Merry Christmas!





To each and every one of my dearest readers,

We’re definitely too naughty to get present from Otome Santa, so the next best thing is relying on our family members’ gullibility generosity to fund for our expensive hobby. Telling them that we’re just getting “stuff”, of course! 😛 Just a quick note to those who get a PlayStation Network gift card… it’s all over; they know exactly what you get up to. Surrender with dignity, and blame everything on the absence of decent 3D guys.

If you’re drinking, be sure to have a place to stay, sober up or just call a taxi. Too many people die on the roads because of poor judgements based on drinking, and even more so during the festive period! So don’t become another notch in the road death toll’s bedpost.

With that all out of the way, I truly hope from the bottom of my jaded heart that you all have a fantastic Christmas!

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