Otome Visual Novel Releases of October 2014

New games:

~ Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu-tan Trigger Kiss [2-10-2014]
~ Prince Pia♥Carrot [PSP version] [23-10-2014]
~ Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days- [30-10-2014]
~ Taishou Kitan ~Kotonoha Sakura~ [30-10-2014]
~ Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Aichi-hen & Kyoto-hen~ [31-10-2014]
~ Sachi no Tenbin [R18+] [31-10-2014]


~ Amnesia Later x Crowd V Edition (PSP  PSV) [Link] [16-10-2014]

Wow, we have a big month! The taint on Great October that is yet another Amnesia cash-grab can be overlooked thanks to six NEW titles that are scheduled for release! The highly-anticipated Prince Pia♥Carrot’s PSP version will be released this month, in what I suspect to be a budget edition of some kind because of the PC version’s steep price. Another much looked forward to title is Sachi no Tenbin, which is Operetta Due’s second adult otome game title after their immensely successful debut work, Koezaru wa Akai Hana. Penny-pinching players will appreciate its low price, as Operetta factored in affordability. Fans of the anime K may be pleased to know that an otome game featuring its male characters will be released this month, appropriately named Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days-.

QuinRose will be releasing a sequel of Taishou Kitan, named Kotonoha Sakura. Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu-tan Trigger Kiss will be utilising the touch aspect of the PlayStation Vita- namely, the ability to “kiss” the love interests. Frankly, gimmicks like that mean jack to me, but for some, this will undoubtedly be a fun feature to compliment the bright, colourful, action-centric title. Famitsuu has given it a silver rating (to explain, Famitsuu, to the best of my understanding, rarely give otome games coverage, let alone good ratings), so perhaps there’s a lot more here than the surface suggests? Finally, we have Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Aichi-hen & Kyoto-hen~, which is the second game in the Photograph Journey series, featuring Tange Yukari from Aichi-ken and Kujou Shizuki from Kyoto.


Nekketsu Inou Bukatsu-tan Trigger Kiss

Release date: 2-10-2014
Developer: Otomate
Publisher: Design Factory, Idea Factory
Artist: Kinami Yuki (きなみ 由希)
Platform: PSV
Age rating:  CERO B (12+)
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/tk/
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v15253

* Cast *

+ Akizuki High School +
~ Kanzaki Azuma – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Subaru Yamato – Nojima Kenji
~ Koga Mikado – Abe Atsushi
~ Yamada Banri – Yamashita Daiki

+ Hokuyou Technical High School +
~ Chiba Shunpei – Sugimoto Yuu
~ Mutsu Iwao – Satou Takuya

+ Hakurouin University Senior High School +
~ Tachibana Asuka – Yoshida Seiko
~ Katsuragi Souya – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Nagafune Kojuurou – Endou Daichi

+ Karyoutokiwa Gakuin High School +
~ Himeno Miyako – Takahashi Minami
~ Masaki Shin’ichi and Shinji – Egoshi Akinori

+ Pacific Inou Kyoudouin High School +
~ Minase Kokage – Sasaki Nozomi
~ Ichijou Kouga – Konishi Katsuyuki
~ Kobayakawa Tenchi – Yonaga Tsubasa


* Plot Summary *

2083 AD.

Akizuki High’s Superpower Club accomplishes their first nationwide domination. However, the joy was only momentary. Due to a violent incident involving members of the Superpower Club right after the tournament, they were punished by getting their win revoked and banned from conducting club abilities for two years.

…From then on, two years pass.
Upon receiving the previously sealed-away key to the Superpower Club’s room, the club’s captain, Kanzaki Azuma, is given a heartless ultimatum by the school’s principal.

“If the Superpower Club does not dominate all countries in the coming tournament, I’ll have it abolished.”

That was the secret agreement made in the past between Azuma and the principal.

However, the only ones left in the Superpower Club were two members- the deputy captain and Azuma himself. They had no time to worry about completely dominating the competition, as the real issue is the fact that they didn’t even have the minimum amount of members required. Even so, Azuma replied seemingly matter-of-factly,

“I’ll get it done.”

At the same time, a transfer student appears. The second-year girl’s name was Sendou Futaba. Unexpectedly, Futaba’s mother is a member of the U.N.-supervised “R8”, a group in which its members are composed of the strongest superpowered people. Azuma, seeing her as the last resort for the club’s continuation, headed towards her classroom…

…Without knowing how much she really hates Superpower clubs.


* My Thoughts *

A mediocre premise with potential ruined by a stupid gimmick. The protagonist, Sendou Futaba’s wonderfully convenient “superpower” (called “Trigger Kiss” according to her character profile) is the ability to amplify the powers of anybody she touches, but of course, kissing the recipient will cause the biggest amplification. Nekketsu has garnered the attention of otome gamers for its system of “kissing” the Vita screen to control Futaba to amplify the love interests’ superpowers. Of course, one could just simply use their finger rather than their lips, but still, I think it’s a really dumb idea. What? Since I’m an otome gamer, I would have no interest in providing these amplifications in a less “romantic” or “girly” way? C’mon, Otomate.

Aside from that, some parts of the premise don’t make much sense to me. Why ban a club for two years if you’re just gonna attempt to tank it after the banning period? It seems like the principal is sure that the club won’t succeed, given how he would know that before Sendou and some others join, there are only two people. What would have actually made sense was the club getting outright banned, or the faculty showing some sense and realising that the actions of a few don’t account for everyone in the club (hence, not banning it but just evicting the offenders). Illogical, unnecessary progression of events to justify the story. Maybe there’s some grand scheme going on that can’t be understood without playing the game. Who knows?

I’ve commonly come across the “dying club” thing in male-targeted eroge, and am not happy to see it cross over into the otome world. No, not because I dislike “VNs for guys”, which is totally untrue, just to clarify. It’s because it’s an overdone idea and I’m sick of it. Do protagonists ever willingly enter a club out of interest in its activities, not because of being coerced/forced into somehow?

Interestingly, Famitsuu gave Nekketsu a silver rating. Could this mean that Nekketu may be a much better game than it lets on? I pretty much have 0% interest in this, so I’ll pass.



Prince Pia♥Carrot [PSP version]

Release date: 23-10-2014
Developer:  Cocoever, HuneX
Publisher:  Cocoever, dramatic create, HuneX
Artist: Shiramatsu (白松)
Platform:  PSP
Age rating: CERO D (17+)
Official website: http://dramaticcreate.com/product_PSP.html#pripia
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v12570

* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Todoroki Arashi – Shimono Hiro
~ Yamauchi Maito – Inoue Gou
~ Suzushiro Shun – Shimazaki Nobunaga
~ Tachibana Kokoro – Irie Reona
~ Matoba Daichi – Yasumoto Hiroki
~ Kinoshita Kuon – Toriumi Kousuke

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Nishida Riku – Hirata Mana
~ Yuzuki Nao – Fukamori Raeru
~ Kinoshita Yasuo – Tachibana Juushirou
~ Hayashi Masamichi – Hayashi Kazuyoshi


* Plot Summary *

A 9-minute walk from Tsuka Fukuro Station.
Near the aquarium and the viewing platform buildings, a somewhat unsual family restaurant opened up. Its name is “Prince Pia Carrot”, which is the “Pia Carrot” family restaurant chain’s ninth store. It’s distinctive among the other Pia Carrot restaurants because all of its employees are male waiters. All of the waiters are handsome, and there are countless female customers that visit just for them

Prince Pia Carrot’s sole female comes along, employed as a waitress. Her name is Yoshioka Misaki. She came to work for the restaurant in order to compensate for the breakage of the expensive crockery which was planned for store use.

After ending up working for the restaurant part-time due to a series of events, Misaki discovers that her coworkers are all individualistic and strange.

The store manager, Kinoshita Kuon… Though soft in demeanour, he’s irresponsible and lazy.
The student council president, Todoroki Arashi. Not only is he eccentric, but he’s constantly causing trouble.
Though intelligent, Suzushiro Shun is apathetic and doesn’t really interact with others.
Matoba Daichi is a capable worker, but he’s taciturn and it’s hard to tell what’s on his mind.
On top of that, some of them don’t like the idea of a waitress joining Prince Pia Carrot…

Afterwards, Misaki’s innocent, boyish classmate, Tachibana Kokoro, and the somewhat very sadistic deputy president of her school’s student council, Yamauchi Maito, also become waiters; livening up the place further.

However, Prince Pia Carrot has a grave secret.
That secret is if the store isn’t able to meet its targets, its concept will be abolished, and changed to a standard “Pia Carrot” restaurant. “The only way to save this store is to raise sales!” When the employees learned of this, they all brainstormed some ideas, and face the store’s crisis.

A welcome party, the manager’s birthday, Arashi’s in-store events, the summer holidays, and finally, a study tour. Going through event after event, gradually, friendship is born… or will it be love? Deepening bonds, obtaining a wonderful lover during the summer… That all depends on your choices.


* My Thoughts *

For those not in the know, Prince Pia Carrot is put simply, an all-ages, gender-swapped version of the Pia Carrot series. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! is aimed towards guys, and contains R18+ content. I haven’t played any of the original Pia Carrot games, so I can’t say how close Prince Pia Carrot is to its predecessors… though I did notice that the Kinoshita family, or at least, the family name is referenced through Kinoshita Kuon.

My feelings are so mixed with this game! There are so many signs of a mediocre game, but the developers and writers are the ones who have worked on an otome game I really enjoyed, Otometeki Koi Kakumei LoveRevo!!, so I want to believe they can expand upon this cliche. First of all, I’d like to address my loathing of contrived/unjustified Smurfette settings. I’ve completed the trial and I understand why Misaki joined the team- but still, from a business perspective, making her a waitress is a bad idea. Obviously, the writers did this because of the general popularity of reverse-harem situations, but just think about it: an ailing business whose customer base is pretty much only rabid young women employs a female? Not another hot waiter, not another attractive, experienced male senior staff member, but a waitress? This would have been much better justified if she was relegated to working behind-the-scenes.

Also, what’s the point of and where’s the sense in the “closing down” drama? It’s hard to believe that a restaurant where many (and regular) female customers are basically lining up to come to the restaurant is struggling. Is this just a lame excuse for angst or event-writing? Probably… Given that I’m predicting this “study tour” will basically amount to a business trip of some kind, I’m thinking that this puzzling tidbit was slapped on to justify this… “study tour”. What’s wrong with just having a workplace party, or a business trip anyway?

I’ve always liked the idea of a workplace romance-centric set-up, but I find that this often becomes pointless since the protagonist usually knows the majority of their coworkers outside of the main setting anyway. Case in point, Misaki goes to high school with 4 out of the 6 coworkers! It’s quite lazy, although in Kokoro’s situation, it’s justified- this may make sense to those who have played the trial.

Speaking of the trial, it was enjoyable and was of a good length. Similar to how the writers added more onto common character archetypes in LoveRevo!! rather than playing the tropes straight, the catalyst of this all- a kitten that Kokoro found- launches the plot in a significant direction rather than it just being a cheap, momentary show of an abrasive character’s “nice side”. Many otome games tout their lame stereotyped and pigeonholed characters as “individualistic, unique, strange, etc.”, but I hope that the writers will be able to deliver on this promise. Prince Pia Carrot looks to be a game in which the plot heavily relies on character interaction, so them being interesting will be paramount!

The simulation aspect has got me interested- after all, LoveRevo!! had a fun and surprisingly challenging stat-raising system that I really enjoyed. However, once you grasped what to do, every other route became much easier. Even so, there’s always other fun to be had where you try different methods each time. Since the team that’s behind LoveRevo!! is working on this, I’m expecting a similar experience.

Overall, I’ll give Prince Pia Carrot a chance. Some elements of the plot and its set-up has me concerned and skeptical, but I’d like to place my faith in the creators and hope that my doubts get cast aside. I haven’t decided which version to go for- as far as I’m aware, the differences between the PC and PSP versions are the price and resolution, really.



Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days-

Release date:  30-10-2014
Developer:  Ichi Column, Otomate
Publisher:  Idea Factory
Artist: Suzuki Shingo (鈴木 信吾) [NOTE: He’s the character designer of the anime series. I’m not certain if he’ll be involved in the game’s artwork.]
Platform:  PSP
Age rating: CERO B (12+)
Official website: http://www.otomate.jp/gakuen-k/
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v13090

* Cast *

+ Main Characters +
~ Yatogami Kurou – Ono Daisuke
~ Suou Mikoto – Tsuda Kenjirou
~ Munakata Reishi – Sugita Tomokazu
~ Fushimi Saruhiko – Miyano Mamoru
~ Kusanagi Izumo – Sakurai Takahiro
~ Yata Misaki – Fukushima Jun
~ Totsuka Tatara – Kaji Yuuki

+ Supporting Characters +
~ Isana Yashiro – Namikawa Daisuke
~ Neko – Komatsu Mikako
~ Kamamoto Rikio – Nakamura Yuuichi
~ Awashima Seri – Sawashiro Miyuki
~ Kushina Anna – Horie Yui
~ Yukizome Kukuri – Satou Satomi
~ Miwa Ichigen – Hayami Shou
~ Claudia Weismann – Endou Aya
~ Akiyama Himori – Takahashi Kouji


* Plot Summary *

Konohana Saya was just an ordinary high schooler, but suddenly, her abilties awaken. Unable to control them, she goes on a rampage. Alienated by her peers due to her powers, she decides that she has no choice but to leave her school. She then receives an invitational letter from Miwa Ichigen, the principal of the “Super” Ashinaka Academy. Saya then transfers into the academy as an “exception” student.

Guided around the academy by her kind classmate, Yukizome Kukuri, Saya’s excitement of her new school life was cut short thanks to getting stuck in the middle of a dispute between two clubs.

The clubs that were quarreling with one another were two of seven special clubs. The Red Club, commonly named “HOMRA”, and the Blue Club, commonly referred to as “SCEPTER 4”.

Zeroed in from even the most unexpected places by the leaders of various clubs, Saya gets rescued by three members belonging in one of the seven special clubs- the Silver Club. The three were club leader Isana Yashiro, along with Yatogami Kurou and Neko.

Surrounded by many individualistic characters, the curtains of Saya’s new school life are raised.


* My Thoughts *

To begin with, I don’t know anything about K, the anime on which Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days- is based, so I quickly checked Wikipedia, MyAnimeList and its fan-made Wiki. I decided to avoid looking into spoilers, so I would like to apologise in advance for any factual errors- K fans, please feel free to correct me! Anyway, based on the name of this game, Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days-looks looks like it’d be based more on Square Enix’s school life comedy manga spin-off, also named Gakuen K. The manga Gakuen K explores a “near-identical parallel world” in which everyone in the main cast attends high school, rather than just Neko, Kurou and Yashiro.

Way to go, Ichi Column and Otomate. Way to pick up the lazy, paint-by-numbers high school setting instead of the much more interesting setting of the original K, which seems to be centred on supernatural and action themes, along with a murder-mystery. Where do I even start in my cynical fun-making of this trash?

First up is Konohana Saya, the protagonist, is an (un)original character created only for this game. You know, created solely for female fans to imagine themselves hooking up with the “hot” male characters. I would love to do the usual trashing of how “the nice and polite normal high school girl is boring as hell”, but the website does not indicate ANYTHING about her personality- it only covers some bits and pieces provided in the premise. Worse still is how she’s looking to be an incredibly boring, Self-insert Sue replacement of K‘s main character, Isana Yashiro.

Where have I seen ideas like this before? FanFiction.net and deviantART, perhaps? I thought Hakuouki ~Sweet School Life~ was a dumb idea (which wasn’t even Otomate’s to begin with, it was Princess Crown’s), but boy, Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days- is a true contender. “ORIGINAL CHARACTER, DO NOT STEAL! IF U DONT GIV ME A POSITIVE REVIEW, I WONT WRIT MOAR!!11!1!” cried the opportunistic rich bitch, Otomate, hoping to capitalise on K‘s female fanbase. Otomate truly believes that by admitting to purposefully creating uninspired, unoriginal and derivative Mary Sue protagonists, it can shield itself from warranted accusations of shitty character writing. Otomate, along with too many other so-called “otome game writers”, have yet to truly comprehend that a well-written protagonist is often very important to the quality of one’s story.

My totally mature jibing aside, I’ll be unreluctantly passing on this fan-fic, thank you very much. The only thing Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days- has achieved so far is making me interested in K. Hang on… is this its goal all along?!



Taishou Kitan ~Kotonoha Sakura~

Release date: 30-10-2014
Developer: QuinRose
Publisher: QuinRose
Artist: Naitou Furo (内藤 フロ)
Platform: PSP
Age rating: CERO D (17+)
Official website: http://quinrose.com/game/taisyou_2/top.html
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v15111

* Cast *

~ Senjuuin Shirou – Toriumi Kousuke
~ Asugayachi Akefumi – Seki Tomokazu
~ Souma Izuru – Kondou Takashi
~ Izuwa Omi – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Takeya Souji – Yoshino Hiroyuki
~ Kusuka Kei’ichi – Hirakawa Daisuke
~ Kurihara Chiaki – Morikawa Toshiyuki
~ Nishijima – Narita Ken
~ Katsuragi Momoka – Shimizu Ayaka
~ Okiku – Taichi You


* Plot Summary *

It’s the Taishou Era.

Around spring, almost a year since she started attending Seiryouin, Yatsuse Kotoko hears of a certain rumour.

There is a cherry blossom that blooms once every one hundred years somewhere in Seiryouin named the “Hundred-Year Cherry Blossom”. If you make a wish under the tree after it blooms, the spirit of the cherry blossom will grant it… so she hears.

Kotodama1 user Kotoko’s wish…
Her wish is to deliver the late Nishijima’s last words to Kusuka. In order fulfil her wish that cannot be granted by Kotodama, Kotoko searches for the Hundred-Year Cherry Blossom.

The partner with whom she was paired up with due to a certain incident is now her lover.
Aided by her lover and her companions, will she be able to find the Hundred-Year Cherry Blossom?
What will Kotoko obtain in the season in which the cherry blossom blooms?

Now, the season in which the Hundred-Year Cherry Blossom blooms will begin…


1: Kotodama literally means “word spirit”. A more definitive translation would be along the lines of “the spiritual power of words”. Put very simply, Kotodama refers to a mythological, religious (Shinto), spiritual, etc. belief that sounds and words can magically affect the mind, body and soul, as well as objects in general- something akin to a magical incantation. I pretty much don’t know anything about kotodama, so I recommend you read the linked Wikipedia article on it, or if you can read Japanese, the Japanese Wikipedia article if you’re interested in the details.


* My Thoughts *

What a surprise, QuinRose made yet another fandisc/sequel. I wasn’t even aware that Taishou Kitan was popular enough to warrant this. Actually, QuinRose seems to just make prequels, fandiscs and sequels anyway. I haven’t played the first game, so the sequel of Taishou Kitan doesn’t interest me whatsoever. Furthermore, while I think the whole “wish” concept isn’t a horrendous idea, it’s a cliché that has been way overdone and nothing about Kotonoha Sakura tells me that it’d put an interesting spin on it. I’ll pass.



Photograph Journey ~Koi Suru Ryokou Aichi-hen & Kyoto-hen~

Release date:  31-10-2014
Developer:  Dengeki Girl’s Style, honeybee
Publisher:  Dengeki Girl’s Style, honeybee
Artist:  Mizuguchi Too (水口 十)
Platform:  PC
Age rating:  CERO A (All ages)
Official website: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/p_j/aichi-kyoto/index.html
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v14700

* Cast *

~ Tange Yukari – Shingaki Tarusuke
~ Kujou Shizuki – Tachibana Shinnosuke
~ Richard Albarn – Mizushima Takahiro


* Plot Summary *

Until she became a high school student, due to the the protagonist’s (Hayama Haruho) father’s job, she had to repeatedly transfer schools. One day, she receives a single letter from a boy she met at one of the many places she had moved to.

Enclosed is a letter and a photograph of him.

Form then onwards, the nostalgic relationship between him and Haruho begins.

Accompanied by Richard, an English boy who loves Japan and is currently home-staying at Haruho’s, she journeys to the place where that boy now lives…

This is a travel romance story that began from a single letter…

Who will you choose to visit?


* My Thoughts *

Did you realise that I pretty much just copy-pasted the premise of the previous Photograph Journey instalment? Before you try to call me a lazy cow, go blame Photograph Journey. THEY’RE the ones that copy-pasted the previous plot summary onto this game’s one! After all, the premise is pretty much the same with all them, save for the guy Haruho decides to reunite with. My opinion about the general plot idea hasn’t changed- I find the entire concept very sweet and charming, though it’s nothing ground-breaking. If executed well, it’d be a sweet, heartwarming love story that even a cynical and jaded ol’ gal like me will enjoy with a smile. There are no tacked-on gimmicks here in a lame attempt to make the story seem more interesting. Just two friends reuniting and falling in love after being apart for many years.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to play Miyagi-hen & Okinawa-hen, so I can’t comment on how the series is so far. The Aichi Prefecture, where Tange Yukari is from, is also where most of my family were born and raised in… So I’m definitely interested in seeing how well Aichi has been depicted, as well as Yukari’s accent! Fans of Caramia from Ozmafia!! may also see some appeal in Yukari. As for the very pretty Shizuki voiced by the talented Tachibana Shinnosuke, I’ve (sadly) haven’t had the opportunity to visit Kyoto. Even so, it’s a beautiful place rich in history and traditional Japanese culture… a nice setting that certainly captures my interest further.

If I enjoy the first of the Photograph Journey series, there’s no reason for me to pass up Aichi-hen & Kyoto-hen. Even if I don’t, I think I’d give this one a chance anyway because I like Aichi and Kyoto.



Sachi no Tenbin [R18+]

Release date: 31-10-2014
Developer: Operetta Due
Publisher: Operetta Due
Artist: Isuzu (五十鈴)
Platform: PC
Age rating: CERO Z (R18+)
Official website: http://www.ignote.net/operetta2/sachiten/w_index.html
VNDb link: http://vndb.org/v14861

* Cast *

~ Ayase Yuki – Tateishi Megumi (Tezuka Ryouko)
~ Shinohara Reiji – Takeuchi Ryouta (Higeuchi Waruta)
~ Mochizuki Akira – Kakihara Tetsuya (Kaiou Raku)


* Plot Summary *

Ayase Yuki is the very definition of a plain girl.
She dreams of a happy married life with her boyfriend since her high school days. Devoted to him, Yuki works everyday to give him her all.

However, that dream came to an abrupt end when he uttered the words, “let’s break up”.
Thrown away like a used up, dirty rag, Yuki loses all hope as she stands listlessly in the pouring rain.

The one who came to speak to her wasn’t a parent or a best friend, but a beautiful young man she had never met before.
The young man smiled as he made a proposal:

“Are you going to just end it all like your run-of-the-mill tragic heroine? Or will you cooperate with me and get your revenge?”

What conclusion awaits? A “clichéd tragedy” or “revenge”?
Her days of choice-making begins…


* My Thoughts *

I really enjoyed (and recommend) Koezaru wa Akai Hana, so I’ve been looking forward to Sachi no Tenbin since I first heard of its inception. It’s great to see Operetta Due actually taking some suggestions from fans- responding to desires of cheaper games and voiced protagonists. I completed the trial and have considered reviewing it if I get the time to before the game comes out. My thoughts are pretty much based on the trial alone, so I’m sure it’s much easier to see where I’m coming from if you have completed it also. Sachi no Tenbin subverts common shoujo manga tropes, and quickly shows readers that there’ll be nothing sweet going on. One has to wonder if this game will heavily focus on subversions and aversions, or if the earlier subversions of the plot was purely done to let the darker tone seep in further. Since I knew what to expect, the dark turn didn’t surprise me in the trial, but for those who don’t know what Sachi no Tenbin is all about, perhaps this came as an interesting surprise.

Adhering closely to its title (“Sachi no Tenbin” translates to “The Scales of Happiness”, which in turn is a play on Yuki’s first name that can also be read as “Sachi”) by having only two heroes, the sense of tipping the scales will most certainly come to life as you make choices. For some, two heroes is a big disappointment, but aside from the adherence to the “scales” concept, I’d rather play a game with less heroes than more. Theoretically, less heroes mean more time for writers to properly flesh out their characters. By only having two heroes, there’s a good chance that each ending and diversions in the story can teach readers more about Reiji and Akira beyond their superficial traits and good looks. I’m really interested in finding out why Reiji is going down the path he is, and why Akira chose to “help” Yuki, of all people. Even after getting answers to those questions, I want to know what motivates them to behave in such morally questionable ways.

The game promises to have a variety of endings, ranging from sweet to horribly bitter. I’m hoping this mean we’ll get to see their good and bad sides- in essence, a well-rounded character with pros and cons.

As for Yuki herself, since she believes she has absolutely nothing to lose, it’d be interesting to see how “low” she will go to get her revenge. What will she do when she gets there? Will she find that dedicating your life to ruin somebody else’s isn’t worth it? Will her involvement with Akira really be as simple as an “accomplice”? What about the earlier angels and devils analogy being mentioned by Yuki and Akira in the trial? Is this foreshadowing, or purely metaphorical?

There are so many points of interest waiting to be addressed. Sachi no Tenbin is easily the game I’m most looking forward to in October. I know I’ll be picking it up and playing it as soon as it arrives on my doorstep!

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7 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of October 2014

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  2. October is going to be another trash-game month….

    As always, I love your monthly introductions! I put Puri-Pia into the “trash-will not play” list the minute I saw its CGs and background story in B’slog, and since I completely ignored its existence, I was surprised to see you talking about Smurfette. It’s a common trope for keitai games, but seeing it go to Psp is surprising.

    About Trigger Kiss, I’m glad they make use of the touch panel on the PsVita, since us gamers definitely want more if we’re going to follow the hardware move. I’m not very into the game since I’m not into mecha and superpowers, and Toriumi as Azuma is a big miscast for me, but it is certainly a new premise. Futaba’s power is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but I think she’ll be a good heroine.

    K, I watched the anime and loved it: it had fantastic animation! I think no other short anime has surpassed its animation for me. But when I heard the game was coming out I knew it would be crap… The original work focuses on factions and something like gangster rivalry, to find the king of the different teams, so seeing a girl come in and have romantic relations with all the famous fighters from each team puts me off big time. If I were the original creator of K, I’d be deeply offended. It is definitely a fan game, and I’ll continue scoffing.

    **skips QR and PhotoJourney** (;・∀・)

    Played Koezaru and loved its plot, and Sachi does sound worth a try. (clicks on download trial version lol). I like the fact that the heroine seems to look different depending on which route she’s going on, and making this into an R18 will make the game very real. It’s pretty normal for such breakups to occur, so Reiji doesnt seem that mysterious, but Akira is questionable, though he might be the son of a rival company or something.

    The reference about angels and devils you mentioned is interesting, but I think the game will go to waste if it enters something supernatural… afterall, this is a game about human emotions. I’d like it to stay human, and see the ugly side of us.

    • Thanks, Jyuu!

      I’m still cautiously optmistic when it comes to Prince Pia. I’m not surprised the Smurfette thing has spread to PSP. It’s a trope that has been around for a long time, even in the context of applying to otome games. Certain shitty shoujo series popularised it, and since it seems to work out so well for lazy writers, it’s become a thing in otome games, too. Any time I see, “[X] is the only girl in the boys-only [Y]” I pretty much just roll my eyes and pretend I never came across it. It’s amazing how much stupidity and laziness some otome gamers can put up with just because their favourite seiyuu are in it, the guys seem MOOOEEEE and/or the art is good. Perhaps they fantasise (to some degree) that they’d get in a reverse harem themselves? I dunno…

      I guess the paycheck was big enough to the original creator of K. So big, that he could live with such shit taking form of an otome game. Maybe he didn’t even get a choice. It’s just such fan-fiction garbage. I can’t believe that some otome gamers will actually pay good money for this and play it. Can’t believe some will pirate it and waste their time on it. They should just go on FanFiction.net and just use the correct search filters. They’ll find a few stories like Gakuen K in no time! Especially since there is an OFFICIAL high school spin-off manga. Now that I think about it, the creator of K probably doesn’t give a damn.

      As for Sachi, I’d be happy whichever direction it’d take, though I’d prefer there to not be anything supernatural. Similar to your reasoning, humans are plenty evil without supernatural assistance. I have heard some people speculate that Akira may have ties to a company opposing another one that is affiliated with Reiji. Whatever the case, it’s good that it has me guessing so far; most otome games are very straightforward, right from the get-go.

      • I’ll be stalking your blog for Sachi’s review! 😀 I’ll be starting on the trial now, but I’d love hearing what you say about the full game first before I play the full one myself.

        I think (I’m not sure) K was originally created by a new writer, so he was probably ecastatic his works started making money. Anyway, Psp or not, I won’t give it second thought…

        November’s going to be better, but I think the Ace games will have to come 2015… with the exception of Reine Des Fleurs…

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