Otome Visual Novel Releases of June 2014

This month, only one game will be released:

~ Black Code

June will be a very quiet month this year, with only one game being released. It seems like July and August will be far busier and make up for June as those two months are the summer holidays in Japan. Given that I’m hardly interested in Black Code, June will be a backlog month for me. I guess my wallet is very thankful.



Black Code



Release date: 26-6-2014
Developer: QuinRose
Publisher: QuinRose
Platform: PSP (the downloadable version is playable on any PSV, providing you have a Japanese PSN account.)
Age rating: CERO D (17+)
Official website: http://quinrose.com/game/black/top.html


* Cast *

~ Belial de Clan – Nakai Kazuya
~ Beel Beelzebub – Oosaka Ryouta
~ Adele Flamel – Kimura Ryouhei
~ Ayres Georg – Yoshino Hiroyuki
~ Jearl Gabriela – Nojima Kenji
~ Michaelis Paul – Morikubo Shoutarou
~ Metatron – Ono Kenshou
~ Sandalphon – Ono Kenshou
~ Astaroth Libelt – Hamada Kenji
~ Lil Evlis – Kawaragi Shiho


* Plot *

St. Alexia, a small monarchical country in which the sea can be seen just below one’s eyes.
The special defence corps, commonly known as the “SS”, lead by Jearl Gabriela.
The mafia that opposes the SS, known as “Evening Star”, lead by Belial de Clan.
This is a story about the conflict and love which unfolds between the two organisations connected by destiny.

Luciel Evlis (the protagonist), due to her peculiar background, is called “Eve, the one who brings about misfortune”. Consequently, she has lived her entire life ostracised by everyone around her.

A certain success came to her, by way of her working to improve her standing in life.
Namely, it was earning a scholarship to become a scholarship student cadet in Vace. Vace is a military school which acts like a training facility to enable its students to become SS members. Tuition in Vace is free, due to the country providing it grants. On top of not questioning one’s, bloodline or descent, student cadets in leadership positions are guaranteed wages.

In order to secure this guarantee, Luciel worked extremely hard and finally earned the position of a leader cadet. Her joy of being able to work alongside Jearl Gabriela- her superior officer whom she greatly admires- is short-lived as a major happening occurs which changes her life.

The leaders of Evening Star call her “Lucifer”.

The devils that speak honeyed words, and the seemingly cool-headed angels.
Betrayed by those who she thought she could trust, and on the other hand, loved and waited upon by those who are supposed to be her enemies.

Who will Luciel choose?
The devils who idolise her, or the angels she idolises?


* My Thoughts *

For the most part, I think Black Code is an idea- to put it politely- “riddled with potential landmines”.

Skirts and untied long hair in military school. I’m sorry, I have to put this out there. I get that it’s an otome game and girls supposedly care a lot about character designs, but really? Army uniforms are generally unisex. Why doesn’t the school follow this? If tuition in Vace is free, what the hell is the point of them offering scholarships? How is this school not overcrowded? Why is the military dealing with a mafia? I guess the only explanation for this is that Evening Star is such a strong force that none of even the most highly specialised police forces can deal with them.

What’s the point of the religious motif? Was military vs. mafia not entertaining enough concept to work on? Is the correct solution to this really, “throw in really cliche angels vs. devils” theme? The plot summary seems to emphasise the military vs. mafia aesthetic more than angels vs. devils. So far, it just sounds like QuinRose threw in the religious themes to make Black Code sound “more interesting”. The underlying concept is already enough to me, but adding complicated themes like religion seems like a recipe for disaster.

Even so, the religious element is the only thing that interests me, and it’s a vague curiosity at that. I enjoy reading about Christian mythos, particularly about the seven deadly sins and Revelation. For that reason, the Evening Star faction interests me more than the SS. Additionally, good on QuinRose for creating a protagonist that isn’t the usual otome protagonist that I’m so very sick of. The art, while nothing really special, I like it. Especially the shading techniques.

I can state to a near-certainty that I won’t be playing Black Code unless I have nothing else to play.

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4 thoughts on “Otome Visual Novel Releases of June 2014

  1. 😮 Nakai Kazuya in an otome game….Black Code looks silly as you said.. Well I guess in June and July everyone’s busy with backlog’s, summer making-money-schemes and Situation CDs! 😀 I can’t wait for Reine, Code and Norn Last Era…. though the price of a Vita is still keeping me back, (TдT)

  2. Black Code does look silly… :/ but I do appreciate some of QR’s storylines… Though it’s rare. June is going to be backlog month for me to…. And all the way till I get a vita ;_;

    For now I’ll surround myself with CDs and wonder why did I spend so much (^^;;

    I started on the prologue of Ozmafia last month btw…(but I stopped again) Two Seiyuus sound quite similar but they are good!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Black Code sounds silly. I agree; I really do appreciate QR’s efforts (even though they mostly draw inspiration from fairytales and hardly come up with more original premises). I haven’t had a backlog month in so long! I guess my wallet needs it, and I’ll be able to shave a few games off of my backlog. 🙂

      Did you mean that two seiyuu sounded the same as each other, or you recognised two of them? If it’s the latter, Shingaki Tarusuke (voices Caramia) and Okitsu Kazuyuki (voices Kyrie) are the more well-known cast members out of the lot, though probably not at the time the game was released. You may recognise Ichiki Mitsuhiro (voices Scarlet) and Iguchi Yuu’ichi’s (voices Sou) voices as well.

      Are you not finding Ozmafia too interesting? You don’t have to push through it just because I recommended it! 😀

      • Haha I meant the former! Two of the voices sound the same though I can’t remember which two characters.

        It’s not that Ozmafia isn’t interesting… Just that (you remember) I like to lie on the sofa like a whale ♪(´ε` )

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