Otome Visual Novel Releases of February 2015

Ugh, February is certainly not my month! It’s sad there are just as many ports/remakes/re-releases as there are new ones. Even so, Diabolik Lovers fans can rejoice, as the much-looked forward to sequel, Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate, is finally coming out after a long line of ports and fandiscs. Wafuu and fans of brothel settings have Otomate’s Hyakka Yakou and Hituzigumo’s Gyakuten Yoshiwara remake, Otoko Yuukaku to look forward to. Hyakka Yakou combines a Yoshiwara-like setting with the recently seemingly popular ayakashi theme, so perhaps ayakashi fans may find some worth in trying it out.

Newcomers on the otome world block, Primula, will be releasing the first of their four “episode” Taishou x Alice series; a game that combines fairytales, Alice in Wonderland and a bit of wafuu themes. Uta no Prince-sama fans, particularly of the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star, can get to enjoy its fandisc coming out this month, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret. Finally, fans can enjoy a few hours of fun with the fourth of honeybee and Denki Girl’s Style Photograph Journey series, ~Koi Suru Ryokou Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~ while waiting for the highly anticipated second game of the Shinigami Kareshi series, Un:Birthday Song ~Ai wo Utau Shinigami~.

New releases:
~ Hyakka Yakou [PSV] [12-2-2015]
~ Taishou x Alice Episode I [PC] [20-2-2015]
~ Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate [PSV] [26-2-2015]
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~ [PC] [27-2-2015]

~ Hakouki Zuisouroku Omokagebana [PSP → PSV port] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Otoko Yuukaku [Remake of Gyakuten Yoshiwara. Mobile Application → PSV] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Shinigami Shogyou ~Kaidan Romance~ [Downloadable version re-release; PSP] [Link] [19-2-2015]
~ Kin’iro no Corda 3 Full Voice Special [PSP → N3DS port] [Link] [26-2-2015]
~ OZMAFIA!! -viavce- [PC → PSV port] [Link] [26-2-2015]

~ Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret [PSP] [26-2-2015 → 12-3-2015]
~ Shinsouban Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ [Remake for PSV] [Link] [22-1-2015 → 26-2-2015 → 23-4-2015]

Hyakka Yakou


Release date: 12-2-2015
Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Idea Factory
Artist: Shimotsuki Kairi (霜月 かいり)
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/hyakka/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15773

* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Hakuren – Sakurai Takahiro
~ Rikugou Ryuuji – Ono Yuuki
~ Yukinari – Hosoya Yoshimasa
~ Tokikage – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Shinonome – Kondou Takashi
~ Mizuki – Ishikawa Kaito

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Toshiha – Hikasa Youko
~ Kushina Dayuu – Watanabe Akeno
~ Roushu – Terasoma Masaki
~ Yarite – Horikoshi Chie
~ Bantou – Kouchi Shinsaku
~ Suou – Ichiki Mitsuhiro
~ ??? – Aikawa Natsuki


* Plot Summary *

The stage is the red-light district. The actors; human and ayakashi.
This is a tale about putting “freedom” on the line with the person you love, a tale of elopement.

A village of perpetual night in which humans and ayakashi intersect.
In that village exists a gorgeous, luxurious red-light district, “Takamagahara”.

Florid lanterns that brilliantly shine, glamourous kimono and longings which melt and interlace into the early hours of night.

Everything there are dreams that are reality.

A single girl destined to live and work in this dream-like street.

The far-off radiance emitted by the world she desires outside of this small district is much too brilliant.

When she reaches a hand out towards this world she so loves and desires, what awaits her?

To yearn and to be yearned. As she began to take the hand of the one she loves, the gears of fate circle.

Sever the chains, cross over the fence and come now, towards the night of a hundred flowers.


* My Thoughts *

The flavour of the moment is a Yoshiwara-styled (old Japanese red-light district) setting, it seems. It looks like Hyakka Yakou will be going head-to-head with Hituzigumo’s Gyakuten Yoshiwara remake, Otoko Yuukaku. As the plot summary makes it clear, the main theme of this story will be elopement. The adding of the also-currently popular ayakashi/youkai theme seems entirely pointless to me- it was probably done so because it’s popular and their “mystical” nature can excuse the writers in creating a bunch of magical resolutions when in a narrative bind.

I don’t really care for the brothel setting, and “wanting to see the world outside of the tiny one I’m in” has been done many, many times before. What has piqued my interest is how Izumo, the protagonist is still a candidate to become an oiran, and has been raised to do so. It could be interesting if you’re able to choose whether she becomes one or not, but judging by the OP, the drama will come from her becoming an oiran, and wanting to elope to be with her beloved. This desire would be exacerbated by her existing longing to see the outside world.

I don’t get why developers make a game about a brothel that isn’t R18+. Of course, other than the cynical explanation of Japan’s “all together” mentality that leads to companies copying an idea as soon as it even remotely hits off. Anyway, I don’t mean that there should be explicit sex scenes in order for the game to be truly “mature”, but I mean that by having to strip down “maturer” themes to be able to release the game on the PSV, it unsurprisingly, takes the mature themes out of the mature setting, which is one of the chief appeals of Yoshiwara-inspired stories!

Surprise, surprise, I have no interest in this game. Onto the next one!



Taishou x Alice Episode I


Release date: 20-2-2015
Developer: Primula
Publisher: Primula
Artist: Melo (めろ)
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: CERO A [All-ages]
Official website: http://www.primula.jpn.com/taishoalice/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16032

* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Cinderella – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood) – Maeno Tomoaki

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Kaguya – Masuda Toshiki
~ Gretel – Eguchi Takuya
~ Shirayuki (Snow White) – Aoi Shouta
~ Mahoutsukai (Wizard) – Hatano Wataru
~ Alice – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Ookami (Wolf) – Hanae Natsuki
~ Ryoushi (Hunter) – Hashizume Tomohisa


* Plot Summary *

When you, Arisu Yurika, passed through the looking-glass, you saw a world in which everything is the contrary…

When you came to, you became lost wandering around in a pitch black world.
You had lost your memories.
You have no idea what you are. You don’t even know your own name.
In this pitch black world, not a single person other than yourself is present. Loneliness and unease fills your heart.

It was at this moment, you come across a young man.
Possessing shiny blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, the boy’s name is “Alice”.
When he sees you, he calls you “Arisu”.

You learn that he too, had lost his memories, and is only able to recall his name, “Alice”.
Troubled by this, you lead a reluctant Alice and once again, wander around this world.

Before long, you and Alice find a large, large looking-glass made of crystal.
Inside the looking-glass was a strange world in which Japanese and Western cultures were blended together, and it makes you feel nostalgic.
Like that, you and Alice peek through the world in the looking-glass You both pass through the mirror and enter the Mirror Country.

Inside the Mirror Country, genders of the characters from fairytales are reversed, and they greet you as the “protagonist”.
Having become the “protagonist” of a famous fairytale in the Mirror Country, you weave just a little bit crooked tale with just a little bit crooked main characters of fairytales.

What will happen at the end of this tale?


~ Cinderella’s Story ~
One day, you receive a marriage proposal from Cinderella. Wanting to see what he looks like for yourself, you decide head towards the cafe Cinderella is managing, alongside his servant, Kaguya. However, as the cafe is in the midst of hosting a party, and it doesn’t look like you could interrupt to check exactly what’s going on. You decide to try and see Cinderella by peeking through a window from outside, but get caught out by Cinderella’s younger brother, Snow White. He leads you to the cafe’s kitchen, and it’s there you come upon a drunk Cinderella. Somehow, you end up living and working in the cafe… Like this, your life living together with Cinderella began.

Well now, what will happen to this tale?


~ Little Red Riding Hood’s Story ~
One day, you receive a letter. It was a threatening letter from a mysterious person, known to you only as “Wolf”. Little Red Riding Hood, a policeman, visits the western-style house in which you’re living alone. He tells you that he’ll be your bodyguard, and will be constantly at your side 24 hours a day. Like this, your life living together with Little Red Riding Hood began. However, Little Red Riding Hood is straight-laced, and only reacts to things pertaining to his duties. He even claims that he doesn’t need to eat or bathe. You try to use whatever method you can think of to have a conversation with him, but none go well.

Now, from here on out, what will become of the two’s tale?
Who is this “Wolf” person? What is their motive?


* My Thoughts *

Typical- mix a bunch of popular themes together in the hope of seeming more interesting than the other fairytale rip-off adaptation games. As if to purposefully target and irk me, they added my favourite Otome Lazy Cliched Plot Device™, amnesia! On top of that, we have yet another Alice in Wonderland “adaptation”. I seriously don’t know why they bothered with this “mix” of Japanese and Western cultures, when the character designs, background artwork and the stories adapted are overwhelmingly Western. Kaguya is just about the only Japanese love interest… Or maybe I’m really, really wrong. Perhaps there is some major twist and the relationship between the two chief cultures of the Mirror World are more equal than it appears.

As for the characters, they “reversed” the backgrounds/personalities of these famous literary figures… Well, that doesn’t make them “them” anymore, if that makes sense… They’re just different people borrowing famous names. What’s the point of basing a character on a fictional person if you’re going to make the character nothing like how they originally are? I’m not saying you should carbon-copy the originals; I’m saying that there should be some notable, meaningful resemblances that make you think “yeah, I can definitely tell he’s based on Cinderella” kind of thing. So everything is the opposite in this world, but the basic names and appearances of these characters are the same as their original counterparts? Wouldn’t Red Riding Hood be Green Riding Hood, then, for example? Primula kept the famous names and basic aesthetic traits, gender-bent them, and then wrote different characters under the pretense of “reversed personalities”.

Anyway, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, they’ve split the Taishou x Alice games into four parts. As usual with split games, the characters’ routes you can access will differ with each one, with Episode I’s exclusive routes being Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. The Taishou x Alice games don’t appear to be entirely self-contained, as they’re split into episodes. Each game, or “episode”, has one part of the overall common route each. They’re about $30 per game, so players can expect short playtimes. This also means that rather than splitting the game into four because of time/volume constraints, it’s likely a medium or long game split into tinier games purely for profit. Fittingly, it’s a PC otome game, and the standard medium~long playtime PC otome games are easily in the $80~100 range.

Sure, Primula has done a bunch of things that I dislike, but when you strip down the story, it’s nothing outstandingly bad. It’s just the usual, uninspired trite that makes up a depressing majority of recent otome game releases. If I were a new company, I’d want to stand out, not promise myself to be a clone of Otomate or Rejet. I guess it’s risky since Japanese otome fans are slightly notorious for pouring money into the same games over and over and over again. The great thing about different brands in well, ANYTHING, is that feeling of having heaps of choice. That doesn’t quite happen in the otome game world as most of them copy heaps of ideas off of each other. Primula included, it seems.

Anyway, I’m hardly interested beyond the “see what the new company can do” mentality. It doesn’t seem worth forking out $120 overall as that would be the very rough amount required to fairly and wholly judge the entire story. What Taishou x Alice does have going for me though is the gorgeous artwork by Melo and its protagonist, Arisu Yurika, who is described as “intelligent” and “quick-witted”. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for reviews, as I’m curious how right or wrong I’ll be, as well as how Yurika turns out.

Phew, that became long… next game!



Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate


Release date: 26-2-2015
Developer: Otomate, Rejet
Publisher: Idea Factory
Artist: Satoi (さとい)
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO D [17+]
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/dialover/df/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14649

* Cast *

~ Tsukinami Carla – Morikawa Toshiyuki
~ Tsukinami Shin – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Sakamaki Shuu – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Sakamaki Reiji – Konishi Katsuyuki
~ Sakamaki Laito – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Sakamaki Kanato – Kaji Yuuki
~ Sakamaki Ayato –Midorikawa Hikaru
~ Mukami Ruki – Sakurai Takahiro
~ Mukami Kou – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Mukai Yuuma – Suzuki Tatsuhisa
~ Mukami Azusa – Kishio Daisuke


* Plot Summary *

That is, the fate of new blood.

It was on a certain night, when the moon encroaches; the “Lunar Eclipse”.

As Komori Yui was caught in the strife caused by the Sakamaki and Mukami households and her days of getting her blood sucked continued, new siblings appeared before her.

The Tsukinami brothers had returned to Japan as transfer students from the main branch of Mintei Academy, located in the UK.

Turning into wolves and sprinting about the town at night… What is their motive?
What is the true identity of these two “Emmisaries?”
What is this “fate” they- the founders of vampires- speak of involving the Sakamaki and Mukami households?

What will become of the fates of the Sakamaki and Mukami households, as well as Yui’s?
This is a new story of blood that begins with the entrance of the two founders of vampires.

Will Yui be able to safely see the “fate” that awaits her at the ending of the limitless bloody spiral?

The blood-sucking love that’s enough to make you go mad will now begin…


* My Thoughts *

I know that nobloody plays a Diabolik Lovers game for its riveting, well thought out, well-written narrative and characters. Even so… If you thought More, Blood was starting to get ridiculous, now we have one of the most simultaneously depressing and hilarious mish-mash of subpar ideas: the gorgeous “vampire werewolf” brothers that are 3rd-year high school transfer students from overseas that are actually probably a lot older than 18 who are actually the founders of the vampire species with a hidden agenda! WOW. This is on par with Twilight, I’m not kidding. I almost begrudgingly respect how much creative integrity these folks have tossed away in favour of being a better business. I feel so sorry for these highly skilled seiyuu (some of them could be considered veterans by now) made to be involved in such garbage. Though I guess the rabid DL fans keep them paid…

Well, even if the plot of this game is an insult to creative writing, I rarely feel comfortable dissing stuff without leaving a few positive comments, so here goes: Satoi’s art is gorgeous and one of my favourites as always, the seiyuu’s performances are fantastic and I’m certain that the quality of their acting will be one of the very few saving graces of this game, Carla looks and sounds like a BOSS (Morikawa Toshiyuki’s deep voice and wicked acting commands authority), plus I had a good chuckle at Shin’s hobby, which is listed only as “violence”. Still haven’t worked out if this was meant as a bit of a dark joke or not, so for now, I’ll go with the former.

What a surprise, I’ll be avoiding Dark Fate and do a much better job of staying away from trouble than Yui. Before moving on to the next game, let’s just say that the milking of DL fans may be a necessary evil! I’m hoping the money wasted on perpetuating lazily-constructed sequels will go towards Rejet’s bigger and better projects. Not Otomate, because they’re too inconsistent and will waste dat ca$h, so Rejet only, please. Watching Otomate spending big bucks on lame ideas is like watching rich people shop at Ed Hardy. The money wastage is cringe-inducing!

Aren’t I just bloody hilarious?



Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star After Secret


Release date: 26-2-2015 → 12-3-2015
Developer: Broccoli
Publisher: Nippon Ichi
Artist: Kurahana Chinatsu (倉花 千夏)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Age rating: CERO C [15+]
Official website: http://www.utapri.com/game/asas/#.Uid00n-rZiU
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v13419

* Cast *

+ Quartet Route +
~ Kotobuki Reiji – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Kurosaki Ranmaru – Suzuki Tatsuhisa
~ Mikaze Ai – Aoi Shouta
~ Camus – Maeno Tomoaki

+ Rainbow Route +
~ Ittoki Otoya – Terashima Takuma
~ Hijirikawa Masato – Suzumura Ken’ichi
~ Shinomiya Natsuki – Taniyama Kishou
~ Ichinose Tokiya – Miyano Mamoru
~ Jinguuji Ren – Suwabe Jun’ichi
~ Kurusu Shou – Shimono Hiro
~ Aijima Cecil – Toriumi Kousuke


* Plot Summary *

This game will focus on the 4 senior idols. Combining those 4 with the 7 junior idols from the original series, there will be a total 11 idols with routes! The game is split into two main grand routes; the “Quartet Route”, featuring the 4 seniors, and the “Rainbow Route”, featuring the 7 juniors. Both grand routes are then further divided into the individual idols’ routes.

~ Quartet Route ~

The story of the Quartet Route takes place after the events of Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star. It begins with Nanami Haruka and her chosen partner already as lovers. What is in the future that awaits Haruka and her beloved?

~ Rainbow Route ~

This will be a story about the 7 juniors, who are now all fully-fledged idols. Like the Quartet Route, the story begins with Haruka and her chosen partner already as lovers. Here, you’ll be able to read stories about her sparkling, happy days spent with her boyfriend, who’s now shining as an idol.


* My Thoughts *

This is the fandisc of Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ All Star, which is the third of the Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ trilogy (the first being Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ and the second, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut). I’m not into UtaPri, so I’m not interested in this release. Yes, I think Nanami Haruka is shit-boring. Yes, I think the high school is a lazy and silly concept. There’s many more things wrong with Uta no Prince-sama right off the bat, but I’ve never been able to loathe it so passionately like some of my fellow otome fans do. Perhaps because it seems so unrelentingly cheerful and colourful that it makes me feel like a heartless ass for paying it out too much… Or because I can’t remember what happens (I played the very first game a fair while ago).

All that aside, Shining Saotome is clearly the coolest cat on the block, and it’s a crying shame he doesn’t have a route. Barring him and moving onto the 11 idols, looks-wise, I like Mikaze Ai (all that light blue is so pretty~) and the very handsome Ichinose Tokiya. Can’t really see Tokiya being an “idol”; he strikes me more as the “serious musician” type who would loathe the entire concept of idols. For personality, cute Ittoki Otoya seems like his route will be a lot of heart-warming fun, which is an important element when it comes to light-hearted otome games like this, IMO.

For Uta no Prince-sama fans, and especially the fans of the original All Star game, it sounds like this fandisc is packed with routes so you may not want to miss out on it. Keep Otoya smiling for me! Perhaps this is a reminder for me to replay the first game… Though it could be a risky venture, as it’s very possible that I suppressed those memories for my own sanity!



Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Niigata-hen & Hokkaido-hen~


Release date: 27-2-2015
Developer: honeybee
Publisher: honeybee
Artist: Mizuguchi Too (水口 十)
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: CERO A [All-ages]
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/p_j/niigata-hokkaido/index.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v14700

* Cast *

~ Kohiyama Yuuto – Ono Kenshou
~ Himori Kei – Hatano Wataru
~ Richard Albarn – Mizushima Takahiro


* Plot Summary *

Until she became a high school student, due to Hayama Haruho’s father’s job, she had to repeatedly transfer schools. One day, she receives a single letter from a boy she met at one of the many places she had moved to.

Enclosed is a letter and a photograph of him.

Form then onwards, the nostalgic relationship between him and Haruho begins.

Accompanied by Richard, an English boy who loves Japan and is currently home-staying at Haruho’s, she journeys to the place where that boy now lives…

This is a travel romance story that began from a single letter…

Who will you choose to visit?


* My Thoughts *

Well, well, what a bloody surprise- I haven’t played the first Photograph Journey yet! In the spirit of trying to avoid redundancy, you can read my impressions of the previous three Photograph Journey releases here, here and here. To quickly comment on this one specifically, out of the two boys, I’m more interested in Yuuto than Kei. I prefer Yuuto’s personality more, even if I’m getting an “immature vibe” from the reason why he was avoiding Haruho before her having to move towns.

Regardless, I can’t help it; I find his shyness and quietness so adorable. He seems to have a frosty aura (though not outright mean) about him… I’m pretty sure perhaps dandere is my MOOOOEEEEE and I’m in denial. As for Kei, while Hatano Wataru’s voice acting itself is fine, I just don’t think his voice matches Kei.

I’m sure I’ll play this one if I enjoyed the other Photograph Journeys, otherwise, I’ll let this one go.

Also, I know honeybee is witholding a Richard route from us… Evil. Pure evil, I say! “Buy all games and we’ll give you Richard Albarn!” They’re ruthless. They’re heartless!

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19 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of February 2015

  1. I’m excited for Hyakka cuz I’m a huge fan of Wafuu and while I get what you mean by not making an R18 one, for a sadist like me, the “love” (whatever form it may take) between a caged bird and those around her is pretty sad.

    Forget Otoko Yuukaku. I cancelled my preorder the minute I saw how ugly the text screens were. I was really interested in male Oirans but I’m not paying 8000yen for an ugly game >:

    For some reason I see I’ve never subscribed to your blog (´・_・`)I thought I did _| ̄|○

    I’ve never taken an interest in Photograph Journey, but I’m glad you found your moe. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

    Dark Fate’s dark fate is that this better be the last game I see, Dammit.

  2. Hyakka is definitely not the worst game of February- that’s definitely Dark Fate’s win. Even though I’m interested in Yoshiwara Higanbana, I never cared for other Yoshiwara-inspired games. In fact, except for Photograph Journey since it’s not totally “new”, Hyakka Yakou seems the best out of the lot. As you know, I love tragic romances and just tragedy in general, so this should have been right up my alley.

    It sounds like D3 were in a rush with Otoko Yuukaku… I didn’t even know Gyakuten Yoshiwara was popular enough to warrant a revamp.

    Yay! Thanks for subscribing. I forgive you! ;P

    Um, Jyuu-san, I’m a *pompous British accent* “serious otome game critic”. Just read my blog and see how *professional* I am! It’s not like I go “MOOOOE” over adorably adorable quiet shy guys or anything like that, oka?! Ba-baka… xD

    LOL, now I almost want Otomate and Rejet to make another Diabolik Lovers game just to see your reactions. Sounds like you’ve got a plan to kick their ass if they do! You know they’ll do it another five times. Starry Sky STILL hasn’t let go, after all.

    • Noooooo don’t remind me of Starry Sky…. That has to be Honeybee’s worst invention yet. I’m really interested in Higanbana too, though when they will update remains to be seen…. The whole image of the Higanbana with the prostitution quarters itself is interesting, since there’s alot of death in those areas back then, which was always covered up. (Radar spots good tragedy coming)

      I think I subscribed with my old wordpress account, which is why I thought I subscribed with Jyuuguchi OTL

      I don’t know man…. their CDs for Otoko Yuukaku were written well, but surely they could have NOT imitated the keitai counterpart completely for their system controls. Sigh. Yet lots of people are flocking to buy it.

      (・∀・) ADORABLE SHY GUYS FTW. Now I have to go google this guy up. But honestly! Your style of writing is the most professional, like a real monthly editorial and I love it (๑′ᴗ’๑)エヘヘღ

      I don’t even want to consider what horrible thing they’ll do to Dialovers next, maybe give Dark Fate an FD, but by then I will be seeing myself glaring at everyone who ever played Dark Fate and allowing Otomate/Rejet to use their profits on trash……. *releases string of curses at Dark fate*

  3. This month seems kind of… bland. The only non-port release that I’m remotely interested in is Taishou Alice, but even then the whole segmentation turns me away. Also the lack of Kaji Yuki in the cast this month makes me sad orz.

    As for ports, I hope the quality for Ozmafia doesn’t end up derpy. I’m all for full voices, but not if it means the art and bits of the story end up getting the short end of the stick!

    • “Bland” is a far nicer way to put it than I did, and I totally agree with you. Kaji Yuuki would be in Dark Fate, I would hope. Kaji’s voice acting as Kanato is probably one of the few remote reasons I would ever play another Diabolik Lovers game or listen to another DL drama CD… but yeah, other than Dark Fate, Kaji fans don’t have a lot of options this month, if at all.

      I understand why Primula took the route they did from a business perspective, but it’s really sad how they’re making no effort to seem original at all. Melo’s art, popular themes and the novelty of being a new company is all they have going for them at present and I can’t see them lasting long unless they become one of the few companies that truly prioritises story to draw in “maturer” crowds (this is Takuyo and Rejet when they “feel like” making something that doesn’t require single-digit IQs to enjoy) or try or successfully battle bigger companies by trying to please the MOOOOEEEEE dumbasses that are killing creative integrity in the VN industry (and anime and manga. Light novels are a lost cause. The titles are no different to nukige in terms of creativity. That gives a lot away).

      I’ve already decided on getting Ozmafia in English as I want to support Mangagamer and I always prefer to read visual novels in my first language (even re-read the ones I have). Perhaps Mangagamer is waiting for the Vita release’s full voices to implement into the PC version since most people prefer fully-voiced games to partially voiced. Not sure if Fuuka has become fully-voiced… As for the Vita version, publishing companies have seen how well Ozmafia did, so I guess budget shouldn’t be a roadblock like the first time around. There should be no excuse for shitty quality as it’s a damn port with a few hours of extra content added. I’ll wait and see the reviews before buying the Vita release as I’m interested enough in the extra bits of story but not enough to buy without being able to gauge just how worthwhile these few hours of extras are.

  4. I hope there will be some updates on Yoshiwara Higanbana. I really want to see that game finished someday. But since the production is so slow, I can’t stop but think that it will be a disappointment, if they are going to finish it sometime soon.

    I’m actually really interested in Taisho Alice, but I’m wary when it comes to fairytale rip off. It’s either good or utterly bad. I would like to see a more original rip off of the fairytales, but no one dares to make a groundbreaking plot-twisted adaption anymore, which is kind of sad…. I also love Mero’s artwork, but IDK I don’t trust this game. ^^

    And yeah, more Diabolik wifebeaters… Can Rejet just move on and make another great game as Ken ga Kimi or Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- or Dot Kareshi? I’d love to see something new, but I guess Rejet is secretly planning on their world domination plan to turn us all to Rejet-zombies. xDDD At least I hope, they’re working on a new cool project.

    Next month is Un:Birthday Song. I hope it’ll be good. Give me heartbreak, man. I want to bawl out my eyes.

    • I really do, too. They seem like they have a small team so that may be why things are so slow… Plus they might be waiting to see if they’ll be in competition with other adult otome game brands before announcing a concrete release date, or even just other highly-anticipated releases that aren’t R18+. I really like how the protagonist is the sex worker rather than the love interests. They run the risk of their routes becoming “samey” since the conflicts are more likely to repeat themselves (jealousy and friction caused by her job), but I prefer to be optimistic when companies try different approaches. There are quite a few brothel-themed otome media but none of them except for Hyakka Yakou to some extent and obviously Yoshiwara Higanbana set the scene for the protagonist to be the brothel worker.

      I can definitely understand why people are interested in Taishou x Alice, and it sounds like you’re more positive than I am. I do agree with how it could go really well (in which case I’d better eat my words and apologise to Primula) or terribly. I guess one could see the partitioned releases as a good way of testing the waters by only playing the first one, but it’s like Primula sneakily got around this by breaking up the common route. Maybe they worded it incorrectly by opting to call each release an “episode”, and meant that there are different common routes. Even so, I think partial releases are seldom justified.

      It’s funny that Rejet doesn’t do this since I’ve read many sentiments like ours about wanting them to make The Next Big Thing of theirs. Perhaps the squeeing DL fools outnumber us, or Rejet can profit more off of them due to their propensity of buying any and all DL merchandise. Bad Medicine was fine for what it was, and actually surprised me at how bad it WASN’T, whereas I expected more from ALICE=ALICE because it fit more of Rejet’s niche… and was close to being complete garbage. They’re just filler games I suppose, but I don’t regret buying them since I still carry hope that Rejet will release something worthwhile.

      A fellow utsuge lover?! 😀 IMO, Un:Birthday Song seems better than Re:Birthday Song. This is because I suspect that Un:Birthday song will focus more on the sadder themes while Re:Birthday Song likely focuses on the more lighthearted aspects of their world. I’m actually thinking about getting Re:Birthday Song at them moment, but I will play the trial first. I’ll definitely get Un:Birthday Song if the trial impresses me.

      • Hyakka’s pretty dumb too, honestly, since like HanaMani, the protagonist is a Furisode Shinzou who is intent on NOT taking customers, which was quite unlikely for any courtesan of that time. But meh, we don’t want young girls to poison themselves 😉

        Let me in on Utsuge!!! I’ve not cried recently, but people who’ve finished Psychedelica said they cried (though I can’t trust them since they say they cried during Code::Realize too, which was utter garbage for character routes)

        I’m not gonna try UnBirSo since it sounds like the Voltage rip-off of ‘Ten days with my devil’ but I’ve started on ReBirSo and I’ve not gotten any sad vibes yet. The unamusing word errors in the game probably dealt some damage.

        I can’t wait for Monday!!! Always excited for Rejet’s project announcements :p

        • How can you be a prostitute if you don’t have sex with your clients? Wouldn’t that just make you an escort or the types of geisha that didn’t do prostitute work? I have no problem with the protagonist being ANYTHING, really, as long as it’s written in a good and interesting manner… which doesn’t happen often enough, sadly.

          Yeah, more utsuge! I never cry when it comes to anything fictional, so if Kokuchou does make me cry, that’s something. Some people cry through pretty much anything even remotely sad, though. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

          I think UnBirSong’s premise sounds like many other stories that incorporate shinigami. I won’t know for certain until I read it, but it sounds like it won’t be anything ground-breaking, plot wise.

          Yeah, me too! I’ll be watching Rejet like a hawk on Monday. I want to be the first to bitch about any crappy ports or dumb adaptation decisions, LMAO. x’D

          • Not sure if you read my translation of Hyakka’s web, but there were different kinds of prostitute dens and different “levels” so to speak, and if a highlyranked courtesan didn’t want to have sex, her paying customer couldn’t force her.

            Blimey, I’ll be in school till 7pm D: totally gonna miss the broadcast.

            • I’m pretty sure I’ve read it but I must have forgotten its contents over time. Still doesn’t make sense… Word of mouth is important in those industries and if your brothel built a rep for its best girls not sleeping with people, surely it’d hurt business? :S

              Anyway, that sucks! The important part of the broadcast doesn’t start until 7:30… As long as you can find out what’s coming out, you’ll be good, right?

              • Hmm the really “good” brothels were mostly frequented by the bigwigs and they were more for the titilation and thrill of cheating in their poor wives… But yeah in any case Otome games that are not r18 are just partly amusing even to me.. Shall have to see how Hyakka plays out.

                I’m not even sure if my internet will be jammed up wwwwww. I didn’t manage to load the video for the previous announcements till an hour later. These fan girls are scary. Im pretty positive the Internet in my apartment is not suitable for fighting with extreme fangirls in Tokyo ( *`ω´)

                • Hm, interesting… You’ll have to tell me how it goes. LMAO, I’m watching it right now, though I’m only really interested in the announcements. It’s been okay so far! I haven’t been cut off yet. xD

  5. Ouch, it’s so sad to hear that a lot of otome gamers loathe UtaPri! ;_; The boys are so cute in that series that I don’t think I could ever hate it, even if it is subpar/bad. That being said, I wish the creators would let the series go and make something new. XD

    The Taisho Alice series kinda interests me, though I agree with you: Why use the fairy tale characters if the characters named after the originals don’t resemble the originals at all?

    • I don’t know if that a lot of otome gamers dislike UtaPri, but many of my friends seem to. I agree, I wonder when Brocolli will release something new that has nothing to do with UtaPri and Kamigami?

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Primula’s decisions about Taishou Alice’s characters are odd!

  6. Late response here but I agree that any games regarding prostitution should be R-18. I mean it’s about coming to a freaking brothel to fuck so when they start making up excuses (see Hanamani) on why they don’t actually fuck ……..it’s kinda like walking into a cake store and demanding that you get french fries instead.

    THat said woohoo more prostitution games = less money spent for me!

    • Yeah, it baffles me. It’s like keeping the protagonist “a virgin and innocent” for her love interest takes precedence over believable storytelling. Oh well, most stories with a fan-fic-like premise of “modern-day citizen somehow ending up in the past/future” don’t have good writing, IMO.

      Yeah, I’m saving a bunch of money thanks to boring titles! xD

  7. I'mnotenglish

    Thank you so much for writing this! I admit I’m interessed in Dark Fate and I’m a dialov fan but I hope it’s not a problem!I don’t expect much from the story (even if the drama cd were pretty interessing) I just expecting it to be fun to read like VC, MB and HDB were pretty fun for me.

    This month seem pretty blank. The only other game I’m interessed in is Taisho x Alice even if I hate otome game based on Alice in the wonderland now…

    I’m sorry for my bad english and thank for writing this!

    • Hi, no problem. I enjoy making these articles and I’m glad they’re useful to you. 🙂

      Of course it’s no problem if you like Diabolik Lovers! Everybody is allowed to like whatever they want. That doesn’t mean I agree with everyone’s taste in games, just like I don’t expect everyone to agree with mine. I know of many Diabolik Lovers fans that certainly don’t like my opinion, but that’s fine; we all get different things out of different games. As you can tell, I’m the type of reader that usually prioritises the quality of the premise/story above everything, so naturally, DL games don’t appeal to my preferences.

      Yes, February is a bland month. I’m pretty much spending this month catching up on other games.

      Don’t worry about your English- I understood everything you’re getting across so you’re doing great!

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