Otome Visual Novel Releases of June 2015

Look! June is a shitty dump month again, just like last year. At least more than one new release is coming- the otome world has spoiled us by releasing two instead of one. How generous. Though it’s really too bad that Vamwolf Cross and Dynamic Chord don’t interest me. None of the ports and remakes interest me as well, so I guess June will be my ultimate backlog month. At least I can expect a nice early June since I’ll have started playing the full release of Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen by then. Until next month, happy gaming!

EDIT 3/6/2015: Apparently the “June Curse” strikes again this year and only Dynamic Chord will be released this month… unless they decide to delay as well! :O


New releases

Title Release Date Platform
Vamwolf Cross† 25-6-2015 → Summer 2015 PSV
Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO 26-6-2015 PC
Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Kagawa-hen & Miyazaki-hen~ 26-6-2015 → Summer 2015 PC



Title Release Date Platform
Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Flower and Snow~ [Link] 11-6-2015 PS2 → PSP → PSV [Original game + fandisc bundle port]
Shinsouban Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama [Link] 18-6-2015 PC → PSP → PSV [Remake]
5-nin no Koi Prince ~Himitsu no Keiyaku Kekkon~ [Link] 25-6-2015 Mobile → PSV [Port]
School Wars ~Zenkan Pack Honpen & Sotsugyou Sensen~ [Link] 25-6-2015 PSP → PSV [Original game + fandisc bundle port]
Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Setsugetsuka Koi Emaki- [Link] 25-6-2015 PSP → PSV [Port]


Vamwolf Cross†


Release date: Delayed 25-6-2015 → Summer 2015
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO rating assessment still in progress
Developer: Vridge Inc.
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Artist: Ichikawa Yuuhi (市川 夕陽)
Official website: http://www.d3p.co.jp/vamwolf_cross/#home
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16468
OP Info:
Song title: Guilty
Composition and arrangement: Nishioka Kazuya
Lyrics: Yamasaki Hiroko


* Cast *

~ Shinonome Nagisa – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Tokiwa Ryuunosuke – Kishio Daisuke
~ Aoi Shuuichi – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Kingetsu Yuuya – Sugita Tomokazu
~ Nitou Keidai – Yoshino Hiroyuki


* Plot Summary *

There has been an outbreak of bizarre serial murders in which the victims get the blood from the entirety of their bodies extracted. The media created an uproar, calling it the work of “the vampiric wolves of the modern era, Vamwolf”.

Despite the chaos, Shirakawa Seri (the protagonist) leads a fun, peaceful life helping out at the apartment her father manages and interacting with its kind residents.

However, one day, Seri’s father passed away, having become a victim of murder. Based on the modus operandi, it was conjectured that his murder was the doing of the rumoured “Vamwolf”.

After the funeral, as she went through the belongings left behind by her father, Seri found a memorandum and gun hidden in a secret compartment of his desk. Though she thought that her father was an apartment manager, the memorandum reveals a certain truth: he was in actuality a “Vamwolf Hunter”, along with his “comrades (the residents of the apartment)”.

On the last page, he had left only a single question behind:

“Is there a Vamwolf among my comrades who’s tricking us?”

Is there a Vamwolf amidst the apartment’s residents?
Was Seri’s father murdered by this Vamwolf?

Driven by her sole desire to learn the truth, she resolves to find the Vamwolf among her father’s comrades.


* My Thoughts *

facepalmShould I even waste my time commenting on the stupidity of “Vamwolf (ugh, it hurts so much to just type such a lame name)”? Why didn’t they just pick one or the other without the lame attempt to seem more interesting than it actually is? Also, the plot summary of Vamwolf  Cross is suspiciously similar to the upcoming (since 2013) R18+ otome game by Candy Cube, Anata wa Jinrou desuka?, though I can’t tell you for certain which idea came first.

You know a quality (with a capital “K”!) game is coming when it’s almost on the exact same tier of stupid as Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate!

While I’m confident Anata wa Jinrou desuka? will be more interesting, I do like the idea of trying to find out who the traitor/Vamwolf is. Not an original storyline, but since I like mystery (especially murder-mysteries), I would have at least given this game some consideration if it weren’t for the pathetically stupid “Vamwolf” creature idea.

Wow, can’t say I’m stoked for this game coming out. What a waste of the seiyuu and artist’s talents. Pass!



Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO


Release date: 26-6-2015
Platform: PC
Age rating: All-ages
Developer: honeybee black
Publisher: honeybee black
Artist: Fujiwara Ryou (冨士原 良)
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/dynamic/kyoh/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15495
OP Info: No OP as of yet.


* Cast *

~ YORITO (real name: Kisaka Yorito) – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ TOKIHARU (real name: Hanabusa Tokiharu) – Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ YUU (real name: Kuroya Yuu) – Ishikawa Kaito
~ SHINOMUNE (real name: Sumiya Shinomune) – Yashiro Taku


* Plot Summary *

Determined to take on any job that has something to do with music, recent graduate Kirishita Konoha (the protagonist) got a job at DYNAMIC CHORD, a music-office-cum-record-company. Having got a job within an industry she had long admired, Konoha worked happily everyday.

One day, Konoha noticed the members of KYOHSO leaving the president’s office, casually giving them a glance. As KYOHSO’s vocalist, Kisaka Yorito, was about to walk past her, he offered Konoha to become the band’s manager.

Working extremely hard everyday with the bandmen as their new manager, what will become of the love which has started to sprout between her and one of the members?


* My Thoughts *

The last installment of the three-part Dynamic Chord releases. That being said, I don’t believe you’re required to have read the other two as all of them are self-contained stories. Wow… this one is hard to comment on since there’s nothing to really say! Those who have been following my blog for long enough will know by now that I have little interest in the Dynamic Chord series, and the snooze-fest story summary of feat. KYOHSO isn’t going to be what changes this. There’s nothing wrong with the story- I guess it’s nothing new and it’s pretty standard fare. Dynamic Chord in general has been flying under the radar, and it’s not hard to see why. I’m dead serious, I have absolutely nothing of interest to say about feat. KYOHSO that I haven’t already mentioned about the Dynamic Chord series previously. I’ll be passing on this one, too.

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One thought on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of June 2015

  1. Vamwolf Cross is like Possession Magenta except replace tarot cards with vampire wolf people loll. BUt yea it reeks too much of Diabolik Lovers blah. Also since lol-delay and lold3pterriblegamesystems it’s something to definitely avoid before reading any sorts of reviews.

    I actually highly recommend ninkoi if you’ve never played it. I was gonna get it myself (even though I have the limited edition PSP version) but due to FFXIV’s expansion pack coming around the same time I decided to cancel and get it another time. I think the biggest dump of games is July as I just preordered 5 of them.

    But seriously though, KoiPuri..I mean why is that even getting ported. The art quality looks no better than the cell phone version. I already imagine awful reviews for it a la Abunai Koi no Sousashitsu lol

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