Rejet “Snow Virgin Road 2015” New Project Announcement Digest


For those who missed out or aren’t in the know, “Snow Virgin Road” is the name of Rejet’s 2015 celebratory announcement live show event of their upcoming new projects, held on Monday, 9th February from 5~10pm . Most Rejet fans who had time- both Japanese and international- would have tuned into Nico Nico Douga’s live feed of the entire event.

This post will be covering each upcoming Rejet project’s plot summary, cast list (if provided), brief additional information and my impressions. Overall, it will be structured near-identically to my monthly posts.


The Projects Announced During Snow Virgin Road

Title Medium/Platform
Diabolik Lovers Bloody Bouquet Drama CD series
Taishou Guuzou Roman “Teikoku Star” Kinematograph Drama CD series
Motto♥Lip on My Prince Drama CD series
Zenryoku Shounen-tachi no O-uta & Toriai Drama CD series
Lacrimosa -The Seven Doors- Drama CD series
Love★Don!!★Quixote Drama CD series
Yuugen Romantica Drama CD series
Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kami-sama ga Iru to suru Naraba. PSV



Diabolik Lover$ Bloody Bouquet



* Relea$e $chedule *

Volume # Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Sakamaki Ayato Midorikawa Hikaru 22nd April, 2015
2 Mukai Ruki Sakurai Takahiro 20th May, 2015
3 Tsukinami Carla Morikawa Toshiyuki 17th June, 2015
4 Sakamaki Shuu Toriumi Kousuke 22nd July, 2015
5 Mukami Kou Kimura Ryouhei 19th August, 2015
6 Sakamaki Reiji Konishi Katsuyuki 23rd September, 2015
7 Tsukinami Shin Morikubo Shoutarou 21st October, 2015
8 Mukami Yuuma Suzuki Tatsuhisa 18th November, 2015
9 Sakamaki Kanato Kaji Yuuki 16th December, 2015
10 Sakamaki Laito Hirakawa Daisuke 20th January, 2016
11 Mukami Azusa Kishio Daisuke 17th February, 2016
12 Sakamaki Subaru Kondou Takashi 23rd March, 2016


* $tory $ummary *
On one beautiful full moon’s night…
Living alongside the vampires, a present from the underworld was delivered to you.It was a beautiful bouquet of black roses, and a black white message card.

Enamoured by the beauty of the black roses, you prick your finger on its thorns the moment you reached out your hand towards them.
Fresh blood trickled down your finger and then dripped onto the black message card. A message addressed to you surfaced on it:

“The thorns of the black roses placed a permanent curse upon you.
Your blood will gradually rot, and will become a poison that tortures the immortal.
Now, nobody can stop it.
There is only one way to survive.
Only allow the one you love to continue sucking your blood.
If you don’t abide by this, the curse will likely kill you at once.”

An eternal promise made between the two of you, with your lives on the line.
A blood-soaked marriage proposal, to you.


* My RANT Thought$ *
Well, what do you think? My fears were confirmed- I thought I was being paranoid and thinking too deeply about Rejet’s promotional art choice for Snow Virgin Road, but… I can-but-don’t-want-to believe it, I was right! Yet another pathetically lazy, sigh-inducingly uncreative, horrendously vacuous plot conceived with foreknowledge of the worryingly low standards of a typical rabid Diabolik Lovers fan in mind. If More, Blood wasn’t pushing it, if Dark Fate isn’t ridiculous enough for you, if THIS isn’t stupid enough to you… I’m scared to think what would be.

Though I am genuine in believing another’s tastes are to be accepted to reasonable extents, it amazes me that people can ignore and enjoy DL without a hint of irony in spite of how bad the plots have become. No matter how hard I try, I can’t empathise with the types of otome fans that put character designs, art and/or seiyuu ahead of even the most basically constructed stories. Logically, I know that all of our values and what we want out of every game is different. I get that. It’s just sad that so many fans are fine with not enjoying a decent story anymore as long as the guys are hot, the right moe bait is used and the best seiyuu star in it… but if this makes you happy, good for you. I mean it, even if we’ll never see eye-to-eye.

More on topic, surely this will be the last DL series, right? I mean, there is a certain sense of finality when two love interests get married. What else comes afterwards- I mean, besides the inevitable PSV adaptation and maybe its money-grubbing fandisc or pointless port?

Oh. My. God…


Alright, I’m never gonna say anything nice about Diabolik Lovers that I haven’t pointed out in previous posts, so let’s move on!



Taishou Guuzou Roman “Teikoku Star” Kinematograph



* Release Schedule *

Volume # Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Seishirou Sakurai Takahiro 22nd April, 2015
2 Isao Nojima Kenji 20th May, 2015
3 Sanji Kaji Yuuki 17th June, 2015
4 Fuji Kimura Ryouhei 22nd July, 2015
5 Rei Kondou Takashi 19th August, 2015
6 Okito Toriumi Kousuke 23rd September, 2015


* Story Summary *

September 1st, 1923.
An earthquake of an unprecedented scale struck the gorgeous imperial capital.
Though the capital was scarred, there was one thing that was swiftly rebuilt.

The setting of the story, the “Great Imperial Theatre”.
It is the headquarters of the “Teikoku Star”- a troupe of beautiful, noble idol performers, who come together to dance and entertain their audience.
It drew the attention of the capital’s citizens as a symbol of revival.

However, in the shadow of the theatre’s reconstruction, there was a story of a boy and girl bound together; having overcome the differences of their social classes.

The kinematograph (memories) of the two whom loved each other during the end of the Taishou Era.

This is a sweet tale of “you” and him, bound to one another in an era of upheaval.


* My Thoughts *

The “Kinematograph” drama CDs will be a “fandisc” of the previous series. In short, if you enjoyed the previous series, you’re probably already in the know about Kinematograph and are looking forward to it. If you didn’t care before, I don’t see how or why this will change that.

First of all, the Taishou Era concluded in 1926. Perhaps Rejet worded it poorly, and meant something along the lines of “during the concluding years”, “towards the end of”, etc. You gotta wonder about everyone’s priorities since they decided that “the one thing that must be swiftly rebuilt” is a bloody theatre? What about hospitals or jails for would-be looters? A theatre is also more important than banks, temples, schools, shopping areas and such? Come on. I don’t remember reading anything about nobles being theatre actors, let alone with a focus on pleasing female audiences. If anything, I thought nobles were the ones who watched the actors perform, and the focus was on pleasing male crowds.

That all aside, I’ve never been interested in the series. It’s as though Rejet tried its best to make people care- hiring a well-liked artist, picking the Taishou Era, making the love interests all “high-class noble catches” and adding interclass romance for an easily-comprehendable source of romantic conflict… but I still don’t care one bit. I can’t really explain it myself- it’s markedly better quality overall than a vast majority of drama CD “storylines” wasting space on the market at present and I like reading about interclass romances. However, it just never made me care.

At the end of the day, however I feel about Teikoku Star, I think it appeared to be one of Rejet’s better drama CD series and unlike Diabolik Lovers (it doesn’t need a fandisc of a fandisc of a fandisc of a-) or Lip on My Prince (not the kind of story that really required more details), Teikoku Star would probably benefit from seeing how the couples are after their conflicts.



Motto♥Lip on My Prince



* Release Schedule *

Volume # Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Nagumo Asahi Suwabe Jun’ichi 22nd April, 2015
2 Saotome Shouta Shimono Hiro 20th May, 2015
3 Kitano Seiya Namikawa Daisuke 17th June, 2015
4 Ban Norio Hirakawa Daisuke 22nd July, 2015
5 Naruse Tomoe Kishio Daisuke 19th August, 2015
6 Sawaguchi Mahoro Midorikawa Hikaru 23rd September, 2015
7 Yanase Haru Toriumi Kousuke 21st October, 2015
8 Shiina Tsubaki Yoshino Hiroyuki 18th November, 2015


* Story Summary *

“You”, who got together with one of the rumoured “princes” of the town.
Happy days with your beloved boyfriend passed on by, and now you and your boyfriend became university students.

One day, during your joyful student life with your lover…
Unexpectedly, things turned out so that you started to live with your beloved boyfriend!

“Hey, let’s be together even more.”
Even though your time together has increased, his love for you hasn’t waned at all! ♪

This is a sweet, sweet story of you and your boyfriend, who has matured a little.
With everyone getting into the same univeristy and the inclusion of two new princes, the LipOn series starts again!


* My Thoughts *

Motto Lip on My Prince is a “fandisc” of the original series. As with Teikoku Star Kinematograph, fans of the previous series will be thrilled, while those who never cared won’t give a damn about this announcement. Perhaps the two new characters, Saotome Shouta (CV: Shimono Hiro) and Shiina Tsubaki (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) may draw in some new fans. Rejet has anticipated this to some extent, and hired two very popular seiyuu to portray them. I wonder if their “clever” idea will pay off?

I’ve been meaning to try LipOn out for a while, since it seems bright, fun and happy. I play a lot of “serious” games, so having some light-hearted fluff every now and then is always a good thing. Especially after a particularly depressing game! For the old cast, I’m most interested in Haru. He’s very quite handsome, as well being a confident, straightforward, proactive, playful and assertive, tall basketball player that can cook. Yes, Kyuubey, that is my wish- now make me a magical girl!

Enough about Haru, the next guy I’m interested in is Asahi. I’ve taken a liking to his abrasive, proud and intelligent nature. Given the type of series this is, I’m sure Asahi will be like putty in your hands towards the end of the CD. That’s okay in and of itself depending on the execution, but I think it would be so much better if he still maintained that abrasiveness. Not really interested in the rest of the guys, save for Shouta. Shouta seems adorable and happy, which perfectly suits the atmosphere of Lip on My Prince. I can’t help but think someone at his age with his personality falling passionately in love at first sight is anything but sugar cubes. His “cuteness” is his obvious selling point, but even so, I hope they don’t play up his childish/selfish aspects too much; however cleverly Rejet named him “Shouta”.

Anyway, I’m certainly interested in the LipOn franchise, and hope that they deliver on the fluffy fun! If I don’t enjoy it, I hope fans will be able to.



Zenryoku Shounen-tachi no O-uta & Toriai



* Release Schedule *

Characters Seiyuu Release Date
Grade 3 Yuuki Yuzuru
Tachibana Sena
Aoi Shouta
Masuda Toshiki
O-uta: 29th April, 2015
Toriai: 27th May, 2015
Grade 2 Shishikura Kii
Kisaragi Rihito
Hanae Natsuki
Yamashita Daiki
O-uta: 24th June, 2015
Toriai: 29th July, 2015
Grade 1 Saeki Taiga
Sakuraba Toa
Saitou Souma
Umehara Yuuichirou
O-uta: 26th August, 2015
Toriai: 30th September, 2015


* Story Summary *

Spring, the season of meetings and partings.

You are a female high school student attending Mikagura Academy, a prefectural public high school.
The town of Mikagura is famous for its very beautiful starry sky.

You’re living in such a town, but somehow, your days are vague and dream-like, and you begin to lose sight of your own aspirations.

However! You’re surrounded by good-looking guys that are putting everything they have into a variety of schoolwork and club activities, giving it their all as they chase their dreams…

This is a song and story of love between a girl stuck on a plateau and a boy who lives his life to the absolute fullest.


* My Thoughts *

My initial impression of this series was far from positive, but upon closer inspection… now I’m not exactly sure what to think.

Before I go into detail, though, maybe some explaining of the release schedule is in order. As you can see, characters are divided into “units” based on their year level. Each unit has two drama CDs dedicated to them. One is “O-uta”, which translates to “song”, and the other is “Toriai”, which in this context, roughly translates to “fighting over you; tug-of-war over you”.

Anyway, with that all cleared up, back to my opinions. The basic concept is nice and simple with nothing terribly wrong with the setting. I guess there’s always the “of course she’s surrounded by hot guys and they all go to the same school” thing, but that would be a pointless complaint for a high school title in the otome world. There are a good variety of guys across three year levels, all seemingly having different aspirations though they’re equal in determination. If done right, this will be a cute, refreshingly uplifting story about not giving up, to never stop searching for what makes you happy and what gives you a sense of purpose. When you find it, give it everything you’ve got! Something along those lines. It’s certainly a kick-in-the-butt my ancient ass could benefit from.

If the emphasis is put in the wrong place(s), this will ironically, lose its own sense of direction. Song-focused drama CDs are fine; they’re just not my cup of tea. I find that in allocating time and resources to the song(s), the quality of the drama often falters. Then there’s the “Toriai” CD, which is where my largest concerns lie. Love triangles are fine, but I’ve never come across a single protagonist that could justify the intense fighting-over of. Hence, I don’t find it believable and that largely disconnects me from the story.

Other things the Zenryoku series has going for it is the utilisation of an artist never seen before in otome media (at least, I haven’t) and lesser-known/newer seiyuu, as a part of the series’ “refreshing, youthful” theme. I’ve come across a few of these names before, but I do agree with Rejet that at least, they’re lesser-known in the otome fandom. It’s so nice to see names I hardly see, and hopefully, discovering new talent or a new favourite VA. If they do well in Zenryoku, I wish them all the best!

I think for now, I’ll keep an eye on Zenryoku. I’d like to know which facet of the story Rejet will pay the most attention to.



Lacrimosa -The Seven Doors-



* Release Schedule *

Volume # Characters Seiyuu Release Date
1 Nico, Funnu (Wrath; Ira) Toriumi Kousuke 29th April, 2015
2 Nord, Shitto (Envy; Invidia) Kishio Daisuke 27th May, 2015
3 Xex, Gouman (Pride; Superbia) Midorikawa Hikaru 24th June, 2015
4 Cyril, Taida (Sloth; Acedia) Nojima Kenji 29th July, 2015
5 Menace, Gouyoku (Greed; Avaritia) Nakai Kazuya 26th August, 2015
6 Harry, Boushoku (Gluttony; Gula) Kaji Yuuki 30th September, 2015
7 Chloé, Shikiyoku (Lust; Luxuria) Kaida Yuki 28th October, 2015


* Story Summary *

This is a legend of a certain kingdom.

“One who ventures through the seven doors shall fall into hell.”

The Kingdom of Tudor, protected by law and order.
Promised eternal prosperity, Tudor is called the “Paradise of the Surface World” because of it being surrounded by an abundance of nature.
You are the imperial princess of Tudor, having lived a life full of happiness, without a single want.

One day, invited by a mysterious bird, you stepped foot into the place one must never enter, “The Forbidden Tower”.
Sealed inside were seven beautiful knights called “The Seven Wing Knights”, all of whom played a significant role in the thousand-year long war of yesteryear.

By chance, you accidentally unbind the seals upon the seven knights and the doors they were burdened with, and become imprisoned. From then on, you become exposed to temptations you never knew existed…

What is the “Day of Tears (Lacrimosa)” that is to arrive in the end?


* My Thoughts *

Very first of all, the PV is gorgeous. Donna Burke’s beautiful voice really suits the atmosphere of this title. Clever idea of Rejet to have an English song for this PV, as it really does instill a sense of Tudor’s foreignness.

Rejet is really emphasising the “Merry Bad End” aspect. According to Rejet, a “Merry Bad End”, is an “objectively” bad/sad/tragic ending, but if viewed from the perspective of the protagonist and the guys, a happy ending. Anyway, I guess a bittersweet ending is more of a vague term, and Rejet has “created” a name for their more specific brand of bittersweet endings. Speaking of which, NICE GOING TELLING US THE GIST OF ALL SEVEN ENDINGS!

“Oh, but Laramie, just like 95% of romantic comedies made for the masses, it’s about how things happen, not what happens in the end!” you may protest.

OK, yeah, so what? There’s only so many ways you can reach a bad, sad, tragic, bitterweet romantic ending, don’t you think? Especially since you gotta fill in seven slots with (hopefully) varying stories! The “Merry Bad” is so specific, that there aren’t a lot of options left, you know? Everyone dies but loves each other until the very end? They’re separated from one another forever but live in each others’ hearts, always? Mutual suicide? Perhaps I lack a fertile sense of bittersweet imagination.

This “Merry Bad” thing is all fine and well on its own (despite its flaws), but they just had to add the Seven Deadly Sins in a lame attempt to add a sense of titillating danger. I think this fanservice element takes the seriousness of the already questionably-coined “Merry Bad Ending” away. Somehow, I think the bigger focus will be on the “temptation” aspect rather than the seriousness of bearing each sin and how that may significantly affect these “Merry Bad” endings. It’s not a petty character flaw, it’s a bloody vice. It’s sad, because I love reading about the Seven Deadly Sins, and usually enjoy seeing a work utilise them to some extent.

I get the reason why they built the protagonist’s “character” the way they have. She has to be a bit dumb (I would not follow the word of some random bird that wants to lead me inside a Forbidden Tower. At the very least, I’d order to be escorted by guards there or whatever, and make them enter first to check its safety), naive, sheltered, innocent; a “blank canvas”, if you will. She has to be corrupted and tempted easily, or else we won’t have a story. So while I’m sick of protagonists like her, it’s justified here, given the setting and the story.

Lacrimosa is one of those series that seem great at first glance, but the closer you inspect it, the more you realise there is a lot of potential to go wrong. Of course, I could be completely incorrect and this could be one of their greatest CD series ever; a balanced allocation of fanservice and story, characters with much more to them than their sins hint at and endings that exemplify their Merry Bad gimmick to the fullest extent.

I don’t want to be the guinea pig. That’s what friends are for! *Watches my follower count take a nosedive*






* Release Schedule *

Volume # Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Monami-senpai Kondou Takashi 29th April, 2015
2 Shizuku-senpai Nojima Kenji 27th May, 2015
3 Taichi-senpai Yonaga Tsubasa 24th June, 2015
4 Soosuke-senpai Kimura Ryouhei 29th July, 2015
5 Reno-senpai Matsuoka Yoshitsugu 26th August, 2015
6 Roy-senpai Hirakawa Daisuke 30th September, 2015


* Story Summary *

This spring, you enrolled in St. Don Quixote Academy.
In the academy, there is a student council that will soon become a legend (that’s the plan, at least) for being exalted by the students in the entire academy as its members are all “seriously hot (heart)” male students!

Soon after your enrolment, due to a certain incident, the executive members of the student council all took a liking to you, and you became a trainee executive!

Since the student council members are “forbidden to be in a relationship”, how will your secret love you with your upperclassmen go?



* My Thoughts *


May actually be on par with Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate and Bloody Bouquet in terms of the tragic crapness of the “plot”. See, at least Dark Fate made me laugh, and Carla is a fuckin’ BOSS. This is like fan-fiction bad! Rejet, I’m very disappointed. Trying to make another Lip on My Prince-esque hit, are we?

Cute artstyle, I like the backgrounds and the logo, though I don’t really like the way the guys are drawn.

I’m trying to forget this ever happened. Next!



Yuugen Romantica



* Release Schedule *

Volume # Character Seiyuu Release Date
1 Hifumi, the Tengu KENN 29th April, 2015
2 Zakuro, the Youko Sakurai Takahiro 27th May, 2015
3 Iriya, the Yamata no Orochi Tachibana Shinnosuke 24th June, 2015
4 Arahagi, the Bakeneko Kaji Yuuki 29th July, 2015
5 Toneri, the Inugami Hirakawa Daisuke 26th August, 2015
6 Hanao, Toilet no Hanako-san Midorikawa Hikaru 30th September, 2015


* Story Summary *

You are a totally normal high school girl.
The school you attend, the public senior high, Nanagiri Academy, is your average school.

However, what makes Nanagiri a little different from the other schools are the seven legends that has been passed on from generation-to-generation. It speaks of the academy’s Seven Mysteries. Generations of schoolgirls have spoke of the rumours, which are ghost stories.

“There’s no such things as ghosts or youkai.”

With that belief, you sneak back into the academy to retrieve your smartphone that you had forgotten.

At that moment, you heard mysterious footsteps…

Inside the school building which had been dyed by dusk, you turn around to look behind and see an ominous shadow…

This is a story of love between you and six mononoke, as you attempt to solve the seventh of the Seven Mysteries.


* My Thoughts *

First of all, great PV!

I’m interested in youkai, especially of the vengeful variety, but I don’t like seeing them in otome media as the otome world’s need of turning everything into hot moe tropes takes over capturing the essence of the creature they’re based on. Which is exactly what happened here. Anyway, Mononoke, for those who don’t know, is usually the broader term applied to vengeful spirits. However, you can use mononoke to describe “youkai“. Perhaps they chose mononoke to separate themselves from the frequent use of youkai. I dunno.

The next overused element Rejet went with is the “Seven Mysteries”. However overused, I guess it’s a natural progression to stick ghost stories and youkai with a “Seven Mysteries” theme. Unoriginal, yeah, but I guess it has its functions. It’s a safe story decision.

Okay, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m struggling to come up with stuff to say about this. Love Don was easy because it’s so crap I can just insult it a bit and move on, and more serious works like Lacrimosa warrant a closer inspection, but what can I say about this? “Rejet cashes in on the youkai trend supposedly set by Ayakashi Gohan’s success, what a total NON-surprise?”

To me, this is just one of those “why should I care?” works that get released every now and then. I don’t care about the characters, don’t care about the story and don’t particularly care for the art/character designs. Doesn’t seem especially bad, but doesn’t seem worth my time, either. I don’t know if the person who wrote the story summary is terrible at their job, but it’s startlingly unengaging. Its interest level is about equal to a note a colleague may leave on a malfunctioning cash register; briefly summarising its issues. It elicits an “oh, OK.” kind of response.

Needless to say, I’m not interested in Yuugen Romantica. What a shame, it has a really cool PV song.



Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kami-sama ga Iru to suru Naraba.



* Story Summary *

One day, a single letter was delivered to a girl who lived on the outskirts of Tokyo and grew up in a fatherless home, named Kurumi Haruka.
It was sent to her from her past, seven-year-ago self.

However, on the letter were words that she didn’t understand the meaning of.
“It must be a prank”. With that in mind, as she carried on living her “unchanging days”, she learns that an identical letter was also sent to each of her four male classmates, Ace, Neji, Kyou and Shuri.

Since receiving the letter, they all got mixed up in various incidents, and were made to face their past, hidden scars.

In doing so, they realise…
…That there just might be something odd about this “world”.

What is the truth behind this story that is hidden across the blue sea?


* My Thoughts *

Again, what a lovely PV song… with a focus on fresh water, the sea and summery blue hues, some of my friends are predicting that Rejet will release this game during the summer of 2015. I agree. Whatever the case, Rejet will certainly be releasing this in 2015, and it will be for the PlayStation Vita. It appears to be Rejet’s latest “non-filler” game since Ken ga Kimi‘s initial PC release. Just like nearly all otome companies, Rejet wants a piece of the non-piratable action.

Anyway, Jesus… What an annoyingly long title for a game! I’ll be referring it to MoshiKami, as the overseers of the MoshiKami blog suggested. Just by first impressions alone, I’m interested enough to buy the game, unless I learn more information about MoshiKami that would make me change my mind. However stupid the title, that question- which translates to “What if God Really Exists in This World?”- is one I like to think about at length every now and then.

Though I say I’m interested, it’s not a strong interest like I had in Tiny x Machinegun or Ken ga Kimi. The artstyle is boring considering the scale of this project, but I’ve chalked that to them going for the “real world approach”. The protagonist doesn’t seem interesting (as usual), and worse, none of the guys are shouting out to me, “pick my route! I’d be worth your time!” Oh, I know who I won’t be looking forward to. Haruka’s NOT older brother, Masato. God, here I was, thrilled with there not being a single childhood friend in sight for once, but my parade was cruelly rained on! I sometimes like onii-san-like characters, but not actual NOT INCEST COP-OUT brothers.

My doubts aside, I’ll definitely keep an eye on this game and try to remain optimistic due to its interesting theme and the fact that I’m interested in what’s the “truth” behind their world. At the moment, I’m in the “I’m playing this!” camp. Let’s hope that doesn’t change!

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10 thoughts on “Rejet “Snow Virgin Road 2015” New Project Announcement Digest

  1. God I really laughed when you went like `braaaaaaiiin’ XD

    Hmm, the nobles in Taisho were really asses, so it’s no surprise that they prioritised their entertainment (despite the filthy sefishness). [And having listened to all the CDs,] While it’s true that only lower classes tended to be actors in the opera theatres, Sanji isn’t a noble and with the exception of Fuji, the other boys don’t actually have family backing. Teistar’s premise is that the noble families are backing the theatre and their children acting in the theatre was one way for their families to gain recognition.

    And one more thing – both women and men attended theatre shows in that era and it was a form of socialisation, so I wouldn’t agree that it was only to please men. Besides, women being on stage was still avoided as much as possible, so unless they were homosexuals, the men wouldn’t gain much pleasure from that :p

    Sorry about that, I just had to justify Teistar for a bit ( ;∀;)

    Admittedly Rejet’s projects this month is not going to be worthy of much attention but I’m only jumping into Lacrimosa this time round. Perhaps the whole reason in utilising the seven sins is for the sake of deepening the tragedy, since there have been lots of angsty stories in loving but not being able to love for one reason or another. It’s the whole “He’s a criminal but he was wronged, or he isn’t actually that bad, I feel pity+all these complicated feelings = I think I love him, oh no.”

    Despite the above, I’m still trying out at least 3/4 CDs (I can’t wait for Kaida Yuki’s though it’s a painful 8 month wait.) Afterall, Otomate keeps coming up with port after port and I see no reason to give my money there, so why not give it to Lacrimosa :p I’ll be a glad guinea pig for LaCal (‘ω’)

    • Haha, I’m glad someone got the joke! LoveDon is just about one the stupidest “stories” I’ve ever come across in the otome drama CD world, and that’s no easy feat! I think my IQ dropped significantly.

      Don’t be sorry; I’m glad you explained many things about TeiStar and the Taishou Era to me. Since “My Thoughts” are based on impressions, it makes me think about how many things would make sense if people wrote story summaries better? I guess they’re concerned about spoiling the story, but still… a well-written summary is the difference between many purchases and a few!

      I’m looking forward to reading about what you think of the stuff you’ll be listening to. I hope I’m wrong about the stuff I’m negative about, because that means a lot more good content! Yeah, not only that, but Otomate can’t even release their damn fandiscs on time because of investing too much time in Diabolik Lovers and deader-than-disco PSP releases of theirs. Norn9 Last Era got delayed from March to April!

      • I’m not playing Last Era so I’m totally fine, but I can’t help wondering when KLAP and Reine is going to be released. I’m getting quite sick of waiting for Reine and losing interest slowly……

  2. Thanks for the write-up! I couldn’t catch the live stream so this is super helpful.

    I never thought I’d say this, but their project announcements are very meh this time around. I’m interested in MoshiKami partly because I feel like it’s been so long since they last did an actual game not based on their drama CDs. Everything else just seems bland and nothing strikes me as their “next big thing.” It’s almost like they’re losing their special flair lol. The music for the PVs were nice at least.

    • No problem, and thanks for reading, Dae! Glad I could help. 🙂

      Yeah, I think MoshiKami has a decent-to-good chance of being (at the very least) a game worth my time, so I’m keeping a close eye on the website. It seems like Rejet is more interested in pandering to the moetards who only like tsundere/kuudere Do-S rather than those who appreciate a decent story that doesn’t rely on pigeonholing everyone.

      Yep, the money is going into marketing and top-class seiyuu, it seems. :/

  3. I’m actually curious about MoshiKare. It doesn’t look like the usual depressing EVERYTHING IS GOING BAD setting, but it screams of unpleasant psychological traumas and the likes? IDK. Just what I’m imagining. But maybe it’s just plain heart breaking. LOL Or they are in a parallel universe. Who knows…

    The BGM on the website is very pleasant though. And yet it’s hinting some sad back story.
    Plot twist: The heroine is god. xDDD

    I hope they’ll cast nice seiyuu for the game. wwww And I’d love to see a voiced heroine, but I guess it’s too much to wish for. Buhu ;w;

    I have to admit, I really love the art style here. wwww And even though no guy is screaming at me to play his route, they are all eyecandies. xD Maybe I do favor Neji, because he looks deliquentish. HE MUST BE A TSUNDERE!! wwww

    Well, I’m patiently waiting for news about the game. Fufufu

    • It is a Rejet game, after all. Their recent games love invoking madness tropes, so we’ll probably see more of this unless Iwasaki wants to take Rejet in a different direction. It’s still too early to judge in my view, so I still want to keep a close eye on it.

      Yeah, the music seems like it’ll be good. I totally agree- it’s about time that Rejet voices their protagonists. I guess that’s a lot of money to spend on the type of seiyuu most otome fans don’t buy otome games for (i.e. a female seiyuu who isn’t Saiga Mitsuki or Ogata Megumi). It feels like I’m coming across the types of players who insert themselves into the game less and less. Maybe that convention should be revised and voiced protagonists be seriously considered as a new convention. Rejet isn’t a fledgling company with jack shite to their name- they can afford seiyuu!

      Haha, I swear I feel like I’m missing something when people swoon over tsundere guys. I think I’m just sick of it (I used to like most of them), but since it’s much better than childhood friends and brothers, I welcome it here! I hope for your sake and your fellow tsundere fans that there will be one for you to enjoy! xD

  4. Hey, I’ve just try to find out more information about Rejet >ww< And I hope that you can help me know more about Rejet… I don't understand much…

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