Otome Visual Novel Releases of January 2015

2015 will begin with six new releases, nothing strikes me as a “must-play”, but I think Kokuchou no Psychedelica sounds like the strongest title this month. That doesn’t mean the rest are bad-looking titles by any means. ROOT∞REXX will be released this month after being pushed back from December 2014. New company éstciel worked with Arcana Famiglia’s HuneX; releasing Kaleidoeve this month. As Kaleidoeve is the only PSP title this month as otome companies rush around to cash in on the un-piratable PSV, unless you happen to be a Satomi Hakkenden fan, that’s the only new release for your console!

Speaking of which, if you’re following the Satomi Hakkenden series, Murasamemaru no Ki will apparently be the third and final of the series. Satoi and honeybee fans can finally get their mitts on the first of the two Shinigami Kareshi PC games. Finally, for us “old” otome gamers, A’sRing’s second release, Orfleurs will be coming out. After playing the trial, I can say with confidence that if you’re looking for story with your porn this month, you may disappointed.

New releases:
~ Kaleidoeve [PSP, PSV] [22-1-2015]
~ ROOT∞REXX [PSV] [22-1-2015]
~ Satomi Hakkenden: Murasamemaru no Ki [PSP] [22-1-2015]
~ Kokuchou no Psychedelica [PSV] [29-1-2015]
~ Orfleurs [R18+] [PC] [30-1-2015]
~ Shinigami Kareshi Series: Re: Birthday Song ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~ [PC] [30-1-2015]

~ Diabolik Lovers ~more, blood~ Limited V Edition [PSP  PSV] [Link] [15-1-2015]


Release date: 22-1-2015
Developer: éstciel, HuneX
Publisher: HuneX
Artist: Ramu (ラム)
Platform: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C (15+)
Official website: http://estciel.com/kaleidoeve/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15104

* Cast *
+ S.A.D.F. (Special Armed and Defense Forces) +
~ Igarashi Kaoru – Ono Yuuki
~ Takamiya Daichi – Shimono Hiro
~ Tsukishima Kouichirou – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Murase You – Eguchi Takuya
~ Mashiba Takumi – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Enami Makoto – Takahashi Hidenori
~ Yasukawa Rio – Uchida Maaya

+ Hayama Seiyakugaisha (Hayama Pharmaceutical Company) +
~ Hayama Rei – Hino Satoshi
~ Ninomiya Asahi – Yoshino Hiroyuki
~ Ninomiya Shuuya – Yoshino Hiroyuki
~ Hayama Shinji – Inoue Gou
~ Hayama Kunimitsu – Minegishi Kei

+ Other +
~ Shinonome Ayumu – Fujiwara Yuuki


* Plot Summary *

S.A.D.F.- Special Armed and Defense Forces.
It is an organisation that protects the country and its people.
This spring, two new troops are recruited into CUE, which is a special forces unit composed of the best and most talented members of the S.A.D.F.
One of the two new recruits is the 18-year-old Hayama Tsubasa.
Though bewildered about her assignment into CUE, her bonds with her fellow unit members strengthen with each passing day.
Around this time, a series of random attacks began to occur in the streets.
In order to put a stop these incidents, the CUE members were deployed.
As they continued their efforts, something happened to Tsubasa’s body.
Her field of vision was filled with a light of various blue hues.
Blue hues unending in their depth…


* My Thoughts *

Those who follow me on Twitter may have seen me post a picture that is critical of Kaleidoeve so far- more specifically, the uniform design. I have no issues with the setting being some kind of armed forces, but like so many otome games like doing, they have to “amplify” the elements of the setting to stupidly unbelievable extremes. A special forces within the special forces (S.A.D.F.’s superior, CUE)? That already sounds dumb to me. What’s wrong with being in just a “normal” special forces? Is this a case of a bad grasp of English or tragically, the writers thought this is a swell idea? I guess S.A.D.F. could be interpreted as the police force, and CUE more accurately as a special forces unit within. Anyway, let’s move onto how every member is so young… Tsubasa is 18! I know the main goal here is to hook up with a frustratingly-beautifully (the artwork is quite nice) illustrated guy in uniform, but still, at least TRY at creating a believable setting.

The fishy-sounding Hayama Pharmaceutical Company sharing the same name as Hayama Tsubasa… that isn’t weird at all! Their logo is a bird, and Tsubasa’s name means “wings”? Coincidence? Also, the pharmaceutical company is described as having “dealings; transactions” with the S.A.D.F., which is easily interpreted as a police force. Wow, this is totally not suspicious at all. The S.A.D.F. is tasked with “protecting the people”, pretty much, and nobody thinks it’s strange that they’re closely related to a pharmaceutical company that caused an explosion incident? Bad writing, or is the website intentionally trying to make things sound suspicious… I have no clue. This relationship is admittedly, a point of interest… not enough to make me want to play the entire game, though.

As things stand now, I don’t have a lot of interest in this game. Nice art and the usual lovely seiyuu cast is all I think it has especially going for it, and I can find those two ANYWHERE in the otome game world. I’ll pass for now.




Release date: 22-1-2015
Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Idea Factory
Artist: Mikanagi Touya (御巫 桃也)
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C (15+)
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/root_rexx/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15577

* Cast *
~ Hasumi Aki, Akineko – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Amou Rei, Reiusagi – Yonaga Tsubasa
~ Kujou Shun, Shunlion – Eguchi Takuya
~ Shiraishi Souma, Souma’inu – Okamoto Nobuhiko
~ Kiryuu Mikado, Mikadotora – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Asagiri Jin – Kamiya Hiroshi
~ Kanzaki Kaoru – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Kurose Tamaki – Suzumura Ken’ichi
~ Tachibana Iori – Irino Miyu
~ Izumi Yuu – Yoshino Hiroyuki
~ Asagiri Ryuutarou – Iwata Mitsuo


* Plot Summary *

The rock band “REXX’s” debut single was an explosive hit.

Not allowed to show their faces in public and do live shows, the band members are represented by mascots of themselves in promotional videos. Even so, they grew popular through word-of-mouth, and eventually garnered attention from all over the world.

However, without ever releasing a second single, they announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus. A reason was never provided for this and caused a lot of confusion. Despite this, their debut single still sold well, and they gained more and more fans each day. Before they knew it, industry insiders started to call them the “legendary” band.

About a year later, the protagonist (Mochizuki Kazune), becomes fascinated by REXX’s music. She finds a demo CD of at the school she transferred to. To her surprise, the demo CD contained an unreleased and unannounced REXX song! On top of that, there she meets five high school students who introduced themselves as REXX band members.

Kazune declares, “In order to revive REXX, I’ll do anything!” upon hearing that the five guys no longer intend to perform.

As the past entangles and causes discord, will REXX be sucessfully revived?


* My Thoughts *

Those following my blog for a while would know that I have little-to-no interest in these “idol/musician” types of heroes and settings. Admittedly, ROOT REXX is probably slightly more interesting than any other “music” setting this year, as is the protagonist! The setting sounded tolerable up until the stupid otome industry’s scary need to shove everything in a high school setting because they’re lazy and want all the love interests in one place. Furthermore, it’s really hard to believe that a bunch of kids could keep up with the vigilance required to evade stalker dedicated fans AND the paparazzi (which comes with being internationally famous), given that they still have a ton of fans from the sound of things. The reason for the hiatus would have to be pretty serious if they can keep money-hungry studio execs, record producers, etc. off their backs. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m tired as I write this, but the plot of ROOT REXX just becomes more and more stupid the more I think about it.

Finally, I have no idea how some random schoolgirl pretty much declaring “I WANT ROOT REXX BACK, WAAH, WAAH, WAAH!” is going to convince these guys given how serious this hiatus sounds. Why would the boys just reveal themselves to be REXX members? How did they know they can trust Kazane? Maybe the game will address these issues, but so far, too much bad writing-sounding things are happening and it’s scaring me further off. I’ll pass, though I’ll be checking reviews to see how the plot played out.


Satomi Hakkenden: Murasamemaru(1) no Ki

Release date: 22-1-2015
Developer: QuinRose
Publisher: QuinRose
Artist: Fujimaru Mamenosuke (藤丸 豆ノ介)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Age rating:EDITED 9/1/2015: CERO D (17+)
Official website: http://quinrose.com/game/satomi_3/top.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v16416

* Cast *
~ Inukawa Sousuke – Suzumura Ken’ichi
~ Inuyama Dousetsu – Hoshi Sou’ichirou
~ Inukai Genpachi – Kishio Daisuke
~ Inuta Gobungo – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Inusaka Keno – Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Inumura Daikaku – Ono Yuuki
~ Hamaji – Eguchi Takuya
~ Chudaihoushi – Kuroda Takaya
~ Hachi – Ichiki Mitsuhiro
~ Fusehime – Fujimura Konomi
~ Tamazusa – Misao


* Plot Summary *

I actually can’t put anything here, because even on 30th December as I’m writing this now, QuinRose hasn’t uploaded the plot information. All I can say is that it’s the third and final game of the Satomi Hakkenden series. I’m suspecting a delay announcement is coming, or they’re being slack with their updates!

EDITED 9/1/2015:

“What will the bewitched sword respond to? To justice or to love?”

It was a time during an age of war.

The Hakkenshi’s(2)– warriors working for the House of Satomi- greatest ordeal befell them. Starting with the abduction of Satomi Yoshinari’s son, Yoshimichi occurred, baffling incidents began to break out one after the next. During the time they were to finally and inevitably settle the score with Tamazusa…

Will they be able to rescue Awa(3) from bring sucked into the vortex of chaos and restore peace?

“It looks like it’s goodbye…”


1) The Murasamemaru is a fictional precious sword (specifically, a katana) in Nansou Satomi Hakkenden that summons rain. Literally means “village rain sword”.

2) Nansou Satomi Hakkenden (translates to “Tale of Eight Dogs”) is a story divided into a series of 106 novels, authored by Kyokutei Bakin during 1814~1842. To quote Wikipedia, “Hakkenden is the story of eight samurai half-brothers— all of them descended from a dog and bearing the word “dog” in their surnames— and their adventures, with themes of loyalty and family honor, as well as Confucianism, bushido and Buddhist philosophy.” The name “Hakkenshi” is used to collectively refer to all eight half-brothers, literally meaning “eight dog warriors”.

3) Awa-no Kuni, in English, “Awa Province“, is the name of an old Japanese province that is now located in the area where the Chiba Prefecture today is.



Kokuchou no Psychedelica

Release date: 29-1-2015
Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Idea Factory
Artist: Yuiga Satoru (結賀 さとる)
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Age rating: CERO C (15+)
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/psychedelica/
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15771

* Cast *
~ Beniyuri – Nakahara Mai
~ Hikage – Ishikawa Kaito
~ Yamato – Hosoya Yoshimasa
~ Karasuba – Kakihara Tetsuya
~ Kagiha – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Monshiro – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Usagi – Naganawa Maria


* Plot Summary *

As she fell deeper and deeper into the darkness, she could hear the sound of rainfall.
Also, she heard an animalistic cry.

When she woke up, the young girl found herself in a Western-style mansion.
An unknown, terrible monster rushes to attack the confused girl.
As the young girl ran away from the monster, she thought:

“Where is this place?”
“Who am I, anyway?”

Having lost pretty much all of her memory, she eventually meets and joins up with some men in the same circumstance as her.
They all held weapons that were strange handguns.
From there on out, with their lives at stake, they were all to participate in the “Black Butterfly Hunt”, and had to collect “Kaleidoscope Shards” possessed by those monsters.

Inside the Western-style mansion in which despair and betrayal swirls, will they be able to find hope in their futures?


* My Thoughts *

Ugh, God, amnesia again? Only the protagonist happened to be female? They remember next-to-nothing but would be able to use “strange handguns” okay? Other than that, I have to admit that I’m really interested in Kokuchou no Psychedelica. While I tend to look down on lazy attempts to put everyone in the same setting, since this is a game about people being trapped in the same area, it’s obviously hard to avoid that. In fact, I love the “trapped” type of setting. Just check out the genres of my non-otome recommendations if you don’t believe me! Another thing I’m really pleased about is how the PROTAGONIST IS VOICED. In a non-R18+ otome game!

I really wonder why they’re there, why their memories are wiped… they appear to be taken care of in some way based on the CGs (they get food and what appears to be comfortable sleeping areas), so what on Earth is the goal of the person who’s pulling the strings? If s/he wants them dead, s/he could have just killed them… yet, s/he traps them and makes them put their lives on the line? Also, the extent of their memory wiping is very convenient exact, so I wonder what kind of powers does this person have? Are they even human? The fact that they seem to get things provided for them takes away from the “how will they survive?” tension, but adds to the mysterious nature of the motives behind this “game”. I really hope it’s a multiple-route mystery, as it would add on so much more incentive and motive to 100% complete. Plus I love that kind of thing, so…

Another interesting aspect is how it also has some shooting mini-games of sorts. Well, not HEAPS interesting, but I haven’t seen it in otome games before. If the black butterflies on the screenshot of the shooting game are any indication, these “monsters” don’t seem really scary at all! Maybe they just look nice, but are actually vicious. Again, takes away from the “scariness”, but adds to the “mystery”.

All-in-all, Otomate looks to have great faith in this game, as it appears to have had a large budget and will be one of their first games of the year. Though there are some doubts and a potential to be a laughably unbelievable, shitty game, I think I’ve been sufficiently baited to take the plunge.




Release date: 30-1-2015
Developer: A’sRing
Publisher: A’sRing
Artist: Natsumi Ama (夏海 アマ)
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: CERO Z (R18+)
Official website: http://asring.1000.tv/orfre/index.html (Requires a Japanese proxy to access.)
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15563

* Cast *
~ Adel Reed – Satou Takuya (Domon Netsu)
~ Louis Reed – Majima Junji (Sugakiya)
~ Zach Reed – Abe Atsushi (Teratake Jun)
~ Noah Reed – Suzuki Yuuto (Asagi Yuu)
~ Phil Carter – Nakazawa Masatomo (Sawa Manaka)
~ Cain Yuan – Amekanmuri Rui


* Plot Summary *

In Sandicht- a small village far away from the country’s capital, Anselm- lived the protagonist Claire Eithéa with her parents. Though poor, they lead happy lives.

For a long time, the king, Anselia, had lead his country to prosperity under an absolute monarchical rule. However, the king had suddenly fallen ill and collapsed, throwing the country into chaos. As Anselia became gradually more and more disturbed, a sudden outbreak of thief gangs raiding one village to the next became an issue.

Even though it was piece at the moment, the residents of Sandicht knew that Sandicht would be no exception and lived everyday in fear of being next.

And then, the tragedy they so feared came to be…

One day, a group of thieves attacked Sandicht.

The thief that raided Claire’s house killed both of her parents. Claire was about to be taken away by the thief. She was ready for her life to end. However, a single knight saved her. His name was Adel Reed. The Reed family is a noble family famous all over the country. A house of excellent pedigree, they have managed the chivalric order for generations.

A commander even at his young age, Adel took Claire into the mansion he lives in to work as a maid, as she had no other relatives.

Surrounded by the four Reed brothers- all with very different personalities- Claire’s life as their personal maid begins.


* My Thoughts *

I’ve played the trial, and I’ve been meaning to write a review on it before the full game’s release. However, in case I don’t, let me be clear: Boring, easily self-insertable protagonist, generic character archetypes, forced, generic setting and incredibly rushed introduction that removed all hope of me taking this game’s country’s struggles seriously. You have to read the introduction to believe it. We barely met one of the heroes when the village comes under attack, and Claire’s parents just randomly die. No chance to bond with them, they just die. It’s so sad how they had to die so that Claire can shack up with hot guys. Anyway, instead of taking Claire to a hospital for shock or drop her off at some kind of specialised facility like a real person would actually do, Adel decides that it’d be a swell idea to take a peasant into his noble family’s mansion indefinitely. Being the generic good girl Claire is, she wants to take up work (okay, that’s understandable).

So of course, conveniently, they “happen” to have an opening for a single maid. In order to keep her close to the boys, she becomes a personal maid for what could be presumed as amongst the noblest men in the country, just because she knows how to cook and clean. A normal maid? Acceptable enough… but a PERSONAL maid to those blue bloods? Haha, whatever. The head maid is a highly experienced elderly lady, but Claire is some random farmer girl. Granted, the head maid gives her training, but still…

You know what’s the worst part of this all? Claire doesn’t even grieve or think about her parents’ death. At all. Yeah, she’s “positive”, but it’s so unnatural how much her parents’ terrible deaths don’t occupy her thoughts so soon after the tragedy. Unless there’s some greater meaning to this (hint: there won’t be), this is some pretty shoddy writing; worse than the standard subpar writing common in other otome games.

I wonder if this is going to be a nukige of sorts for girls? Sort of like Jo’oubachi no Oubou? Well, the difference between this and Jo’oubachi is that the latter had a very strong beginning, but fizzled out due to shit writing and laughable excuses for sex scenes. Orfleurs appears to revel in its mediocrity as though their life depends on it. Is anything wrong with a generic moege? Well, if it makes you happy, I guess not and go nuts… but is a game about some peasant chick being shoehorned into becoming a super-noble dude’s maid really worth $75? You can just travel to the romance section of a bookstore and find heaps of better-written stories similar to this setting a few times over with $75! I hear that Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku is an excellent game. It’s cheaper, and doesn’t have R18+ scenes but it’s regularly praised for its setting that utilises similar elements.

It may surprise you that I have practically no interest in this game.



Shinigami Kareshi Series: Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~

Release date: 30-1-2015
Developer: honeybee
Publisher: honeybee
Artist: Satoi (さとい)
Platform: PC (Windows)
Age rating: CERO A (All-ages)
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/re_birth.html
VNDb link: https://vndb.org/v15070

* Cast *
+ Main Characters +
~ Kairi – Fukuyama Jun
~ Yoru – Maeno Tomoaki
~ Ame – Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
~ Shun – Kondou Takayuki
~ Nami – Suwabe Jun’ichi

+ Supporting Characters+
~ Zen – Hino Satoshi
~ Rikka – Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Hi’iro – Nishida Masakazu
~ Yuyu – Igarashi Hiromi
~ Kouchou Sensei (Principal) – Hayashi Daichi


* Plot Summary *

That song is an offering from the Reapers- a Requiem- very near the boundary between heaven and hell where one’s soul returns to.

In that place is a school in which Reapers- beings that collect human souls- are developed and trained. Assembled as “Reaper Cadets” at this school are the protagonist and her peers who were once human. There, all possessing the same aspiration of becoming a Reaper, cadets pair up with one another to study in order to become a fully fledged Reaper, but…

The protagonist, Cocoro, wasn’t selected by anybody to be their partner as she performed poorly in all disciplines of Reaper study. As a result, she was grouped with other cadets that were falling behind, and was made to take special supplementary lessons.

The other attendees of these supplementary lessons are fellow Reaper cadets. It’s filled with unique guys, all with their own reasons for attending the school.

Cocoro must choose one of the boys to become partners with, however…

With her partner at her side, will she be able to become a fully fledged Reaper?

Or… Will a single tale of love between two underachieving Reaper cadets be woven instead?


* My Thoughts *

As usual, absolutely gorgeous art by Satoi. Other than that, I don’t really have a lot to say about this game. It doesn’t appear to be my cup of tea, but it doesn’t look like a bad game at all. It’s nice how the protagonist doesn’t appear to be a blatant Mary Sue. You gotta wonder about the kind of “people” that would elect to join a school that basically teaches you how to kill others- not just the really old or really infirm, but not doubt, kids and those whose deaths would be considered quite senseless. Surely this can’t be the only interesting thing to do after you die! I wonder if these kids are failing because they still have “humanly” moral compunctions about becoming a Reaper? If so, why did they join in the first place? I wonder what the perks of being a shinigami are? I can’t imagine many people would want to become such a being, so there has to be some incentive, right?

The concept of a Reaper school still sounds kinda dumb to me, but I think there’s some potential for interesting story points. For example, a different take on how shinigami are born and raised, and adding a more “human” face to Reapers, much like how modern shinigami are depicted (the Western influences are obvious).

I wish they released a trial, so I could test the waters. Instead, I’ll wait for reviews and see what I think at that time. This is a maybe, for me.

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5 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of January 2015

  1. As punctual as usual 😉

    Kaleidoscope never made it to my ‘maybe play’ list at all, I just couldn’t find any interest in it from the start…

    Root Rexx interests me for its rhythm game part and art from my favourite mangaka but other than that, the scenarios are all bland, judging from the released play movies..

    I’ve already decided to play Psychedelica, same here, I love escape games, and I get the feeling the heroine has an evil side which makes everything better. And not forgetting the stellar cast and gorgeous BG art! We’ve not had a voiced heroine since norn9 which is something to look forward to.

    I had some doubts about ReBirSo as well but having enjoyed Ayakashi Gohan I’ll give this a try, since it has a tinge of sadness too… I love tragedies, however sadistic that may sound ;;;

    I played Hanayaka but gave up after 2 characters… It’s just unbelievable and bland. It’s hard to find believable romance for Otoges, even with the highly acclaimed Code:Realize. I’m glad I didn’t okay Jooubachi though, if you say so. It’s still Koezaru and Chou no Doku for me 😉

    Happy New Year again, LaCal! And have a happy gaming year! ❤

    • Haha, thanks Jyuu! I try to be on time, especially now that I know there’s a lovely forum that translates my monthly release lists into Vietnamese. They beat me this month, though, even if they retained my format! 😛

      Anyway, moving on… Kaleidoeve’s protagonist is so… boring. Unless the ones overseeing the website has really sold her short, she seems no different to a 16-year-old “normal” high-schooler despite being picked to join an elite unit at the “ripe old age” of 18! God, this is why I loathe otome games that choose to head down the path of uniform moe rather than trying to create even a half-decent game about being in law enforcement/the miitary. I do admit that the connection between S.A.D.F. and the Hayama Pharmaceutical Company is somewhat interesting.

      Yeah, ROOT REXX does seem like filler. I like rhythm mini-games, but I tend to not play rhythm games in which the rhythm element is the main or sole gameplay element. Unless it’s my hazubando Link dancing in Hyrule, I can’t imagine myself really getting into one. 😛

      I’m with you on Kokuchou; I’m looking forward to it, despite my doubts. It feels like one of those games that will go really well or really terribly. It would be pretty awesome if the protagonist has an evil side! Especially if we get to watch it develop slowly as the stresses of survival get to her. Not all otome games have to end on sugary note. Not really into shooting games as well, but I don’t mind it being there.

      Yeah, the music on the ReBirSo (I’ll take this from you :P) seems melancholy and serene… I absolutely love the pieces played. Hope I can just even get the soundtrack on its own, haha. I totally get what you mean, as I love tragic stories too. I’m not expected fluff nor am I expecting totally insane, “everyone-is-a-dick” kind of thing, but at most I’m expecting some degree of moral dilemma as I’m sure that the cadets’ humanity (from when they were alive, of course) would make them question their goal in some way. If a trial does come out, I’ll definitely try it and see what I think.

      You’re like the only person I know who doesn’t like Hanayaka… even so, I think I’ll play it someday, and see just how closely our opinions match! 😛 I’d never stop you from playing anything (not that I can), but Jo’oubachi is a total waste of time… Well, more like a total disappointment. The trial for Menou’s game was so interesting, and then when you play the rest of the game… it’s just garbage. Yeah, outside of fairytales, the pairings in Orfleurs involving the noble guys could never be. It’s not even presented like a fairytale, which is a genre designed to be unrealistic. I like stories with inter-class romances, but it’s so cliched these days and they all read and end in similar ways. Orfleurs seems no better than a cheap romance novel you could buy at the supermarket.

      Thanks again, my dear! 😀

  2. As punctual as usual! 😉

    Kaleidoeve never made it into my ‘Maybe play’ list even, I just find no interest whenever I sense the heroine will be a bimbo, unless the setting of the game is really unique.

    Root Rexx interests me for its rhythm mini game and art by my favourite mangaka, but other than that, the scenarios seem bland from its play movies, and the end of the game is nothing less than obvious. It’s a filler game, no doubt

    I’ve already decided to play Psychedelica! I love escape games as well, and before I got into Otoges, I was playing a couple of them 😉 The fact that the heroine seems to have an evil side makes it even more interesting, and the last voiced heroine from Otomate was Norn, so this is worth looking forward to. And yes, the Chougari part would be a fun addition.

    I had some reservations about ReBirSo as well, but I’ve been looking forward to it, since I love tragedies, no matter how sadistic that sounds, and Ayakashi Gohan gave me a push too. Honeybee loves school settings- all of their games seem to have it. Though, what Honeybee will push for might be some fluff about a gentle soul collection rather than crazed death reapers.

    Played Hanayaka Nari and gave up after 2 characters, it’s just unbelievable romance and bland scenarios… the whole Prince+village girl just doesn’t work out anywhere other than fairytales. I’m glad I didnt play Jooubachi if you said it’s bad. It’s still Chou no Doku and Koezaru for me 😉

    Happy New Year again, LaCal! Have a great gaming year!~~ ❤


  3. A

    Mostly looking forward to Re: BIRTHDAY SONG, with FukuJun definitely being one of the reasons. I’m still somewhat expecting a trial edition to come out, as I believe Honeybee previously released their Ayakashi Gohan trial only a couple weeks before full release.

    • Thanks for reading an sharing your thoughts! Maybe you’ll be correct in when they release the trial, and it may not be a strange move- perhaps they’ve opted to release the trial close to the full game’s release date to take advantage of the players’ excitement and encourage impulse pre-orders without a long enough period for most players to “cool-off” from waiting too long. Most companies release a trial at least one month before the full game. Who knows? Ayakashi Gohan seems to have sold well if Amazon is correct, so maybe this method is pretty ingenius from a business perspective… or I’m ovethinking it! :O

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