou


* Plot Summary *

One day, Amane Aika receives a parcel from her older brother, who should be hard at work as an idol.

“I’m going off on a trip now, so could you switch places with me for a bit?”

Along with that letter was a wig and clothing for boys. Aika couldn’t read some parts of the letter as it was slightly dirty.

Convinced that something must have happened her older brother, Aika decides on swapping places for him.

However, what lie in await for her were other idols who were causing various problems…


* My Thoughts *

First of all, R.I.P. Fujiwara Cocoa. This isn’t a joke; she actually passed away earlier this year.

To return to the topic of the game itself:


Wow, Otomate really went out of their way for this totally-NOT-lazily-written plot summary! It’s so riveting and detailed that I feel fulfilled just by reading it alone! Imagine what the game will be like!

In all seriousness though, that summary is like something you’d find by the thousands by my on-again, off-again (ex-)boyfriend I’m in a perpetual love-hate relationship with, FanFiction.net. It’s just another idol game that’s cashing in on the idol-loving fandom, because we don’t have enough Uta no Prince-sama games or ROOTโˆžREXX from earlier this year or anything. Since I don’t care for games that focus on idols, let alone music, I’m already walking into this with very little interest. This laughably idiotic andย clichรฉ plot summary speaks for itself and anybody who has been following me on my blog should know that I’d rather gorge on laxatives than 100% complete this rubbish.

You know what? If I’m totally concerned about the whereabouts of my brother, the first thing I’d do is take his place as an idol! I wouldn’t want to tell my parents what’s going on, ask the police for help ’cause it sounds dodgy or just plain go look for him on my own. Hooking up with hot idols is waaaaaay more important! Isn’t Aika’s brother lucky that Aika will be able to perform to his professional level? I’m sure that a famous idol can just wander off somewhere willy-nilly without nobody suspecting a thing. Seriously, who the hell came up with this illogical bull? They should get fired and just stick to nukige plots, ’cause that should be simple enough as long as your IQ isn’t below Tara Gillesbie’s. Wait, sorry, My Immortal is a masterpiece in its own right, so that was unfair.

ADMITTEDLY, Ruka is adorable as hell (shy guys for the win) and Itsuki could be hilarious. Other than those two, I have no interest in anybody else.

I’m DEFINITELY passing on this. Next!



Sweet Clown ~Gozen San-ji no Okashi na Doukeshi~

Release date: 16-7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer and Publisher : Takuyo
Artist: Hirose Azumi
Composer: Shima Hideyuki
Writers: Inoue Shuu, Sekiguchi Kotoko, Shiratori Yuan
Official website: http://www.takuyo.co.jp/products/sweetclown/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16460
OP Info:
Song title: Invitation ~Utsukushiki Wana~ (Invitation ~็พŽใ—ใ็ฝ ~)
Vocals, lyrics and composition: Hiiragi Nao
Arrangement: Takagi Ryuuji


* Cast *

+Main Characters+
~ Kobashi Ouichirou โ€“ Takahashi Hiroki
~ Hinose Takeru โ€“ Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Mitsuhara Seisuke โ€“ Toyonaga Toshiyuki
~ Kuze Souma โ€“ Uchida Yuuma
~ Manai Tomoki โ€“ Kobayashi Yuusuke

+Supporting Characters+
~ Maris โ€“ ???
~ Keifa โ€“ Mizushima Takahiro
~ Ghat โ€“ Kuroda Takaya
~ Neige โ€“ Oki Kanae
~ Cranberry (“Cran”) โ€“ Shirakawa Manami
~ Raspberry (“Rasp”) โ€“ Toudou Mai
~ Neko (Cat) โ€“ ???
~ Sweet Clown โ€“ Matsumoto Shinobu


* Plot Summary *

One day, a single letter had arrived addressed to me.

It was an invitation to the “3a.m. Tea Party” that was to be held at Sweet Clown Castle.

I have a secret I can’t tell anybody.
That “secret” is a very sad memory, but it is one that I can’t forget.

I’ve spent my days ensuring nobody becomes aware of or can discern my scars.
That’s because I don’t want anybody to interfere, nor do I want anybody feeling sorry for me.

In the end, people are all alone.

Even if they approach you with a gentle expression or with kind words…
I think that they don’t actually care about me from the bottom fo their hearts.
That’s because they’ve realised that it’s a joke made in the moment. When tomorrow comes, they can easily forget all about it.

The sender of the letter is named “Sweet Clown”.

Will this person really grant my wish?
Or will this person leave me with new scars?


* My Thoughts *

Wait, hang on… a protagonist that actually has her own thoughts and personality? Not only that, but is that…ย resentment and negativity I sense in anย otome game protagonist? Not a “character flaw” that is actually cute? Guys, hold the press- this could be good! Yeah, she sounds a bit Eeyore and emo, but at least it’s not the same cookie-cutter Komori Tsukiko we see almost every month without fail.

The plot also sounds interesting, too. I’m curious about what hurt the protagonist to this extent. Also, the Sweet Clown himself. He’s a demon that’s drawn to “humans who harbour strong desires or have twisted personalities” and “loves nothing more than to see despaired humans”. Ever since the popularity of Danganronpa, I swear I’m seeing this “despair” thing more. Could be my imagination, but anyhow… It doesn’t take a genius to see the tragic and decidedly un-fluffy direction this is going, but it’s the journey that’d be the pull for this game, not the destination. I’m imagining people getting corrupted by their desires or desperation to get their wishes come true. Perhaps this Sweet Clown fellow is a troll who has no real intention to let anybody walk away with a “prize” and is just luring lunch to his castle ’cause it’s easier than lining up in a drive through.

More interestingly, Sweet Clown wants the protagonist to be his successor. She doesn’t seem interested, but by the sounds of things, she gets put in a situation where she has no choice but to go along with it. Somehow, it’s starting to sound like the protagonist’s suffering and conflicts may be just as important as the love interests’, which is always pleasing.

Overall, I’m interested in seeing how this one will go, so I’m going to keep a close eye on reviews. For now, it’s pretty much nestled in my backlog.



Vamwolf Crossโ€ 


Release date: 25-6-2015 โ†’ 23-7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developer: Vridge Inc.
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Artist: Ichikawa Yuuhi (ๅธ‚ๅท ๅค•้™ฝ)
Official website: http://www.d3p.co.jp/vamwolf_cross/#home
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16468
OP Info:
Song title: Guilty
Composition and arrangement: Nishioka Kazuya
Lyrics: Yamasaki Hiroko


* Cast *

~ Shinonome Nagisa โ€“ Maeno Tomoaki
~ Tokiwa Ryuunosuke โ€“ Kishio Daisuke
~ Aoi Shuuichi โ€“ Namikawa Daisuke
~ Kingetsu Yuuya โ€“ Sugita Tomokazu
~ Nitou Keidai โ€“ Yoshino Hiroyuki


* Plot Summary *

There has been an outbreak of bizarre serial murders in which the victims get the blood from the entirety of their bodies extracted. The media created an uproar, calling it the work of “the vampiric wolves of the modern era, Vamwolf”.

Despite the chaos, Shirakawa Seri (the protagonist) leads a fun, peaceful life helping out at the apartment her father manages and interacting with its kind residents.

However, one day, Seri’s father passed away, having become a victim of murder. Based on the modus operandi, it was conjectured that his murder was the doing of the rumoured “Vamwolf”.

After the funeral, as she went through the belongings left behind by her father, Seri found a memorandum and gun hidden in a secret compartment of his desk. Though she thought that her father was an apartment manager, the memorandum reveals a certain truth: he was in actuality a “Vamwolf Hunter”, along with his “comrades (the residents of the apartment)”.

On the last page, he had left only a single question behind:

“Is there a Vamwolf among my comrades who’s tricking us?”

Is there a Vamwolf amidst the apartment’s residents?
Was Seri’s father murdered by this Vamwolf?

Driven by her sole desire to learn the truth, she resolves to find the Vamwolf among her father’s comrades.


* My Thoughts *

facepalmShould I even waste my time commenting on the stupidity of “Vamwolf (ugh, it hurts so much to just type such a lame name)”? Why didn’t they just pick one or the other without the lame attempt to seem more interesting than it actually is? Also, the plot summary of Vamwolf Cross is suspiciously similar to the upcoming (since 2013) R18+ otome game by Candy Cube, Anata wa Jinrou desuka?, though I can’t tell you for certain which idea came first.

You know a quality (with a capital “K”!) game is coming when it’s almost on the exact same tier of stupid as Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate!

While I’m confident Anata wa Jinrou desuka? will be more interesting, I do like the idea of trying to find out who the traitor/Vamwolf is. Not an original storyline, but since I like mystery (especially murder-mysteries), I would have at least given this game some consideration if it weren’t for the pathetically stupid “Vamwolf” creature idea.

Wow, can’t say I’m stoked for this game coming out. What a waste of the seiyuu and artist’s talents. Pass!



KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~

Release date: 30-7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Developer: Design Factory, Otomate
Artist: Yasutake Kawahito
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/klap/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16128
OP Info:
Song title: Shooting Star
Vocals: Kaji Yuuki, Morikubo Shoutarou
Lyrics: Takabayashi Hiroki
Composition: Ono Takamitsu
Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro


* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Mimasaka Touma โ€“ Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Suo Sousuke โ€“ Kaji Yuuki
~ Suruga Akito โ€“ Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Camil Settselin โ€“ Kimura Ryouhei
~ Harima Kanade โ€“ Okamoto Nobuhiko

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Izumo Shion โ€“ Sugita Tomokazu
~ Omi Ryou โ€“ Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Hyuuga Shinobu โ€“ Yasumoto Hiroki
~ Ishimi Kaede โ€“ Igarashi Hiromi
~ Nurarihyon โ€“ Kobayashi Norio


* Plot Summary *

The protagonist, Yamashiro Koyomi, had graduated university and undertook the teacher employment exam in order to become a high school teacher, her dream job. However, her attempts had constantly ended up in failure.

“Maybe I’m not fit to be a teacher?”
As the protagonist thought this and was about to give up, she had finally received a report indicating that she had passed.

Her heart leapt at the thought of her new life as a teacher. The school that had employed her is located in the 48th prefecture of Japan known as the Aima Prefecture, and is a training school designed to educate inexperienced UMA so that they can become fully-fledged UMA.

In fact, Koyomi had accidentally undertaken the “animal trainer” employment exam instead of the “teacher” exam!

“This is impossible for me,” said Koyomi, as she was about to decline her offer of employment.
In response to this, the school’s principal promised, “if you can can work admirably for us for one year, I’ll put in a good word for you to other high schools.”

Having no experience whatsoever in the art of training, will Koyomi be able to train an UMA?

Also, will she be able to assist in the growth of an inexperienced UMA into an excellent one?

For the sake of being able to transfer to a different high school- though filled with her doubts- Koyomi’s year-long life as a homeroom teacher-cum-“animal trainer” will begin!


* My Thoughts *

JudgeJudyEYEROLLAfter I immaturely giggled at the silly title, this got the JudgeJudy.gif treatment. Are you seriously trying to convince me that somebody can accidentally take the wrong employment exam? How the hell did she manage to pass an exam that was intended for a different job, even if “trainers” and “teachers” are seemingly similar? There is no way you can accidentally take the wrong exam. Every test and exam I’ve ever done in my life has a title right on top of the page, or the examiner explains what’s going on before you get started. I hate this lazy writing and I’m already frustrated with the stupid readers that will ignore this level of idiocy and buy this game. Koyomi doesn’t sound like a complete moron, so this happened for… reasons, I guess?

You wanna know what a “UMA” is? The website doesn’t really explain it, but basically, it sounds like people-looking supernatural creatures that have (hidden) abilities. Dunno how that’s supposed to work but since these creatures aren’t real, I guess there technically aren’t any “rules” to abide by.

But really, nobody is going to play the game for the “plot”. They’re here for the choukyou seiyuu voice fanservice. The end.

I’m not approaching this sad reflection of the current state of otome games even with a 100ft pole.



Prince of Stride

Release date: 30-7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO B [12+]
Developers: Vridge Inc., Kadokawa Shoten (Kadokawa Games)
Publishers: Dengeki Girl’s Style, Kadokawa Shoten (Kadokawa Games)
Artist: Nono Kanako
Official website: http://posweb.jp/pos/game/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14869
OP Info:
Song title: VOICE
Vocals: Miyano Mamoru
Lyrics: ucio
Composition and arrangement: TSUGE


* Cast *

+ Hounan Senior High Academy (Main Characters) +
~ Sakurai Nana โ€“ Hanazawa Kana
~ Yagami Riku โ€“ Kimura Ryouhei
~ Fujiwara Takeru โ€“ Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Kohinata Hozumi โ€“ Ono Kensou
~ Hasekura Heath โ€“ Ono Daisuke
~ Kadowaki Ayumu โ€“ Shimono Hiro
~ Kuga Kyousuke โ€“ Suwabe Jun’ichi
~ Dan Yuujirou โ€“ Okiayu Ryoutarou
~ Kawarazaki Riko โ€“ Miyahara Nami

+ Saisei Academy +
~ Suwa Reiji โ€“ Miyano Mamoru
~ Mayuzumi Shizuma โ€“ Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Chiyomatsu Bantarou โ€“ Eguchi Takuya
~ Senoo Tasuku โ€“ Suzuki Tatsuya
~ Mayuzumi Asuma โ€“ Ono Yuuki
~ Okumura Kaede โ€“ Toyonaga Toshiyuki

+ Mihashi High School +
~ Kamoda Kei โ€“ Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Kamoda Yuu โ€“ Hanae Natsuki
~ Shima Aoi โ€“ Kawanishi Kengo
~ Harigaya Hisato โ€“ Hamano Daiki
~ Eifuku Takeshi โ€“ Murata Taishi
~ Nagatsuka Nobuhiko โ€“ Yamamoto Itaru

+ Nagamine High School +
~ Kakikura Kengo โ€“ Tezuka Hiromichi
~ Utsunomiya Den โ€“ Yanagida Jun’ichi
~ Niida Terumi โ€“ Kobayashi Yuusuke
~ Matori Shun โ€“ Furukawa Makoto
~ Aizawa Chikashi โ€“ย  Ishitani Haruki
~ Goseki Gouto โ€“ย  Amasaki Kouhei

+ Ichijoukan High School +
~ Himemiya Yuri โ€“ Yamashita Daiki
~ Dozono Shiki โ€“ Ishikawa Kaito
~ Shishibara Kaoru โ€“ Kobayashi Yuusuke
~ Washimi Kiyoto โ€“ Tezuka Hiromichi
~ Saejima Arata โ€“ Kawanishi Kengo
~ Hachiya Tetsu โ€“ Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

+ Ichiba High School +
~ Izumi Shinobu โ€“ Nose Ikuji
~ Tomaru Kansuke โ€“ Muro Genki
~ Masunari Ikki โ€“ Hamano Daiki
~ Usui Hikari โ€“ Murata Tasihi
~ Maze Akitsugu โ€“ Yanagida Jun’ichi
~ Sagara Kiyoshi โ€“ Furukawa Makoto

+ Tsubakimachi High School +
~ Minato Shuugo โ€“ Muro Genki
~ Satta Kazuki โ€“ Oosaka Ryouta
~ Shizuno Makoto โ€“ Ishitani Haruki
~ Konomura Akemi โ€“ Amasaki Kouhei
~ Amenomori Renji โ€“ Ishikawa Kaito
~ Andou Kunio โ€“ Yamamoto Itaru

+ Kakyouin High School +
~ Yagami Tomoe โ€“ Sakurai Takahiro
~ Ida Amatsu โ€“ Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Natsunagi Touya โ€“ Aoi Shouta
~ Aoba Nanpei โ€“ Nose Ikuji
~ Izumino Hajime โ€“ Oosaka Ryouta
~ Izumino Ryou โ€“ Hanae Natsuki

+ Misc. Characters +
~ Sakurai Jou โ€“ Ookawa Tooru
~ Takahara Kouichi โ€“ Okitsu Kazuyuki
~ Sakura-chan โ€“ Oda Keisuke
~ Kurobe Kamon โ€“ Nagano Yoshikazu
~ Hasekura Diane โ€“ Oohara Sayaka
~ Hasekura Shauna โ€“ Nakahara Mai
~ Yamane Katsuji โ€“ Nagano Yoshikazu


* Plot Summary *

Stride is an extreme sport in which teams made up of six people run through town.
“You”, or Sakurai Nana (default name changeable) became drawn to Stride after watching a web video depicting a Stride match with Hounan Senior High Academy. Wholeheartedly wanting to play Stride, Nana enrolled into Hounan Academy.

What awaited Nana were other boys who were to Stride the same way she was.
As you grow as a “Relationer”, the leader of the team, win the “End of Summer” Eastern Japan Tournament alongside your team mates!
School life, your club family, close friendship, rivalry, matches… What awaits at the end of this all?

A story about experiencing your once-in-a-lifetime youth at full speed. Youth x Sports Club. That is “Prince of Stride”.


* My Thoughts *

Stride is an “extreme sport?” Is this some kind of joke? Is someone pulling my leg?

Other than that stupid exaggeration, how boring Stride seems (running through town is a sport? Wut?) as an EXTREEEEME sport and the fact that Nana is apparently the only girl in a Stride team (yeah, because it’s totally believable that other girls wouldn’t try and join these teams to get closer to the hot guys, no Siree), I don’t take too much issue with the game. Sports is just not my thing, and the barely-there plot doesn’t help change this.

If this got popular, I’ll bet the fujoshi will get their mitts on this. It’s a sport setting with heaps of guys and popular male seiyuu! How could they possibly resist? They couldn’t resist Uta no Prince-sama so Prince of Stride could be in (laughable) danger.

After a lengthy development time, Prince of Stride is finally on the market, so congrats, I guess.

I don’t have much more to say about this game. Onto the last one!



Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime

Release date: 30-7-2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating:
CERO C [15+]
Developer and Publisher: Karin Entertainment
Artist: Shiroma
Writers: Natsumi Kanna and Yuki Susuki
Official website: http://oyayubi.labyrinth-of.com/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15248
OP Info:
Song title: La Petit Princess (ใƒฉใƒปใƒ—ใƒ†ใ‚ฃใƒปใƒ—ใƒชใƒณใ‚ปใ‚น)
Vocals: Mutsuki (Queen of Wand)
Lyrics: Mutsuki, Natsumi Kanna
Composition and arrangement: Kogitsunemaru (Queen of Wand)


* Cast *

~ Charlotte (Thumbelina) โ€“ Yoshioka Maya
~ Lars Christensen (The Little Match Boy) โ€“ Yamaya Yoshitaka
~ Lune (Huntsman) โ€“ Ono Yuuki
~ Suvia (Ice Princess) โ€“ Takahashi Karin
~ Sirius (Dragon Knight)ย โ€“ Iida Toshinobu and his dragon, Truth โ€“ Hikami Takahiro
~ Eshell (The Little Mermaid) โ€“ Takahashi Minami and her servant, Gobby โ€“ Irie Reona
~ Loupian (The Flower Prince, based on the fairy flower prince Thumbelina marries in the original story) โ€“ Ono Kenshou
~ The Ugly Duckling โ€“ Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Alberio (The White Swan Knight, based on the swan The Ugly Duckling grows up to become) โ€“ Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Sigwart (The Swallow Knight, based on the swallow Thumbelina meets in the original story) โ€“ Kirimoto Takuya
~ The Black Knight โ€“ Kirimoto Takuya
~ Nude King โ€“ Kuroda Takaya
~ Woven Moon of the Light/Moon of the Dark Night โ€“ Narita Ken
~ Valfa (Sorcerer of Breath) โ€“ Sugou Takayuki
~ Ragna โ€“ Iwasaki Masami


* Plot Summary *

Charlotte is a young girl who lives in a countryside village. One day, while she was happily spending time with her neighbour and childhood friend, the Little Match Boy, her body suddenly shrunk to the size of a thumb! Her cute appearance comparable to that of a fairy, Charlotte quickly became popular amongst the villagers and was dumbbed “Thumbelina”.

When Thumbelina and the Little Match Boy went out to visit the spring on the outskirts of the village, they were attacked by some unknown soldiers. The Little Match Boy realised that the soldiers were after Thumbelina, so he fled deep into the forest to protect her.

Having evaded the soldiers, the two depart on a journey to find a way for Thumbelina to return to her original size. Alongside the unique companions they met along their journey, an adventure in which they discover secrets about themselves unfolds.


* My Thoughts *

A fairytale adaptation that actually gives off a fairytale aesthetic and isn’t just a lazy adaptation? What is this sorcery!?

I have a strange relationship with Karin Entertainment. I realised I own some of the their games, but haven’t gotten around to any of them yet. Every time I’m about to boot up Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, I decide to try something and forget about it… and the cycle has been continuing. Same with Eikoku Tantei Mysteria. Can’t even remember if I’ve booted it up or not.

I like how the story sticks to the basic flow of the original Thumbelina story- she goes off on a journey and meets a variety of animals and mystical creatures. Interestingly, the main hero appears to be The Little Match Boy, not the Flower Prince. I guess this game is more like “Thumbelina goes on a journey and meets other Andersen characters plus some original creations to mix it up”. That’s a nice idea and I think it’d be lots of fun.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Zettai Meikyuu Oyayubi-hime too… and hopefully get around to Zettai Meiyuu Grimm someday.

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19 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of July 2015

  1. Nice to see your post finally! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haha omg the Judge Judy gif got me laughing quite a bit. Unfortunately I’m gonna be one of the stupid readers buying KLAP because of Yasutake’s art and the interesting characters and you got it, so I can whip up the guys (rofl) Something light for summer would be fun and I like trying new concepts in Otoge and this is definitely new!

    POS was initially not on my radar, (I’ve nothing to do with sports too) but I thought that the voiced heroine and the whole Kizuna building thing was worth a try for Seishun games. I thought I saw some girls in the characters but well I’ll be sure that the gyaku harem is obvious on its own.

    Sweet Clown initially looked interesting but I haven’t played any Takuyo games before and was afraid it would go iffy… Will have to wait on this one.

    Cheer up friend! I hope that the slopes are getting easier to walk on!

    • Thanks bro! xD

      Judge Judy is awesome! She really summarised how I feel about some of this month’s games. To me, KLAP is also just really sad because it embodies the woeful direction otome games are going in. We all have fun in different ways, but I don’t see how whipping boys is, especially in this context. They’re supposed to be educated with dignity, and just because they’re not humans, doesn’t mean it’s OK to treat them like animals. I don’t even agree with animals getting whipped, but that’s a whole ‘nother debate. Plus punishment-induced learning is far less effective than reward-based.

      PoS looks like a lot of effort has gone into its production. Must have been so bloody expensive to hire so many well-known seiyuu. The artist has been involved with official Persona manga, so I’m sure she wasn’t cheap too. The “kizuna” thing is one of the biggest reason Japanese sports stuff puts me off. I’ll bet there are exceptions I’ve yet to come across, but regardless, I don’t want to read about “the power of teamwork” and “how important good sportsmanship is” for the umpteenth time. I grew up watching children’s shows to teach corny, Captain Obvious lessons in life like that.

      Not only that, but the “seishun” thing combined with the CERO B gives off an immature vibe. The protagonist’s decision to pick a school purely for a sport she has no experience in isn’t the best choice if considering your own future. You’d think a senior student of the Stride club would be the “Relationer”, right? Nope, it’s the greenhorn protagonist, no duh. There are other girls, but from my understanding, they’re not involved with Stride. All of the other schools don’t have female characters. I am sick to death of “the only female” trope. I hate seeing lazy writing being rewarded like this and the hesitant-to-criticise fans frequently (and poorly) defending these practices.

      Now that I think about it, I haven’t played a Takuyo game to completion yet. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever played one. I know I have Getsuei no Kusari somewhere, and I recall being interested in it.

      Thanks again for your support, brah of mine! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Haha “recall being interested in it” :p Takuyo games are kinda sidelined since they don’t really look too appealing and they’re slow on their production too…

        If I remember right, the teacher whips them when their ayakashi powers go bersek; something along that line. I’m really just playing this all for the art and to get back at DiaLovers however weird a concept that may seem. Hmm… klap does sound silly, but it’s the whole silliness I’m going for this time. I do get the feeling I will get lots of laugh throughout the game. XD The same reason why I watch Gintama and have so much fun and then wonder why I wasted 25 mins of my life every week doing so hahaha.

        For POS, my honest feelings are that I fear the Cero B too, but it looks pretty nice to me for now, and I think the interactions between the characters are gonna be quite funny. I’m playing for Miyano Mamoru and Ono Kensho, my two favs whom I’ve not seen around much and yes! I think the amount of effort put into producing it is what makes it worth playing for… and I really like the way the mini game looks ๐Ÿ˜€

        But I guess when something’s not your interest it just isn’t, but I hope there will be some new releases that you’ll play soon!

        • Yeah, not including ports, perhaps Takuyo releases maybe one game a year? For a smaller studio, that’s not too bad (I think)? I hear good things about Takuyo- especially Getsuei no Kusari- so it’s just a matter of time until I get down to actually playing it.

          About KLAP, I figured the reason for the whips is something like that, but I still feel like it’s VERY forced. If supernatural creatures and whips strong enough to contain the said creatures’ powers exist, why can’t they adopt more dignified ways of educating creatures that have potential to get really volatile? Even if I have no desire to play KLAP, I really hope the people who do play will have a good time. In the end, it’s just our difference in opinion about what constitutes a “good game”.

          Yeah, PoS is a good-looking game. Kadokawa Shoten has the cash to burn on in-demand artists, composers and seiyuu, after all! Ono Kenshou is great; totally can understand how that can be an influence in deciding to play PoS. He was the perfect fit for Kohiyama Yuuto from Photograph Journey.

          That’s right; it all comes down to personal opinion and tastes. I just value certain aspects of an otome game more than other fans, and vice-versa. Doesn’t mean I’m right or that they’re wrong. If we all liked the same thing, it’d be pretty boring!

  2. A

    POS is the July title I’m most anticipating. Haven’t preordered it yet though and at this rate I’m thinking I might just hold off and wait for reviews.

    As for Oyayubi-hime, I haven’t gotten around to Grimm either, so I have no intention of picking it up until I do.

    The rest I’ll only consider if I hear good things. Not like I have any shortage of backlog to focus on instead.

    • Thanks for reading!

      Yeah, July is surprisingly had no titles I thought, “I HAVE TO PLAY THAT!” in spite of it having some big budget releases. My backlog (though I try to weed stuff out every three months or so) is really long so yes, I’m also not short on stuff I want to try, even just restricting to otome visual novels.

      As for PoS, it’s presented so well but I just can’t justify dropping cash on it because (if it isn’t obvious by now) plot is very important to me, and… PoS doesn’t feel as though it’d deliver to a $60 extent in my eyes.

      Interesting how we both don’t want to play Oyayubi-hime until we complete Grimm, though the two have no relation to each other. I think for us, Grimm is the ruler we’ll be measuring Oyayubi-hime’s “worthiness” with! xD

  3. But really, nobody is going to play the game for the โ€œplotโ€.

    I don’t think they’re marking KLAP for plot. I think they’re marketing for the boy whipping part so honestly it’s like complaining that they market porno about a lonely housewife to raise awareness of lonely housewifes everywhere lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Same for I DOLL U. There’s a touch screen system which I think is the gimmick of the game and the story is basically a mirror of this Japanese drama I saw a few years ago called “IKemen Desu Ne” (there’s also a Korean drama but I forgot the name.)

    I think ultimately most otome games are now going for the gimmick catch rather than deep story because it’s hard to write a GOOD story and make it a dating sim. A lot of games fail to do this and end up being terrible. So now the companies try to sell on gimmicks/fanservice (like they do in eroge and all them imoutos) and honestly I’m all for it. I love dumb fun / cute fanservice games like that over shit that tries to be deep and serious (like Diabolik Wifebeaters Dark Fanfiction)

    • Thanks for reading again, Hinano!

      “But really, nobody is going to play the game for the โ€œplotโ€. Theyโ€™re here for the choukyou seiyuu voice fanservice. The end.”

      …Is what I wrote, so I’m well aware that KLAP (and I DOLL U) isn’t being marketed as a plot-centric game. Even knowing this, I can’t help but complain, though I know it’s pointless to (as you noted).

      I couldn’t agree more about how more and more games are taking the gimmick route. I concede it’s hard to write a good story AND maintain a multiple route romance aspect. However, any professional writer worth their salt (and in the visual novel world, 90% are not; Sturgeon’s law), should be able to pull it off competently at the very least.

      I like fun and fluff too (and I won’t lie, bishie fanservice isn’t bad on the eyes), but why does fun/fluff have to be treated like a free pass to blatantly not try to create a good story… when the medium is a visual NOVEL? Fluff means a lot more too me if I actually cared about the characters thanks to good writing, but that’s just me. Conversely, why does an otome game have to be dark/deep/serious in order for the general otome fandom to go “GOOD STORY, 4/5?” I swear, the otome world is full of scale-tipping extremities!

      I apologise if I’m coming across like arguing with you; I’m just venting my frustrations.

      • ain’t no thang. I guess my stance is, after like 300 or so otome games I guess I no longer care? I’ve been through so many variations of probably every single otome trope you can think of that I have a pretty good idea of what I want to “keep seeing” anymore. Sure I love a good story but ultimately otome games (which I now think of games more than VNs btw) are there to entertain. If I can get entertainment from a game where I poke bishies or whip them, to me that holds as much value as a game where I just read text and bawl my eyes out (see any Key game I’ve reviewed.)

        What I don’t like as you mention is otome games going to extremities with abuse. I don’t appreciate them thinking LETS MAKE IT SCARY AND EDGY but you know what – it apparently works with some people which is why they can still milk diabolik lovers lol.

        So ultimately all I can tell you is if you’re waiting for a good story VISUAL NOVEL to come along within the otome game niche, you’re gonna be waiting a long time. It seems like what sells is fanservice (whether it be abuse or dumb shit like shinobi koi utsutsu) and that trend is likely to continue for a while.

        If you’re looking for more visual novels with good stories you may need to revert to the eroge world because while they have their nukige, a lot of them have deep stories too. I highly recommend any Key games if you have not played any. I bawwwled in pretty much all of them.

        • Wow… Somehow I forgot to reply and say thanks for the recommendations. Sorry about that! I already do semi-regularly check out eroge, and with all that imouto bullshit, they’re on a wonky path too. I’ve been meaning to get around to playing a Key game forever! I hear such nice things about them, especially Clannad.

          While I dislike both Diabolik Lovers and Shinobi Koi Utsutsu, at least the latter doesn’t romanticise abuse to reel in the lowest common denominators of the otome fandom.

  4. (Long time lurker, finally decided to comment XD)
    Wow, except for maybe Sweet Clown, I’m really not interested in getting any of these games, at least I see some reviews.

    I’m a sucker for stories involving sports (as cliche as they can be), but that Cero B really puts me off, so PoS is a no-no for me (the art is really pretty though).

    Well, since I’m short on money maybe not having any interesting games for now is a good thing, since Reine de Fleurs is a must buy for me (I’ll admit it’s mostly because of the pretty art =p)

    And speaking of Hakuouki… are they ever going to let it go? Jesus XD

    • Hi Touko-chan!

      Thanks for coming out of lurking to comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m pretty much with you on this month- I’ll be keeping a close eye on reviews.

      I know it’s bad to generalise based on CERO ratings, but seriously, CERO B games tend to be too immature for me, even for the otome genre. That being said, I rather play a fluffy, innocent CERO B game than a CERO Z trying too hard to be edgy and filling the naughty scenes with rape.

      Yeah, I have high hopes for Reine des Fleurs. I know I shouldn’t hope too much, but I’m feeling more confident now to hope in things since I was correct about Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen.

      LOL, no way they’re ever gonna let go of Hakuouki. As long as it keeps on making money, it will NEVER stop. The otome fandom has proven time and time again that story coherence isn’t a priority, so it’s not like they have to think very hard about to how to make sense of all the spin-offs, sequels and prequels. Just look at Diabolik Lovers! xS

  5. I’m honestly interested in I DOLL U because of Fujiwara Cocoa. regarding that, may sensei rest in peace (I was in utter shock back then when I found out about the news as well). although I was wondering what happened to the art since sensei passed away :/ if it isn’t finished wouldn’t there be someone to replace and basically ended up being a tracing artist hired or smth orz

    also Oyayubi Hime seems interesting! Karin games are usually good but its downside is probably the length and language barrier that makes me really hard to play the game entirely but I love fairy tales _(:3 I’m no hardcore otome gamer but I’d love to try the game!

    • Hello kurorisa!

      I DOLL U is likely one of Fujiwara Cocoa’s last art projects, so fans like yourself could probably get a lot out of it just by checking out her final works. It’s possible that the art was finished before Fujiwara-san passed away… At the very least, the character designs would have been completed by then. Let’s hope she personally drew the important CGs.

      I’m still somewhat interested in Oyayubi-hime as well. I hear good things about Karin games so its existence serves to remind me to hurry up and 100% complete one! Especially Zettai Meikyuu Grimm and Eikoku Tantei Mysteria, which I got a fair while back… Plus as you said, I hear they’re long so I have to be prepared to devote my little free time to trudging through the game. Lately, I’ve been going for shorter stuff but since I want more meat with my plot, I’m realising I should return to playing longer games.

      • yeah the only thing I hope is the game is actually good eventhough there’s nothing deep in the plot. as long as the characters are good and the story is ok, I can handle it. so I’m just crossing my fingers!
        yeah they have good things about their games so I’m really interested! since you want long story might as well grab them since well, they’re long! xD;

  6. Leaf

    SOOOO glad I found your blog-you’re hilarious and I love how you think about the games before purchasing them. Wish I saw this sooner lol since I’m new to all this.

    Already have Sweet Clown and I Doll U (so dumb right now lol). Recently got Shinobi Koi and Bread Master and Prince (Lucia is amazing) and have Oyayubi on preorder. Just recently got into buying Japanese otome games and am really depressed for the lack of them in English so I figured since I already like Japanese, I might as well just learn since I like otome games.

    Still pretty pumped for Code Realize and Norn9 :D. Sorry, I ask this a lot since I’m super new to playing games in Japanese, but do you have any tips for someone like me who has a vague sense of what’s going on sometimes? I have Genki, am not taking classes and watched anime for a long time before I realized I loved the language. So I can understand super common phrases and some slang, but other than that I get stumped when playing otome games and decided to just keep going even if I don’t understand, that way I won’t become frustrated and give up.

    Did you learn easily or do you still find yourself confused sometimes? Anyways, thanks so much and keep up the awesome work. SO glad to have found your blog!!

    • Hello, Leaf!

      Thanks very much for reading and for the kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad my blog is bringing you laughs and is useful!

      Wow, you’ve got lots of otome gaming ahead of you. I’d love for you to let me know how they go in the future.

      While neither of those games are up my alley, I’m happy to see more otome games get localised. I think Code: Realize isn’t the worst decision they could have made and NORN9 does have a dedicated fanbase so it’s not a poor investment choice. Even so, I’m considering to buy them to support the industry and maybe even just read through them quickly. I’m MUCH faster at reading English than Japanese, LOL.

      I’m not sure exactly how much Japanese you know, so if any of my advice will be useless, I’m sorry! First and foremost, complete mastery of hiragana and katakana is an absolute MUST. Especially hiragana. You pretty much can’t get ANYWHERE without it, as you need it to understand kanji. Another piece of advice is to have a good EnglishJapanese dictionary to be able to quickly go to. In particular, you want one that lets you search for words in romaji.

      This is especially useful when hearing a word you don’t understand. Jim Breen (http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1C) is the best online EnglishJapanese dictionary I know. Another strategy is to read a review of the game on an English otome game reviewing blog if you can find it. The more detailed it is, the more you can use context clues to figure out the words and phrases of a particular scene you couldn’t understand.

      I would definitely recommend completing GENKI. The 317 kanji listed on their site are basic, yet very important. You will regularly see around a good 90% of them in your otome gaming. There’s no real efficient way to memorise kanji other than finding the best way TO memorise them. Some like flash cards, some like to write the characters over and over, some prefer to break down the character and memorise its composition (i.e. to use as context clues). Overall, after I checked out what GENKI teaches, I think it sounds excellent. I can guarantee you that your understanding of visual novels will skyrocket the more you complete its learning resources.

      Anime is a good way to pick up on the spoken language, manga can greatly help with the reading aspect, but I find that visual novels are the best for learning both. Especially when the characters speak a word you can’t read- that is the best! That’s how I learned some new words, and also how I learned to memorise the reading and use of many kanji. Definitely don’t give up as visual novels are a fun and helpful way of learning Japanese. Without meaning to sound condescending, if your understanding of Japanese is low, it’s best to try reading visual novels that don’t delve into difficult topics as much as possible. Starry Sky and almost all high school rom-coms fall into this category. The best ones to learn from have voiced protagonists. Anyway, just learning the basics alone will carry you through most lower-level and even intermediate visual novels. I still struggle with more complex stories that use many technical terms or with otome games set in older times.

      I was raised by a native Japanese-speaking mother, and my grandparents sent me age-appropriate anime and manga ever since I was little until I reached my early teens. Doraemon and Anpanman were probably the most educational for me. They also sent me a children’s book for hiragana and katakana, from where I taught myself the two scripts as it was very simply written. So I can definitely recommend using anime/manga as a tool to help. learned the basics as I grew up, so I never had to take classes or use textbooks… I do feel that I pick up on it fairly easily, but that’s probably because of my upbringing… can’t say for sure. I struggle with kanji, like most Japanese learners. I was never taught it, so everything from then on I learned in secondary school and through my own efforts. My kanji understanding improved a lot after I got into visual novels.

      Hope even a bit of this helps you. Thanks again, and I hope you continue to enjoy my content! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Leaf

        Thank you sooooo sooooo soooo much! I made a wordpress so sorry for my late reply. It truly means a lot to me that you went all out to answer my question and gave such detail. Yes, I agree that your uprbringing definitely gave you an advantage but you said that you had to basically teach yourself most other things about Japanese.

        I really felt motivated after reading your response and will continue to study. My interest in anime has sadly declined but my love for otoges have skyrocketed. They’re unbelievably useful and are worth such steep prices I think.

        I hope we can become good friends on wordpress and that you won’t mind if I have any other questions regarding learning Japanese, or and if you have the time, if you wouldn’t mind helping me should I have a sentence I’m struggling with? Of course I understand if you don’t want to due to busy schedules or just not wanting to ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways, thanks again, and I’m following you now! I can’t wait to see future posts and reviews from you!!!!

        And thanks so much again. I sincerely appreciate the length you went to help me with my question.

        • No worries, Leaf! ๐Ÿ˜€

          Iโ€™m very happy that I was able to help you. Iโ€™d love to be your friend, too! If and when you have any more questions, please fire away. Iโ€™ll do my best to answer them.

          Thank you for supporting my blog!

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